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Issue 178 | October 2017



This month’s photo shows part of the Walled Garden located within Down Grange. If you have any nice photos of Kempshott that you might like considered for publication please email them to me. The Sitting With Jane bookbenches have been very popular this year and we are delighted to learn that the Auction raised £95,700 on 15th September. 75% of this goes to the Ark Cancer Centre Charity. A reminder that the Kempshott Neighbourhood Watch quarterly meeting takes place on Monday 2nd October at 7pm at Kempshott Village Hall. Coordinators, as well as anyone interested in learning about the scheme, are invited to attend. Our November litterpick will take place on Sunday 19th November (avoiding Remembrance Sunday), meeting at 10am in the Down Grange Car Park.

Richard Court

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Christmas Party Nights

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Contents. . . . . . . . . . ETHAN PITTER - CHARITY SWIMMER Early this Summer, 8 year old Ethan Pitter was Page 1:

The Editor

Page 3:

Basingstoke CSRF

Page 4:

Kempshott under 5s

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Poetry corner

Page 8: Basingstoke Lions Cllub Page 14/15:Oakley Bowling Club Page 20/21: Conservation News Page 22: Small Ads Page 23: Card Corner Page 24: Probus Club Page 25: Anvil Arts Page 29: What’s on Noticeboard Page 231 News from Jolly Olly's Page 32: Kempshott Village Hall Page 35: Horticultural Society Page 38: Clarke and Son Page 40: Basingstoke Rotary

watching the news with his ‘old’ Dad. There was so much bad news with ‘death and destruction’ being portrayed that he looked up at his Dad and asked ‘why are all these horrible things happening to these poor people?’ He then asked ‘what can I do to help?’ His Dad found this question very difficult to answer as his son had a very genuine desire to help others in desperate need.

His Dad asked him what he would like to do and Ethan suggested ‘What if I swim in the pool in the garden every single day, even if it rains and is cold (the pool is not heated and often drops to 14/15 degrees C) until the end of the school summer holidays and I will get people to sponsor me’. His Dad told him to ‘go for it’.


and has raised £785 for charity over the Summer holidays. Page 44: St. Marks theAt meeting held on 6thonSeptember the Chairman, David Cowling, welcomed all all th the meeting held 6th 6September the Chairman, David Cowling, welcomed At the meeting held on September Page 45: Church Notice Boards Well done Ethan – wethe need Chairman, more like you! David Cowling, welcomed Page 42: N2N

all ose those present and introduced 3 new members and 2 visitors. The Secretary, Tony present andand introduced 3 new members andand 2 visitors. TheThe Secretary, Tony those present introduced 3 new members 2 visitors. Secretary, Tony th th azier then reported that the Mystery Trip on Wednesday 25 October was fully th BASINGSTOKE CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT FELLOWSHIP Brazier then reported that the Mystery Trip on Wednesday 25 October was fully Brazier then reported that the Mystery Trip on Wednesday 25 October was fully At the meeting held onnext 6th September the Chairman, David Cowling, welcomed all at those present and introduced 3 oked but that the outing toouting thetoFestival of Christmas Portsmouth Dockyard booked but that the the next outing the Festival ofthat Christmas at Portsmouth Dockyard but that next to the Festival of Christmas at Portsmouth Dockyard new booked members and 2 visitors. The Secretary, Tony Brazier then reported the Mystery Trip on Wednesday 25th October was CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT FELLOWSH st st Friday 1 December still needed some more people to ensure that it went ahead. st fully booked but that the next outing to the Festival of Christmas at Portsmouth Dockyard on Friday 1st December still needed on Friday 1 December stillstill needed some more people to ensure thatthat it went ahead. on Friday 1 December needed some more people to ensure it went ahead. some more people to ensure that it went ahead.

At the meeting held on Wednesday 6 th April the C 61 members and the Secretary, Tony Brazier, ga Brooklands Motor Museum and Hatchlands Park Palace on Friday 17th June. Christine Broadbent and welcomed back those members who had ret

The speaker this month was Tony King who spoke about “Vanished London”. He illustrated his talk with many photographs

The speaker thisthis month waswas Tony King spoke London”. of places around that were mainly photographed in who the 1800’s but thatabout sadly no“Vanished longer stood today either because The speaker month Tony King who spoke about “Vanished London”. e speaker this London month was Tony King who spoke about “Vanished London”. HeHeofHe ill thought out reconstruction or through bombing during the war. Many of the photographs were taken by Henry Fox Talbot illustrated hiswith talktalk withwith many photographs of places around London that were mainly his many photographs of places around that were mainly strated many photographs of pioneer; places around London were mainly (1800illustrated -his 1877);talk a British scientist, inventor and photography who had the foresight to London usethat his newly found technique to photographed in the 1800’s but that sadly no longer stood today either because of ill record many of the landmarks of London. Some of the streets have completely disappeared or been drastically changed as was photographed in the 1800’s but that sadly no longer stood today either because of ill otographed in the 1800’s but that sadly no longer stood today either because of ill Regent Street whose wonderful colonnades were removed in 1925, many buildings hotels and bridges have been demolished thought out out reconstruction or or through bombing during war. Many of the thought reconstruction through bombing during the war. ought reconstruction or Bridge through bombing the the war. Many of theof and out rebuilt or as in the case of London shipped to America asduring a tourist attraction. The coming of theMany railways was the a photographs were taken by Henry Fox Talbot (1800 1877); a British scientist, inventor considerable cause of disruption with 76,000 people being displaced, houses demolished and great new architectural structures photographs were taken by Henry Fox Talbot (1800 1877); a British scientist, inventor otographs were taken by Henry Fox Talbot (1800 - 1877); a British scientist, inventor being built as railway stations which themselves have undergone changes throughout the years. One place which has, however, and photography pioneer; who hadhad the the foresight to use his his newly found technique andallphotography pioneer; who foresight to use newly found technique d photography pioneer; who the foresight totheuse his newly found technique to to survived of this is The George Inn,had Southwark, now owned by National Trust, where both William Shakespeare and to many oflandmarks the landmarks Some of the streets have completely Charles Dickens reputedly and wrote. of London. record ofdrank the landmarks of London. Some of the streets have completely cordrecord many of many the of London. Some of the streets have completely disappeared been drastically changed as Kennedy waswas Regent Street whose wonderful The next meeting isor on 4th October when the speaker will be Iain on “Cuba Libra”. The group meets on the first disappeared or been drastically changed as Regent Street whose wonderful appeared or been drastically changed as was Regent Street whose wonderful Wednesday of each month at Brookvale Village Hall from 10 am to 12 noon and all retired Civil Servants and their partners colonnades were removed in 1925, many buildings hotels andand bridges have been colonnades were removed inmany 1925, many hotels bridges have been are welcome. Further details about be obtained from thebuildings Secretary Brazier on 01256 418770 at bjmapbr@ onnades were removed inmeetings 1925,can buildings hotelsTony and bridges haveorbeen demolished and rebuilt or as in the case of London Bridge shipped to America as a and if you would like to join us onin anythe of our trips please contact Kate Lambethshipped on 01256 328791. demolished and rebuilt or ascase case of London Bridge to America as a molished and rebuilt or as in the of London Bridge shipped to America as a David Cowling tourist attraction. TheThe coming of the railways waswas a considerable cause of disruption tourist attraction. coming of the railways a considerable cause of disruption urist attraction. The coming of the railways was a considerable cause of disruption withwith 76,000 people being displaced, houses demolished and great new architectural 76,000 people being displaced, houses demolished and great new architectural KEEP IN TOUCH !. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .changes ...... h 76,000 people being displaced, houses demolished and great new architectural structures being built as railway stations which themselves have undergone Tel.:structures 01256being 354282 built as railway stations which themselves have undergone changes uctures being built as railway stations which has, themselves have undergone Address: 138 Coniston Road,One Kempshott, Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG22 5HZ throughout the the years. place which however, survived all all of changes this is The throughout years. One place which has, however, survived of this is The Website: oughout the years. One place which has, however, survived all of this is The The speaker this month was Iain Kennedy who g George Inn, Southwark, nownow owned by by the the National Trust, where bothboth William George Inn, Southwark, owned National Trust, where William Email: orge Inn, Southwark, now Dickens owned the National Trust, where bothHe William Shakespeare andand Charles reputedly drank and wrote. of the by Transatlantic Slave Trade.” described Twitter: @kempkourier Shakespeare Charles Dickens reputedly drank and wrote. akespeare and Charles Dickens reputedly drank and wrote.



Kempshott Under Fives is part of Hatch Warren Under Fives Preschool. Welcome back to a new school year at Kempshott Under Fives. It’s great to see how much the children have grown over the summer holidays – and to welcome lots of new faces to our preschool too! Our first topic of the new term is All About Me. A great chance for the children to learn all about themselves, their new friends and their families. We use stories, arts and crafts and songs to help our children discover what is unique and special about themselves and each other. The children have learnt lots of names, created some self-portraits and compared the colour of our hair and eyes. The children have also been cutting out pictures of things they like – animals, flowers and of course lots of toys. Our yearly event planning is already well underway, with our first fun event planned for October. The children from Kempshott Under Fives will be getting together with the children from Hatch Warren Under Fives for the annual Teddy Bears Picnic. There is lots to look forward to for the whole family – picnics, teddy bear trails, craft stalls and lots more. Don’t forget we also run a fabulous drop-in baby and toddler group. Our PrePlay group runs on Friday mornings during term time at 9.15-10.30am at the Hatch Warren Community Centre. No need to book, just turn up and play! Kempshott Under Fives and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Kempshott Under Fives work to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework in all our activities. The EYFS sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five years old. At the start of any new academic year change is ahead for our little ones. Will they see new teachers? Stay at preschool for a longer amount of time without Mummy or Daddy? Will they be starting their school journey for the very first time? One of the areas of the EYFS is 'PSED' which stands for Personal, Social and Emotional Development. A large part of what we do here at Kempshott Under Fives is to ensure that we bond with your children and encourage their confidence building. We would encourage and observe a little one to see if, between the ages of 22 and 36 months, they can separate from their main carer with support and encouragement and also express their own interests and preferences. If they are not quite ready we work on it together. It is lovely to hear your little ones asking for a particular toy that may not be out on that day...and yes we will get it for them. To enquire about our waiting list at Kempshott Under Fives, please contact Yvonne Hunt, Preschool Leader, on 07951 660401, or at To find out more, please take a look at our website You can also like our Facebook page, “Kempshott Under Fives”.


Shiny shoes and new uniforms with room to grow, classrooms equipped with pristine pencils for the children and plenty of tissues for the mums – it must be September! We are all making friends and settling into new classrooms. Our classes have new names as well! They are now named after birds and we are all trying very hard to remember not to use the colours anymore! Our Year R children have settled very well to school life and are having fun getting to know one another. They are sharing their Talk Boxes filled with happy summer memories. As part of our All About Me topic they are looking at photos of themselves as babies and thinking about all that they can do now that they are growing up so fast. Year 1 are finding out about their senses and the world around them. They are exploring our local area using maps and aerial photographs. Keep your eyes peeled as they will be out and about looking at street furniture, houses and buildings. They will also be completing a traffic survey. Year 2 are exploring why it is good to be them. They are talking about the things that make them happy and things that they are good at. They are finding out how to ensure that they stay fit and healthy as well. They have collaged some delicious-looking healthy meals on their Eat Well plates and can talk about how their bodies change when they exercise. We have made an exciting start to the new school year and have lots to look forward to!


It was lovely welcoming everyone back to school after the summer holiday which seems to have gone quickly. I would like to take the opportunity to once again congratulate our Year 6 leavers and to welcome our new Year 3 pupils to Kempshott Junior School who are enjoying their learning opportunities alongside our returning pupils. Year 3 Pirates have begun their training, Year 4 have started their Viking studies in preparation for a day trip to Alice Holt; whilst Year 5 are enjoying swimming lessons at the Aquadrome, Year 6 are starting to learn about World War 2 and prepare for cycling proficiency. Kempshott Junior school clubs have started which range from tennis, football and rugby to wildlife, drama and drawing. Thank you to the pupils who completed optional holiday homework, I really enjoyed sharing them with you as well as hearing the 'charity of the year' presentations. We await the results of the charity of the year and the class councillor nominations. Reporter: Mrs F Craig (Head Teacher)

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All plumbing All plumbing work undertaken work undertaken Complete bathroom refurbishment Complete Complete bathroom bathroom refurbishment refurbishment Repairs Repairs Repairs Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Insurance InsuranceInsurance work work work No job No job too Nosmall jobtoo toosmall small FREE FREE ESTIMATES FREEESTIMATES ESTIMATES


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For free quotations, or planning service please call Peter or Tim Mobile: 07867 854850



‘Witch’ Magazine Consumers Report (October Report) Welcome my brothers and sisters arcane, For the second time this year we meet again, You’ll recall, no doubt, that Walpurgis night, When all us magical people took flight, The wizard from the Lizard graced us with his presence, And the warlock from Porlock filled us with his essence,

It’s that quite tasty dish, that we love the most, Yes, you’ve guessed it – baked beings on toast!

Tonight we give thanks to the City of Wells, For sending our club a new book of spells,

For those absentees who follow our culture, I’ve arranged to send a free Luncheon Vulture!

For those of you here at our chosen venue, I proudly present tonight’s special menu,

So finally dear friends, though you be a saint or a sinner, We’d dearly love to ‘Have you’ for dinner!

Stan Bennett Coniston Road

Divorce ?

Divorce is an ugly word that makes me go cold, worse when it’s time spent together growing old Used to each other with nothing unsaid so why end it now when we’re soon enough dead Thinking of good times we’ve had in the past like the 50s and 60s now that was a blast Remember when we danced all through the night, then home together without having a fight Times when our children were growing up fast we looked at each other knowing we would last Visits to the beaches to swim in the sea, secret cuddles under the water just you and me Building our business to secure a future, so the kids could grow up happy without life’s torture Spoiling them rotten just to hear them laugh because for them we never did anything by half Eating out in restaurants not cooking for self, living the good life in the rudest of good health With new cars each year but never the same, not boasting just doing, that’s the name of the game Our kids at schools private because they could, with pick-ups from school no more than we should They grew up privileged our kids were spoiled, they entered the adult world, like engines well oiled Our kids have good prospects just as they should, climbing respective ladders as only they could Living their own lives without us to guide, taking the falls and to rise above them with pride So you see my love we were meant to be and there is no-one else to blame except you and me If life gets too loud in a bit of a muddle, let’s not quit, come here my old darling give us a cuddle!

Bob Newman Eagle Close Cuckoo Meadow Preschool

Rathbone Pavilion, Church Road, North Waltham, RG25 2BL. Tel: 01256 398172

Hello from all at Cuckoo Meadow Preschool in North Waltham! We are based in North Waltham village, which is less than 10 minutes’ drive from Kempshott, and is in a beautiful rural setting. The children who Cuckoo Meadow Pre-school attend come from within the village and the surrounding areas including Oakley, Dummer, Hatch Warren, Kempshott Cuckoo Meadow Pre-School offers a warm, friendly and stimula environment for children aged 2 yrs 9Please months up to rising 5 year o and Beggarwood and all agree the location and wonderful caring staff mean it is more than worth the short journey. The Pre-school is situated in an enviable location in the heart of Waltham village, just 10 minutes drive from Kempshott. It has play contact Jo or Fiona to come and see for yourself.

suitable for outside play in the winter months as well as access to th Park and playing field in the summer. It has a fantastic team of esta

First of all some staff news as we welcome Mrs Kat Andrews who has joined our permanent and thank and qualified staffstaff who will be happy to show you around or answe questions you have regarding the pre-school or forthcoming events. goodness as this term is set to be a busy one! The children will be exploring themes from some favourite books contact Jo or Fiona on 01256 398172, email, or visit the website so look out for some great creations, inspired by the stories. The children will also be creating Christmas cards over the next two weeks for parents to purchase and send to friends and family – never too soon to get organized! The pre-school is registered with easy fundraising so if you do any online shopping you could help raise much needed funds to benefit the children.  All you need to do is to sign up and support us at cuckoomeadowpreschool it is extremely easy to do and helps boost preschool funds. Dates for the diary - two week half term, breaking up on Friday 13th October and returning on Monday 30th October.  For any queries about the preschool please contact Jo or Fiona on 01256 398172.

Alice Crocker


BASINGSTOKE LIONS CLUB (Website You’ll no doubt recall that in March we raised funds to help the Basingstoke Bluefins (Disability) swimming team represent the South Region at the 2017 Special Olympics in Sheffield. The team performed superbly.

Their overall medal haul was 5 golds, 4 silvers and 2 bronze with 19 personal bests out of 23 swims. That is a truly fantastic achievement. Well done the Bluefins! Not to be outdone, our immediate past President abseiled off the Spinnaker Tower in aid of the ABS Charity and raised £1470. The Club optimistically nicknamed the event “The Spinnaker Splat”, and when she asked how she might cushion her fall, cynically offered her a whoopee cushion. We’re all heart! The Basingstoke Breast Cancer Self Help Group ran a super fundraising skittles evening at the Conservative Club which a group of us attended. We weren’t much cop at the bowling, but we did win a bar of chocolate in the raffle. MacMillan’s Coffee morning is coming up soon. We’ll be supporting – will you? World Sight Day is on Thursday 12th October: We will have our usual stall in Festival Place. So please remember to bring your redundant spectacles to us and we will ensure that they have a second life helping some of the poorest people on earth to achieve a better life. There will also be people on hand to advise on sight related matters. Quiz Night at Cliddesden Millenium Hall on 18 November: Contact Philip Wilson to reserve your table for 4 at this mental masochists’ marathon. Remember we can only accommodate 22 teams and several teams have already booked. Disport Games: I’m sorry to report that they had to be cancelled. It is hoped to re-instate them next year. We’ll keep you posted. LIONS CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Put your contact details on the “Contact Us” page of our website and someone will get in touch.

World Sight Day Thursday, 12 October - 9am - 3pm - Festival Place 45 million people in the world are blind 90% live in areas with little or no access to treatment 80% of blindness is curable and preventable 66% of the blind are women or girls An annual event in Festival Place for the past 5 years, World Sight Day sees the Basingstoke Lions Club again inviting people to bring their redundant spectacles to the Club’s stand in Queen Anne’s Square on Thursday, 12 October. Visitors to the stand can also find information leaflets, receive advice on help available locally and see small items of equipment that assist those with impaired vision. Various local organisations are supporting the day through the supply of literature and equipment, and opticians in the town are promoting the event also. “Lennie the Lion”, a familiar figure at various community events, will prowl through the centre, offering free tickets to enter a fun and easy competition, the prize for which will be 2 free tickets to one of the Lions’ upcoming entertainment events. For several decades Lions World Sight Day has raised awareness about the importance of eye health and the need for quality eye care services for all. On this day, traditionally the 2nd Thursday in October, Lions clubs around the world conduct sight-related projects including vision screenings, spectacle donations, restorative surgeries, eye health education programmes, and the donation of assistive devices to those with vision impairment. As part of SPECKTREK, a programme for recycling spectacles developed by Lions Clubs International, over 300,000 pairs were collected last year across Great Britain and Ireland and sent to eye camps in Africa, India and Eastern Europe in partnership with Medico Lions Clubs de France. It is hoped that, as in each of the past 5 years, the people of Basingstoke will again heed the call and bring in their old glasses to the Lions’ stand (near Lush/Iceland) so new homes can be found for them; such a simple act can change the lives of the recipients beyond measure.

WORLD SIGHT DAY Thursday 12th October We can find a home for your unloved specs – prescription non-prescription sunglasses Bring them to the

Basingstoke Lions

(Queen Anne’s Square – Festival Place – 9am-3pm) and pick up information on local resources for the visually impaired Basingstoke Lions – serving the community since 1967 Lions International – “Fighting Blindness” for 100 YEARS

Email: jam, mixing well.


9 Cut the Camembert in half horizontally and place one half, cut side up, stone or baking tray. Spread half the apricot jam and SOUND &half VISION the cheese and topRun with the pecans. Place the FamilySQUIRRELS Business Est 1988 Professional – Reliable – Certified TIDY remaining half on top, cut side down. Spread the remaining jam mixture top and sprinkle with the remaining pecans. ● Aerial, Sky &on European Installations Freeview, Sky, European &Freesat Installations Home & Garden Services   MACground & Laptop AddComputer, a twist of freshly blackRepairs pepper. Your only local Sky authorised dealer. Guaranteed repairs to all leading brands of, Garden Maintenance – Fencing & Repairs Virus Removal/Networking The Rabbiter - April 2009 ● Freeview, or Freesat on additional Cut the French bread on the diagonal into slices approximately 5mmSky slices and place them,TVs overlapping around the Magic Eye control & HD on multiple TVs. Phone & Ethernet points. •60 Washing Machines  Over Discount (Quotespray ref KK)or brush with olive oil. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the baguette slices are edge10% of the cooking stone. Lightly Hedging – Lopping – Weeding – Lawn mowing ● TV Wall Installation ● CCTV Installations • Tumble Dryers begins to soften. Remove Free from site survey. System planning & advice. Hidden cabling. crispHome and golden and the Camembert the oven and allow it to stand for veServicing minutes  & Business Gutter Clearance – General Tidying– Mower FOR ALL YOUR LOCAL All Seasons ● Tuning and set up of your equipment before serving. • Electric Cookers - We Now Also Clean Carpets Advice for Digital,New Audio, Smart Equipment. Cable tidying. • Dishwashers PLUMBING, HEATING Weak/low signal improvement



Brackley Way on a at cooking Basingstoke chilli mixture on RG22 6LN

Appliance Service

Window Get in touch to discuss a personalised●cake forFriendly your special occasion…… Competitive fixed rates Reliable Service - Reasonable Rates WiFi Signal AImprovement

AND Fully ELECTRICAL NEEDS qualified & experienced local engineer

● Sonos Sound Systems

411811 Cleaning 01256 07847955112 Visit us at Essex Road, 01256 412154 Tel: 01256 –325319 Mob: 07803 E-mail: bakedby Web: www.bakedby Tel: 814549 (01256) Mobile: 07836–679802 • Fully qualified local698863 engineers Basingstoke, RG21 7TB 841860 Reliably serving the 01256 email:

Fiona McCarthy For a prompt, reliable and professional repair please call,

Over 30 years • Full Bathroom installations experience Hatchwarren community for 19yrs • Central Heating TOTALinclude: SOLUTIONS GLAZING COMPANY Additional THE services Kumon’s maths• Installations and • Boilers Local to Hatch Warren and Kempshott SERVICES • Servicing • Repairs English study programmes • Pressure washing • Sound & Vision LTD SOUTHERN 01256 812622 • Electrical Installations WINDOW SATELLITE & AERIALS work to build Plumbing your child’s Limited cleaning Approved by Hampshire Buy with Confidence scheme, • Cladding/signage INSTALLATIONSFamily Run• Business Est 198807878 236001 confidence and inspire a 191149 ● Digital Aerial, Sky &cleaning European Installations Waste Carrier and fully insured. • • Gutter/fascia/soffit • ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATES • Registered Heating Systems • Boiler Replacements We specialise in UPVCcom We are a local family Checkatrade. The Rabbiter - April 2009 passion for learning. Freeview & Freesat or Aluminium windows, Yourbusiness only local Sky authorised dealer. storage and discount for pensioners run offering • Removals, Cylinder Replacements • Un-vented Systems • • Conservatory Composite doors, Bi-fold roof cleaning • knowledge and expertise ● Freeview, Sky or Freesat on additional TVs ● WiFi Signal Improvement Contact your local Instructor doors, Conservatories, House ClearanceValvesw • Radiators • Pumps, Motorized • Showers • Magic Eye control & HD on multiple TVs. Phone & Ethernet points. with a friendly approach. Orangeries and Repairs. Established 1992



Andy Man and Van Martin Cole Ne

for a free assessment.

water - no chemicals • • Thermostatic Radiator LOCAL Valves • Water Softeners • • Pure● TV Wall Installation ● Sonos Sound Systems FOR ALL YOUR All Seasons centre Free site survey. System planning & advice. Hidden cabling. no• w ●Window Tuning and set up of your equipment ● CCTV Installations PLUMBING, HEATING Household Plumbing Repairs Taps • FOR A• RELIABLE EFFICIENT SERVICE Call Advice forSTEVE Digital, Audio,on Smart Equipment. Cable tidying.               Classes held at St Church, n • Andrews Ballvalves • Washers •oetc. • pe Weak/low signal improvement Western Way, Basingstoke RG22 6ER AND ELECTRICAL NEEDS 01256 353727 South Study Centre (complete installations) • • Basingstoke Bathroom, Ensuite + Cloakroom Jo Miles 01256 533234

01256 842522 Tel: 01256 352419 Local Plumber 07831 224599 • Fully qualified local engineers

Fees vary. Please refer to your local study centre. 121428


Visit us at Essex Road, 841860 Basingstoke, RG21 7TB 01256 Reliably serving the Web: Visit us at Essex Road,


/ORANGERIES • REPAIRS - MISTED UNITS, LEAKING ROOFS & MORE Where reputation matters Basingstoke, RG21 7TB Call 01256 470 833 orinstallations 07944 00 88 02Hatchwarren community for 19yrs • Full Bathroom

To report grafti visit Heating C.P.S •• Central Additional services include: Would you like a beautiful lawn? Need a Installations • Boilers

Martin Cole Plumbing Limited

SERVICES • Servicing • Repairs LTD

greener print supplier? J.D.H. Builders

• Pressure washing • • Cladding/signage cleaning • 191149 • Everything Gutter/fascia/soffit cleaning • ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATES • Heating Systems • Boiler Replacements • we print green. ss io nal oisfe r p • Cylinder Replacements • Un-vented Systems • • Conservatory roof cleaning turf c• l Extensions l Garages l Garden Walls l The region’s leading environmental design and print are •lRadiators • Pumps, Motorized Valves • Showers • l l Plastering All types of Building work undertaken centre is now the BritishTREATMENT Association for Print and LAWN Pure water noPER chemicals • • Thermostatic Radiator Valves • Water Softeners • • Communications, FROM Printing- Company of the Year! LTD

• Electrical Installations




• Bathroom, Ensuite + Cloakroom (complete installations)For•a greener choice for your printing, please contact us. Household PlumbingSERVICE Repairs Taps • FOR For A• RELIABLE EFFICIENT free quotations please• phone A company Call STEVE on you • Ballvalves • Washers • etc. •

01256 842522 Tel: 01256 352419 Local Plumber

Tel: 01256 324855 Mobile: 07930 938353

07831 224599


can rely on!

Call SPENCER for a FREE no obligation quotation 01256 353727 01256 880770 ASK FOR A FREE Email: LAWN ANALYSIS w w w. l aw n m a s t e r. c o . u k Web:

01256 357315


Need a

greener print supplier?

British Association for Print and Communication, National Business of the Year, 2008 Basingstoke Green Heroes Award Finalists, 2008

PrintWeek Environmental Printer of the Year, National Finalists 2004, ‘05, ‘07 Hampshire & IoW Sustainable Business of the Year - Leadership Award Winner - 2007 Basingstoke Environmental Business of the Year Winner 2003, ‘05, ‘07, finalists ‘08 South East England Development Agency, Sustainable Business of the Year,

Everything we Finalists 2004, ‘05, ‘06 print is green.

the home of...

Hampshire and IoW Sustainable Business of the Year (SME), Winner 2005

greenhouse graphics

Printed on recycled paper

The region’s leading environmental design and print Basingstoke Business of the Year (SME), Winner 2001 centre is now the British Association for Print and Communications, Printing Company of the Year! For a greener choice for your printing, please contact us.

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Based in Kempshott 026

A Corporate Member

Lawn Master UK Ltd



Shenzhi Health Care was established by Dr Wenzhi Huang, who is fully qualified and registered in the UK. Wenzhi Huang was born in China in 1967. She graduated at Guangxi Medical University in 1992 and worked at the Chinese Medicine Hospital for over 10 years. In 2008 she attended the Beijing Chinese Medical Sciences College, where she became qualified in many advanced traditional and modern techniques including acupuncture, massage, moxibustion and herbal medicine. Wenzhi then came to the United Kingdom, where she has since been employed for her range of specialist skills. Chinese therapies do change to reflect the latest advances in science and techniques. By constant study she aims to keep fully up to date, and apply these improvements to help her clients.


284 Britten Road, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG22 4HR Telephone: (0)1256 636321 | 07725 748453 Website:

M & K AUTOS • BASINGSTOKE Trading in your car or just need an Instant Cash Sale CALL US FIRST ●●Sports and Prestige Cars a speciality ●●All ex-company cars and vans ●●For a fast, friendly professional approach please call Keith Lovelock on Basingstoke (01256) 477838 or 07785 594429

cal o L r u o Y Buyer



A fresh approach to a new kitchen!




• Trusted reputation • Huge choice of doors, worktops appliances, sinks & taps • Free planning & design service • Door swaps to full kitchens – tailored to your needs CALL LESLEY NOW FOR YOUR FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE ON

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It’s up to insurers to decide whether they will offer you insurance. Sometimes, there may be a reason why an insurer will refuse to cover you, or try to charge you more than other people. This page explains why this may be and what you can do if you have problems getting insurance.

Top tips Older drivers and travellers If an insurer or broker can’t offer you insurance because of your age, most of them will refer you to an alternative insurer or give details of a signposting service such as the British Insurance Brokers’ Association’s (BIBA’s) ‘Find a Broker’ service .You can use this service to find specialist insurers who can offer specific types of cover based on factors such as age and medical condition. You can find the BIBA’s ‘Find a Broker’ service by phoning their helpline on 0870 950 1790 or by going to their website at You can find out about Age UK's over 50s car insurance at You can find out about Age UK's travel insurance at Why might you have a problem getting insurance Insurers decide the terms and conditions on which to offer insurance cover or whether to offer cover at all. You may have a problem getting insurance if you have a complex medical history, are elderly or have criminal convictions. You may also have difficulty getting building insurance to cover flood damage if your property has suffered damage in the past or if there is a history of flooding in your neighbourhood. An insurer may want more information about you before deciding whether to insure you and some insurers will not insure you at all, because they think you are too great a risk. You may have specialist needs. For example, you may take part in a particularly dangerous sport or activity and find that general insurance policies won't cover you. You may have been discriminated against. However, insurers are allowed to discriminate against you in certain circumstances. For example, travel insurers may charge you more if you're older, while motor insurers may charge you more if you're younger.

What is income tax

What to do if you have trouble finding insurance If you're having trouble finding insurance, try using an insurance broker who should be able to find an insurer that will cover you. The British Insurance Brokers Association runs a find-a-broker service which can put you in touch with specialist insurers. You could also contact a charity or organisation that helps people with your particular needs since they may have a list of insurers that will provide cover, or brokers who can help you find insurance.

Income tax is a tax on income including:

Insurance and Discrimination Insurers decide whether to offer you insurance and how much to charge you based on the risk of something happening to you. Sometimes this may mean they are allowed to discriminate against you, for example,  refuse to insure you or to charge you more than other people. they may be allowed to

earnings from employment, including benefits in kind such companyNeed carfurther information or Help? Basingstoke Citizens Bureau, (located within Basingstoke Discovery Centre) can help you with queries you  Advice earnings from self-employment have on budgeting, benefits and debt, relationships, immigration, employment issues, and consumer rights.  most pensions income, including state, occupational and We operate a drop-in service 10-3.30 Monday to Friday (except Thursday) and Saturday mornings 10-12. pensions The Advice Line telephone number is 0344 111 306. The Basingstoke CAB website can be found at  some social security benefits Online help from Citizens Advice can be found at  interest on most savings WALK YOUR WAY TO from HEALTH income shares (dividends) Do you want to keep active, get fresh air and meet new people all for free? If the answer  partrental is yes then why not take in one of income the free health walks around the borough.  walks income from a trust. In total 22 free health take place throughout borough, coordinated by

NHS England plans to collect and share GP medical recor

You may have received a leaflet in the post called ‘Better infor better care’. This is about NHS England’s plan to collect perso your GP records known as the '' programme. What is the programme?

Under the programme, GP practices must supply pa and confidential medical information to the Health and Social C Centre (HSCIC).

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. This includes a 60 to 90 minute walk every Thursday starting from The Walled Garden at Down Grange at 11am.

Not all oftypes of part income are taxable. Last year a record number people took in the Walk for Health programme in

the borough and it is hoped even more will join this year. There are also opportunities to train to become a walk leader.

The HSCIC was set up in April 2013 as the central source of h care information in England and already collects information a admissions. The purpose of the scheme is to link all NHS data together into one database.

Supporters of the scheme state it will support valuable medica family doctors and campaigners have expressed concerns abo of data and how the data will be used. There have been quest about data being sold to commercial companies. What data will be collected?

The data collected from your GP will include your NHS numbe date of birth, gender, ethnicity and any data about referrals, va prescriptions or health information including diagnoses such a heart disease. Your records are collected and combined with a hospital records.

won't have pay ongreat allforyour income, even Walking is free,You simple and one ofusually the easiest ways to get to more It’s also your mental wellbeing, can helpif it is improve your self-esteem and mood can reduce stress, anxiety because youandwill be entitled toanda fatigue. certain amount of income tax fre Find out how to get involved at year. The tax year runs from 6 April one year to 5 April the follow or visit the Walking for Health website at

Find more information about what data will be collected on the at How will data be shared?


The data collected will be shared with organisations within the commissioning bodies, but also (subject to approval by the HS organisations outside of the NHS such as universities and rese departments, health charities, hospital trusts, pharmaceutical c commercial companies and insurance companies.

There is no minimum age at which you become liable to pay inco

There are strict rules about what data the HSCIC can share wi outside organisations. Data can be released in three ways:

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Page 1


Chris Valler

Plastering Services Commercial & Domestic CRB Checked • Free Quotes Tel: 01256 412581 Mob: 07785 346563 Email:

Plumbing & Heating Bathrooms Plastering & Tiling Associated Trades “Our reliability and work is guaranteed, so please contact us for a free no obligation quote.”

Property Applications Ltd.

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Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd

Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas.


Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular) With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas.

Boilers, Plumbing, Bathrooms, Showers, Gas Fires, Cookers, Hobs, Warm Air Units, Water Heaters, Gas Certificates, Natural Gas, LPG, Oil, Water

Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular)

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Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more. Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote. Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more. Tel : 01256 332680 Mobile : 07973523246 Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote. Email : Tel : 01256 332680 Mobile : 07973523246 Email :

Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd

With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas.

01256 412723 - Maintenance 0771 721(one 4521 Services include – Garden off/regular)

E: Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, WINDERMERE ROOFING SERVICES WINDERMERE ROOFING SERVICES LTD LTD All types of roofing work undertaken both new and old ALL TYPES OF ROOFING WORK UNDERTAKEN BOTH NEW AND OLD



Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more. Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote.

Garden Build, Planting, Tel : 01256 332680 Design Mobile : & 07973523246

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It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team and we are very grateful for all you’ve done. Antonia & Martin

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the Bedford and travelling to games at Taunton Vivary Club Tour This year’s tour, and Ilminster. At both venues, the club provided us with led by President Jim Fitzgerald, excellent lunches and these seemed to weigh heavily on saw 50 members descending on the team at Ilminster, which won on only one rink. We the Bedford Hotel in Sidmouth.  did, however record a good victory at Taunton.  After Situated right on the front and drinks with our opponents it was back on the coach for with sea views from the lounges and the journey home.  En route we learnt that Margaret Lee some bedrooms, the real ale drinkers in had won the Tour Trophy for being the most successful the party were delighted to find both Tribute and Otter player on tour.  We also discovered that Camila Kingshott on tap and a few pints were shifted as we waited for the had committed the most misdemeanors so winning the highlight of the Day - a display by the Red Arrows.  By as we continued to increase our membership. nowbeaches stands at a record Black Mark trophy with John Ryan receiving the Wooden the start time of 6.30pm the Esplanade Itand were packed with people, all of whom were treated to a ying position given the problems many Sports Clubs now have in Spoon.  As usual the award of Black Mark certificates was a great fund raiser and Margaret was pleased to announce magnificent flying display laid on, no doubt because of We are, however, ready welcome newdawned recruits. Full details thatofaround £350 will go to St Michael's Hospice. the arrival always of Oakley BC!! to Our second day bright National Championships. Oakley had this year its bestand sunnywebsite and in the morning members wandered n our informative, but if youthe would prefer to ever representation at the National Championships held in Esplanade and explored the Town at their leisure, before ctivities taking or would towalk try your hand at bowls not speak to Spencer August in Royal Leamington Spa. Ric Newson, qualifying thelike short to the Sidmouth BC.why  With 2 greens for the first time in the Singles, played well and at one maintained by the Council, a three-rink indoor green, 4 llard on 01256 397435? stage had a good lead over croquet lawns, numerous hard and grass tennis courts Nottinghamshire’s Elliott Ric and  cricket and rugby pitches close by, the  Town, with one forits the members involved with catering as we have already hosted Guthrie but went down 21relatively small population, is fortunate to have such 16. It was a similar story wonderful facilities available. We suffered a 41 shot defeat h two on the same weekend. The first was the North Hants Women’s for Juniors Nicole Rogers but this was soon forgotten as, after dinner,  everyone , our own Averil Adams, welcomed thetoCounty President Carol Eichen and Heather Statham in spilled out onto the Esplanade watch the Fireworks Display which had been laid on to celebrate Oakley's the County and this was followed next day by the Basingstoke andthe Junior Pairs where they raced to an 11-0 lead visit - well actually it was part of the Regatta Weekend n’s game. were a thirsty bunch! over England International butThey a good journalist does not allow facts to get in the way Laura Holden and her partner before being overhauled of a story.   Day 3 involved a short journey along some as Laura showed why she has been a full international picturesque and very narrow lanes to the Madeira Club in each week, some of our teams are inevitably faring better than others for the last 4 years. Nicole registered a victory in the Exmouth.  Traditionally a strong hold of Bowls in Devon, ouragingthe with thehas Men’s “A” team currently in players.  the Basingstoke Junior Singles before falling to World Indoor Champion club excellent facilities and second excellent Fortunately for Oakley their top internationals were not teams topping both Division 1 and 3 of the Whitchurch League. InKatherine team Rednall and Heather had two cracking wins in the Two Wood Singles. It was, however, Nicole, who stole playing, so with 11 rinks playing, we lost by a similar score tunes. The went day. down to Whitchurch in the National Two Rink the show reaching the semi-final of the National Champion to themen previous  Defeat was not hard to take as at tea of Champions before, in a time we were served delicious home baked scones with National Top Club at Basingstoke Town. Our Ladies, however, restored Nicole titanic battle, bowing out 21jam and cream. Day 4 of the Tour saw us playing matches ies Topagainst Club and followed thiswe  up won with another victory against 20 to arguably England’s best Honiton where and against Ottery St their bowler Ellen Faulkner – a Mary where we drew.   Our Farewell Dinner, that evening, ts them into the County semi-final. We are also still going in the mixed three times Commonwealth saw President Jim presented by John Yarrell with a gift d the men reachedthanking the Areahim semi-final County Games medalist and the fromhave the members and Pat of forthe all their hardClub proud possessor of a World work in arranging such a successful Tour.  Following the Championship gold medal. Red Arrows and the Fireworks Jim had one last surprise County Championships. It for us - Entertainment from our coach driver Joseph who uccesses individual Ric Newson, was also an exceptional year hasinbeen voice competitions. trained at the Royal AcademySpencer and whoKerley, Bob in the County Championships us all with his wide of songswhilst from 17 the year old ched thedelighted County quarter finals in therepetoire Senior Fours, where between them our musicals. Next morning saw us taking a sad farewell from

ation of the season having reached the Women’s Two Wood quarters by

ers including the 2016 Champion. In the Women’s Fours Marion


d Val Ryan are one game away from the quarters, whilst in North Hants

s reached the Two Wood Final to be played in September at Oakley.


We Supply and Install All Work Guaranteed & Fully Insured nue to be recognised at a high level and our congratulations Intelligent CCTV and go to 17 • TV Aerial and Satellite Installation s been selected for the Hampshire Middleton Cup team and to Ruth • Storm Damage & Repairs INTRUDER ALARM Systems quivalent the Johns Trophy. Also in the Johns is 18 years old Nicole • Additional TV & Satellite Points

Surveys from Installers e youngest person, in mostFree memories, to Experienced have played for Hampshire in

Nicole, having initially been overlooked by the England Selectors for a

CALL: 07802 770065

ast moment), has been selected to represent England in the

s to be held in Londonderry in July.

BASINGSTOKE 01256 780465 Established 1980


juniors lifted no fewer than 4 titles. Nicole retained the Heather Junior title she won in 2016 and followed up her success in the National Champion of Champions by lifting the County title. Nicole and Heather were the Junior Pairs Champions and Heather demolished her opponents in the semi-final and final to bring to Oakley the Two Wood Title – the only Women’s County Championship never previously won by an Oakley member. District Competitions. As if all these successes were not enough, members also did well in District events Camila Kingshott won the North Hants Women’s Singles with Janie Vickers finishing runner up but having some consolation by winning the Dolly Anstey Two Wood Singles. Nicole also won this Champion of Champions. Not to be outdone the Men lifted the Basingstoke and District Triples and Two Wood Triples titles in the shape of Terry Heath, Ric Newson and Ted Brown with Sean Lassman acting as super sub. Leagues In Leagues it was a mixed season with the BDBA Men’s Rinks “A” team finishing a disappointing 4th after being champions last year. However, that disappointment was compensated for by the success of the Oakley Buzzards in lifting, for the first time, the Whitchurch League Division 1 title with the Woodpeckers doing likewise in Division 3. Sadly, our other two Whitchurch teams were relegated but the results mean that next year we shall have a team in all four divisions. In the Ladies League Oakley Ivydown finished second and Summerdown 3rd. The Stan Hardman league teams finished mid table but final results for the BDBA Triples Leagues were not to hand when writing this piece. Club Finals At the time of writing some finals had still to be completed so a full report will appear in the November edition. As can be read above, Oakley Bowling Club provides a wide range of activities for people of all ages and abilities. We are, however, always ready to welcome new recruits. Full details of all we do in the Club can be found on our informative website, but if you would prefer to talk directly to someone about our activities why not speak to Spencer Kerley on 01256 780418 or Lesley Allard on 01256 397435.



HOME: 01256 780629 MOBILE: 07768 008584


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Newsagent of the Year 2015 Your local store for early morning newspaper deliveries 7 days a week Contact us below for your order requirements Telephone 01256 465517 • Email


OCTOBER 2017 IN THE WILDLIFE GARDEN The flower beds If we have had some good spells of rain this month mulch the

flowerbeds to cut down on weed growth, retain water and help the earthworms. Maybe use leaf mould from last year. The top few inches of soil contain an abundance of microorganisms, organic matter, and soil nutrients and mulching will protect this and reduce run off. Remember if seedheads are still standing well, leave until spring before cutting down to provide hibernation sites for insects and food for seed eating birds. Ivy especially is important to leave with its nectar providing flowers, and then berries. Being evergreen it provides shelter for overwintering butterflies.

Birds Keep feeders stocked up with good-quality seed mixes. Also fat-rich suet balls go down well with tits and finches. I have recently seen 5 long tailed tits feeding off a suet feeder in my garden. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget those species that prefer to feed from the ground, such as thrushes and blackbirds who will appreciate apples that have gone past their best being halved and thrown out. Dunnocks and wrens skulk along hedge bottoms, so throw a little seed under there as they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like to venture far from the safety of cover.

The pond Now is the time to keep raking dead leaves out of the pond before they release unwelcome nutrients, and cut back any dead plant material. Maintenance such as repairing any leaks in the pond liner should be done now before any frosts. Large plants can be removed or cut back if they have been growing too vigorously.

You could try placing a piece of corrugated plastic or iron on the soil to provide a warm tunnel for amphibians and also reptiles to hibernate in. Even metal will start to retain heat once covered with earth which in turn could grow moss or maybe a few wildflowers.

Jane Harrington


WILL EATING A “GLUTEN FREE DIET” HELP YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT? Have we finally found the answer to our obesity epidemic, or is a ‘gluten free diet’ just the latest fad? We are good at pointing the finger. Fats are the devil, carbs are the devil, sugar is the devil, hydrogenated corn syrup is the devil, artificial sweeteners are the devil, meat is the devil… you get my point?   Let me get straight to the punch line here. Cutting out "gluten-containing foods" and replacing them with "gluten free foods" will not help you to lose weight any faster. If you cut out "gluten-containing foods" from your diet, DON’T replace them and as a consequence, start eating less… THEN you will begin to lose weight. That isn’t because of the gluten, it’s because you’re eating less! So who should be on a gluten free diet then? If you eat "gluten-containing foods" and you are getting symptoms of bloating, excess gas, brain fog or extreme tiredness for example, this indicates intolerance. It could be gluten. If it is gluten, you must exclude gluten from your diet and work with a professional to heal your gut so that eventually, you may be able to eat gluten without causing symptoms. We as humans like to place blame externally. Think about it though, humans have been eating gluten since day 1, why would it now suddenly be the cause of our obesity problems?? The bottom line is stop outsourcing the blame, invest in some education and understand the science behind nutrition and weight loss :) I’ll leave you with this quote right here… “For most people, blaming others is a subconscious mechanism for avoiding accountability. In reality, the only thing in your way is YOU” – Dr Steve Maraboli


Yours In Health, Article written by Steph Catlin of Food Is Life Sign up to the next 8-week Lean Bean Fat Loss Program beginning Oct 2nd For more tips and information, please follow my work or contact me via: Website: Facebook: @foodislifeuk Instagram: Twitter: @foodislifeuk

OPEN AFTERNOON 13th October 2017 9th March & 18th May 2018 1.30pm – 4.00pm

• ISI recently judged every aspect of life at Prince’s Mead to be of the highest standard – Excellent • High success rate for Year 6 pupils gaining entry to their chosen senior school • In-house minibus service that will cover the Kempshott and Hatch Warren areas from September 2018 Worthy Park House, Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1AN Tel. 01962 888000 Email: Web:

19 17 British Made Bedroom Furniture




Medium Oak

Pine Furniture

The AB Bedroom Collection Wide#Chests

oak veneer & white painted furniture Painted Ranges

Oak Ranges

























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H#x#58## W#x#116## D#x#42





















New2016 Toronto Range now in, White or Grey



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The old Station Andover Rd Oakley Basingstoke RG23 7HA Tel; (01256) 782070 TRILBYSA5 A5Leaflet.pdf Leaflet.pdf 1111 18/07/2016 18/07/2016 08:00 TRILBYS A5 Leaflet.pdf TRILBYS A5 Leaflet.pdf 18/07/2016 08:00 - FRIDAY CLOSED WEDNESDAY TRILBYS OPEN 9am - 5pm18/07/2016 MONDAY TRILBYS A5 Leaflet.pdf 1 18/07/2016 TRILBYS A5 Leaflet.pdf 1 18/07/2016 08:00 SATURDAY 10am - 4pm 08:00




Shop Pack Lane Lane Shop Pack Pack Lane Shop Pack Lane Shop NOW OPEN OPEN NOW NOW OPEN OPEN NOW Proud to to announce announce the the addition addition to to our our Proud EST1991 1991 EST

Proud to to announce announce the the addition addition to to our our Proud growing family business business est 1991 growing family business est Proud to announce announce the addition addition to our our Proud to the to growing family business est 1991 1991 growing family est 1991 growing family family business business est est 1991 1991 growing

Cross Back Chair Wooden Seat Est 1995 TT-CBCW


Cross Back Chair Fabric Seat TT-CBCF 43 x 50 x 97 cm (assembled)

Ladder Back Chair Wooden Seat TT-CH 41 x 47 x 100 cm (assembled)

Ladder Back Chair Fabric Seat TT-CHF 41 x 47 x 100 cm (assembled)

Luxury you can see and feel

43 x 50 x 97 cm (assembled)

Measurements: W x D x H cm

“The service we received was excellent, the plumber explained everything and it was easy to understand. Kevin runs a very professional company.” Mrs. Axford, Basingstoke

Covering Covering Covering the the Basingstoke the Kempshott & Newbury Kempshott area areas area

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01256 844116 844116 01256 844116 01256 844116 01256 149c Pack Pack Lane 149c Lane 01256 844116 01256 844116 149c Pack Pack Lane Lane 149c

(nextto tothe theBallon BallonShop, Shop,The TheSpice, Spice,and andPost PostOffice) Office) (next 149c Pack Laneand 149c Pack Lane (nextto tothe theBallon Ballon Shop, TheSpice, Spice, andPost PostOffice) Office) (next Shop, The (nextto tothe theBallon BallonShop, Shop,The TheSpice, Spice,and andPost PostOffice) Office) (next

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Kempshott Wildlife,

Green Space

Old Down & Beggarwood Wildlife Group We are now into autumn – the summer flowers and butterflies are now over and leaves are turning colour and the evenings drawing in. Many of our bird species will have now migrated to warmer climes – such as swallows, swifts, reed warblers, sedge warblers and ospreys. You might be lucky enough to see an osprey flying south especially around the Romsey area. But this is the time when many bird species return to Britain – such as geese, swans, great grey strike, fieldfare and redwing. Fieldfare and redwing are winter migrants to Britain and often fly and roost together and both are often seen on Old Down and around local gardens. The redwing is easily identifiable having a boldly patterned face with a creamy white stripe over its eye and a splash of rusty red on its flanks. Both species feed on fruit such as windfall apples and berries such as hawthorn and rowan. The Group planted 4 rowan trees on Old Down last year specifically with these bird species in mind.



Rowan berries

The Group is planning to plant more shrubs and trees and bulbs this autumn so please come along to help if you can find the time. Work parties: For Old Down, we meet outside Old Down Hall every Thursday 10-12noon. For Beggarwood, we meet monthly at The Maze, usually on the third Saturday of the month 10 -12noon. Always check our website just in case there is a change in dates and also for further information about work parties and events. Internet:


FUZZY DROVE CONSERVATION GROUP We’re underway with our autumn working party programme – cutting back some of the brambles and nettles; filling in the gaps along Fuzzy Drove (in the areas where we have agreement to work) to create a hedgerow understorey; undertaking some coppicing where appropriate; creating dead hedges; and putting in some bulbs for ground level interest. The work we do at each working party is part of an overall conservation plan for Fuzzy Drove, which has been developed with support from appropriate experts and input from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. More details can be found via our website by selecting ‘Conservation Plans’ from the options at the top of the screen. Sadly, our planned Children’s Event scheduled for the 9th September didn’t go ahead, as only a small number of people confirmed that they planned to attend, and we couldn’t afford to run the event at a financial loss. We hope to be able to either reschedule the event or reuse the activities prepared in some other way. Our October working parties are on: Saturday 7th October and Saturday 21st October. We meet at 10am on Fuzzy Drove beside the entrance to Petrel Croft. Working parties are automatically cancelled if the weather is wet. The dates can change at short notice for other reasons, so if you are interested in coming along and helping please see our website and click on ‘events and activities’ for more information, or find us on Facebook for the very latest updates.


and Conservation News for October Kempshott Conservation Group

Group contacts.

Tel. 01256 470171 Email:

Scouts in the Old Orchard On 9th September in the Old Orchard, Kempshott Conservation Group played host to Worting St. Thomas Scouts. These were a mix of Scouts and Junior Scout Leaders. So far, the Scouts have participated in two work parties in the Orchard. These were organised to demonstrate the range of work undertaken by the Conservation Group throughout the year. This session was originally planned for mid summer as it was designed to introduce them to insects but, because of Scout commitments, it had to be deferred until early September. The aim was to teach the Scouts about basic insect identification down to taxa and, possibly, family level. That is, how to distinguish a fly from a bee or wasp and how to tell a beetle from a true bug. Interactive discussion on various aspects of insect identification, supported by many pictures, was followed by the Scouts sweeping and the "experts" trying to identify what they had caught. The specimens were then passed round to reinforce the points discussed earlier. This cycle was then repeated a couple of times with the sweeping being very popular. The results of the Scouts sweeping were quite heartening. One of the “experts” told them that of the two main types of grass hoppers and crickets, they would be unlikely to find a Roesel's Bush-cricket (Pictured). So much for the views of "experts" as the Scouts found two of these. This bush cricket is recent coloniser from the continent and is spreading north quite rapidly. It has the characteristic very long filamentous antennae and has a distinctive "Nike Swoosh" on the side of its thorax. The Scouts also found a wide variety of Shield and Leather bugs, both adults and nymphs, large numbers of flies and parasitic wasps, and also a plume moth. They also seemed to delight in catching butterflies and spiders. The second picture shows David Hopkins from the Scout group telling a brief story about the early spying activities of Baden Powell who incorporated his observations on defensive lines and deployed armaments disguised as drawings of insects.

Our next Work Party season will soon be underway and these are the dates for October and November. Why not come and join us for an hour or so? We can always do with some extra help. All equipment is provided, but please bring your own gloves. Sunday, 8th October 10.00am—12.00 noon—Down Grange Meadow (Homesteads Road entrance) Thursday, 19th October 2.00-4.00pm—Old Orchard, Kendal Gardens Sunday, 29th October 10.00 am—12.00 noon—Old Hedgerow, Down Grange (Behind 77-155 Coniston Road) Thursday, 9th November 2.00—4.00pm—Down Grange Meadow (See above) Sunday, 19th November 10.00 am—12.00 noon—Old Orchard, Kendal Gardens Thursday, 30th November 2.00—4.00pm—Old Hedgerow, Down Grange (See above) Another date for your diary…….is Sunday, 5th November at 11 00 when our Annual General Meeting will be held in Stratton Park Sports Pavilion. As always, this is your chance to ask us about our aims, objectives and plans for the coming year, so please do come along and find out what we are up to.

Friends of Stratton Park

Our website is: or email us: We have started our Autumn maintenance of Stratton Park. After several years of adding Spring bulbs in various parts of the park we are returning to the problems of over-mature or intermittent hedgerows. The section of hedgerow which finally collapsed east of the scout hall was cut down and is well on the way to regenerating. In a couple of years it can be topped and trimmed annually. The same treatment will be required of the main old hedgerow beside the tennis courts where the hedgerow elements between the mature oak, ash and beech trees are already starting to die off or fall over. Regeneration by cutting back to ground level will look drastic but will retain the feature in the long run. We are also starting a volunteer recruitment drive among local residents and park users. Anyone who is interested in supporting the Friends Group is invited to email us for details of activities this side of Christmas. Our next official Group meeting will be on Sunday, 5th November at the Sports Pavilion in Stratton Park at 12.00noon.

For more information about nature conservation in Stratton Park, please visit our website or send us an email






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GARDEN SERVICES TIM’S GARDENING SERVICES. Are you unable to maintain your garden? I can help you with a regular visit for tidying, weeding, planting and lawn mowing. Based in Kempshott. Friendly & reliable . From just £15. Tel 07400 664127 or after 7pm 01256 359484


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Yoga Classes for all levels email - Jo - 07811 331658

ANGELIC BEAUTY THERAPIES Beauty Treatment Room in Kempshott Reflexology. Hopi Ear Candling.  Lash Extensions, Lifting & Tinting. Shellac Power Polish. Bio Sculpture Gel Polish. Body Wrap. Callus Peels. Manicure & Pedicure. for more information go to www.   Or call Angie on 07557 536744


New Year, more mindful, relaxed you? If you're looking to improve your posture, reduce un-ease in your body, sleep better, feel stronger, more relaxed .... The list goes on, then have you considered yoga? Various classes starting in January, or private sessions available. Please contact Maria for details.  or call  07771 921185




WHAT’S ON IN OCTOBER 2017 AT SOUTH HAM LIBRARY? South Ham Library Paddock Road South Ham Basingstoke RG22 6QB

We are proud to launch SOUTH HAM SATURDAYS – FAMILY Fun this month. Join us every Saturday morning for drop in fun from 10am-midday. All activities are free of charge. We request that children under 10 are accompanied by an adult. 1st Saturday Craft 2nd Saturday Board Games 3rd Saturday Construction Club 4th Saturday Storytime Look at our Facebook page to find out how we will be celebrating NATIONAL LIBRARIES WEEK during 9th16th Oct. During Half term join us for some spooky activities with a Halloween treasure hunt all week and a drop-in Wednesday Craft Puffy Ghosts from 10am -3pm on the 25th October During the week Story Time continues to be held at 10:30 am on TUESDAYS. Come and join us for stories and themed colouring and the Construction Club continues to be after school on Tuesdays, with the opportunity to play with Lego and Duplo from 3:30pm-4:45pm. This term’s CODE CLUB started again last month and we have 8 children learning to code. They never cease to amaze us with what they learn so quickly and their creativity and imagination. Look out for details about what will happen in the future. We are so grateful to our volunteer Peter who gives up his time each week to inspire these youngsters. Chatterbooks reading group for primary aged children has moved to the 3rd Friday of the month and will be held on Friday, 20th October at 4pm with craft and book activities linked with Autumn and at the same time our T.R.@.S.H. group (Teen Reading @ South Ham) will hold a meeting for those at secondary school who love books – come and be part of this exciting venture. This month

they will be discussing the “Books with Blue Covers” they chose last month and will look at first and last lines of books. Both Chatterbooks and T.R.@S.H. would love to welcome new members, pop into the library or contact us via our Facebook page to find out more. Rhymetime continues every Friday with fun rhymes and songs at 11am for babies and toddlers. Activities for adults this month include the Genesis SciFi Reading Group on the 7th October from 10:00am-12:00 noon and Age Concern continue to provide computer instruction for the over 50s on Tuesdays from 10:00am1:00pm; appointments need to be booked through the local office. ADVANCE NOTICE If you love local history then don’t miss our afternoon with the Kempshott History Group about the Basingstoke Fair being held here on Tuesday 7th November cost £2 . Although the west side of Basingstoke was a rural area there were many things worth noting about the area in the 17th and 18th Centuries. The Prince of Wales (later George IV) and his mistress lived in Kempshott Park and the Basingstoke Fairs took place at what is now Down Grange Park from 1671-1779 Advance Booking essential pop into the library or call 01256 336047 or visit


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PILATES IN KEMPSHOTT NEW BEGINNERS PILATES FOR BACK CARE CLASS EVERY TUESDAY 9.30-10.15 Ridgeway Community Centre Buckskin All ages welcome Call Janice on 07789 711294 for further details and bookings

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offering interior and exterior painting and decoration, for all residential and commercial premises. Great rates. For a free no obligation quote please call Steve on

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The Rabbiter - April The 2009 Rabbiter - April 2009


The Rabbiter - April 2009


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The Rabbiter - April 2009


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PROBUS CLUB HEARS ABOUT BRITISH FORCES BROADCASTING The Probus Club of Basingstoke enjoyed a presentation by Alan Grace about the life of a programme maker living with our armed forces whose broadcasts allowed them to maintain morale by keeping contact with families in UK and also provided them with much needed entertainment.

Many people of mature age will remember Two Way Family Favourites on Sunday mornings. Then known as the wireless it was broadcast on the BBC Light Programme. It was claimed that this was the only radio programme that had the smell of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. The German end was run by BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) with Jean Metcalf there and Cliff Michelmore in London. In World War 2 both the German and Russian military had radio services for their troops and after the Americans joined the war effort the British War Office was persuaded by Col David Niven and supported by Glenn Miller that our troops would benefit from a similar operation. The first military broadcast services saw life begin in Algeria in 1943 and run by the Army Welfare Service. The only drawback was that there was no money, no equipment and no staff. And it was firmly established that editorial control was to be independent of the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces themselves. By some miracle they were on air in seven weeks. It was set in a former harem but the fully glazed floor and wall tiles had to be draped in army blankets to deaden the appalling acoustics. The first requested record was the famous German wartime song, Lily Marlene. In the following years over 100 radio stations were set up from Aden to Zeltweg. Some of the earlier stations were mobile housed in ten ton trucks with transmitters, generators, record library and studio. They followed troops through the Italian campaign and then into mainland Europe. Fixed sites were based in a range of extreme locations from the magnificent Musikhalle in Hamburg that had escaped bombing, down to an old cow shed in Cyprus, tents in the Canal Zone and shipping containers at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Some of the people involved became household names. Cliff Michelmore, Frank Muir who was a photographer but volunteered to be a writer, Peter Sellers, Brian Moore who went on to become a top sports presenter with ITV, and Roger Moore who was told that as he could not act he should go back to being a male model for knitting patterns. He later sent a postcard to the producer who had dismissed his talent which said that although he could not act he had still had a good life and signed it 007. In 1957 Alan Grace started working with what then was BFN in Cologne as an announcer and sports producer, while a national serviceman in the RAF. Over the next four decades he experienced life throughout the world’s trouble spots where British forces were involved. Such places of conflict had radio and then television services provided for service personnel and their dependents worldwide. Places of interest included Palestine, Cyprus during EOKA, Kenya in Mau Mau times, Aden with terrorist troubles, Cyprus, again, during the Turkish invasion, Hong Kong, The Balkans, The Falklands, Gulf Wars 1 and 2 and Afghanistan. For more information about the programmes enjoyed by the Probus Club of Basingstoke, the social club for retired professional and business managers, see their web site or phone their secretary Paul Flint on 07770 886521 for an informal chat.

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BASINGSTOKE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY MEETINGS 2017 Monday 16 October 2017 Herbs - Peter Sikora

Monday 20 November 2017 AGM followed by Cheese & Wine

Monday 11 December 2017 Christmas Party

01256 412154

Our meetings are held at Kempshott Village Hall in Stratton Park, Pack Lane and commence at 7.30pm.

Enquiries: Tel 01256 322104 or 01256 466281



Wed 1 Nov, 7.30pm | The Haymarket Arlene! The Glitz.The Glamour.The Gossip.

Published 22 release

The Anvil Tru

Churchill Way,

TICKETS: £27; under 18s £14 (includes £2 booking fee)

Admin tel 0125 Box Office tel Online

The Queen of Dance reveals all from 40 years in showbusiness. Arlene Phillips has been an inimitable choreographer and director for over four decades. Since creating the provocative dance group Hot Gossip in the 1970s, Arlene hasof been Highlights The Anvil Aut The Anvil a household name. Whether you know her from Hot Gossip or as the toughest judge on Strictly Come Dancing, prepare to be surprised and entertained by her stories.

The full autumn season at The Anvil will go on sale on 4 July a

Wed 1 Nov, 8pm | The Forge Trio Dhoore

TICKETS: £15.50; Over 65s, under 16s and f/t students £13.50 (includes £2 booking fee) A young band of monstrously musical brothers from Flanders, this folk trio is a force to be reckoned with. Championed by fRoots magazine, their music breathes life and energy into a repertoire of traditional Flemish tunes and their own original material. 

Tue 14 Nov, 7pm doors | The Anvil Imelda May

TICKETS: £37, £27;VIP package £101 (includes £2 booking fee)

The Haymarket. For full details, look at the website www.thean

Kicking off the autumn season at The Anvil will be T-Rextas

2007 being the 30th commemorative anniversary, this show tr

hits of Marc Bolan and his band including I Love To Boogie Guru, Jeepster and Telegram Sam.

The Sing-A-Long-A phenomenon continues and on Saturday Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. For stage version starring Donny Osmond is screened with lyrics

Every Door, Any Dream Will Do and Go, Go, Go Joseph. Wi encouraged, this is going to be a fantastic evening.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is back at The Anvil on Sunday 30 Sep

invitation to dance! Her single Murder on the Dancefloor was

Now there's a new CD Trip the Light Fantastic, which Sophie f to the dance floor.

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra performs Mahle

October. The Orchestra is conducted by Marin Alsop and jo

Youth Chorus, the Ladies of the Bournemouth Symphony C Semenchuk. Continued …

Superstar singer and songwriter Imelda May has become one of Ireland’s most celebrated female artists. Support for the evening is Andreya Triana.

Chief Executive Christine Bradwell Life Patron The Lady Sainsbury Patrons Lesley Registered in England 2720007 VAT 689 0678 72 A registered charity 1034961

Wed 15 Nov, 8pm | The Anvil Soul II Soul TICKETS: £36.50 (includes £2 booking fee)

Soul II Soul revolutionised R’n’B and they are the height of cool.  Featuring Jazzie B, Caron Wheeler and their very special live orchestral band and DJs, the hits just keep on coming including  Back to Life,  Keep on Moving,  Get A Life, and Jazzie’s Groove.

Fri 24 Nov, 7.30pm | The Anvil Lulu TICKETS: £41 (includes £2 booking fee)

Join Lulu for a show packed full of her hits, new songs and songs that have influenced and guided her throughout her incredible career.

Sat 25 Nov, 7.30pm | The Anvil The Nutcracker

The Russian State Ballet and Opera House TICKETS: £33, £31; over 65s, under 16s and f/t students £31, £29 (includes £2 booking fee) Snow flurries, sweets, princes, magic and love are just some of the elements that are brought together by this renowned Russian company. A much loved ballet, full of familiar music such as the Waltz of the Flowers  and the  Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. It tells the story of a little girl whose godfather gives her a Nutcracker doll on Christmas Eve, and the magic begins...

How to Book The Anvil and The Haymarket have ticket sales counters at their main entrances, and each can take bookings for all Anvil Arts venues and events. Opening hours The Anvil Box Office is open Monday-Saturday from 10am (excluding Bank Holidays). Open one hour before Sunday performances. The Haymarket Box Office is open Saturday 10am-2pm and 1 hour before performances. Contact information Tel: 01256 844244 | Fax: 01256 366900 | Box Office, Anvil Arts, Churchill Way, Basingstoke RG21 7QR Phone lines are open until 6pm Monday to Saturday, later on performance evenings. Please note that lines are very busy at 10am. A queuing system is in operation.



At Clarke & Son our expert teams will guide you through all your important matters:

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Clarke & Son Solicitors LLP Manor House, 8 Winchester Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 8UG

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COME & JOIN THE ENGLISH CEILIDH! a lively Barn Dance with toe-tapping music

Cliddesden Village Hall

Kempshott Village Hall Pack Lane, Basingstoke

Saturday 21st October

Phone Kancare on 07905 272711

8.00pm Doors & Bar 7.30pm

Tickets: £10 adults £5 children (U 16)

Bring your own picnic tea

All ages welcome! Contact:

Winning team wins a bottle of wine !

Angie 01256 475848 or Julie 01256 363753

Sponsored by Anvil Arts with Proteus Theatre Company as part of the Arcadia Rural touring scheme

For further details phone Kathy on 07799 693339 All proceeds go towards the upkeep of Kempshott Village Hall

To have your event promoted on the What’s on page please email

BASINGSTOKE HARD OF HEARING CLUB Meet the first Tu esday of every mo nth from 2-4pm

Venue: Church Co ttage (large hall) Behind St Michael’s Church Basingstoke Town Centre Outings Speakers Loop System Raffle Tea and Coffee We are a friendly group of people who all have a hea ring loss. Why not come alo ng and have a cup of tea and a chat and join in the fun ! New members are always welcomed Contact: Krystyna on 01256 322 28 3

Weaving in the Community Are you a local disability group or would your group find it difficult to access the Mill? Would your group like to learn all about weaving and contribute work to an exhibition at the Mill? We would love to work with you to develop our Weaving in the Community Program me.

WHITCHURCH SILK MILL 28 Winchester Street, Whitchurch, RG28 7AL


Would you like to Come to TOPSPIN

play table tennis in

ning , every Friday eve

Kempshott? ber (except 30 Septem


e * all ages welcom * 3 tables * expert tuition vided * equipment pro thodist AT Kempshott Me

Lane; from 7.30pm Church, Kempshott

Can YOU Help Kancare ?

Volunteers needed to drive or visit those in need of transport or company. Please phone Kancare - your local Neighbourcare organisation

07905 272711



Full Range R of Roofing and Buiilding Se ervices O Offered Including Roo of Repairs, Clean ning and d New Ins stallation n, Flat & ofs, Cons servatory y and Ch himneys, Gutterin ng, Lead work R Roo a and Repl lacement, Buildin ng Mainttenance and Con nversion Full Range R of Roofing and Buiilding Se ervices O Offered Full Range R of Roofing and Buiilding Se ervices O Offered rs, Clean Including Roo of Repai ning and dilding New Ins stallation n,Bui Flat & Pitch Full R Range of Roofing and Bui Se ervices O Offered Full R Range of Roofing and ilding Se ervices O Offered Fre ee Estima ates Including Roo of Repairs, Clean ning and d New Ins stallation n, Flat & Pitch ofs, Cons servatory and Ch himneys, ng, Lead Roo work Re Clean Inclu ding Roo of RepaiyInclu ning and dGutterin New stallation n, Flat &epair Pitch Full Range ofIns Roofing and Building Services Offered rs, Clean ding Roo of Repai ning and d New Ins stallation n, Flat & Pitch ofs, Cons servatory yrs, and Ch himneys, Gutterin ng, Lead epair Roo work Re and Con a and Cons Replservatory lacemenyt,Roo Buildin ng Maint tenance nversions scal Including Roof Repairs, Cleaning andGutterin New Flat Pitch ofs, and Ch himneys, Gutterin ng, Lead epair Roo work Re Loc withLead 2 25 Years s&Experie ofs, Cons servatory y and Ch himneys, ng, epairence work Re a and Repllacement, Buildin ng Mainttenance and Con nversions s Installation, Roofs, Conservatory and Chimneys, Guttering, Lead work Repair and ng Con a and Repllacement, Buildin Maint tenance nversions s and Con a and ng Repl lacemen t, Buildin Maint tenance nversions s Fre ee Estima ates and Replacement, Building Maintenance and Conversions  01256 41 12709/07 7780 5109 901 Fre ee Estima ates Telephone: 01184 376 852 Fre ee Estima ates Fre ee Estima ates Free Estimates Loc cal with 2 25 Years s Experie ence Pack La ane, Basiingstoke e Mobile: 07843 801 556 Loc cal with 2 25 Years s Experie ence Loc cal with 2 25 Years s Experie ence Loc cal with 2 2525Years s Experie ence with Years Experience  01256 41 12709/07 7780Local 5109 901  01256 41 12709/07 7780 5109 901  01256 41 12709/07 7780 5109 90141 01256 412709/07780 510901 ℡ 01256 12709/07 7780 5109 901 Pack La ane, Basiingstoke e Pack La ane, Basi ingstoke e   Pack Lane,Basi Basingstoke Pack La ane, Basiingstoke e La Pack ane, ingstoke e      

Quality Fencing & gates Fencing, Gates & Decking Supplied & Erected since 1984 call for Free advice / quotes 01256 460711 07958 615817 To view recent projects click on blog

Are your teeth... Crooked? Missing? Yellow or stained? We can help you Call us now!

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T. Linden Dental Centre 1-2 Linden Court, Linden Avenue, Old Basing, BASINGSTOKE, Hampshire, RG24 7HS

D.R.Gates BDS and Associates. Practice established for 33 years.

g the view of Mt. Jolly Olly and Lola Granola enjoyin

Helens in Washington State U.S St31


News from Jolly Olly’s Coffee Shop

d FunJolly Cancer Lennox Children’sNews from Shop Hello from all of us Olly’s at JollyCoffee Olly’s. The Jolly Family are back from their ildren’s Lennox forinthe ing mo Summer Holidays; having spent a lovely couple ofney weeks Canada andCh the rais w, Dra 50 50: our d ere ent who ne ryo Thank you to eve Hello cer. You raised canShop. U.S.A to they are refreshed and ready for the new of season at n thewith Coffee everyone from Jolly Coffee Shop. childre ilies t fam por supOlly’s to ed rais ney mo the s use ch whi d Funthey are busy planning a new Autumn/ Winter menu and looking As Icer write, forward Can . tucking rryfieldto Margaret Me was chosen by aremarshmallows g squ nin win the and into plenty of hot chocolates with cream and and, Jolly Olly’s favourite Autumn rity cha Oakley Pedalers the for £33 tipple, the cinnamon cappuccino.

H S th S lo m c

Autism Hour iety ic Socto al Au ion Nat Congratulations the Oakley completed their 50 and 100 mile bike rides in aid of Jolly Olly andtist Lola Granola enjoying the Pedalers view of Mt.who St Helens in Washington State U.S.A. ating in The ticip par is ’s Olly ly Jol nth mo this ter, slet Breast Cancer Research. We’syou were delighted to be ableour to give them araising much needed energy new nth mo last in d Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund Thank to everyone who entered 50:50 Draw, rea e hav y ma you As to encourage businesses ed ign des n bee has nt eve The r”. which money for the Lennox money raised to support boost when theyChildren’s stoppedCancer offHou at Fund Jolly Olly’suses for the bacon sandwiches, cakefamilies and drinks on their way. National Autistic Society’s “Autism help usbyunderstand tochosen , and ism aut with s ual of children with cancer. You raised £33 for the charity and the winning square was ivid ind to ible ess acc his supporters who hobbled home at the end of a moreand Well done toiron Tony Willard great ments ir env 0pm days cycling no ke the 3.3 ma nd to Margaret Merryfield. ober between 2.30pm andJol Oct 2 y nda Mo Olly and Lola Gra on ly re, refo The t. por ofoffe a fantastic cause. r more sup can weaid ism aut howin with ple Peo p. hel e will hop t we in s tharead National Autistic Society Autism Hour As you may have last month’s newsletter, this month Jolly Olly’s is some simple steps for 60 minute turn will be takining and we g our lightotsencourage min Children’ x dim participating The National Autistic Society’s “Autism Hour”. The event been designed businesses to s Can noing be will Len wecharityhas so and daid rloa Raffles, the giant dog which we raffled in of the was won by Sinead Giffen. ove y sor sen with e cop to t icul diff p offer more find itenvironments n their will kee ofte make more accessible to individuals withhel to help we can re, but wehow mounderstand out us to find p us and k to autism, ce pac2.30pm guidan full a iting awa are We support. Therefore, on Monday 2nd October between and 3.30pm we will be taking some simple stepstofor 60ryone w eve sic. mu off the Thank you The Wedding minutes that we hope will help. People with autism often find it difficult to cope with sensory overload and so we will ok. you all posted via facebo Cancer Fund which uses be dimming our lights and turning off the music. We are awaiting a full guidance pack to help us to find out more, but Youkeep may remember that, a couple of months ago, Jolly Olly and his girlfriend Lola for the charity £33 Granola we you all ittin posted via facebook. w! g Cre d Kn nte lyTale Jolwill

and t announced theirJollyTalented engagement. WellCrew! the big day is here! Lola has wedding outfit planned and acome on e alongwho com whoher Knitting We now a regular of customers along on ic a Socie tomersgroup of cus uphave r gro tist e a regula Au hav nal now tio Na We of Olly is having a hat specially made for the occasion. They will be tying the knot on Tuesday 27th lity qua the Saturday afternoon to create together. I am amazed at the quality of the items that they produce at d aze am am I on to create together. ay afterno urdto Sat commitment they give in creating knittedlike products Ascre some ofg youto will be of atin in August. To help and the the couple celebrate, Jolly Olly would tome offer acharity. of cake any givepiece yfree the ntfor mit e read i y hav the com ma e and you duc As who y pro s that theof itemproportion aware,the a large their work is sent off to the Knit for Peace Charity in turn pass e larg a re, his customers who come in for a coffee, cha tearity or .cold drink with us on that day. awa be of you som tistic Society Aswe Aumoney tionalThe for However, the items topro those intsneed. alsoe sell somewill of their work in the Nashop. duc ted kniton in who rity Cha ce Pea for t Kni the more wool for the knitters tobuy collected from the sales ofirthese is used leftover is ironme t off to is sen ir env the workitems ke maany of the toand proportion Baker e of som sell o als we r, also passed on to the various charities which we support throughout the year. With Christmas on eve How d. nee we can offer more s the items on to those in turn the way we pas are increasing the items on sale. We have beautifully crafted thesehats, scarves, ofhow sblankets, sale the from ed lect col ney mo The sho theall ing some k in Stuart, tak beand ir wor will thebaby we Reminder Local baker who runsprices. a family bakery called Loaf” delivers toys -and cardigans atp. very good Please do come along, browse, buy! also r isadmire oveYour left any “Use and s tter kni the for l woo re mo buy along Everyone isswelcome and join the group of knitters; are a very friendly bunch! is usedtotocome difficult to c bread to order on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Simon bakes they a range of artisan item find itbreads, n ofte we support throughout the ch whi s ritie Sessions run from 2.30-3.30pm on Saturdays. cha s iou var the to all stone baked made from British flour. His loaves include, among an . We are a sed on pasand the . sic salemu onothers, sing the itemsoff increa are we way the on as istm Artisan Heritage Sandwich loaf, a Black Olive Bread and Sourdough. For more details on ordering Chr h Alongside our Jolly Knitters several local residents also pop in with bags of lovely creations. Wit year. you babyall posted via faceb s, toys and rve sca s, hat ts, nke bla Many thanks to all who are so generous with their time and efforts in supporting such a worthy cause. fted cra and prices please come into shop and ask one of our friendly staff who will be pleased to help utifully e bea havthe We ire and buy! Everyone is wse, adm brohoping e along, you. com do ase nted Knitting Ple Christmas Workshops? As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, I am to organise some pre-Christmas workshops lyT es. Jol pric d goo y run s ale sion digans all at ver car

ch! Ses

bun making Christmas gifts or ndlyOlly’s frie are a very at y workshops ters; the for children and/or adults.ngThe plan is that invited local run Jolly knitpeople come alo and join the group of to e com wel decorative items. If you have a talent for making something, or own a business which would lend itself to such a venture, Oakley Calender urdays.details and an idea of what you could offer. Satcontact onyour .30pm 0-3 2.3in fromget please touch with

We pleased to have been to do sellkeep thean Oakley Calendar onofbehalf theon. Parish If you areare interested in coming along to a asked workshop eye out Village on facebook for details what isof going More details will alsoDo follow in next month’s and on the events at the shop. Council. come along and newsletter have a look at the lovelyboards photos inside. Jolly Diary Dates

Sunday Opening We would like to remind you that during the Half Term Holidays (24th – 28th Oct) we will be opening at the later time of 9.30am

Next Jigsaw Puzzle Race Night – Friday 13th October

Although we have had a few busier Sundays, trade on this day of the week has continued to be Bestquite wishes, ThetheJolly Olly’stoTeam slow. Therefore we have made decision close on Sundays from the first Sunday in August. Apologies to those youuswho theOakley Sunday opening. We are of course still open The Jolly Olly’s Team ofFind at 32enjoyed Oakley Lane, RG23 7JY Tel 01256 782658) Also, why not check out our facebook page Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays). If you haven’t visited us yet maybe one of our Summer Special Strawberry Sundaes or the thought of cooling down with a homemade lemonade all at very g cardigans or iced latte might tempt you to come along? welcome to come alo from 2.30-3.30pm on Best wishes,

Advertise with us!

Need an experienced qualified electrician?

Quality workmanship at a fair and competitive price Telephone: 01256 413136 / 07956 034217

The Jolly Olly’s Team - Find us at 32 Oakley Lane, Oakley RG23 7JY (Tel 01256 782658)

T: 01256 354282 E: email:



Kempshott Village Hall Tel. 01256 324314


The Trustees have been working hard to create a welcoming Community Room in the space vacated by the old Leisure and Social Club earlier this year. This room will have its own kitchen facility, ideal for serving light refreshments. So far a weekly Craft Club has been established every Tuesday (6pm – 9pm), this is already becoming very popular - £3 per session to include refreshments. A monthly Quiz Night takes place on the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 7.30pm - £2 per person, winning team receives a bottle of wine. Other ideas the Trustees are considering are a regular informal café, a skittles alley to hire out to local clubs or individuals and any other community orientated clubs/societies. We would be very keen to hear from local residents about the type of event/club they would be interested in attending and whether people would be interested in a skittles alley. To have your ideas considered or to book this Community Room, please email kempshottkourier@ or call Kathy on the phone number above. The Village Hall has traditionally hired out the main hall and the small hall and currently is home to the regular hirers:Monday Baby Sensory 9.30am – 13.20pm (depending on age). ( Womens Institute 2pm-4pm ( 2nd Monday of the month) Horticultural Group 7-9pm (3rd Monday of the month) Tuesday Kaderosi Art Club - 10-1pm Call Kathy on 07799 693339 Circle Dance - 2-3pm Email Weight watchers - 6.30pm Call Vanda 07719 428953 or email Pilates - 8.15pm See for details Wednesday 2 by 2 Toddlers Group 9.45 - 11.30 Super Seniors Keep Fit 2.00 - 3.00 Pilates for Seniors and Back Care - 3.15 - 4.15 Dog training - 6.30 - 7.30

Call 01256 323853 Call Janice on 07789 711294 for details Call Janice on 07789 711294 for details Call Dale on 07957 806752

Thursday Pilates 9.30 - 10.30 See for details Open Sight (Visually Impaired Group) 1-4pm every other week. Pilates 6.30 - 7.30pm Call Becky on 07725 581218 or email Friday Kestrel Art Club - 10-1pm USKO Martial Arts - 6-7pm Nifty Ninjas USKO Martial Arts - 7-8pm Senior Grade Adults

Call Kathy on 07799 693339 Tel. 07973 562752 Tel. 07973 562752

The hall is also used regularly throughout the year by Kempshott History Group, Kempshott Neighbourhood Watch, Kempshott & District Residents Association, Southern Counties Catfish The Kaderosi Art Club The Kaderosi Art Club meets at Kempshott Village Hall every Tuesday between 10am and 1pm. It is a lovely, friendly group, where people of all ages and abilities come to paint and socialise, and the cost is £5 per week, which is only paid when you attend. The only rule they have at the Club is to "have lots of fun". They have famous artists visit them for demonstrations and workshops. These include Jeremy Ford, Matthew Palmer, Marilyn Allis, Sharon Hurst, Charles Evans and many more. Every year they have a themed Christmas Party and also a Christmas Dinner, and they also go on coach trips. The Kestrel Art Club The Kestrel Art Club meets on Fridays between 10am and 1pm. This Club is open to SAA Members only and costs £4 per week. Both these Clubs are run by Kathy and Marilyn, who are waiting to welcome you. For more information call Kathy on 07799693339.


COUNCIL TAKES LOCAL DEMOCRACY ON THE ROAD Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council officers and councillors will be getting out and about to meet local people this October during Local Democracy Week. Residents will have the chance to check their electoral registration and find out more about voting in elections at the council’s roadshow which is on tour from Monday 9 October to Friday 13 October. They’ll also be able to have a chat to local councillors to find out more about what it’s like to stand for election and to represent a ward. Council officers attending the stands will welcome visitors at Festival Place (Monday 8.30am to 6pm), Overton Library (Tuesday 9.30am to 12.30pm) and Whitchurch Town Hall (Tuesday 2pm to 5pm); Chineham Library (Wednesday 9.30am to 5.30pm); Tadley Library (Thursday 9.30am to 5pm) and South Ham Library on Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm. The national Local Democracy Week theme is ‘Citizen participation, consultation and commitment: for a thriving local democracy’ and the borough council aims to raise awareness about how and why people should be involved. Leaflets about the council’s work will also be available and members of the public will be invited to take part in a true or false game to find out how much they know about voting. Head of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Bhupinder Gill said: “This is an opportunity to get an insight into the world of local government and to find out more about the local democratic process. “It’s a chance to learn more about what can influence a person to vote in an election, and the role of the council in the elections process. For anyone who’s ever thought about standing as a councillor it’s also an opportunity to talk with those who have made that leap. “Everyone is welcome at the stand, and I hope that many of our residents will be able to join us as we go on the road.”



1 PM - 5 PM

Bookings for stalls are coming in fast book soon to avoid disappointment. Refreshments will be provided by the Inspero Team The Tune for Life ladies choir (who were very popular last year) will be performing - time to be confirmed To obtain a booking form or for more information please email or telephone 01256 354282



My name is Stella Jane Penn and I am a Photobiomodulation Therapist using a THOR PBMT system within my practice which is currently used in over 70 countries. Some others using a THOR system like myself include Harvard Medical School, RAF, British Army, Royal Navy, British Navy, NHS, BUPA, premier division football teams, British Lions Rugby, THOR can quite rightly claim to be the number one supplier in the world of PBMT technology and training. THOR continue to offer continuous training throughout the year all around the world, informing professionals like myself all of the very latest theory and practice of laser and PBMT, informing us also by regular participation in global conferences. Â

Unlike NSAIDs, PBMT has no harmful side effects. PBMT is more effective because it improves the speed and quality of tissue repair as well as reducing inflammation, pain and far more. Throughout the world Human and Animal Therapists like myself and healthcare professionals have published over 500 Randomised Controlled Trials using LED and 3B Laser Devices, over 600 clinical trials (RCTs) also have been done and no significant adverse side effects reported. Since 1993 THOR has built an unprecedented and unparalleled Research and Development pedigree with many of the world's leading Universities. PBMT often works where drugs do not, especially for the treatment of myofascial and neuropathic pain. Â

Photobiomodulation (PBMT) Clinically Proven Benefits for both human and animal Â

Relief of discomfort. Combined anti-inflammatory effects with accelerated healing. Targeted approach to disease condition treating only affected area. Drug free alternative for older and compromised patients. Adjunct to other therapies without the risk of interaction. Effective for non-healing wounds. Â

NON-INVASIVE, DRUG FREE, NON-TOXIC, NO SIDE EFFECTS AND IT HELPS YOU HEAL  Stella Jane Penn - Photobiomodulation/LLLT Therapist  (see me on facebook)  

Mobile: 07960 467361      Office: 01256 807641     Email: 

Palace and Pets 26 Derwent Road, Kempshott, Basingstoke Hampshire RG22 5JB

PAIN RELIEF AND HEALING WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS Glen Aylward 01256 354682 / 07554 443090

From time to time readers write in to the Kourier asking residents to save items for them to assist local organisations or charities. The following items are currently being collected: Supermarket Milk Bottle Tops In aid of St Michaelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospice, please drop off at 138 Coniston Road or Bob at 27 Old Kempshott Lane


Stella Jane Penn

Photobiomodulation Therapist Mobile: 07960 467361 | Office: 01256 807641 Email:


       t 1"*/5*/(  %&$03"5*/( t '3&& &45*."5&4 t '6--: */463&%

Used Postage Stamps in aid of Hart Wildlife â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mrs M Dowsett, 36 Derwent Road

Old Mobile Phones & Printer Cartridges in aid of St Michaelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospice â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mrs Lavorgna, 14 Aster Road

If you are collecting items please let us know and collectively perhaps we can make a difference.

$3# $)&$,&%

$0/5"$5 53&703      



BASINGSTOKE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY In contrast to other meetings where perhaps we might hear, for example, about vegetables or hostas our August speaker was a volunteer at Thrive’s headquarters at Beech Hill near Reading. Thrive also has gardens in Battersea and Birmingham and is a well-known national charity using gardening to change lives. The charity owes its roots (sorry for the pun!) to Chris Underhill who, back in 1978, set up the Society of Horticultural Therapy after seeing the benefits brought to people who had blindness and learning disabilities by working with plants and on the land during his voluntary service in Africa. The Reverend Dr Geoffrey Udall who joined Chris believed in the charity’s work so much that in 1986 he bequeathed his family estate in Beech Hill, Berkshire to Thrive (or HT as it was known then) enabling the gardens to be restored and adapted by an army of willing volunteers so it could become a flagship garden for the charity. Today the name of Thrive is well known although it only changed its name to that in 1998. Trunkwell House was the Udall’s family home but now it is a hotel and a wedding and event centre. This is located next to the Geoffrey Udall Centre which is Thrive’s headquarters. Research has stated that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems each year but it has been proved that those affected benefit from being outside and in particular being involved in some type of gardening activity. The accounts that we heard that evening illustrated how many of the clients at Thrive see significant improvement in their conditions just by attending the regular gardening therapy sessions. In one case, a client was so helped that they eventually became one of the Thrive therapists! Thrive in Beech Hill is also a centre for training and education and can offer a City & Guilds national short course programme in horticulture. Some tasks that need to be carried out to maintain the site which are outside of the client’s abilities are covered by the “Saturday Garden Club” or Corporate Days where companies give their employees time off to go and help with such projects. The Saturday Gardening Club is for volunteers to help with the larger more complex tasks such as hard landscaping and hedge or tree pruning. Since the Thrive gardens are there to help those with disabilities they are not generally open to the public as all staff must have the appropriate clearance to work with vulnerable adults. However, this past summer there were three very successful open days which were advertised widely and proved a useful means of informing the public about the charity and raising some useful funds. For those who want to find out more about coping with disabilities and yet still enjoy gardening Thrive have this website with lots of helpful information and stories. Their main website is http://www. where news of other events and how to become a Thrive volunteer can be found. At this meeting, we also had the latest of our in-house competitions the results of which are as follows: Class 1 2 3

4 5 6

Specimen dahlia Longest runner bean Potato (provided) heaviest yield, to be grown in a sack/container 3 Herbs (in own vase) 3 Tomatoes Mix of summer flowers

1st Neil Smith Muriel Wraight Muriel Wraight 5lb 15 1/4oz

2nd Jean Elkin Philip Wraight Ann Sargeant 5lb 1oz

3rd Philip Wraight Catherine Clayton Philip Wraight 4lb 4oz

Margaret Payne Philip Wraight Catherine Clayton

Ann Sargeant Muriel Wraight Sybil Gaze

Hazel Montague-Ebbs Vida Sinden Hazel Montague-Ebbs

Thanks goes to Wynne Aherne, our speaker from Thrive, for judging Classes 1 and 4-6. Our next meeting is on Monday October 16th at 7.30pm in Kempshott Village Hall when Peter Sikora will talk on his specialist subject - “Herbs”. If you would like further details, please contact either: Philip Wraight – Vice Chairman - 01256 324185 or Sheila King Membership Secretary 01256 322104 (please use the Answerphone)


OLIVIA RIMELL MAKEUP ARTIST FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTIST Weddings, Special Occasions, Proms, Makeovers/Lessons and Brows Contact for further information T: 07557509763 E: @poppy_olivia_mua




In a repeat of last year’s very successful excursion on Friday 1st of September 32 of our members and volunteers drove to Odiham wharf for a trip and buffet lunch on the purposebuilt canal boat, The John Pinkerton 11. This year, with a little more water in the Basingstoke Canal we were able to go in the opposite direction towards King John’s castle at Odiham, picking up lunch en-route. After an excellent summary of the castle’s history relating to King John and the Magna Carta from our ‘captain’, some of us were dropped off at the castle, to explore whilst the rest were entertained by a swan alighting to join its family just before the boat turned for the return journey and to pick up the castle ‘visitors’. We then all tucked in to a super lunch as the vessel negotiated on-coming traffic in the narrow and shallow water of the canal on our way back to Odiham wharf. Normally the Coffee Club meets every Friday at the Basingstoke Rugby Club in Coniston Road at 10am for coffee/tea and cakes plus the all important chat. Anyone in the Kempshott area is welcome and transport can be arranged if necessary. Our ‘events’ programme up to the end of the year is below and further details are available via the Kancare phone no: 07905 272711. 20th Anniversary Party Christmas Lunch

Oakley Hall Dummer Golf Club

Kourier_Layout 1 01/03/2017 13:33 Page 1 Kourier_Layout 1 01/03/2017 13:33 Page 1

Friday 13th Oct. Friday 15th Dec.

Gerry Anslow

Coffee and Sandwich Shop, Gift Shop and Coffee and Sandwich Shop, Gift Shop and Up-Cycled Furniture and Homewares Up-Cycled Furniture and Homewares at Dummer Down Farm at Dummer Down Farm

Come and visit the Come and visit the More of the Good Stuff FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE More of the Good Stuff coffee and sandwich ‘Let the Writing Begin’… BMAF 2018 Creative Writing Competition Launched coffee and sandwich shop. We are child shop. We are child friendly and dog friendly and dog friendly. Open friendly. Open Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm. Curry & Quiz Night, Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm. Thursday 12th October, 7pm-9.30pm. Ticket £10 includes Curry and QuizWhy not peruse the Why not peruse the Up the Garden Path Adult’s Halloween Party Up the Garden Path gift shop inside? Saturday 28th October, 6pm - 10.30pm. Tickets £12.50 gift shop inside? Children’s Halloween Party, Whilst you are here you Whilst youTickets are here you Sunday 29th October, 3pm - 6pm. £7.50 can also drop into can also drop into Pamper Day  An integral part of the annual Basingstoke Music & Arts Festival – now in its 55 year – September saw The Eco Workshop the launch of the Festival’s Creative Writing Competition. The Eco Workshop Sunday 15th October, 2pm - 10pm.  Prices dependent for up-cycled furniture The Creative Writing competition adult and children’s categories include short stories, poetry, articles on treatments. for up-cycled furniture as well as play scripts and letter writing. Whilst entrants are encouraged to consider something with a and homewares.local flavour, entries in all categories can be on any subject of the author’s choice. Call/text to book a placeand onhomewares. 07958634585 The entry deadline this year will be 11th December 2017. All entrants are automatically invited to attend the awards ceremony that will take place at Queen Mary’s College at 2 o’clock on Sunday 18th Free parking or email March. Entries can be submitted on-line via email (address below) as well as by post. Free parking th

For more information please visit the website then select ‘Creative Writing’ from the ‘Sections’ drop-down me. Alternatively if you would like a printed copy or Dummer Down Farm, Dummer, Hampshire. RG25PDF 2AR of the Creative Writing or the overall BMAF competition syllabus, please send an email with your Dummer Down Farm, Dummer, Hampshire. RG25 2AR contact details to . Otherwise, please contact the BMAF Creative Writing Section Secretary, Tony Corbin, on 07801 166223.


Basingstoke Discovery Centre October 2017 events at the Basingstoke Basingstoke Discovery Discovery CentreCentre Basingstoke Discovery Centre Basingstoke Discovery Centre Basing

Willow Basket WillowDiscov Chri Basingstoke Basingstoke Get Online Week: 2 – 8 October Willow Basket Willow Christmas Basingstoke Willow Basket Willow Christmas Making Decoration Discovery Centre Discovery Join us this week for the annual Get Online campaign. Let Willow us offerBasket help and support as we show you how we Willow Christmas Discovery Making Decorations Centresites Making Decorations Centre can bring digital skills and know-how to everyone. If it’s carrying out transactions, looking at comparison Making Decorations Centre or just getting started with getting online, we will have sessions throughout the week to help you develop WITHyour LOCAL BASKET digital skills. Check our website and in the Discovery Centre for further details nearer the time. WITH MAKER JUDITH WITH LOCAL BASKET NEEDHAM LOCAL BASKET WITHMAKER JUDITH MAKER JUDITH LOCAL BASKET Disability Signpost Service Tuesday 3 October / 10am - 12noon NEEDHAM NEEDHAM MAKER JUDITH NEEDHAM Drop-in for information on topics including transport, benefits, housing and more.   Take home a beautiful willow Have fun making ru basket you’ve made yourself style Christmas dec home a willow beautiful willow fun making rustic, shakerBasingstoke Disability Connections Tuesday 3 October / 12.30pm –Take 2.30pm Take home a beautiful Have fun Have making after this one-day course.rustic, shakernatural willow. basket you’ve made yourself style Christmas decoration with basket you’ve made style Christmas decoration be using the ‘frame’ Trees, stars, simple Take home a beautiful willowyourself You Havewill fun making rustic, shaker- with Informal get-together for people affected by disability. after this one-day course. natural willow. after thismade one-day course. natural willow. technique which is ideal for wreaths and even basket you’ve yourself style Christmas decoration with   You will the be using the ‘frame’ Trees, stars, simple You will be using ‘frame’ simple newcomers tostars, the world of reindeer can after this one-day course. natural Trees, willow. technique which is ideal forwreaths and wreaths and even technique which is ideal for even Wonderful Wordsmiths Wednesday 4 October / 4pm – 5pm / newcomers FREE basket making. Suitable for be made in this You will be using the ‘frame’ Trees, stars, simple newcomers to the of reindeer can reindeer can to thefor world of world adults and children workshop in time technique which is ideal wreaths and even aged 14+. basketSuitable making.for Suitable forbe madebe made in this basket making. in this A fun creative writing club for 8-13 olds. For more can information call Judith for December newcomers to the world of reindeer   adults andaged children aged 14+. workshop in time adults and children 14+. workshop in time on 229. basket making. Suitable for be 07749 made852 in this For more information call Judith for December For more information call Judith for December Sat 16 November and children aged 14+. workshop in time Board in the Library Wednesday 4 October/ 2pm – 6pm /adults FREE 852 229. oninformation 07749 on 85207749 229. Sat 28 September, 10am to 4pm 10am to 12.30pm & For more call Judith for December Sat 16 November Sat 16 November £40 1pm on and 07749 852 229. Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – tryto 3.30pm Sat 28 September, 10am to 4pm 10am to 12.30pm & Sat 28 September, 10am to 4pm 10am to 12.30pm & £15 per session Sat 16 November £40 1pm to 3.30pm £40 1pm to 3.30pm a game of Pandemic to help save humanity! Sat 28 September, 10am to 4pm 10am to 12.30pm & £15 per session   per session £40 1pm to £15 3.30pm Book in person or by telephone on £15 per session Painting for Fun Thursday 5 October / 2.30pm – 4.30pm / FREE www.han Book inorperson or by telephone 01256 478670 Book in person by telephone on 01256on 478670 Informal group of painters who share tips and conversation in Coffee Book shopin area. person or by telephone on 01256 478670 w Hydration and the Digestive System Thursday 5 October / 1.30pm / £3.75 With Jane Wilkinson, The Body Mentor  Water, as you already know is one of the most important elements your body needs, apart from the billion or so cellular reactions that are reliant on water. We need water for the four main pathways of getting toxins out of out body.    How do we know if we are dehydrated and how do we go about changing it? Drinking plain water causes bloating, suppresses thirst and thus further drinking; a poor choice where high fluid intake is required.  Join Jane to discover more about your internal health and digestion.   Hearing Impaired Reading Group Friday 6 October / 2pm – 4pm / FREE An opportunity to meet people in a similar situation round a shared interest.   Discover Board Games Saturday 7 October / 10am – 1pm / FREE / Ages 3+    Libraries Week 9 – 14 October Look out for details nearer the time!    Gemma Cairney at Basingstoke Discovery Centre Tuesday 10 October / 7.15pm / £2.50 BBC Radio presenter, TV personality, journalist and teen ambassador Gemma Cairney OPENs up to talk about how magic and messed up life can be: from mental health to families to first love, and everything in between.   Gemma Cairney is an important advocate for young people and between her life experiences and her personal insight from her time as BBC Radio 1’s resident agony aunt on The Surgery, she is perfectly placed to offer hope to young people questioning what life’s all about or dealing with hard times. Hear what she has to say, pose your own questions and join in the discussion.   Memory Box Project Friday 13 October / 10.30am – 12.30pm The memory box project is an exciting reminiscence project open to all. Drop in and share some stories around the interesting objects on display.   Young Embroiders Club Saturday 14 October / 10am – 12noon / £5 / Ages 5-16 Learn new skills and meet new friends.   To book a place, you can order online from , or visit Basingstoke Discovery Centre in Festival Place, or call 01256 478670. Advance booking is strongly recommended. To find out more about Basingstoke Discovery Centre and Hampshire Libraries visit | |

38 QUESTION: I am thinking about returning to work at the end of my maternity leave. What sorts of things do I need to think about prior to doing so and should I expect to return to the same job or not?


Paul Cowdery, Partner at Clarke & Son replies:

Being a mother is a full-time job in itself and it is unlikely that you will have found a moment to think about what may be happening at your place of work. The decision to return to work after maternity leave is a difficult one but the transition back in to the workplace need not be a stressful one. A recent survey by the National Childbirth Trust indicated that nearly 45% of new mothers have returned to work sooner than they would have liked for fear of losing their job or damaging their future career opportunities or because their employer was not flexible enough. Of those people surveyed some 4% took less than two weeks off after the birth of their baby and some 40% returned after between 12 and 39 weeks. This does seem to indicate a lack of information being made available to mothers in respect of their rights upon returning to work after maternity leave. Generally speaking you have the right to return to the same job and on the same terms of employment. You are also entitled to receive any pay rises or bonuses which fell payable while you were on maternity leave. In addition your holiday entitlement accrues during maternity leave and if you have not tagged it on to the end of your leave then you are usually entitled to take what is left upon your return, subject to your employer’s annual leave policy. Notwithstanding the above, a lot can happen in six months or a year and sometimes it may not be reasonably practicable for you to return to exactly the same job. For example, there may have been an internal reorganisation resulting in your job being made redundant. In such circumstances your employer should offer you a suitable alternative role. Provided you have been employed for at least 26 weeks you are also entitled to make a flexible working request although there is no obligation on your employer to agree to the requested flexible working. Currently only employees who have caring responsibilities can make such a request but it should be noted that from 30th June 2014 the current flexible working regime will be significantly widened. The caring responsibility requirement will be removed so as to give all employees who have been employed for at least 26 weeks the right to make a flexible working request. Again the request only needs to be considered by the employer and does not need to be granted. Of course with these rights come responsibilities on your part. Firstly, your employer is entitled to make reasonable contact with you during your maternity leave. Such contact which may be deemed reasonable includes telephoning you for the purpose of updating you on changes in the workplace or informing you of promotion opportunities. You can also work up to ten days without losing your right to maternity pay and benefits. These are commonly known as “keeping in touch days”.

UNIQUE BLOCK PAVING Derek Hooley (NVQ Qualified)

• Driveways & Patios • Walls • Fencing • Cleaning of existing drives and patios No job too small Daily rates for labour only or supply and fit Fully insured, local tradesman

Free, no obligation quote. 01256 474912 Or 07973 865359

Inspiring Health and Wellbeing Bespoke Treatments Inspiring Health and Wellbeing Wellbeing Inspiring Health and Relaxing Swedish Massage

Bespoke Treatments Bespoke Treatments Inspiring Health and Wellbeing Holistic Massage

Inspiring Health and Wellbeing Inspiring Health and Wellbeing Seated Massage with Acupressure Relaxing Swedish Massage Inspiring Health and Wellbeing

Bespoke Treatments Relaxing Swedish Massage Indian Head Massage Bespoke Treatments Holistic Massage Holistic Massage Seated Massage with Acupressure Deep Tissue Massage Bespoke Treatments Bespoke Treatments Relaxing Swedish Massage Seated Massage with Massage Acupressure Relaxing Swedish Indian Head Massage Reiki Holistic Massage Indian Head Massage Relaxing Swedish Massage Holistic Massage Deep Tissue Massage Seated Massage with Acupressure Angelic Reiki Relaxing Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage Holistic Massage Seated Massage with Acupressure Reiki Indian Head Massage Meditation Holistic Massage Reiki Seated Massage with Acupressure Indian Head Massage Reiki DeepAngelic Tissue Massage Indian Headwith Massage Angelic Seated Massage Acupressure Deep Tissue Massage ReikiReiki Meditation DeepMeditation Tissue Massage Reiki Indian Head Massage Angelic Reiki Treatments available weekdays and Saturdays. Reiki Reiki Meditation Discounted rates for Angelic care homes, businesses, students Deep Tissue Massage Angelic Reiki Treatments available weekdays and Saturdays. Meditation and Senior Citizens. Treatments available weekdays and Saturdays. Meditation

Reiki Discounted rates for care homes, businesses, students Discounted rates for care homes, businesses, students Treatments available weekdays and Saturdays. and Senior Citizens. Gift vouchers available Angelic Reiki and Senior Citizens. Discounted rates for care homes, businesses, students Treatments available weekdays andSaturdays. Saturdays. TreatmentsGift available weekdays and vouchers available Meditation and Senior Citizens. Discounted rates for care homes, businesses,students students Discounted rates for care homes, businesses, Gift vouchers available Sue Nix- Complementary Health Therapist and Citizens. and Senior Senior Citizens.

Gift vouchers available Sue Nix- Complementary Health Therapist Giftvouchers vouchers Gift available Sue Nix- Complementary Health Therapist T: 01256 560 364 Mavailable : 0758 443 7426 Treatments available weekdays and Saturdays. Sue Complementary Health Therapist T: Nix01256 364 M : 0758 443 7426 Email: Discounted rates for care homes, businesses, Sue NixComplementary Health Therapist T: Nix01256 560 364 M : 0758 443 7426students Sue Complementary Health Therapist Email:

T: 01256 560 Senior 364 MCitizens. : 0758 443 7426 Website: and Email: Website: T:01256 01256 364 health M :: 0758 7426 Email: Facebook: Inspiring and443 wellbeing T: 560 364 M 0758 443 7426 Website: Facebook: Inspiring health and wellbeing Email: Gift vouchers available Website: Email: Facebook: Inspiring andwellbeing wellbeing Website: Facebook: Inspiring health health and

Invest inin yourself today foraahappier, happier, Website: Invest yourself today for Facebook: Inspiring health and wellbeing SueInvest NixComplementary Health Facebook: Inspiring health and wellbeing ininyourself today foraaTherapist happier, Invest yourself today for happier, healthier future! healthier future! Invest in yourself today for a happier, healthier future! healthier future! yourself for443 a happier, T:Invest 01256in560 364 Mtoday :future! 0758 7426 healthier future! Email:healthier Website: Facebook: Inspiring health and wellbeing

Invest in yourself today for a happier, healthier future!

Secondly, if you are planning on returning to work earlier or later than your previously agreed return date you must give your employer at least 8 weeks’ notice. Whilst returning to work can be a scary prospect there is no reason to think it need not be anything but a smooth transition. If you have any questions regarding maternity leave, or any other Employment Law matters, please contact our First Contact Team or Tel: 01256 320 555. Do you have a legal query? Email and the answer will be printed in the next edition of the Kempshott Kourier.

Come and visit “Oakley’s Best kept Secret” ANNIE’S OAKLEY – reg charity 1063036 Find us in Meon Road, Oakley, RG237AL Open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm Quality clothing, Glassware, Linens, Kitchenware, Baby goods, Jewellery, Toys, Books, Games, CDs, DVDs , Seasonal items and much more. Vintage and collectors section Our goods are always priced very competitively,

when compared to other Charity shops in the local area.




Serving our community



Helen Ricketts: or Jim Home Tel: 01256 861984


EMERGENCY HELP FOLLOWING HURRICANE IRMA The UK-based international charity SHELTERBOX was founded by the Rotary Club of Helston, Cornwall. Working alongside UNICEF and other international charities like Save the Children, it has provided emergency shelter & survival kits to 000’s of families who have lost everything through major natural disasters. A full shelterbox provides a robust tent and the basic essentials for sleeping, cooking and water purification for a family of 10 to survive for 6 months.

Shelterbox is the chosen route through which the 32,000 Rotary Clubs operating in over 200 countries around the world can provide rapid and direct emergency help to families in desperate need after disasters. Following devastating flooding in SE Asia , and destruction of homes in the Caribbean by Hurricane Irma, your local Rotary has immediately funded 2 full shelterboxes, and we shall be on the street in February collecting for this great charity.

BRINGING A SMILE TO 00’S CHILDREN Christmas may seem ages away, but to bring a smile to those children who receive no other gifts the Rotary Shoebox scheme starts in October. Last year over 27,000 shoeboxes were collected by the 77 Rotary clubs across Wessex, over 1,500 generously donated by the people of Basingstoke. Through the Rotary scheme, shoeboxes are collected , checked , boxed, shipped , delivered and handed over through the International Rotary network. This ensures that an appropriate box is given to an appropriate child, children who have been identified by local Rotary clubs as desperately needing something to bring some joy to their lives.

Rotary is launching its 2017 Shoebox scheme in Festival Place in Saturday 7th October , and if you would like to find out more please pop along. You can assemble your own box, or simply sponsor a box which we will assemble for you, with the usual generous help we have received over the years from The Build-a-Bear store in Basingstoke .

If you would like to find out more about the SHELTERBOX or SHOEBOX schemes and how you might help , or about anything else we support , just tune in to or contact Helen or Jim above. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Kempshott W.I

Well it would seem summer is well and truly over, the light evenings are behind us and increasingly the days are grey and damp. We have been fortunate the last few years as the harsh winter weather that the experts predict has not materialised, nevertheless it is a good time to start thinking about what is available to occupy our time until spring arrives. For those ladies already members of Kempshott WI there are various activities planned including walks, outings, lunches and skittles and quiz evenings as well as our monthly members meeting and craft afternoons. The monthly meeting usually features a speaker and in September we will welcomed Malcolm Nelson who presented his talk ‘40 years of catching smugglers’. In October our speaker is Dr Becky Peacock from the Midhants Railway. Between now and December our craft group will offer the opportunity to make some festive Christmas crafts or if that does not appeal we also offer board games, art projects and the chance just to socialise for a few hours. We meet on the fourth Monday of the month in Kempshott Village Hall, Stratton Park at 2.30pm, and new members are always most welcome. If you would like to come along and attend one of our meetings you will be made most welcome. For more information about Kempshott WI please contact Mrs Barbara Hutton 01256 460474 or email Moira Meek,

When everyone is counting the pennies, it’s all too tempting to try some DIY to save a few pounds.


That may just work if you are handy around the house but beware if you are thinking about a Do It Yourself Will pack; you need to know the risks to you and your family. You may see initial savings but when you die your DIY Will could become a DIY disaster and a nightmare for your family. Sheila Glyn-Own, a solicitor specialising in Wills and Probate at Phillips Solicitors, advises ‘The errors in DIY Wills can be wide ranging and at worst an error can result in a Will being invalid and your assets

Christmas contact and– this visitation passing to someone unexpected can even bearrangements the case if you are married with children!’ Now that it is the autumn, it is perhaps not too early to think of Christmas.

Wills are subject a wide range of rules and laws, one of the main problems with the DIY For many parentstothe festive season is a special time and of year.

DIY Will or DIY Disaster?

However,ismemories attached to Christmas can make it a trying invalid. time after a divorce or separation. approach that a badly drafted Will can render it completely Sheila also warns of the risks of In an exposed ideal world, it would 2013 be great to be able share Christmas with the children, but circumstances can often make Date: December being to unregulated, unqualified andtouninsured Will writers having seen examples of shoddy, this arrangement difficult.

badly are not itlegally binding and in have hidden charges which and inflate the advertised ByWills Sheila Glyn-Owen, solicitor specialising Wills and Probate Fromwritten a family law that perspective is very important that you plan your contact visiting arrangements in a timely manner before theInhectic Christmas price of the Will. Summary Sheilaperiod. advises ‘DIY is good for the occasional bit of decorating, but when Direct line 01256 854637 email

Ideally, start discussing the situation with your children’s other parent as early as possible, to give yourself plenty of

ittime comes to protecting your lovedabout ones,times don’tand go days for ato false – speak to a professional.’ to come to an arrangement see economy the children.

When everyone is counting the pennies, it’s all too tempting to try some DIY to save a few pounds.

If you are onThat amicable terms with formeraround partner, down together your diaries to record what is agreed to may just workwhen if youyour are handy the sit house but beware you are thinking about a854 Do It637. For professional legal advice preparing your Will please call Sheilaifwith Glyn-Owen on 01256 avoid future disputes.

Yourself Will pack; you need to know the risks to you and your family. You may see initial savings but If not, use an impartial third party or solicitor to liaise over access and put it in writing.

when you die your DIY Will could become a DIY disaster and a nightmare for your family. Think about how to divide your children’s time over the period. Is having the children over on Christmas Day every other year a good idea would it abe better specialising for your children two at Christmases; one with each parent? SheilaorGlyn-Own, solicitor in Wills to andhave Probate Phillips Solicitors, advises ‘The errors in

A little planning wellcan before the ranging holidayand season starts avoid a lot of stressand and arguments. DIY Wills be wide at worst ancan error can result in aunnecessary Will being invalid your assets Our experienced family solicitors are on hand help you. have a wide range of expertise and experience to offer passing to someone unexpected – thistocan even be They the case if you are married with children!’ you the best guidance. We will do what we can to help you reach a fair outcome as quickly as possible. Wills are subject wide range and laws, andItone mainofproblems DIY Remember Christmas is onlytoaafew days outofofrules the whole year. canof bethe a time great joywith andthe happiness for your family, so be prepared to be flexible and try to remember to put the children first. approach is that a badly drafted Will can render it completely invalid. Sheila also warns of the risks of

For more information contact the Family Law team atand Phillips by calling 01256having 460830. You can contact being exposed to unregulated, unqualified uninsured Will writers seen examples of shoddy, Hayley Eachus directly by calling 01256 854633 or by emailing badly written Wills that are not legally binding and have hidden charges which inflate the advertised To find out more about Phillips and our services visit price of the Will. In Summary Sheila advises ‘DIY is good for the occasional bit of decorating, but when

Phillips Solicitors Town Gate 38 London Street Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 7NY comes854638 to protecting your loved ones, go for a false economy – speak10to a professional.’ t. 01256 460830 it f. 01256 e. w.don’t dx. 123073 Basingstoke


For professional legal advice when preparing your Will please call Sheila Glyn-Owen on 01256 854 637. St. Michael’s Hospice in Basingstoke is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and invites everyone to come along and mark the occasion at Winchester Cathedral on Friday 6th October. Guests are invited to arrive for 19:00 and the service will start at 19:30.

The Basingstoke Hospital Male Voice Choir and Ooh Mama Ladies will be performing accompanied by the Basingstoke Heritage Light Orchestra. Tickets aren’t being issued but the Hospice asks you to register your interest by visiting their website at

Phillips Solicitors t. 01256 460830

It is hard now to imagine a time when there was no adult hospice in North Hampshire but thanks to the vision and drive of local residents in the late 1980s, the story of St. Michael’s Hospice began when a committee led by former borough Mayor, Cllr Margaret Weston, began its work. 25 years later the Hospice has seen over 5,000 patients on its in-patient unit, 2,000 more have been cared for in their own homes, and countless more have been into the Hospice during the day for therapy. In addition, the Hospice now works supporting local Town Gate 38 London Street Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 7NY care homes to improve their end-of-life care and has a partnership with Odiham Cottage f. 01256 854638 e. w. dx. 123073 Basingstoke 10 Hospital to befriend local residents. St. Michael’s doesn’t just care for people during their final days but can be there for patients for years; from the time of their diagnosis of a terminal illness through supporting their loved ones with bereavement counselling for as long as they need. To mark all of this, and to thank the thousands of volunteers and supporters who have made this remarkable journey possible, you can join in the celebrations in glorious Winchester Cathedral.



Last month hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean leaving a a trail of utter destruction in it’s wake. The question is, can we do anything about it? Cloud Busting Back in the 1950s cloud-busting experiments were carried out by Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst who claims to have discovered a type of energy he called Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR). He claimed that DOR played a part in desertification, the process of land degradation where areas of dry land become more arid and turn to deserts. To combat this he designed and built a cloudbuster machine which consisted of a row of tubes that pointed to the sky and where connected to hoses immersed in water; believing that water was a natural absorber of Orgone! The machine was then fired into the sky to form clouds. He then moved to New York to study UFOs and believed aliens were trying to flood the atmosphere with orgone radiation to destroy the Earth. The Food and Drug Administration (a US federal agency), banned the machine’s export from Maine, which was violated and resulted in Wilhelm being sent to jail for two years where he died after eight months from a heart attack. Cloud Seeding This is a type of weather modification that introduces chemicals into the atmosphere to produce artificial clouds. Clouds occur naturally when super-cooled droplets of water (water that remains in a liquid state despite the temperature being below zero degrees centigrade) transform ice crystals. They reach a state where they become too heavy to remain suspended in the atmosphere and begin to fall to the ground where they melt to form rain. Even in dry areas there is often water vapour in the air. Cloud seeding tries to force the formation of ice crystals by inducing nucleation, the first step in the formation of a new thermodynamic state. Put simply, when water turns from water to steam there is a thermodynamic change in state as is water freezing. Typically, chemicals like silver iodide or dry ice (the solid form of carbon dioxide) is released into the atmosphere where water condenses around the particles and crystallises to form ice. The big question science has is “Does it work?” The problem is that it’s impossible to perform a controlled experiment because you can never be certain when it’s going to rain. After all, how often do meteorologists get it right? Many countries claim success in various trials; Adu Dhabi is credited with creating 52 storms using Cloud Seeding and China claimed to have reversed the technology to prevent rain to keep the 2008 Beijing Olympics dry. Despite these claims surrounding cloud seeding, recent research suggests it’s not as effective as previous believed. Weather as a weapon From March 1967 until July 1972, the U.S. military spent over $3 million per year conducting a top secret cloud seeding operation in South East Asia. The goal was to extend the monsoon season and flood the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the system of supply routes used by enemy fighters in Vietnam. Operation Popeye, as it was known, was intended to cause landslides, wash out river crossings and generally disrupt the movement of North Vietnamese troops. It was the first large scale effort to manipulate the weather for military purposes. And it's still unclear how well it actually worked. Under public pressure from people nervous about the U.S. military playing God, both houses of Congress rushed to pass legislation in 1974 to ban weather control for combat purposes Storm Prevention Between 1962 and 1983, the US government funded Project Stormfury; the idea being an attempt to weaken tropical storm by flying airplanes and seeding the eyewall of the storm with silver iodide. It was hypothesized that the process would promote the formation of a new eyewall. This would release heat, which would cause the clouds to grow faster, pulling in air that would otherwise reach the wall of clouds around the eye. This should cut off the air supply feeding the original eye wall, which would cause it to fade away while a second, wider eye wall would grow further from out from the storm's centre. Because the wall would be wider, air spiralling into the clouds would be slower. Eventually, budget cuts and lack of success led the project being cancelled with the funding being better spent of learning more about how hurricanes work and finding better ways to protect against the damage caused by the natural storms. This has stopped others trying. Some of the more wacky ideas people have come up with are: Fly Supersonic jets to generate sonic booms to disrupt the flow of warm air, detonating a hydrogen bomb to blow the hurricane apart, using a giant funnel to divert warm water into the ocean and even firing lasers at them. Either way, I think nature is still the dominant force.

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44 Transition & Transformation

My name is Debbie Veel. I am one of the Licensed Lay Ministers (LLM’s or Readers The older I get, the betterHello. I was

as they are sometimes known) at St. Mark’s church. LLM’s are not ordained, so we don’t

wear a dog collar, but we can do much of what a vicar can do with some notable “Mike’s hobbling badly this morning. Was Jonny’s hair always that grey? My right knee is sore again and I’ve exceptions. We can’t bless the communion wine and bread; we can’t marry people nor do we baptise anyone. Interestingly enough, we can lead funerals. Other than that we started making that umff sound when I stand up.

preach, lead worship, prayer and mid-week groups and we are involved in the running of the church. I think of it as being a bit like being a deputy head of a school.

The more time that passes since my body gave up on pretty much all sport, the better I seem to think I was. My PB for 10k I am writing this month because, as you may or may not know, the Rev. Kelvin and Jane Taylor left St. Mark’s is now 5 minutes less than in 2005, when I last ran the distance. My atmeagre squash talent level andgo. the the end of May. They had been with usis for now nine yearscounty and we are sad to see them Many Old exciting things have happened in the church and community under their leadership. Aldenhamian fourth XI seems to have been unbeaten in the 87/88 season, despite the records showing that they lost seven For example- we have started a messy church (very informal craft, food, a short matches. At this rate, I’ll have scored the winner in a World Cup final by the time I’mand70. celebration lots of fun for families of all ages 2.30pm -5pm every third Saturday); we have started doing the fabulous ‘Open the Book’ assemblies for the Y4’s in the

junioraschool; startedthey’d Saturday @shoot Saint Mark’s (2 Saturday of the month from I strain hamstrings doing the gardening and I don’t “get” modern music. If I was horse me. 9:30am) which is an informal chance to learn such things as your ancestry, try flower ‘We’re none of us getting any younger’ my Nan used to say as if revealing a orwondrous secret universe arranging go for walks bike rides round Kempshott or findof out the about various things to do that with IT orhad further education. We have employed an Outreach Worker and renovated been shared with her and her alone – ‘ah the wisdom of age’ I’d reply, tongue firmly in cheek – ‘can’t teach you oldies our kitchen at church – if you have ever used the old kitchen at St. Mark’s you know what state it was in! All of this and much more anything, can we Nan’. Dead 27 years. Still miss her. nd

under Kelvin’s leadership.

Kelvin and Jane are off about on a well-deserved long holiday to their She was right of course; our bodies start the slow decline to infirmity from 21. Canute-like in the face of this favourite place- the Greek islands. We wish them well, as I am sure inevitability, we all seek ways to preserve our physical youthfulness for asalso.long as possible even it’s just rewriting our many of you do personal sporting history” It is a time of change and transition for them and for the church.

Thoughts as I go into the Church.

It may well be a time of change and transition for you too. You may be changing job; maybe moving house; having a new baby; getting married; leaving home for the first time to go to university or to travel. There may also be some less pleasant changes happening in your life- divorce, unemployment, bereavement.

But whilst I’m in Church something astonishing happens. I realise how unimportant thestillhuman body is toIt God. In the church’s year, the weeks just gone form part of the ‘Easter Season’. was a timePhysical of transition and change for Jesus’ disciples too. They had travelled around the country with Jesus, listening to him teach and perfection, size / shape, gender, skin / hair colour, the shape of thepreach, nose mean nothing at all. Heart and soul are all that watching him do miracles and healings. But they hadn’t quite understood ‘what he was really about.’ matter. Housed in human bodies for life on Earth, these survive death. don’t know where they go, I no need to On EasterISunday and on many occasions after that they met the risen Lordlonger Jesus, and during this time, before He ascended to heaven, they began to understand all that He was teaching and explaining to them know, but I’m certain that this is what we need to nurture and cherish whilst we are here. about God and about how much He loves each and every one of us. They finally did begin to comprehend ‘what He was really about.’

St. Mark’s and the all wonderful people I have met there have taught me this. We need to feed the soul. Church is the Many of what are called resurrection appearances in the Bible involve eating. This is important because it soul’s café. tells us that the risen Jesus had a real physical body -he wasn’t some kind of ghostly apparition. Often the disciples didn’t immediately recognize Jesus-‘he was the same but different.’ The best analogy of

“I don’t need to go to Church to pray” I’d say whenever my parents tohad encourage their truccy teenage tois this iswould when maybetry you have your hair done or get new glasses. Often people comment son that there ‘something a bit different about you’ but they cannot quite place their finger on it. go, usually at Christmas and Easter. This is substantially true – I can and now do frequently pray almost anywhere but it During this transition period, Jesus appeared to his disciples in pairs, groups and once to 500 people in one is at Church that I feel the Holy Spirit most. go. This tells us that Jesus’ resurrection appearances couldn’t have been a hallucination. It is unlikely that 2 or 3 people, let alone 500 would have had the same hallucination!

“God’s everywhere and He doesn’t need me to go to Church to hear Him” – see above. true isit something Transition is unsettling and often make usAlso feel ill at ease - It but was for there the disciples, is for us at St. Mark’s it may well be for you. We wonder, “What we’ll do?” and “How we will manage?” Jesus promised to incredibly special about fellow Christians gathering together just toand be in God’s presence at the same time. send his disciples a ‘helper’, which we call the Holy Spirit, to guide & support them and enable them to manage and find a way through.

We are so lucky to live in a country where we have freedom of speech and can worship openly, yet so many of us seem slightly embarrassed about our faith and seem to see Church as out of touch with the modern world. Ever heard ”I know I believe in something but I don’t know what it is and Church just isn’t for me”? I’ll confess, I have felt that way myself in the past. But now that I have let God back into my life (He’ll always come in if you let Him, no matter what you’ve done - wonderful), I understand my responsibility is to tend the soul He has given me, to grow spiritually through prayer, Church attendance, communion and most importantly by encouraging others to do the same. I will never forget the day my eldest daughter Grace came home from Kempshott Infants and announced that she wanted to be Christened. At the time, I was completely lost spiritually, but having been brought up as a Christian, I felt I ought not to dismiss this request out of hand so off we went to find a Church, any Church, to sort out what we needed to do, what forms needed filling out and most importantly where the party would be afterwards. My Mum was going to be so pleased. It was God that caused us to stumble across St.Marks, tucked away at the top of Homesteads Road. Must have passed it hundreds of times and not known it was there. As we first wandered in 6 years ago, expecting what, I don’t know, but first seeing Hilary’s wonderful beaming welcome at the front door, I felt instantly that I had come home at last. Amazing. If you haven’t been to a Church before please come and try us here at St. Marks. I promise you will receive the warmest welcome and your soul will feel fuller when you leave. I’d love to see more people at StMarks - I need a new audience for fresh tales of my all conquering sports career – and hope to see you there one day. God blesses us all, but some of us need more time than others to realise exactly where our own blessings lie and that’s fine but as I discovered if you don’t look you won’t find.


Laurence Besemer

Stella Jane Penn

Photobiomodulation Therapist Mobile: 07960 467361 | Office: 01256 807641 Email:


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SERVICES FOR OCTOBER Every Sunday Every Sunday at 8.30am Holy Communion. All services at 10am unless stated otherwise                                                     1st October 10.00am     Service of the Word       Readings – Exodus  17:1-7, Matthew 21:23-32                                 8th October 10.00am    All Welcome Readings – Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20, Matthew 21:33-46

Would you like us to pray for you? Then please contact the office on 01256 840502 weekdays (10am-1.00pm) Please visit the website or facebook page for more information Email: Website: Facebook: 15th October 10.00am    Holy Communion              Readings – Exodus  32:1-14, Matthew 22:1-14                                 21st October 2.30pm Messy Church- Messy Parables                                 22nd October 10.00am         Service of the Word                     Readings – Exodus 33:12-23, Matthew 22:15-22                                 29th October       10.00am        Service of the Word                          Readings – Deuteronomy  34:1-12, Matthew 22:34-46                                  Funerals: Peter Tran 23rd August 2017 Aged 82

Kempshott Methodist Church

Kempshott Lane

Sunday morning worship at 10.30 1 October Morning worship Led by Revd Lesley Martin 8 October Morning worship Led by  Revd Dr Stephen Skuce   15 October Morning worship and Holy Communion Led by Revd Valerie Fisher   22 October A “Local Arrangements” service Led by ourselves   29  October Morning worship Led by Mrs Denise Baugh   Table tennis for the family every Friday at 7.30pm

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0333 0003 330 COMMUNITY POLICING Police (In emergency please dial 999) Police General Enquiries 101 Community Safety Patrol Officers Matthew Swales-Glasscoe Email: Tel: 01256 844844 Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

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SNAPDRAGONS Cllr Colin Regan – 07796 225618 Snapdragons are Mon - Thurs 8.30am - 3pm for children aged 2 - 5 Call 01256 818857 MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT or visit website at Rt Hon Maria Miller MP - 0207 219 5749 SNAPDRAGONS KEMPSHOTT UNDER 5S House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Telephone 07951660401 or email KEMPSHOTT VILLAGE HALL Bookings & Enquiries Tel. 01256 324314 KANCARE (KEMPSHOTT NEIGHBOURCARE) Website: 07905 272711 Mon - Fri 09.00 - 17.00 OLD DOWN HALL FAULTY STREET LIGHTS Bookings & Enquiries Tel. 01256 356974 0845 850 44 22 Email: ReportFault.aspx Website: POWER CUT Power cut - call 105 You can also call this number if you spot electrical damage. This is a free national service http://www. All dates and phone numbers are believed to be correct at the time of going to press. No responsibility can be taken for errors. All content is copyright of “The Kempshott Kourier”. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for views expressed by contributors, or for the accuracy of claims made by the advertisers.

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Kempshott kourier final october 2017 for web  
Kempshott kourier final october 2017 for web