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Bamboo & Timber Floors – an old technique in whole new interior designing If you are looking for flooring something classy yet durable so that you can maintain your budget and style together for long time, then you have an ultimate option of Bamboo Decking and Flooring. Its standard long lengths and continuity of strength enhances the beauty of your floor. The long length of bamboo strips maintains the continuity of color and strength. This long length is most suitable for economical buildings which helps in minimizing the wastage and maintains the costing. The Australian manufacturers are providing these naturally beautiful, elegant and durable bamboos’s flooring which has been a major resource of their employment for years. It is known for its strength and longevity. These are one of the strongest building materials and even stronger than the traditional hardwoods. Get more information here about the quality and property of bamboo floorings. It is quite similar to sugar cane and it gets its color during carbonization like burning gives the color to sugar. Carbonization is a kind of process of steaming during manufacturing. This process is done to set the color and when in future if you want to re-sand, the color of these bamboo flooring will remain as it is. Click to read color options available in these floorings. You will get more option in finishes as well. You can choose between matte finish and semifinish material. This material also comes in three grades. First and second grades which are Select grade and standard grade has vein line faults but third grade which is feature grade is the remaining part or wastage of manufacturing. It shows a lot of vein lines and due to this reason it can be bought at a price point. It is most suitable for the areas where high traffic and pollution is the problem because of its sustainability and durability. It also comes in raw finish so that it can be stained or oiled later. It can easily be repaired and disassembled. Manufacturing of bamboo floorings has several processes starting from harvesting to coating, color separation, packing and storing. It has natural beauty of wood that comes directly from the most renewable plant sources. It can be installed easily at home and can be done by anybody with the help of nail or screw. Also it can be installed by methods like direct stick or floating. Find out here more about the installation method. It is also the world’s hardest merchantable timber in the world. So you can keep these floorings for future use also. One is advised to check international quality standard certifications and tested quality certifications while buying. Bamboo & Timber is one of the most renown and reliable companies in Australia in bamboo flooring industry. They provide warranty of 10 years of replacement if in case of any damage due to rot, fungal attack, etc. Their trained staff is famous for making the customers understand the process of manufacturing and has been trained to ensure the quality and reputation in building industry of Australia. Clickhere to know more about their product.

Bamboo & Timber Floors – an old technique in whole new interior designing