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Issue 200 | August 2019



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Editors Scribble. . . . .

This month we have reached our 200th edition!!! This made us reflect about how far we have come over the last 16 odd years. The first copies were four pages in black and white, now a full colour magazine. Due to our popularity, normally we struggle to remain at 44 pages! Stan Bennett, our regular poet submitted the suggestion of Kempshott Kourier when we ran our first competition to name our magazine. Stan has continued his association with the Kourier by sending in a monthly poem. We still have a few of our volunteer deliverers with us who originally started and we thank them for their sterling work. We also remembered one of our regular motoring contributors who wrote for us for quite a while, he ended up being offered a career with a national motoring magazine on the back of his experience. You really never know where life can take you! To mark this special anniversary we have an anagram competition which can be found below with a £50 prize for the winning entry drawn from all the correct answers.

Richard, Anne & Andy

Below are 10 anagrams made from the names of our advertisers.

Computes Wire Gall Oar Incant Lilla Bristly A Cook Lute Skew Ivy Raglan Put Raced Deal Slang Down Larch Silver

Once you have worked them out please send them either by post to 138 Coniston Road, Kempshott RG22 5HZ or email to stating your name, address and telephone number (so that we can contact you if you win). winner will be 1906 drawn from all the correct entries received by 5pm on 17th August. BDThe Spa Day 190x70 advert v5.qxp_Layout 1 11/07/2019 11:21 Page 1 winner will receive a £50 voucher.

Good Luck! The lucky

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Pick-up points: - Kempshott Post Office and stores, China Garden, Kempshott Village Hall, St Marks and St Michael's Hospice Shop


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149A Pack Lane, Kempshott, Basingstoke Tel: 01256 356480 / 354679

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Its aim is to help poverty stricken families and transform their lives and skills. Ring pulls provide products made from recyclable material by women in the UK and Asia, it provides training and the opportunity for the future employment. Ring pulls can be used to make handbags, jewellery, necklaces, men’s wallets, individual mug mats etc.

Our upcycled accessories are made from materials donated by our fantastic supporters. Please go to our Get Involved section to see if you can help too. We love turning waste into something beautiful! Items available to purchase from I would be very grateful if you can keep your ring pulls and give them to me for my collection so I can give them all to the Purple Fund. mobile 07786 944768 Basingstoke Deane Rotary Alternatively, you can drop them round to 138 Coniston Road for passing on to Ann Fryer

BASINGSTOKE CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT FELLOWSHIP There were 52 members at the meeting held on Wednesday 3 July who were welcomed by the chairman, David Cowling. The


secretary, Tony Brazier, gave details of the forthcoming trips, and the Welfare Officer, Christine Broadbent, gave an update on those members who had not been well.

th was Ian The speaker this 6 month At the meeting held on Wednesday April the C Kennedy who gave a talk titled “The View from my Sitting Room” 61 members and the Secretary, Tony Brazier, gav in which he described the view that Queen Victoria had from OsbornePark o Brooklands Motor Museum and Hatchlands House on the Isle of Wight. He started by giving a background as Christine Broadbent, Palace on Friday 17th June. to why the Queen wanted a nonand welcomed back thosecastle members who had retu residence which was because

she remembered some happy times spent there as a girl on the island and wanted somewhere for her and her family away from the hustle and bustle of London and Windsor. Robert Peel suggested the estate at Osborne which was purchased in 1845 for £28.000 and Prince Albert then set to work employing Thomas Cubbit to knock down the old Queen Anne property and building a light, airy and sunny residence. The building was completed in 1851 and the Queen loved the place, especially the view down to the sea, and she also found solace there after Albert’s death in 1861. Some additions were made to the building over the years but on Victoria’s death in 1901 no members of the royal family wanted it so the King gave it to the nation in 1902. Today it is maintained by English Heritage and has over 300,000 visitors each year making it one of the top attractions on the island. The group’s next outing is a Thames trip from Abingdon to Oxford, with lunch at the Duke of Monmouth, on Thursday 12 September. Then on Friday 11 October it is the Mystery Trip which includes elevenses, lunch and afternoon tea.

The next meeting is on 7 August when the speaker is Paul Whittle giving a talk about Florence Nightingale. The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Brookvale Village Hall from 10am to 12noon and all retired Civil Servants, their relatives and friends are welcome. Further details about the group and information about our trips can be obtained by contacting

David Cowling

KEEP IN TOUCH !. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tel.: Address: Website: Email: Twitter:

01256 354282 138 Coniston Road, Kempshott, Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG22 5HZ @kempkourier

The speaker this month was Iain Kennedy who ga of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.” He described 1700’s saw the great potential in shipping slaves fr



I am so I should Know, what getting out of cramped lodgings is like and so For nine months I had to share, Floating around, just one of a pair I'd kick the walls to find the door and a hand would and a hand would rub it in case it was sore My roommate'sgetting bigger and so am I,so where's the exit I'll give it a try Then comes the day and Mum gives a shout. And whoopee-do as we both out ! Let's get away from this cordlike bungy, cos so long locked up and we are really hungry

Bob Newman

So I'll leave the rest up to your imagination and leave the twins to their machinations ?


I sit all alone in my chair, I look out of the window and stare. My mind is all scrambled, Like a fishing line all tangled. I see a beautiful butterfly, Fluttering around so beautiful I can not deny. I watch I’m intrigued, To see this creature so carefree. But now it disappears out of view, As if being summoned on queue. I feel anxious and confused,

Eagle Close

Not knowing with what may ensue. But my carer is now here, Happy to see me I lose the fear. I feel happy and now at ease, Knowing she will take care of me. Feeling clean and no longer hungry, She sits and talks to me happily. Before leaving she makes sure I’m alright, As I sit here within my plight. I feel contented and ready for a nap, As my eyes close I no longer feel trapped.

Ms Michelle Kelson

A LIBRARIAN’S LAMENT (OR RHYME AND ‘PUN’-ISHMENT) I’m bookish sort of lady Who can read between the lines But have problems with romantic-kind relations.

But when I inform them That longer’s ‘fine’ with me You should see the startled look up9on their faces.

Although I’m not a fussy type, Who’s very hard to please, I certainly do have ‘reservations’

Once when in the Music Section, I was accosted by a chap, A ‘CD-looking’ fellow, by the way.

For instance, I once accompanied a Surgeon on a date (his humour had me constantly in stitches),

So when I ‘blew’ him off’ He was instantly dumbstruck. But his looks spoke ‘volumes’, As they say.

But when I discovered it was my ‘Appendix’ he was after I dumped him with a swift kick up ‘his britches’! Another date of mine Was with a local judge, Who constantly would bore me with his yacking, And as it consisted of him Simply ‘passing sentence’ I thereupon quickly sent him packing. When new ‘dates’ take me out It always seems to be Strictly on a maximum 4 -week basis.

My current male companion Works in public transport, And woos me with a musical rendition, Which is usually something from the Famous ‘My Fare Lady’ Because he drives the omnibus edition! So it seems that in the end Enduing all that grief, Remaining true to my inner self. My life is now starting To turn over a new leaf, And no longer will I be left upon the shelf!

Stan Bennett

Coniston Road



Kempshott infant School

The school year is whizzing to a close at such a speed with so much going on that we are hard-pressed to fit it all in! The sun beamed down on our Summer Fair again this year. The children danced, the barbecue sizzled, ice creams dripped and so much fun was had by all! Huge thanks to our hard-working KSA who made it all happen and to everyone who helped to raise an amazing £2200! Year 1 had a delightful day at Hillier’s Arboretum. They found all kinds of creatures in the pond and among the plants. The weather was kind, the children behaved beautifully and they learned so much seeing the animals in their natural habitats. Year 2 have also been out and about, but in a more Royal direction! They spent a fantastic day at Windsor Castle learning about life in a Royal residence, both nowadays and long ago. They also received compliments from the Castle staff on their excellent behaviour. We are very proud that we can confidently take our children on trips knowing that they will behave respectfully and with consideration – well done children! Amazingly, Year 2 managed to find time to dazzle us all with a wonderful production of The Pied Piper. The hall was absolutely infested with rats and the Councillors were calling for “Rexit!” The children gave a truly outstanding performance as a finale to their time at Kempshott Infant School. Everyone’s thoughts are turning to moving on. Our new Year R children have visited school and seemed very excited to be here. They all had fun playing and exploring, meeting new friends and getting to know their teachers. They are looking forward to starting properly in September as our current children are excited about moving on to their new classes, both here and at the Junior School. All the children at Kempshott Infant School can look back on a year to be proud of when they have done their best and achieved many of their goals. They can look forward to an exciting year full of challenge and discovery. We wish them a sunny and joyful holiday in between and look forward to welcoming them to a new year in September. Happy Holidays!

KEMPSHOTT JUNIOR SCHOOL NEWS Reporters Shawn-Lee, Andrew and Hayden Year 6

What a wonderful year we have had at Kempshott Junior School – lots of exciting new topics and trips have been enjoyed by all. The year finished on a high with Year 6 pupils achieving well in their SAT’s and enjoying the end of term bowling and BBQ treats after visiting their new schools for Year 7. The children have enjoyed supporting their Charity of the Year (Hart Wildlife) and have raised over £500, the children will be voting for their Charity for next year in the Autumn Term. The Year 6 children performed We Will Rock You, which was enjoyed by parents, staff and pupils alike. Thank you to the KSA for supporting us throughout the year and running a café for our Sports Day. All children enjoyed meeting their new teachers for next year; pupils and teachers are looking forward to the new term in September. We wish you all a very happy and safe summer.


KEMPSHOTT UNDER FIVES PRESCHOOL What a great year we’ve had at Kempshott Under Fives! We had a lovely send off for our older children that are leaving

for school – we had a graduation ceremony with family and friends, followed by a big picnic. We wish all of our children lots of luck and happiness in their new schools and although we’re sad to see them go, we know they are all completely ready for this next adventure! There have been so many highlights this year - we’ve had Mums and Dad’s with us to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day; hosted a sponsored obstacle course; sung and danced at Christmas parties and Preschool Discos and we’ve even hatched our own butterflies! The children have learnt so much and they’ve grown in confidence and independence too. Thank you to our wonderful bunch of parents for all of their support through the year and to the local businesses that have really helped us with our fundraising. We are now looking forward to welcoming our new starters to Kempshott Under Fives in September and hearing all about our returning children’s summer adventures. Have a great summer! Preschool opens for the new academic year on Wednesday 4th September. We have a few places still available for the 2019/20 academic year - for preschool registration enquiries please contact Melissa Keane, Manager, on 07951 660401, or at Kempshott Under Fives is part of Hatch Warren Under Fives Preschool.

Kempshott W.I

Well it is hard to believe that we are already half way through the year, summer may have taken its time arriving but it’s certainly here with a vengeance as dried up gardens and wilting flowers testify.. However as we will be celebrating our birthday this month with plans for a party outdoors we can only hope the weather remains kind for a little longer. With no Social or open meeting in August members will enjoy our annual garden party, held in the lovely garden of our treasurer on the 19th. Our social Afternoon in September is on the 9th and our members meeting is on the 23rd when our speakers topic is “Arsenic, Inheritance Powder” a light hearted look at disposing of your rich relatives. As usual we meet in Kempshott Village Hall, if you are interested in becoming a member of the WI please contact our President Mrs Barbara Hutton 01256 460475 or email the Secretary for more information.

VIKING BADMINTON CLUB Viking Badminton Club members are having a well earned rest this summer after another great

season. Their Ladies and Men's B teams came top of their Divisions in the local Basingstoke and District League. Men's A finished third in Division 1, Mixed A finished second in Division 1 and Mixed B came fifth in Division 2. Winning the Knockout Cup (which takes place at the end of the season in May) was a fantastic effort by the team, playing against some very tough competition. Membership is steadily increasing but there's always room for new recruits, particularly if you've played competitively in the past! The season runs from early September through to the end of April, for full details of new member offers please visit their website:

Basingstoke Appliance Service


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Chartered Certified Accountants and Tax Advisers

greener print supplier?

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WELCOME! JOIN US FOR A BETTER FUTURE The Basingstoke Sea Cadets are a local charity operating with the support of the National Sea Cadet charity. We are a growing unit, with many new recruits recently joining our fantastic group of young people aged 10 to 17 years. We aim to give young people a fun experience that will help them grow into the person they want to be in a safe and friendly environment. Through various activities, cadets are able to gain nationally recognised qualifications and learn teamwork skills, respect, loyalty, self-confidence, commitment, self-discipline and honesty. Watching cadets grow into the best version of themselves is what makes volunteering for this charity so special. We are a friendly unit run by adult volunteers of all ages. We are always looking for other enthusiastic volunteers to join our team. You don’t need to have a navy background or previous experience, as all training, equipment and uniform is provided. Whether it’s just lending a helping hand or becoming a trained instructor, your help is always welcome! We are currently hoping to find volunteers who can help us with a wide variety of tasks. Our Training Officer would appreciate some assistance inputting data regarding cadet attendance, boating hours and qualifications, creating kit lists and producing letters and receipts. Other instructors would love to hear from anyone able to offer cadet support, supervision and mentoring. We also require support at our local community events, help with running our tuck shop, maintaining unit kit and uniforms and assistance with fundraising and grant applications. We would also love to hear from anyone who could help us provide practical training in the areas of sailing, rowing, power boating, kayaking, catering, first aid, campcraft, adventure training or the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. If you feel you are able to provide even a few hours of help on an infrequent basis, please contact us for an informal chat. So what are you waiting for? Basingstoke Sea Cadets Sycamore Halls, Sycamore Way, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG23 8AB Telephone: 01256 335893 Mobile: 07880 037113 Email:







Garden Design & Build, Planting, Decking, Fencing, Turfing, Patios, Driveways, Artificial Grass, Tree Work, Garden Maintenance & Clearance Professional & Friendly Service - Fully Insured


Sainsbury’s Kempshott Our Values Make Us Different

150 Days Community Volunteering We’ve recently kicked off our community volunteering programme, running until October 23rd, with our friends at Inspero. They’re based behind Kempshott Village Hall and run a fantastic food to fork scheme encouraging young people the values of eating healthy food.


Our colleagues will be volunteering every Wednesday at the gardens, helping Catherin Waters-Clark and her team keep the gardens in tip top shape. We’ve also secured some trees to plant with Inspero, courtesy of the Sainsbury’s partnership with The Woodland Trust. For every dozen, free range eggs sold After at Sainsbury’s, 1p is donated to the Woodland Trust. The partnership is now entering its 15th year, having raised over £8million. During that time over 3million trees have been planted, enough to cover 3000 football pitches or 48,000 tennis courts. You can find out more about planting your own tree, via this scheme, at this link. The trees we’ve requested for the planting are classed as Working Wood Trees and, include varieties such as rowan, silver birch, wild cherry, common oak, field maple and grey willow. Improvements at the Store Work will soon commence on several improvements for our customers at the store. There is likely to be some disruption during this time, whilst we move significant parts of the store. Colleagues will be on hand to guide customers during the work, which is set to commence during the week starting 10th August, finishing for launch on 19th August. Customers will see a new Health and Beauty offer with dedicated colleagues offering specialist advice for beauty. Our café will be re-branded in time for launch with our new partnership. Our menu will be staying the same in the run up to the Autumn when a new, exciting menu change will be offered. The magazine aisle, currently within the Health and Beauty section of the store, will re-locate to the back of the store, in front of the Argos store. Damages to our flooring, refrigeration and freezer sections will also take place during this time, as well as, some improvements to our Deli/Meat and Fish counters. Sunflower Lanyards Following successful trials at several stores, we’re delighted to welcome an initiative called Sunflower Lanyards. Customers with hidden disabilities, can request a lanyard from our colleagues at the customer services desk when they start their shopping. Our colleagues have been trained to keep an eye out for these lanyards and, where appropriate, offer these customers additional assistance with their shopping. Sainsbury’s are the first UK retailer to embrace this initiative at all their stores. So, no matter where you choose to shop with Sainsbury’s, the lanyards will be available, with colleagues ready to assist. You can find out more, by following this link.

Magus Accountancy Ltd CHARTERED TAX ADVISERS CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS COMPLIANCE | ADVICE | PLANNING Personal Tax Services Self Assessment tax returns, CIS, landlords, pension tax, trust income, tax efficient Investments, foreign income, HMRC enquiry and disclosure assistance Tax Planning Advice Business ownership structure, succession, CGT, inheritance tax & estates

Local with 30 years of experience

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Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas.


Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular) With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas.

Boilers, Plumbing, Bathrooms, Showers, Gas Fires, Cookers, Hobs, Warm Air Units, Water Heaters, Gas Certificates, Natural Gas, LPG, Oil, Water

Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular)

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Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more. Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote. Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more.

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All Plumbing and Heating Undertaken Bathroom Design and Installation Service 96519 Including tiling, flooring, lighting & decorating Landlord Safety Certificates Gas Boiler service, breakdown and replacement view recent projects&click Oil & Gas Boiler To installation: Ideal, Worcester Grant on blog Water Softeners Digital shower / pumps and replacement Tap replacement or repair Mark: 07968 808454 Unvented hot water Mark: 07968 808454 07968 808454 Gledhill, Megaflo & all makes of cylinders Mark: Greg: 07766 111302 Proud members of Greg: 07766 111302 Wireless room thermostats / heating control upgrade Greg: 07766 111302 Hive and Nest installation

Goslings Garden & Fencing Services Ltd

N CALL OUT CHARGE AND FREE QUOTATIONS NO O CALL OUT CHARGE AND FREE QUOTATIONS N CALL Oand UT C HARGEUndertaken AND FREE QUOTATIONS AllOPlumbing Heating All Plumbing and Heating Undertaken Bathroom Design and Installation Service All Plumbing and Heating Undertaken Bathroom Design and Installation Service Including tiling, flooring, lighting & Service decorating Bathroom Design and Installation Including tiling, flooring, lighting & decorating Landlord Safety Certificates Including tiling, flooring, lighting & decorating Landlord Safety Certificates Gas Boiler service, breakdown and replacement Landlord Certificates Gas BoilerSafety service, breakdown and replacement Oil Gas Boiler installation: Ideal, & Grant Gas&Boiler service, breakdown andWorcester replacement Oil & Gas Boiler installation: Ideal, Worcester & Grant Water Softeners Oil & Gas Boiler installation: Ideal, Worcester & Grant Water Softeners Digital shower / pumps and replacement Water Softeners Digital shower / pumps and replacement Tap replacement or repair Digital shower / pumps and replacement Tap replacement or repair Unvented hot water Tap replacement or repair Unvented hot water Gledhill, Megaflo & all makes of cylinders UnventedMegaflo hot water Gledhill, & all makes of cylinders Wireless room thermostats / heating control upgrade Gledhill, Megaflo & all makes of cylinders Wireless room thermostats / heating control upgrade Hive and Nest installation Wireless thermostats / heating control upgrade Hive and room Nest installation Hive and Nest installation

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With over 20 years experience in all gardening areas. Services include – Garden Maintenance (one off/regular) Mowing, strimming, hedge-cutting, stump grinding, Fencing, pruning, patio’s, turfing and more. Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote. Tel : 01256 332680 Mobile : 07973523246

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It can be a real challenge to get onto the property ladder. However, there is help on hand with the Help to Buy scheme. There are two parts to the scheme â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Help to Buy equity loan and the Help to Buy ISA which the Governments tops up by 25% when you come to buy your house. The Help to Buy equity loan This scheme is only available on new-build properties that have a purchase price of up to ÂŁ600,000. It is available to both first time buyers and existing homeowners, but the property you buy must be your only residence and is not available to buy to let investors. You only need a 5% deposit and the government will lend you up to 20%. You will need to apply for a mortgage from a commercial lender for the remaining 75%. For the first five years you will pay no interest, but after that it will cost 1.75% of the outstanding balance each following year. Help to Buy ISA A Help to Buy Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a high-interest savings account available for people buying their first property and is available at most high street banks and building societies. You can earn up to 2.53% interest tax-free and then the Government will add 25% free cash on top of what you save providing you and the property you purchase meet the qualifying criteria. You will need to make an initial deposit of ÂŁ1,000. After that you can deposit a maximum of ÂŁ200 a month. The ISA can be used for a property with a full market value of up to ÂŁ250,000 or up to ÂŁ450,000 in London. However, the Government has set a closing date for new applications of November 30, 2019, so please do not delay in taking advantage of this scheme. Provided you open your Help to Buy ISA before then you can keep saving until 2029. ZoĂŤ is a Solicitor experienced in advising Help to Buy clients and completing first-time property and shared ownership transactions. At Phillips our charges are transparent, and we quote for all fees and disbursements up front, meaning that you will understand the full extent of your conveyancing charges from the very start. To find out more call ZoĂŤ on 01256 854623 or send an email to To find out more about our range of legal services visit Phillips Solicitors Town Gate 38 London Street Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 7NY t. 01256 460830 f. 01256 854638 e. w. dx. 123073 Basingstoke 10

From time to time readers write in to the Kourier asking residents to save items for them to assist local organisations or charities. The following items are currently being collected: Supermarket Milk Bottle Tops In aid of St Michaelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospice, please drop off at 138 Coniston Road or Bob at 27 Old Kempshott Lane



       t 1"*/5*/(  %&$03"5*/( t '3&& &45*."5&4 t '6--: */463&%

Used Postage Stamps in aid of Hart Wildlife Rescue Mrs M Dowsett, 36 Derwent Road

Old Mobile Phones & Printer Cartridges in aid of St Michaelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospice â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mrs Lavorgna, 14 Aster Road

If you are collecting items please let us know and collectively perhaps we can make a difference.

$3# $)&$,&%

$0/5"$5 53&703      



BASINGSTOKE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Hearing from local people who have links to horticulture is always encouraging and our June meeting was one of these occasions. The talk on Bees and horticulture, by John Fowler from the Basingstoke & District Beekeepers Association, provided us with some fascinating details regarding bees and the honey that they make.

In the UK and Ireland there are 275 species of bees, most are solitary but bumble bees and honey bees live in colonies. In the wild these colonies, often found in hollow trees, can be anywhere between 10,000 to 12,000 bees, all with their own role to play. Honey bees kept by beekeepers have colonies kept in purpose built hives of various designs. These can house large numbers of bees often in excess of 50,000 worker bees, these also have their own role within the colony. The majority of the bees are female and measure about 1.2cm in length whilst the drones, maybe numbering about 3,000, are male and are larger at 1.4cm. However, size is not on their side as when winter comes the female workers bite off the legs of the male drones and kick them out of the colony as their job is done and they take up valuable space! The queen measuring 2cm is always a female and can lay up to 2000 eggs in a day. An established hive can produce up to 30lbs of honey in a week, but the beekeeper will only take the excess as much of it is required to feed the colony and the queen. It takes 12 bees their whole lifetime to make one teaspoon of honey – that’s a staggering fact! Our climate plays a big part in determining the success or otherwise of the hive and in poor conditions losses are common. However, there is always someone with a spare queen or even a colony but at £30 - £50 for a queen and £200 for a colony beekeeping is not cheap. Bees have five eyes, 2 for colour and 3 for black and white and they can turn off their colour vision when they are flying. They can’t see red but can see blue, yellow and ultraviolet. With a range of about 5 miles both the beekeepers and gardeners, like us, need to ensure that we plant flowers and shrubs that are rated as “good for pollinators” to encourage bees into our gardens. However, there is a big threat to our bees that you may have heard about, from the Asian hornet. It’s slightly smaller than our European hornet and has yellow legs and an orange face. If these are seen, they must be reported. There is a good website for all bee related information which is Our evening rounded off with a close look at an inspection hive complete with live bees and the chance to purchase some local honey. Our next meeting in Kempshott Village Hall will be at 7.30pm on Monday 19th August 2019 when Tim Woodland will be talking about “Current Trends and Varieties in the Bulb world”. If you would like further details, please contact either: - Vida Sinden – Chairman – 01256 466281 or Philip Wraight – Vice Chairman - 01256 324185


“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realise we only have one” - Tom Hiddleston You’ve been working hard to lose weight for months now, you’ve been seeing great results You’re off on holiday soon, and scared about undoing all your hard work, well fear not, when science is on your side…

Here are 4 strategies to implement when you’re away: 1. Stay hydrated Drink more water than usual. It will keep your appetite at bay 2. Stick to 2-3 main meals per day Either skip breakfast or avoid snacking. It will help to keep your calorie intake in check Swap breakfast for a few alcoholic beverages in the evening? That’s what a holiday is for isn’t it?! 3. Take yourself for a walk, every morning Keep that energy expenditure high and clear your mind by relaxing + moving simultaneously Every day 4. Enjoy the moment If you want an ice cream, HAVE ONE! You might put on a few pounds, but so what!? With science on your side, you know tthat will come back off on your return There are 52 weeks in a year - 1 or 2 weeks has such a little impact on your journey… You’re on holiday. You’re there to relax, spend time with yourself and loved ones GO AND ENJOY IT! Yours in Health



Facebook: @foodislifeuk Instagram: Website: Email:


KEMPSHOTT WILDLIFE, GREEN SPACE HEDGEHOGS Following on from last month's contribution from one of our residents, this topic has really captured the interest of our readers. One email from Sandra gives advice on how to encourage these nocturnal garden residents:So having cut a hole in your back fence to allow hedgehogs in, you have to feed them. Dried or wet cat/ kitten food - NO FISH flavours as this upsets their tummies. A nice heavy duty (stops them tipping it over) bowl of fresh water each day. Peanuts - in moderation - and they like apples or pears. If you see a hog out in the day that is because it is either hungry, thirsty, sick or injured. Hart Wildlife at Soldridge Business Park, Medstead is the most wonderful place to take your hog but ring first so they can either prepare themselves for your arrival or give you some advice. It is fascinating to watch them scurrying about the garden looking for the goodies you have put on the lawn. If you have a pond in the garden make sure it is either fenced in or at least has something in the pond so any creature falling in by mistake can climb out. Thanks

Sandra Another reader has submitted the photo (left) of her regular visitor. After reading the piece in July issue thought you might like to see this taken earlier this week. When we replaced our fence some 3 years ago we left gaps for the hedgehogs to come and go and we are visited most evenings for the food we leave out. They follow the same route each evening through the gardens in the neighbourhood.

photo (right) of a baby hedgehog was taken by Margaret Downing in Zinnia Close


We are busy developing the habitat in Fuzzy Drove for all sorts of wildlife and it is vital that we continue to monitor how we are doing. A Hedgehog survey is one way of doing that, but we could do it better if we have our neighbours to help. This summer we will run our third survey and are hoping to find evidence of even more hedgehogs in our vicinity. The survey runs for 7 consecutive days and involves leaving out a special tunnel, primed with a footprint re-corder and baited with some hedgehog food. The tunnel needs to be checked and reset every day for the 7 days of the survey. You can place it anywhere in your garden, but alongside a fence or hedge is probably best. If you have a couple of “Hedgehog Highway” access points in your garden that would help enormously. A round or square hole 5 – 6” either way will allow hedgehogs to roam more freely and feed more easily. They are great friends to a gardener, hoovering up slugs and other garden pests, as well as being very entertaining to watch. Fuzzy Drove Conservation Group can lend you a tunnel and all the accessories and food needed to take part in the survey, so if you live within 200 metres either side of the Drove and would like to help us, please go to our web site and leave us your details so we can contact you. You can also find more information about hedgehogs at or at For more details about the group please find us on Facebook or visit our web page at

Kempshott Wildlife, Green Space 17

AND and CONSERVATION NEWSfor FOR AUGUST Conservation News August Old Down & Beggarwood Wildlife Group Kempshott Wildlife, Green Space


Another year wonderful displays of News wildflowers on for Old Down and perhaps Another yearofof wonderful displays of wildflowers on August OldBeggarwood, Down andalthough Beggarwood, and Conservation the oxeye daisies on Old Down were not so tall this year. That may be due to the rather close

although perhaps the oxeye daisies on Old Down were not so tall this year. That may be mowing lastOld year. This year the has agreed a gentler mowing regime with the Council; some due to the rather close mowing last year. This year the group has agreed a gentler mowing Down & group Beggarwood Wildlife Group areas will be the leftCouncil; so that seeds andbespread are available to the birds late and into are the regime with some develop areas will left soand that seeds develop and spread year. Enjoy the beautiful displays and look out for the many different species – field scabious; available to the birds late into the year. Enjoy the beautiful displays and look out for the many different yeartufted of wonderful of wildflowers Old Down and Beggarwood, although perhaps marjoram; bedstraw; vetchladies – displays justbedstraw; to name a few. species – ladies field Another scabious; marjoram; tuftedonvetch – just to name a few.

the oxeye daisies on Old Down were not so tall this year. That may be due to the rather close mowing last year. This yearFor theOld group has we agreed a gentler mowing regime with Council; 10-12 some noon. Work Parties: andand joinjoin us. Down, meet Old Down Hall everythe Thursday Work Parties: Please Pleasecome come us. For Old Down, weoutside meet outside Old Down Hall every Thursday areas will be left so that seeds develop and spread and are available to the birds late into the Always noon. check our website justour in case therejust is ain cancellation Currentlyor there are noCurrently volunteersthere for work 10-12 Always check website case thereorischange. a cancellation change. are year. Enjoy the beautiful displays and look out for the many different species – field scabious; parties on Beggarwood. If anyone is interested in volunteering for Beggarwood then please contact the Group to no volunteers for work parties on Beggarwood. If anyone is interested in volunteering for Beggarwood marjoram; ladies bedstraw; tufted vetch – just to name a few.

discuss. Thesecontact work parties can be to weekly or monthly any parties day of the then please the Group discuss. Theseand work canweek. be weekly or monthly and any day of the week. Work Parties: Please come and join us. For Old Down, we meet outside Old Down Hall every Thursday 10-12 noon. Internet:


Always check our website just in case there is a cancellation or change. Currently there are no volunteers for work Email: parties on Beggarwood. anyone is interested in volunteering for Beggarwood then please contact the Group to discuss. These work parties can be weeklyFUZZY or monthlyDROVE and any day CONSERVATION of the week. GROUP

Internet: Email:Drove’s Summer is well and truly with us. For many of Fuzzy neighbours it brings the pleasure of


pottering in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. Our volunteers enjoy these things too, tempered with the and task truly of clearing other people’s garden waste neighbours and other rubbish in the Fuzzy Summer is well with us.up For many of Fuzzy Drove’s it brings FUZZY DROVE CONSERVATION GROUP Drove. Fly tipping is a regular problem in the Drove and we are constantly surprised that resipleasure of pottering in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. Our volunteers enjoy dents things of Kempshott who want piles of of grass clippings their own property should Summer is well and withdous.not For many of Fuzzy Drove’s neighbours it people’s brings the garden pleasure of think these too,truly tempered with the task clearing up on other waste that the rest of the community willgarden be happy to have piles or bags of Our itisinavolunteers public spaces. pottering in rubbish the enjoying theFly sunshine. enjoy these things too, temand other in and Fuzzy Drove. tipping regular problem in the Drove and we pered with the task of clearing other people’s garden waste rubbish in Fuzzy are constantly surprised that up residents of Kempshott whoand doother not want piles of grass Drove. Fly tipping is a regular problem in the Drove and we are constantly surprised that resiThe Fuzzy Drove Conservation of their the wildlife clippings onGroup theirspends own countless property hours should thinkspare that time the working rest of to thedevelop community will habibe dents of Kempshott who do not want piles of grass clippings on their own property should think tat by clearing, planting the or flora andof fauna the Drove for the benefit of local people. Please respect happyand to tending have piles bags it in inpublic spaces. that rest ofonthe community theirthe efforts your behalf. will be happy to have piles or bags of it in public spaces.

The Fuzzy Drove Conservation Group spends countless hours of their spare time working to develop the

The Fuzzy Drove Conservation Group spendsand countless hours theirand spare time in working to develop the wildlife habiwildlife clearing, planting tending theof flora fauna the Drove for the benefit of local Compost habitat bins areby available from the Council at moderate cost. Garden waste collection services make regular collectat by clearing, planting and tending the flora and fauna in the Drove for the benefit of local people. Please respect people. respect their efforts on subscription. your behalf. Compost heap spaces in your own gardens are free! Fly tiptions fromPlease anyone’s home for a small annual their efforts on your behalf.

ping (which includes throwing your weeds, prunings and lawn clippings over your garden fence) is an offence which car-

Compost are penalty available from the Council at does moderate cost. Garden If waste collection make ries a fine bins or fixed of £400 and our Council prosecute offenders. you spot anyone services leaving waste in a Compost bins are available from the Council at moderate cost. Garden waste collection services make regular collecregular collections from anyone’s home for a small annual subscription. Compost heap spaces in your public place please report it here tions from anyone’s home for a small annual subscription. Compost heap spaces in your own gardens are free! Fly tipown gardens are free! Fly tipping (which includes throwing your weeds, prunings and lawn clippings ping (which includes throwing your weeds, prunings and lawn clippings over your garden fence) is an offence which carover your-garden fence) is an YOUR offenceGARDEN which carries a fine or fixed penalty of £400 and our Council does PLEASE DO LEAVE WASTE FUZZY DROVE ries a fine or fixedNOT penalty of £400 and our Council does prosecuteIN offenders. If you spot anyone leaving waste in a prosecute offenders. If you spot anyone leaving waste in a public place please report it here https:// public place please report it here For more details about the group please visit our website

PLEASE FUZZY DROVE DROVE PLEASE-- DO DO NOT NOT LEAVE LEAVE YOUR YOUR GARDEN GARDENWASTE WASTE IN IN FUZZY Friends of Stratton Park For more details about the group please visit our website For more details about the group please visit our website

Contact via: or email:

Friends of Stratton Park Contact via: or email:

For more information about nature conservation in Stratton Park, please visit our website or send us an email

For more information about nature conservation in Stratton Park, please visit our website or send us an email

Kempshott Conservation Group Group contacts. Tel. 01256 470171 Email: Kempshott Conservation Group

Group contacts. Tel. 01256 470171 Email:


BASINGSTOKE LIONS CLUB (Website The month started with half of our members going off to Tadley to support the Loddon Valley Lions Club’s

Treacle Fair. It was a huge, entertaining event and very well supported as usual. Our putting game raised £125 and Lennie the Basingstoke Lion garnered another £25 which we made up to £200 and donated to St Michael’s Hospice. Old Basing Carnival was the putting game’s next outing, but inclement weather conditions caused a bit of mayhem. The target and screens were blown over a couple of times and even the arrival of a local funeral director (always good for a laugh) failed to lighten the atmosphere. I’ve no idea how much we made because the collecting bucket was accidentally left in our lockup. The next event was our annual twinning weekend with the Lions of the French Club – Alençon Cité. It was their turn to host. Normally, between 12 and 16 of us go over. But on this occasion we were whittled down to 7 by a series of untoward events like a broken arm, fractured wrist, fractured eye socket (fortunately not all to the same individual) and a contretemps with a deer on the Tunworth road. But those who went had a wonderful time. Our French friends are always very welcoming and we generally get by with the lingua franca known as Franglais. Their programme for the weekend included a visit to La Michauderie, a magnificent dray horse training and exhibition centre, a tour of Le Mans including a vintage car museum and a formal dinner where a new recruit was badged up (lucky them). The weekend ended with the annual BBQ and boules match. We lost. (This is not necessarily a bad thing as the beautiful pink marble trophy is the sort of artefact that tests your car’s rear suspension.) Back at home Lennie went solo to the Winklebury Gala, but even that redoubtable soul was driven home in short order by the 34C heat. Imagine what that must have been like in a big furry suit! Lastly we had our own Handover do at the Red Lion in Overton – lasagne, chips and desserts worked off with a hotly contested skittles match – great fun. Julian Bridges was voted Lion of the Year. Handover is supposed to be the occasion on which Club duties are handed over to the next incumbents. Normally it’s more of a stand by your beds exercise. But this year we have a new Treasurer, a new Welfare Chairperson, a new Fundraising Chairperson and a new Dinner Secretary. Exciting times!!!!! Our next fundraiser is that group of true originals “The Moscow Drug Club”. So please do come along and get in the mood with some gypsy jazz at QMC on 20th July. Tickets are available from Maurice Hockley email: mauricehockley@ or telephone 01256 421867, Toucan Travel at Chineham or direct from our website www.basingstokelions. This will also allow you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Our programme for the rest of the year is:21st September: Ali Mak Rhythm and Blues band at the Royal British Legion, 9th November: Quiz Night at the Millenium Hall, 16th November: Basingstoke’s very own Heritage Light Orchestra who are putting together a special performance for us entitled Music of the Orient Express. Should be good!


Brighten up your kitchen this summer EST.



• Trusted reputation • Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks & taps • Free planning & design service • Door swaps to full kitchens – tailored to your needs ®


01635 867336

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CHINA GARDEN Tel: 01256 461601



Piano and Flute Tuition. Beginners welcome from 6yrs. Local, experienced ‘ISM approved’ teacher. 01256 333241 / 07774 631802

ENGLISH TUTOR/AUTHOR Kind English tutor/author. Support for Y7-11 £35/hr.


Maths and science tuition to GCSE (maths and chemistry to A level). 01256 333241 / 07742009651 stevemenear@,


German Tuition / Conversation offered by native speaker up to GCSE level. Tel: 01256 356026.


German Tuition/conversation. Native German, experienced, all levels. Tel: 01256464401

PRIVATE TUTOR- KS1 AND KS2 Fully qualified primary teacher Maths, English and SATs prep Natasha Simmonds Email:natasha.simmonds.tutoring@gmail. com Phone: 07926621811

DMC CARPENTRY Kitchens, stairs, wardrobes, doors, Decking, skirtings, flooring, bedroom conversions, loft hatches/ladders etc. Free quotes and advice given. Tel Darren on 01256 350527or 07876775244 website


‘Basingstoke No 1 Choose at Home Flooring Company’ Carpets - Real wood - Laminates -Vinyls. Call for a free no obligation quote at a time that suits you T 01256 842742 m 07774884672- see www. for OFFERS

BJ COLE BUILDER Over 20 years experience. Extensions, porches, driveways, patios, garden walls and general building work. Tel 01256 469073 Mob. 07775675609

CERAMIC WALL AND FLOOR TILER Over 25 years experience.  All aspects of floor and wall tiling undertaken.  Local to Kempshott.  Free quote and advice given.  Call Mark on 844048 or 0785 5398631




Design, draw and submit to LA. Extensions, Loft conversions, Conservatories etc. Over 40 years Local Experience Mayfield Design, Pack Lane 01256 320454

MJ'S WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES Traditional Service, Trading Standards, Fully Insured, Police Checked, Choose 6-20 Wks Office: 01256 336469 Mobile: 07955174729 http://www.mjswindowcleaningservices."

Electrician BRIDGES Electrical Solutions Ltd Fully Qualified, Experienced, Registered & Insured Electrician. All Work Certified. 01256 471853 / 07879 298008



LOOKING FOR A GOOD CLEANER? Looking for a good cleaner. Reliable and honest .Pls call 07988 916721 Agie .




Tanya Ball MSc BA BCSI LSSM MISRM Gomez Gardening for all aspects of gardening MCNHC MIASI. Preventative & remedial and ground maintenance contact Carl on hands-on soft tissue treatment, alongside 01256 473789 or 07771 906300. self-awareness, exercise, and lifestyle advice. Tel. 07710 229 704 / E-mail Tanya@tmb-src. GARDEN SERVICES / TIM’S GARDENING SERVICES. Are you YOGA unable to maintain your garden? I can Yoga Classes for all levels help you with a regular visit for tidying, weeding, planting and lawn mowing. Based in email - Kempshott. Friendly & reliable . From just £15. Jo - 07811 331658 Tel 07400 664127 or after 7pm 01256 359484

Professional & friendly dog walking service. Fully Insured, CRB checked. Tel. Tracey 07500 701038

ADVERTISE IN THE KEMPSHOTT KOURIER LINEAGE / SMALL ADS Gardener available for garden maintenance. I

GUITAR LESSONS Guitar lessons in Kempshott. All levels, call Andrew on 07803 695375




work to a high standard and have a passion for gardening.  Call Mark on 07867658599

COSY STAY HOLIDAY HOME FOR DOGS. Council Licensed, Fully Insured,CRB checked. Tel: 01256 351647 / 07940741342 (Trina) E-mail

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A regular slot with advertising (black & white text only) for only £70 for six months.

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Hugh Roscoe


Tel: 01256 320749 Mobile: 07802 428252

01256 354282

PILATES IN KEMPSHOTT NEW BEGINNERS PILATES FOR BACK CARE CLASS EVERY TUESDAY 9.30-10.15 Ridgeway Community Centre Buckskin All ages welcome Call Janice on 07789 711294 for further details and bookings

Kempshott Kourier to advertise here £70 for six months 01256 354282


Advance Airport Transfers

Established in 1995, as well as supplying and installing, we pride ourselves on unrivalled aftercare service. Kevin has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience for all your domestic water softening requirements

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All Airports

All Sea Ports

Heathrow Gatwick Luton Stansted

Southampton Portsmouth Dover Harwich

Saloon & Estate Cars 8 Seater Minibuses Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Contact us today to get a quote:

* * 5% online booking discount * * * no extra charge between 00.00 & 05.00 a.m * * no card payment charge *

01276 27924


The Rabbiter - April The 2009 Rabbiter - April 2009


The Rabbiter - April 2009


Cleaning AND ELECTRICAL NEEDS 01256Cleaning 389964 or 07799 486439 Cleaning Te l : 0 1 2 5 6FOR 5 9 ALL 0qualified 2 3 •M o b :qualified 0engineers 7LOCAL 7 6 6local 6 5 1engineers 990 YOUR •3Fully local All Seasons Fully Email: Reliably serving the serving the Reliably • Fully qualified local engineers Reliably serving the • Full Bathroom • Fullinstallations Bathroom• Full installations Hatchwarren Hatchwarren community forcommunity 19yrs for 19yrs PLUMBING, HEATING WWW.RJYEATES.COM Hatchwarren community for 19yrs Bathroom installations Window FOR ALL YOUR LOCAL All Seasons Central Heating • Central Heating • Central Heating AND• ELECTRICAL NEEDS Additional services include: Additional services include: Additional services include: PLUMBING, •HEATING Installations• •Installations Boilers •• Boilers Installations • Boilers Cleaning Window FOR ALLSERVICES YOUR LOCAL PLUMBING, SERVICES SERVICES • Servicing • •Repairs • Servicing • Repairs • Pressure •washing Servicing • Repairs • Pressure washing • washing Pressure • • AND LTD ELECTRICAL NEEDS • Fully qualified LTD local engineers LTD Reliably serving the Cleaning HEATING AND ELECTRICAL NEEDS • Electrical Installations • Electrical Installations • Electrical Installations • cleaning Cladding/signage cleaning • Full Bathroom installations Hatchwarren community for 19yrs Untitled-9 •1 Cladding/signage • cleaning • Cladding/signage • • • Fully qualified local engineers Reliably serving the & SATELLITE •FREE Central Heating • Gutter/fascia/soffit cleaning • ESTIMATES ALL WORK GUARANTEED

The Rabbiter - April 2009




25/06/2010 16:45:16

Additional services include: • Gutter/fascia/soffit cleaning • cleaning • • Gutter/fascia/soffit

• Full ESTIMATES Bathroom installations Hatchwarren community for 19yrs ALL WORK FREE ESTIMATES ALL WORK •GUARANTEED FREE •GUARANTEED Installations Boilers

• Central Heating All Work Guaranteed & Fully Insured • Conservatory roof cleaning • C.P.SSERVICES • Servicing • Repairs Additional•services include: Pressure washing • • cleaning • Installations • Boilers Conservatory roofand cleaning Conservatory roof • • •• TV Aerial Satellite Installation LTD SERVICES • Servicing • Pure water - no chemicals • • Electrical Installations • Pressure washing• • Storm Damage • Repairs & Repairs •water Cladding/signage cleaning • LTD • Pure no chemicals • • Pure water no chemicals • • Electrical Installations • Additional TV & Satellite Points • Cladding/signage cleaning • A RELIABLE EFFICIENT SERVICE• Gutter/fascia/soffit Call cleaning • WORK GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATES ALLFOR STEVE on • Gutter/fascia/soffit cleaning • ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREEFOR ESTIMATES A RELIABLE EFFICIENT SERVICE FOR A RELIABLE EFFICIENT SERVICE FOR A RELIABLE EFFICIENT SERVICE • Conservatory roof cleaning • 01256 353727 Call STEVE on Call STEVE on • Conservatory roof cleaning • • 01256 Pure water -Email: no chemicals 353727 01256 353727• 07831• Pure 224599 water - no chemicals • Web: 121428

01256 842522

01256 842522 01256 842522 01256 842522 07831 224599 07831 224599 07831 224599


Need a 01256 842522 01256 842522

BASINGSTOKE 01256 780465

Email: Email: Call STEVE on Web: Web: Call STEVE on


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07831 224599 07831 224599 Need aNeed a greener 121428

Established 1980 01256 353727

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SHOWROOM: Unit 3, Cartel Business Centre, Stroudley Road, Basingstoke RG24 8FW T: 01256 810460

Xavier Gibson Audio & Video Supply, Installation A V S e r v i c e s & Repair Services Over 30 Years Experience *Full Custom AV Installation Service *Freesat HD & SKY Installations *Freeview HD Digital TV Aerial Points

With Sinclair Youngs Ltd

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*Multi Room Aerial Distribution Systems *TV Re-tunes & Software Updates *LCD/Plasma TV, Microwave Ovens, Projector, DVD & HDD Recorder Repairs

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Est 1ompany 987

ACCOUNTANTS We do your accounts and tax and... all the boring bits... For all shapes and sizes of business Clear Fixed Fees, no surprises And Great Coffee too!

, Fleet, eet, Hampsh Hampshire, shi sh hir ire, GU ire G GU5 GU51 U51 51 5NW. W

Office: 01256 763162 Email: Website:

Mark Harwood FFA

tel: 01256 812530




You are automatically eligible for a Blue Badge if you: • are registered as blind • get the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) • get Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and scored 8 points or more in the ‘moving around’ area of your assessment - check your decision letter if you’re not sure • get War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement • received a lump sum payment as part of the Armed Forces Compensation scheme (tariffs 1 to 8), and have been certified as having a permanent and substantial disability If you're not automatically eligible It's worth applying as you might still be able to get a badge. You'll have to fill in an extra part of the application to show why you need one. You should do this if: • you have problems walking that are permanent, or that your doctor says are likely to last at least a year • you can't use your arms • you're applying on behalf of a child aged over 2 who has problems walking, or a child under 3 who needs to be close to a vehicle because of a health condition . Need further information or Help?

Basingstoke Citizens Advice Bureau, (located within Basingstoke Discovery Centre) can help you with queries you have on budgeting, benefits and debt, relationships, immigration, employment issues, and consumer rights. We operate a drop-in service 10-3.30 Monday to Friday (except Thursday) and Saturday mornings 10-12. The Advice Line telephone number is 0344 111 306. The Basingstoke CAB website can be found at Online help from Citizens Advice can be found at

What is income tax


Why make a Will?

Income Answer

tax is a tax on income including:

Helen Beach, Wills and Estate Planning Solicitor, replies:

I am often asked “When is the right time to make a Will?” There are obvious circumstances when individuals  think about making or even changing their Will.

earnings from employment, including benefits in kind such as a The most common scenarios I am facedcar with are: company After havinga child earnings from self-employment When you have had a child you may want to ensure appropriate guardians are included in your Will in the event you  passes most pensions income, including state, occupational and persona or your partner away. Buying a propertypensions If you want to ensure a cohabitee, who perhaps isn’t invested in the property, has a right to live there for their lifetime  thesome social security benefits whilst ensuring capital for named beneficiaries or children remains protected.  mechanism interestfor on most savings This is a fantastic the preservation of capital for other family members, whist ensuring the person with the benefit (life tenant) has a roof over their heads (subject to paying the outgoings). With the increase in second marriages,  income from shares (dividends) this type of request is becoming more popular.  rental If you are a business owner income A business owner want to ensure theirabusiness is disposed of in a tax efficient manner or again to ensure an individual  may income from trust. inherits the business on their death. Relationship breakdown The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is another important time to make a Will. If you were to die before the divorce is finalised, your soon to be ex-spouse, will inherit your estate (or at least the first £250,000).

Not all types of income are taxable.

In contrast, if you are engaged, you can make a Will now that remains valid post-marriage. Many people do not realise that marriage cancels any Will previously made, unless it is specified to have been made in contemplation of marriage. Without a Will, many of these circumstances would go unaccounted for. The rules of intestacy would apply and the next of kin may be responsible for administering and receiving your estate, something which may be undesirable.

You won't usually have to pay tax on all your income, even if it is all taxa because you will be entitled to a certain amount of income tax free in eac year. The tax year runs from 6 April one year to 5 April the following year

If you would like to review your Will, make a new one or discuss estate planning generally please contact Helen Beach on Tel: 01256 320555 or email

There is no minimum age at which you become liable to pay income tax. matters is the amount of your taxable income. If this is below a certain le no tax is payable.

Do you have a legal query? Email and the answer may be printed in the next edition of the Kempshott Kourier.

How income tax is calculated

4.00 - in the Community Room, Kempshott Village Hall! We are a social club for our members to meet and enjoy each other’s company, perhaps have a little refreshment and join in a range of leisure activities. While the club is open each week, members can choose how often they come. As a social club, the activities are determined by what members wish to have in the programme . We are arranging community transport for those living in Kempshott who would otherwise have difficulty getting to the Village Hall.


This is a new and exciting opportunity—if you would like to see if this works for you or you would like to help in any way, please come along any Wednesday afternoon or contact us on Tel: 01256 470171 or Email:

STRATTON PARK MEN’S SHED What’s a Men’s Shed? “A place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending. A place to make friends, social connections and share skills and knowledge…and, of course, a lot of laughter”.

Tuesday mornings 10.00—13.00 at the Basingstoke West District Scout Headquarters in Stratton Park.

An exhibition of paintings by local artist Libby May Venue 158: 27 Gannet Close, Kempshott, Basingstoke, RG22 5QN. Please refer to website below for further details.

If you would like to join us, or find out more about what we do, our projects and plans, email us at or come and find us!

Opening Times: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm - 17th, 21st and 25th August 2:00 pm to 6 pm - 18th, 22nd and 24th August

ory Club

em Oakley M

ge Hall ley Villa st Oak 7JJ ut”, Ea y RG23 reen H le G ak he O “T ad, Hill Ro

ct l conta d socia ities an ng activ nosed ti g la ia u d m se Sti ntia for tho e deme rly stag with ea sday y Thur run ever ssions


session Morning 0 pm to 12:3 10:00 am ssion se n oo pm Aftern to 3:00 pm 12:30 pm to 1:00 12 noon Lunch: lunch a packed g in br ided rs Membe are prov d drinks Fruit an ssion 2 per se Cost: £1 w ne e for availabl Discount rs membe

To have your event promoted on the What’s on page please email

Come and join us! The Basingsto ke Group meets on the first Wed nesday of each month at Brookvale V illage Hall from 10am – 12 noon All retired Civ il Servants, the ir relatives an friends, are we d lcome to join refreshments, us for raffle and a va riety of speake rs plus monthly outing ____________ ____________ ____________ __ For furthe


x mory Bo The Me provides regularly ons at nce sessi reminisce Club ry mo the Me

ager, Club Man Memory call the 88 se 36 ea 13 pl 07525 rmation orris, on her info 0 211320 lmes-M For furt on 0796 Jean Ho Morgan or Jose

r details contac






Open every Friday. Coffee, Tea and homemade are served from 10.00am to 11:15am Basingstoke Rugby Football Club, Down Grange Organised and run by Kempshott Neighbourcare. Transport available for Kempshott residents Phone Kancare on 07905 272711



First Wednesday of every month. 7:30pm start. £2.00 per person. Bring your own picnic Kempshott Village Hall, Pack Lane, Basingstoke Winning team wins a bottle of wine


First Tuesday of every month. 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Monthly get-togethers for anyone affected by any type of disability Church Cottage (behind St. Michaels Church) For more information telephone 01256 423869 or email

BASINGSTOKE NORTH HAMPSHIRE PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORTGROUP Last Thursday of every month. 2pm - 4pm. For men and their partners affected by Prostate Cancer Loddon Vale Indoor Bowling Club, West Ham Leisure Park, Worting Road, Basingstoke For more information telephone 01256 764485 or visit our website
























Range of Gifts, Accessories and Hand Made Jewellery.


The AB Bedroom Collection

oak veneer & white painted furniture

Cross Back Chair Wooden Seat TT-CBCW 43 x 50 x 97 cm (assembled)

Cross Back Chair Fabric Seat TT-CBCF 43 x 50 x 97 cm (assembled)

Ladder Back Chair Wooden Seat TT-CH 41 x 47 x 100 cm (assembled)

Ladder Back Chair Fabric Seat TT-CHF 41 x 47 x 100 cm (assembled)


Measurements: W x D x H cm

Many years experience in the Ã&#x;ooring trade from measuring to installation. ð&#x;&#x2DC;&#x20AC;ð&#x;&#x2DC;&#x20AC; SERVING BASINGSTOKE FOR OVER 35 YEARS ð&#x;&#x2DC;&#x20AC;ð&#x;&#x2DC;&#x20AC;


The old Station Andover Rd Oakley Basingstoke RG23 7HA Tel; (01256) 782070 OPEN 9am - 5pm MONDAY - FRIDAY CLOSED WEDNESDAY SATURDAY 10am - 4pm

When you decide to improve your home, we would be proud to help you all the way through the process, from originally choosing the right style and product for your home, through to the final installation by fully qualified and registered FENSA fitters. With over 20 years of successful business, you can be sure that you will talk directly to quality tradesmen, not salesmen. We are FENSA Registered and our products come with an additional HOMEPRO 10 Year Insurance backed Guarantee. Come to the showroom, see our products in person.

Oakley Windows - proud of our people, product and price


PROBUS HEARS ABOUT CYCLING THE WORLD The Probus Club of Basingstoke welcomed two ladies to their last lunch

meeting. The Worshipful the Mayor of Basingstoke & Deane, Cllr Diane Taylor, was their guest of honour. She was presented with cheque by President Richard Wood as a contribution towards her charity appeal. The speaker was round the world cyclist Barbara Cummings.

Not one to sit at home and lose physical and mental resilience after being made redundant from the NHS, Barbara, from Old Basing, decided to retire in 2012 and embarked on what has become a series of long distance cycle rides. Her thinking was very simple – going north was up hill while going south was down hill. With that simple philosophy she decided that her first long distance ride was down the east coast of America as it had a “Greenway” path from north to the south. With a stop off in Iceland she saw a sculpture put up by an American benefactor which claimed to have a similar one in Florida. That became a target – to see the one near Key West. That trip was 2,500 miles but had not been too difficult. After that her cycling adventures multiplied with one from the Russian border near St Petersburg which took two months, and another across France from the east coast to the Mediterranean. A four months trip in Australia and New Zealand was completed by visiting Fiji and Hawaii. India was next, followed by North Africa. In a few months Barbara will be tackling the USA Pacific coast, and like all her trips she travels alone. Never being concerned about being a single woman on a camp site she has been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers who have given her soap powder, a luminous watch so that she could see the time at night in her tent, given her lifts to a country’s border and even taken her into their homes with overnight accommodation. She has now cycled in 24 countries and during that time only suffered three punctures, and that was on her east coast trip in USA. She has cycled on every continent except Antarctica but even that is planned for 2021. She self finances all her trips but gives talks about what she has seen as a means of raising funds for two charities, Headway, where she is a trustee, and Asthma UK. For more information about the Probus Club of Basingstoke see their web site or phone their secretary, Peter Hayes, on 01256 882495.

Injured? In pain? Restricted mobility? Discover the key to empowering   



Overcoming pain, injury, and their impact Maintaining improvement / preventing recurrence Achieving your goals and enhanced quality of life

How? This is achievable by

intelligently selecting and integrating: 

Personal postural and functional assessment Advanced hands-on soft tissue therapy Tailored postural and movement ‘coaching’  Practical life-style advice, all copiously… Smothered with motivation + encouragement 

 


Please email call 07710 229 704 or visit — thank you!

Tanya M Ball MSc BA KCMT BCSI LSSM Clinical Soft Tissue Therapist KCMT Movement Therapist KMI Structural Integrator


Serving our community Serving Servingour our community community

CONTACTS Helen Ricketts: CONTACTS Helen Ricketts: Helen Ricketts: or Paul or Temple:or Paul Temple:Paul



those that survived were left with irreversible paralysis, sometimes mildly but for others it WHAT IS ROTARY meant a life time in an Iron Lung (a breathing WHAT IS ROTARY Rotary is about helping communities, both local and machine) because they were no longer Rotary is about helping communities, both able localtoand internationally through our network of clubs with 1.2 internationally through our network clubs with breathe independently. Thereofwere other1.2 million members in over 200 countries. It is a nonmillion members in in over 200and countries. is alife nonmajor outbreaks 1950 1955. InItlater religious and non-political organization comprised of religious non-political peopleand continue to be organization affected by comprised Post-Polio of both men and women. There are 77 clubs in our both men and women. arepolio 77 clubs Syndrome. By 1990 There cases of in theinUKour Wessex area which covers most of Hampshire, the Isle Wessex area which covers most of Hampshire, were down to single figures. All children inthe theIsle of Wight, the Channel Islands, and parts of Dorset and of Wight, the are Channel Islands, andpolio partsvaccinations of Dorset and UK today offered routine Wiltshire, and they do some fantastic work each year. Wiltshire, andand theyboosters do somelater fantastic work eachThis year. in infancy in childhood. Wessex area raises approximately £2.2million each Wessex area raises approximately £2.2million each immunity has100,000 kept our population safe yearherd and spend around hours helping the less yearfrom andthe spend around 100,000 hours helping the less of polio fortunate in ravages our communities, true to our motto – fortunate in our communities, true to our motto – ‘Service Above Self’. ‘Service Above Self’. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL is one of the core partners in the Global Polio Eradication THE CLUB IN ACTION IN DECEMBER THE CLUB IN ACTION IN DECEMBER with our wehand haveto dozen of Along our “elves” gavepartners, a helping 1stst AInitiative. A dozen of our “elves” gave a billion helping hand to 1 helped immunize more than 2.5 children Father Christmas at Overton Christmas Market Father Christmas Overton Christmas Market against polioat in countries. We team provided car122 parking marshals for have the St 2ndnd A Rotary Shoebox Update Rotary’s part inRotary ridding the world of Polio A team polio provided car parking marshals for the St 2 reduced Shoebox Update casesup bya99.9 percent worldwide Life event Our shoeboxes went to our central collecting area & Michael’s Hospice Light Hospice Lightuntil up a we Lifeend event disease for Our shoeboxes went to our central collecting area & Michael’s th and won'tpeoplepower stop We we provide for thethe Pelican Cancer were then distributed by road transport Smallpox to children andinin 16 In the early 20th century We provide peoplepower for the Pelican Cancer 16thgood. were then distributed by two roaddiseases, transport to children For every £1 Rotary donates the Billof and Foundation Festive Fun Run with a couple our Albania, Moldova, Montenegro and Rumania, making a Polio, killed large numbers of people around the Festive Fun Run with a couple of our Albania, Moldova, Montenegro and Rumania, making a Foundation Gates Foundation donates £2. Melinda members also donning a Santa suit to take part total of 27,000 shoeboxes sent from the Wessex Rotary world. After ashoeboxes long worldwide vaccination campaign also donning a Santa suit to take part total of 27,000 sent from the Wessex Rotary members there are casesa Festive of Poliolunch in district, full of goodies, give a littleeradicated happiness to under 18ththUnfortunately We provided, cooked andstill served smallpox was finallyto the district, full of goodies, todeclared give a little happinessby to under 18 Pakistan, We provided, cooked and served a Festive lunch Afghanistan and Nigeria and ofthe privileged children in those countries. thank you for the Homeless and vulnerably housed the World Health Organisation in 1980 Again privileged children in those countries. Again thank you for immunisation the Homeless and vulnerably housed oftothe programme needs to continue toThere our generous donors. Camrose centre and their volunteers. is no cure for Polio and it was the one of the to our generous donors. Camrose centre and their volunteers. be proud funded until itthem is eradicated, without Rotarians oversee the boxes all theinway they’re We are to support most feared and dreaded diseases the until first of We are proud to support them Rotarians oversee the boxes all the way untilhalf they’re disease willsupporting take holdthe again. We immunisation are again pleased to be Night given thecentury. childrenAs late as 1947 it killed 688 people the to 20th We are again pleased to be supporting the Night given to the children ROTARY proud to be part of irradiating Polio Light Shelter for the Basingstoke homeless this winter Toand get affected involved alook out for info in 2019 totalout of 7,650 UK . Many of Light Shelter for the Basingstoke homeless this winter To get involved look for infoininthe 2019 Basingstoke Deane Rotary is a group of 35men & women from a wide variety of backgrounds. All live locally in the Basingstoke Deane Rotary is a group of 35men & women from a wide variety of backgrounds. All live locally in the Basingstoke Rotary is atogroup 35men & women .from wide variety Allfortunate, live locallyand in the borough butDeane some commute work of outside Basingstoke Mostajoined Rotary of to backgrounds. help others less borough but some commute to work outside Basingstoke . Most joined Rotary to help others less fortunate, and boroughthey but find someBasingstoke commute to workRotary outsideadds Basingstoke . Most joined Rotarydimension to help others lesslives. fortunate, and Deane another extremely enjoyable to their they find Basingstoke Deane Rotary adds another extremely enjoyable dimension to their lives. they find Basingstoke Deane Rotary adds another extremely enjoyable dimension to their lives. If you would like to find out more about how we enjoy ourselves, just tune in to to see what we If you would like to find out more about how we enjoy ourselves, just tune in to to see what we coming orout contact Paulwe above find out more . Youinmight be pleasantly surprised! If youhave would like toup, find moreHelen aboutorhow enjoytoourselves, just tune to to see what we have coming up, or contact Helen or Paul above to find out more . You might be pleasantly surprised! Facebook: @RotaryBasingstokeDeane Twitter: @RBstokeDeane have coming up, or contact Helen or Paul above to find out more . You might be pleasantly surprised! Facebook: @RotaryBasingstokeDeane Twitter: @RBstokeDeane Facebook: @RotaryBasingstokeDeane Twitter: @RBstokeDeane What does Rotary do? WHAT’S HAPPENING IN JANUARY 2019 WHAT’S HAPPENING JANUARY In Basingstoke there are 4INrotary clubs2019 with over 100 members, every year we raise money to ITS NOT TOO LATE TO BOOK FOR ITS NOT TOO LATE TO BOOK FOR th support local organisations charities. We also Concert Basingstoke Deane Rotary and 11 Charity Basingstoke Deane Rotary 11th Charity Concert supply support to other organisations & provide THE BAND of HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL MARINES THE BAND of HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL MARINES vital ‘manpower’ to assist in their fundraising. It all THE ANVIL BASINGSTOKE THE ANVIL BASINGSTOKE th sounds verySunday serious we all3.00pm have loads of fun January, 27 but Sunday 27th January, 3.00pm getting involved with our local community Our clubs are part of an international organisation of over 35,000 clubs in over 200 countries. A portion of the income from all clubs worldwide goes to Rotary Foundation, our international charity, it donates a over £1 million a week to Rotary’s major international projects. The other focus of our Tickets available The Anvil Box Office. international fundingfrom is the of Polio Tickets available from The eradication Anvil Box Office. Unashamedly patriotic, aPOLIO fabulous concert ! throughout the world, ‘END NOW’ Unashamedly patriotic, a fabulous concert !

Advertise with us! T: 01256 354282


News from Jolly Olly’s Coffee Shop


News fro

August…The month of holidays, of iced lattes and sunhats (we hope!)

Jolly Holidays Schools out, so what can you do with the children to keep them happy, creative and Hello occupied? Well, don’t forget that Jolly Olly and his family are always looking for company! Why not collect them from the shop and take them to the park, on a nature hunt or a walk around the area. Perhaps you could Oakley Pedalers visit the duck pond, or build a camp in the garden! They would love to come with you and they are great company!

to e

Congratulations to the

If you fancy going for picnic, you can order one from us. Delicious, freshly made sandwiches, Breast Cancer Resea homemade lemonade and a slice of homemade cake. Pop in the day before, or give us a call and boost when they stop we will have it all ready for you.

Well done to Tony Wi Last August Jolly Olly and Lola Granola spent a lovely holiday in the Highlands of Scotland sampling in aid a fantastic ca various whiskies! This year, they have already booked a camping trip in Devon but they areof keen to fill their diaries with events and bookings so do let us know if you have room for them in your suitcase this Summer. Raffles, the giant dog Oakley Show It is not too late to pick up your free entry forms for the show from Jolly Olly’s. You can also collect an entry The Wedding form for the new tug-of -war event that is being introduced this year. We hope you have all been busy practicing your baking. Our very own Julie is one of the judges and she is looking You may remember forward to tasting all the goodies.

th announced their enga Friendship Club Our next Friendship Club is scheduled for Wednesday 21st August 2.30pm – 3.30pm. Do join us for istohaving a hat sp free tea and company. If you would like more information about The Club please give us a call at the shop.Olly Lifts the August. To help the c event can usually be arranged. his customers who co

WE WILL BE CLOSED on Saturday 10th August

This is the date of the Oakley Show and so if you fancy a cuppa and a cake you can still find refreshments inBaker Oakley from 1.30pm up at the school field. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Reminder to ord all stone ba Artisan Heritage Sand and prices please com you.

School Holidays Please can we remind you that, during school holidays and INSET days at the Oakley Schools we open bread at the later time of 9.30am. 24th July – 3rd September – Summer Holidays We look forward to seeing you soon. Best wishes,

The Jolly Olly’s Team Find us at 32 Oakley Lane, Oakley RG23 7JY Tel 01256 782658)

Also, why not check out our facebook page

Skylight Electrical Services Ltd

Over 30 years of experience and fully qualified Elecsa part P and fully insured. No job too small. • New Build • Refurbishments • Rewires • Extensions

• Landlords certifications • Fault finding • Portable Appliance Testing • Repair & Maintenance FREE Estimates

Mobile: 07838 177171 / Office: 01256 471520 (Please leave a message) Email:

Oakley Calender

We are pleased to ha Council. Do come alo Sunday Opening

Although we have had quite slow. Therefore August. Apologies to Monday to Saturday ( Summer Special Stra or iced latte might tem Best wishes,

The Jolly Olly’s Team



We are now well and truly into the holiday season, so wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, please keep safe. I’ll begin with a couple of requests from my police colleagues. First can I ask that you please report ALL crime, however small or significant, because these reports really do have a direct bearing on police operations and priorities. As well as the 999 & 101 telephones, you can ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or report some crimes on line at https://www. Often the 101 number can be busy as it shares the same call centre as the 999 calls. You may wish to use one of the other reporting pathways, but do please make that call. It is reported that the government will be removing the current 15p charge for calls to 101 from April next years. The current charge is regardless of time of day or how long the call takes. You may be surprised to learn that around 30 million calls are made to 101 every year. Second, I am often told that officers attending an incident get asked why they are not aware of local ongoing issues. Sometimes it turns out that residents have been updating local pages on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and others. Unfortunately, these issues don’t have police visibility so if you use these systems, please ask someone looking after your pages, to make sure that crime issues are passed on to the police and they are kept up to date.

NO REPORT means NO RECORD which can compromise an INVESTIGATION. Those of you already on the Alert/Ourwatch National NHW system will have seen the updates from our PCSO Deborah Doherty and all PCSOs have been tasked with producing these reports which are sent out every fortnight. This makes yet another very good reason to register on the system. It is totally free to the users and the data gets sent automatically to your E-Mail inbox or by SMS text to your mobile. All you have to do is read it at your leisure. There are many things that you can do to secure your home and property whilst you are away, so here are just a few reminders. A full list could be almost endless, and there have been at least two recent Alert updates with advice on the subject, but just for starters here are a few simple things to do ; • • • • • •

Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked. Don’t leave anything outside which could make it easy for a burglar eg ladders. Use timer switches to control lights & radio etc to make the house appear to be occupied. If you have an alarm, cctv etc make sure it is operational and switched on when you leave the house. Park your car in your garage or at least in a well lit area. Manually check all doors to ensure it is properly locked. Don’t leave car keys where they are visible from outside or near front doors where they can be “vamoosed” ie stolen with a stick or similar through the letter box. • Cancel any deliveries such as milk & newspapers. • Don’t discuss holiday arrangements where you can be overheard by a stranger, but do ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property while you are away. Don’t discuss on Social Media. After lots of effort checking databases, we now know that there are around 60 NW schemes over the whole of the police Town South Beat. When you consider the number of roads which could be covered, you can easily see that this is only a very small proportion with a NW scheme. Your EDNA committee is looking to the future and working towards large area or village schemes where the Alert/Our watch National system allows us to have a Lead Coordinator assisted by several Coordinators all working together. We already have several such schemes and welcome more. Do please remember that it is essential for everyone’s safety & security that coordinators are police checked before starting the role, so if you are thinking of starting a scheme or maybe changing coordinator, you must let us know first so that the necessary checks can be made. Once approved, schemes can be visible on the Our watch web site to anyone searching on their postcode. The coordinator is not visible to anyone applying to join until such time as the coordinator approves their application. Feedback is welcomed to me at or Regards

Brian Adams


Current Trends & Varieties in the Bulb world - Tim Woodland

Monday 16 September 2019 Growing flowers for cutting - Niki Roberts

Monday 21 October 2019

Canada, Alaska & the Butchart Gardens - Jennifer Carter

Our meetings are held at Kempshott Village Hall in Stratton Park, Pack Lane and commence at 7.30pm.

Enquiries: Tel 01256 322104 or 01256 466281



with Beth

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2019 & 2020

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Prince’s Mead School, Worthy Park House, Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1AN TRILBYSA5A5Leaflet.pdf Leaflet.pdf 18/07/2016 08:00 TRILBYS 1 1 18/07/2016 08:00 01962 888000 @princesmeadschool TRILBYS A5 Leaflet.pdf







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(next to the Ballon Shop, The Spice, and Post Office) Laneand Post Office) (next to the Ballon149c Shop,Pack The Spice, (next to the Ballon Shop, The Spice, and Post Office)



HWR Farleigh Wallop 10K Trail Race on 29th September…don’t miss out! Our fantastic 10K trail course is back and with an award winning medal, race profits going to charity, prizes for ‘King and Queen of the Hill’ and post-race goodies how could you resist? Enter now at http:// Couch to 5K - they did it! After 8 weeks of hard work, sweat and a few tears we had 14 graduates of our C25K course at Basingstoke parkrun on 29th June. Chris Sandle, Claire Coyles, Daria Basham, Emily Veall, Gemma Louise, Helen Heath, Jamie Garrett, Kim Hills, Laura Robinson, Nicola Leddington, Ruth Mortlock, Tracy Sandle, Vicki Mason and Vicki Osbourne all completed our course. It was an honour for us to be part of the beginning of your running journey and we’d like to extend a very big and very public announcement of congratulations to you all! We’re a social bunch of runners On the hottest Saturday of the year so far, we hosted our first Family Summer Track Event at Down Grange. There was plenty of picnicking and sunshine, as well as welly-wanging, long jumping, sack racing, egg and spoon shenanigans and the never to be forgotten Beer Mile where participants consume a can of beer every 400m and see who wins (adults only). It was such a relaxed and fun afternoon and something the club are sure to repeat next year. HWR were honoured to be asked to volunteer at RunFestRun in its first year of operation, with free entry and camping. The running festival took place at Bowood House, Wiltshire and combined several family oriented running events with live music; a unique concept. Endurance June The biggest Hatchie event of the year so far was Endure24. Yes, this event is as relentless as it sounds! Teams and soloists ran consistently for 24 hours over the weekend of the 15th/16th June. As a club we ran a total of 2,700 miles. Alex Lee, Paul Fielding, Paul Simpson, Lin Wylie, Elliott Holt, Jeff Mitchell, Rory Horseman, Rob Kershaw and Adam McCartney took on the solo challenge clocking up 575 miles between them. Chris Furness from HWR teamed up with Mark Slaney from BMHAC to show true cross-club camaraderie and finished first in the male pairs category running a total of 170 miles. Our speedy ladies’ team ‘Does my bum look fast in this?’ who were Danielle Butler, Alison Ammundsen, Becky Lloyd, Rhianna Stanley, Ruth Hayward, Sarah Evans and Rachel Mills finished second in their category. The Hampshire Hoppit is a tough terrain course so well done to Marc Bancroft, Liam Williams, Lorna Martin, Phil Gordon, Denise Hill, Fiona Bone, Kelly Fount, Gary Jones, Alan Vallis, Andy Brace, Chris Furness and Paul Forder for completing the full marathon on the 9th June. As always, our runners took on so many races and challenges this month; it’s difficult to pick a focus when we want to trumpet about every single amazing achievement. However, one that is worth a mention is Man vs. Horse completed by Steve Lamb and Jo Heine…this really is exactly what it says on the tin! We’re an all-inclusive club who simply love running. For more information, please visit, our Facebook page or email

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Kempshott Village Hall Tel. 01256 324314


Our Super Seniors enjoying Janice's Keep Fit classes.

Guests at the Inspero

( Garden Party enjoying afternoon tea prepared by the volunteers and the upbeat musical entertainment provided by our local Tune for Life singers ( The Village Hall has traditionally hired out the main hall and the small hall and currently is home to the regular hirers:Monday Toddlers 9.30am – 13.20pm (depending on age). ( Womens Institute 2pm-4pm ( 2nd and 4th Monday of the month) Weight Watchers 5.30 - 7pm in the Main Hall Call Vanda 07719 428953 or email Horticultural Group 7-9pm (3rd Monday of the month) Tuesday Kaderosi Art Club - 10-1pm Call Kathy on 07799 693339 Move it or Lose It (keep fit) 2.30-3.30 in the Main Hall - for details contact Amanda Bellia on 0739 9618947 Weight Watchers 5pm and again at 6.30pm Call Vanda 07719 428953 or email Pilates - 8.15pm See for details Wednesday Happy Days Toddlers Group 9.45 - 11.30 Call 01256 323853 Kempshott Daytime Club 2.00 - 4.00 (Community room) Call 01256 470171 or email Super Seniors Keep Fit 2.00 - 3.00 Call Janice on 07789 711294 for details Pilates for Seniors and Back Care - 3.15 - 4.15 Call Janice on 07789 711294 for details Dog training - 6.30 - 7.30 Call Dale on 07957 806752 Thursday Pilates 9.30 - 10.30 See for details Pilates 10:45 - 11.45 See for details Open Sight (Visually Impaired Group) 1-4pm every other week. Pilates 6.30 - 7.30pm Call Becky on 07725 581218 or email Craft Club - 6pm - 9pm, in the Small Hall £3 per person (includes refreshment) Call Kathy 01256 324314 Friday Kestrel Art Club - 10-1pm USKO Martial Arts - 6-7pm Nifty Ninjas USKO Martial Arts - 7-8pm Senior Grade Adults

Call Kathy on 07799 693339 Tel. 07973 562752 Tel. 07973 562752

The hall is also used regularly throughout the year by Kempshott History Group, Kempshott Neighbourhood Watch, Kempshott & District Residents Association, Southern Counties Catfish

Every first Wednesday of each month, £2 per person, starts 7.30pm all welcome. Call Kathy on 01256 324314 for more info.


5I regularly TIPSvisitFOR WINDOWS 10 home users that don’t want to move away from Windows 7 because they like it but Windows

7 is coming to the end of its life in January 2020 so Windows 10 is the only option if you want to continue to use a PC. Some people don’t like Windows 10 because they were used to Windows 7 but Windows 10 has many features that improve the user experience significantly covering usability and productivity.


Windows 7 had a nice and simple menu that evolved from Windows 95 but in Microsoft’s haste to create a better tablet operating system they created the awful Windows 8 Tile menu and the inability to boot straight to the desktop. Microsoft clearly learnt from this mistake and brought back the start menu, albeit a hybrid of the old and new. However, what Microsoft also did was to populate this dynamic menu with a cluster of unwanted icons and promoted/sponsored features like Amazon or Netflix. To make this feature more usable, the first thing is to clean this menu and populate this with your most common applications. Click the “Start” button and then right click each Icon and select “Unpin from Start”. Not only will this make you menu more pertinent but it will speed up access as all the “live” tiles will now be gone!


The taskbar is a very useful and powerful feature to increase productivity. A normal Windows 10 installation puts some icons here by default but you may not use them. Clean the Taskbar by right clicking the icons and selecting “Unpin from Taskbar”. Now populate the Taskbar with applications you do use. You can right click a program icon on the Start Menu or from the programs menu and select the “More > Pin to Taskbar”. This will now appear as a plain icon which you can click to launch. Once launched, you will see a line under the icon showing that it’s open. You can also hover over the icon to the various windows you may have open. For instance, you may have three Excel spreadsheets open so hover over the Excel icon in the toolbar and select the right spreadsheet from the documents that pop up. In addition, the Taskbar icons may have quick task and recent documents. For instance, with Excel, right clicking the icon reveals the most recent documents and also provides a feature to “Pin” commonly used spreadsheets. Similarly, if you use Outlook, you can right click the Outlook icons and create a “New E-mail message”.


We take this for granted nowadays but the big breakthough that Windows made, even from version 3, was to run mulitlpe appliations at once. Prior to this, you could only run one application and would then have to close that application to open another app. Move forward 30 years and we can run mutliple applications across multiple desktops. Many people switch applications using the mouse to select an application from the task bar but it’s so easy to swap between applications but simply pressing and holding the ALT key and then press the TAB key. If you keep your thumb on the ALT key you can continue to press TAB to cycle through all your open Apps. Windows 10 has improved on this process by using the Windows Key ( ) and TAB. This brings up the “Task View” with an historic view of your applications. You’ll also see an option at the top of the screen that allows you to create a “New Desktop”. This is a virtual desktop that allows you to open applications in a separate environment keeping your main desktop clean. You can easily swap between desktops by pressing the Windows Key + Right CTRL key and then press the left or right arrow.


It’s important that you keep Windows 10 installation updated with the latest security update but one of the most frustrating aspects of the Windows 10 update process is its insistence on updating right in the middle of an important task. To control this set the “Active Hours” in the settings app from “Home > Update & Security > Windows Update > Change active hours”. Here you can set a Start and End time in which period Windows will not restart. You may also want to restrict uploads to other PCs. Windows 10 has the option to “share” updates but the wording “Allow downloads from other PCs” actually enables uploads as well. To switch this option off, open the Settings and go to “Home > Update & Security > Delivery Optimisation” and switch this option off.


A keyboard shortcut key is a simple keystroke combination that speeds up a task and if you can master just a few of these you will save plenty of time. The problem is there are SO many shortcuts I just can’t list them here so take a look at https://

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We are now in the middle of the outdoor bowling season so June and July has been a very busy time for our bowlers at Howard Park B.C. On Wednesday 26 June Howard Park hosted the Kath Mcfauld Pairs Competition, a North Hampshire Women’s Bowling Association competition. Entries came from Clubs around North Hampshire. This was an all day event from 9.30am to a completion at approx. 5.00 pm so it was a long but very successful day. The semi-final winners on the day were Yateley B.C. and Alton Social B.C. and they will meet in the Final on 2nd September at Cove B.C. As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations we hosted a friendly match playing other clubs from the Basingstoke & Deane Bowling Assoc. This involved teams from Thorneycroft, Andover, Oakley and Marnell. The top rink on the day was Thorneycroft running out worthy winners. A Friendly Match on Saturday saw us playing away at Odiham Bowls Club where we had a close victory of 96 – 94. On Sunday 30 June Howard Park bowlers played in a fun competition for members, the Fantastic 5’s competition with eventual winners being Terry Crame, Christine Sellers, Ken Weedon, Don Shepherd and David Collins. Also, for the first time at our Club we played a game of Crown Green which was fun and enjoyed by everyone. On Sunday 4 August, we have the pleasure of the Mayor of Basingstoke & Deane, Cllr. Diane Taylor visiting us to officially re-open our “new” Clubhouse. You are most welcome to come along to our drop in sessions every Monday 2.00pm – 4.00pm and Tuesday 6.00pm – 8.00pm. Or contact Alan Tait 01256 329493 – Mob.0739 2064252 if these times are not suitable for you. Remember - Don’t give up doing things because you are getting older – you get old when you stop doing things.

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Hello. My name is Debbie Veel. I am one of the Licensed Lay Ministers (LLM’s or Readers as they are sometimes known) at St. Mark’s church. LLM’s are not ordained, so we don’t I’m not sure exactly when this goes to print butwear my guess is that by now, we know the next Prime a dog collar, but we can do much of what a vicar can do with some notable Minister. exceptions. We can’t bless the communion wine and bread; we can’t marry people nor do we baptise anyone. Interestingly enough, we can lead funerals. Other than that we preach, lead worship, prayer and mid-week groups and we are involved running of the church. I think I’m a bit of a politics junkie and found the leadership contest fascinating. It seemed to bein the a battle of it as being a bit like being a deputy head of a school.

between the undoubted style of Johnson versus the intellectual substance of Hunt. The perception that Boris I am writing this month because, as you may or may not know, the Rev. Kelvin and Jane Taylor left St. Mark’s is the man to “get the job done” v the reality ofat his decidedly unimpressive track record. the end of May. They had been with us for nine years and we are sad to see them go. Many exciting things have happened in the church and community under their leadership.

The decision to participate in a live televised debate had apparently troubled Johnson’s camp. Yes, the format For example- we have started a messy church (very informal craft, food, a short needs to be balanced and clearly the chance to describe hiscelebration opponent “managerial” though were and lotsas of fun for families of all ages (as 2.30pm -5pm everythat third Saturday); we have started doing the fabulous ‘Open the Book’ assemblies forBoJo the Y4’swas in the in some way a bad thing) was always going to be too tempting to resist but I guess overall Team junior school; started Saturday @ Saint Mark’s (2nd Saturday of the month from worried about the disproportionate impact that these short9:30am) sessions might haveto on of ancestry, grass tryroots which is an informal chance learn months’ such things as your flower arranging go for walks or bike rides round Kempshott or find out about various things to do with IT or further campaigning. education. We have employed an Outreach Worker and renovated our kitchen at church – if you have ever used the old kitchen at St. but slender majority tripped up by a moment’s verbal clumsiness? Certainly, a risk, (particularly Mark’s you know what state it was in! All of this and much more under Kelvin’s influences? leadership. but what does this tell us about voter’s Do voters make their choices on detailed

A hard won with Boris), Kelvin andand Jane are off on a well-deserved holiday to their or on a candidate’s gift analysis of manifestos, as de Montfort, Washington Pankhurst mightlong have hoped favourite place- the Greek islands. We wish them well, as I am sure of the gab? many of you do also.

It is a time of change transition them andof for intellectual the church. This contrast between lazy short-term impressionism andand the hardforwork analysis is not new It may well be a time change and transition for you You may be changing job; maybe moving house; of course. The first televised election debate took place inofAmerica nearly 60too. years ago, in September 1960, having a new baby; getting married; leaving home for the first time to go to university or to travel. There between Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy. Radio (whochanges formed a large of the audience may alsolisteners be some less pleasant happening in yourpercentage life- divorce, unemployment, bereavement. in those days) considered that Nixon had won theIn intellectual debate convincingly. Television viewers, however, the church’s year, the weeks just gone still form part of the ‘Easter Season’. It was a time of transition and change for Jesus’ disciples too. They had travelled around the country with Jesus, listening to himyoung teach and who were able to see silent but damning beads of sweat on Nixon’s aging brow felt that the handsome preach, watching him do miracles and healings. But they hadn’t quite understood ‘what he was really about.’ Democrat had won the day, (as indeed he went on to). This suggests that even then superficial appearance On Easter Sunday and on many occasions after that they met the risen Lord Jesus, and during this time, was more influential than detailed analysis. before He ascended to heaven, they began to understand all that He was teaching and explaining to them about God and about how much He loves each and every one of us. They finally did begin to comprehend

All this got me to thinking about how the Christian is perceived today. Is it seen as flamboyant, warm ‘what HeChurch was really about.’ and attractive but ultimately ineffective, or dull, cold and slightly pompous purpose? I Many of what are called resurrection appearances but in the nonetheless Bible involve eating. fit Thisfor is important because it tells us that the risen Jesus had a real physical body -he wasn’t some kind of ghostly apparition. very much fear that the majority, although hopefully not all, non-churchgoers, have an image of Church and Often the disciples didn’t immediately recognize Jesus-‘he was the same but different.’ The best analogy of religion that is very unattractive. this is when maybe you have had your hair done or get new glasses. Often people comment that there is

‘something a bit different about you’ but they cannot quite place their finger on it. My father, bless him, didn’t teach me very much (apart from how to smoke cigarettes, drink beer and generally During this transition period, Jesus appeared to his disciples in pairs, groups and once to 500 people in one get away with stuff), but he did have a few memorable sayings in his legacy to me and one of them was “God go. This tells us that Jesus’ resurrection appearances couldn’t have been a hallucination. It is unlikely that 2 or 3of people, let alone would have had the same hallucination! is not religious” and I think there’s an awful lot truth in 500 that. Transition is unsettling and often make us feel ill at ease - It was for the disciples, it is for us at St. Mark’s

To me, much of what we call religion is man-made has been hijacked political purposes and it mayand well be for you. We wonder, “What for we’ll do?” and “Howand we willmilitary manage?” Jesus promised to send his disciples a ‘helper’, which we call the Holy Spirit, to guide & support them and enable them to countless times through history. The immutable, often impenetrable rules, the rituals and the complex manage and find a way through. ceremonies that seem intractable from the public perception of Church must put some people off. At its best this pageantry is undoubtedly spectacular and glorious and I accept that this style does bring great comfort to many people. Seen in a certain light however, it looks designed to elevate the players above the audience, whereas I think God made us all as equals. Different, yes; special, certainly - each with a unique range of skills and abilities but ultimately sharing the same love and access to God as each other. No-one, at all, will ever be denied that love and access and that is the real substance of God’s promise. It does feel to me personally that much of the pomp and ceremony informing the public perception of religion just gets in the way of a relationship with God who, let’s face it, has had the purest, unchanging message for us for the last 2,000 years. God loves every single one of us and knows us better than we know ourselves. Simples. We all get irritated by other people and sometimes think “I just don’t like you very much”. Worse we see ourselves as in some way better than others. We know this wrong and unhelpful but we just can’t help it. When this thought strikes though I try to remind myself that God loves that person too so if He can love them what right have I to feel differently? tyle v Substance? Perception v Reality? You don’t have to choose - God is there for everyone.


St Marks Church

Would you like us to pray for you? Then please contact the office on 01256 840502 weekdays (10am-1.00pm)

Homesteads Road


r The Pa m o r f tices


Please visit the website or facebook page for more information Email: Website: Facebook:


Every Sunday at 8.30am Holy Communion. All services at 10am unless stated otherwise                                                                       4th August 08:30am Holy Communion 10.00am All age (worshipping together)

18th August 08:30am Holy Communion 10.00am All age (worshipping together) 25th August 08:30am Holy Communion 10.00am All age (worshipping together)

11th August 08:30am Holy Communion 10.00am All age (worshipping together)

Kempshott Methodist Church

Kempshott Lane

Sunday morning worship at 10.30 4 August

Morning worship Led by Mr Tony Bell

11 August Morning worship and Holy Communion Led by Revd Audrey Browne 18 August Morning worship Led by Mrs Kim Kelly 25 August A united service at Trinity Methodist Church, Sarum Hill Led by Mr Stephen Appiah

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Table tennis for the family every Friday at 7.30pm



LOCAL SURGERY Acorn Health Partnership St Andrew's Centre,Western Way, Basingstoke Tel: (01256) 324666 Beggarwood Surgery Broadmere Road, Basingstoke Tel: 01256 396500 CHURCHES St Marks Church Office Tel: 840502 (Weekdays 9am - 1pm) Email: Kempshott Methodist Church Revd Audrey Browne, tel 01256 323103 General enquiries 01256 468969 Sunday Morning Worship at 10.30am St Andrews Methodist Church, Western Way Office 816173 St. Joseph’s R.C. Church St. Michael’s Road, South Ham 323595 The Salvation Army Corps, Church and Comm. Ctr. Wessex Close, RG21 3NP  01256 328178 CHATTERBOX NURSERY


0333 0003 330 COMMUNITY POLICING Police (In emergency please dial 999) Police General Enquiries 101 Community Safety Patrol Officers Matthew Swales-Glasscoe Email: Tel: 01256 844844 Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 BOROUGH COUNCILLORS - KEMPSHOTT Cllr Tony Capon - 07910 203772 Email: Cllr Anne Court - 01256 354282 Email: Cllr Hayley Eachus 07775 727097 Email BOROUGH COUNCILLORS - BUCKSKIN Cllr Tony Jones - 07852 494718

Children aged 2years - 5 years Mon, Tues, & Thurs:- 8am - 3pm, Wed:- 8am - 3pm For more details call 01256 350533 (term time only) or email

Cllr Stephanie Grant - Bus. phone: 07786 512226

NOAH’S ARK PLAY SCHOOL Noah’s opening time 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday Children aged from 2 - 5 years Call :01256 323853 or 07592 913953 or

Cllr Gary Watts - No telephone number listed Email


Cllr Sean Keating – 01256 422969 Email:

SNAPDRAGONS Cllr Colin Regan – 07796 225618 Snapdragons are Mon - Thurs 8.30am - 3pm for children aged 2 - 5 Call 01256 818857 MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT or visit website at Rt Hon Maria Miller MP - 0207 219 5749 SNAPDRAGONS KEMPSHOTT UNDER 5S House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Telephone 07951660401 or email KEMPSHOTT VILLAGE HALL Bookings & Enquiries Tel. 01256 324314 KANCARE (KEMPSHOTT NEIGHBOURCARE) Website: 07905 272711 Mon - Fri 09.00 - 17.00 OLD DOWN HALL FAULTY STREET LIGHTS Bookings & Enquiries Tel. 01256 356974 0845 850 44 22 Email: ReportFault.aspx Website: POWER CUT Power cut - call 105 You can also call this number if you spot electrical damage. This is a free national service http://www. All dates and phone numbers are believed to be correct at the time of going to press. No responsibility can be taken for errors. All content is copyright of “The Kempshott Kourier”. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for views expressed by contributors, or for the accuracy of claims made by the advertisers.

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Smart TV Installation Full set up and demonstration of TV DVD BT Vision etc.

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Kempshott August 2019  

Kempshott August 2019  

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