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My grandfather was born in Baghdad,1938 his father's name is Hameed ,he worked as a trader, he had 1 older brother and 1 younger sister . My grandfather worked as a lawyer , his interest was in law , and had many publications in this field .He got married when he was 40 years old and had 3 children: my mother ,an uncle and an aunt .

He received his primary and secondary education in Baghdad .Then he attended the college of law in Iraq for four years. Then he traveled to London to complete his higher education . He spent spending most of his play time activities playing with his friends football and other outdoor games.

My grandfather's father died when he was 10 years old which was a big challenge for him to live without a father and to fight to reach a high level of education and higher positions. My grandfather's advice always is to work hard and to challenge difficulties we face in our life .I like my grandfather and I hope to be self dependent person like him.

My grandfather  

In this writing, I'm going to talk about my grandfather.

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