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Massage Oil: Serenity

Massage Therapy A Wellness Retreat to Recharge Your body, mind and spirit deserve the absolute best! The use of essential oils in massage is a way to maximize the healing power of the massage itself. When combined with essential oils, a massage can have a powerful calming or energizing effect, depending on the oil chosen. Massage oils let you treat yourself to one of the oldest and most effective treatments for your well-being. Massage oils have the power to transform our emotions and make our bodies feel good. It has the power to take us to another place and time. Our massage oils are enhanced by our AMized Fusion Technology® (AFT). These massage oils are therapeutic as it combines the natural therapeutic properties of the essential oils and the healing power of massage therapy. It gives a pleasant method of physical, emotional and mental clarity, relaxation, and rejuvenating experience. Instructions

Spread the oil gently to specific area or whole body and gently knead the skin and muscles. Vary the pressure of your palm and fingers on the skin. Spend extra time on the areas where needed most.

Retail Price: $53

Code: AER3004 (100ml)

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Serenity massage oil supports the adrenal cortex, helps balance the hormonal system and enhances the lymphatic system. It may also be used to promote balanced production of sebum in the skin. Serenity massage oil can be used for massage therapy as a holistic procedure that is inviting with the warmth of the sun, exuding feelings of happiness and bliss, and bringing stress relief. This is accomplished through specific manipulations with the hands on the soft tissue of the body for therapeutic effect. Contains: Lavender oil, Jojoba oil, Geranium oil

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"By stimulating the circulation and lowering stress hormones, massage eases stiffness and pain in arthritis sufferers." Life Magazine © AMEGA GLOBAL LLC 2010



© AMEGA GLOBAL LLC 2010 AMSE_0610 Serenity massage oil can be used for massage therapy as a holistic procedure that is inviting with the war...

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