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New York city is divided into five boroughs : Manhattan: It is 21.5 km long and 3.7 wide and it’s the most important district of the five that make up the city.

Bronx: Bronx is located in the north of the city and it’s the only district that is part of the continent. In the South of Bronx is the Yankee’s Stadium, home of the NY Yankees baseball team since 1923.

QUEENS: Located in the northwest of Long Island, it is the largest district in New York.

Welcome to New York. The city of New York is the most populous city of New York,in the United States of America and the second largest city in the world.

Brooklyn: Brooklyn is the most populated district in New York. It is located in the southwest of Long Island and it owes its name to the people from the” Breukelen “ Netherlands.

STATEN ISLAND: In this quiet district you can spend a free day and night. To get there, you must take the Staten Island Ferry which offers you wonderful views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.


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