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Newspaper Values News value

The news value I have included in my newspaper:-

Negativity: Generally bad news, such as death, violence, natural disasters, political problems etc. tend to come up before good news.

My main article on the front page about the Doctor and another article on my second page about thieves, stealing from a jewellery store. Both of these articles are negativity as they both include violence.

Proximity: (closer to home) an audience is more likely to read a story about things that happen closer to them, for example local papers.

The article which relates to the news value proximity (closer to home) is the Morrisons opening in Redditch therefore the local community likely to read about it as it is going open near them. This may affect the local community.

Recency: Newspapers are competitive when it comes to breaking news stories, however, it may not always be the best value as the story may not be known about fully at the stage it is written. Currency: Almost opposed to recency, a story could go on for a good few weeks, even when nothing new really happens. For example, an old story still being covered by the newspapers. Continuity: A story that may last a long space of A continuity story I have included in my time for example 2 or 3 week sports event. newspaper is an article about thieves. This is continuity as they haven’t been found therefore in a week or 2 or even maybr more than that they will be found. There would be another article about them in the newspaper. Uniqueness: A story which is very different to the usual stuff you read, e.g. Not about politics etc. Simplicity: When something is obvious but true, gives the readers an honest look at events, rather than describing something very difficult to explain. Personality: A story centred on a certain individual, gives a personal idea to the article.

A personality story I have included in my newspaper is about the graffiti artist. This is because he tells us why he why he likes graffiti and what he feels about graffiti. Also I conducted an interview with him and I have used quotes what he said, therefore this gives a personal idea to the article.

Predictability: Does the event match the expectation of the audience, if a news story matches pre conceived ideas. Exclusivity: If the newspaper is the only paper to cover that certain story. Size: does matter when it comes to news stories. The bigger impact a story has the more people it affects, the more money/resources it involves, the higher its value. This is also known as threshold. Elite nations or people: A story that shows a powerful nation or organisation is more likely to be covered more vividly than a story about a small country or organisation.

Harcup & O’neills newspaper values.

Harcup & O’Neill Value


Included in my newspaper

The power Elite

Stories that concern major (or powerful) organisations, nations & individuals.

The Story about Morrisons is the power elite as it is a story about a major food organisation. Also the conflict with Tesco and Sainsbury’s with Morrisons I have also included.


Stories that relate directly to celebrity life.


Stories that contain: sex, show business human interest etc.


Something that may surprise the reader.

My main article is about a Doctor committing crimes this is something that would surprise some readers. One because he is a Doctor another because he may of treated some of the readers.

Bad news

Stories with negative overtones, such as tragedy, war etc.

Two stories in my newspaper, one about the thieves and another about the Class A drugs found in a car. Both of these are bad news. The thieves is because it is bad news to the owner of the shop and employees who may get redundant as they may not be able to go to work as the owner hasn’t got much money to buy jewellery . Another is the drugs story, this is bade news as it is illegal and drugs harms people’s body and then the readers think about the people the drug dealers have supplied to. Also some readers may be able to relate to this as someone they know may have took drugs or sold them.

Good news

Stories with positive overtones, such as rescues and cures

The story about the education success has good news as it shows that Redditch schools and colleges are good at providing students with a very good education. This will interest loads of readers as if they have kids going to school or college, they will be interested to see which ones are the best ones therefore they will try and get their kids to go/apply there.


Stories perceived as sufficiently significant The article about a Morrisons opening is either in the number of people involved or in Magnitude as it potentially impacts the potential impact. Local Community of Redditch.


Stories about issues, groups of nations perceived to be relevant to the audience


Stories about subjects already in the news

Media agenda

Stories that set or fit the news organisation’s own agenda.

Newspaper Values  
Newspaper Values  

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