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We are all storytellers. In the past, Nike iD has been unique in its emphasis on customization and user experience. From our hair styles to our music tastes, we craft a dialogue about who we are in the way we present ourselves.

But customization isn’t a novelty anymore.

Nike iD now allows you to adjust everything from flexibility to traction.

Combining the customization and user experience that people always loved, with an emphasis on performance.

PROBLEM: People know that Nike iD is about customization.

Not performance.

Performance has a story..

Performance is about more than being the greatest.

Although the 17 year old athletes who will go on to become the Michaels, Kobes and Lebrons of the future are a key portion of our audience, we can’t stop there.

AUDIENCE: Performance is for everyone. Performance is for the single mom who wakes up at 5am to squeeze in her crossfit workout before taking her kids to school. Performance is for the kid who didn’t make the varsity team, but practices every day after school at his neighborhood court.

The way we perform is our expression.

Thank You

Amelea Renshaw Brief Exercise  

UO Brief Writing workshop exercise. Not affiliated with Nike.

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