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Quality family medicine‌ improving healthcare day by day.

Amdocs provides variety, challenge, and the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. I enjoy talking to elders with their everyday wisdom… helpful with my interacting more with the children and teens of the community. Dr. Syble Khusi MBChB Amdocs Physician

Delivering care with care. Amdocs’ care is patient-centred. Why work with Amdocs? Reasons vary from practitioner to practitioner, but usually include: • the focus on family medicine • the opportunity to “give back” • the opportunity to spend time with patients and experience improved health outcomes in the community they serve • all administration is looked after (office/overhead/staffing) • a balanced pace and regular hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30am -4:30pm

Amdocs is a community-based physician services group providing primary care through a shared group practice model in remote and northern Canadian communities. Since joining forces with The North West Company (NWC) in 2009, Amdocs has benefitted from NWC’s substantial infrastructure on the ground, human resources, processes, technologies, and relationships in order to deliver effective health programming. Discernable clinical standards and productivity are reported in accordance with government requirements. Amdocs physicians conform to current Canadian practice guidelines and standards, have university academic affiliations, and are developing collaborative partnerships with specialty programs. In order to improve health outcomes in the communities they serve, Amdocs physicians can expect to work in an environment that includes: • a patient-centered approach • a wide scope of practice that addresses community needs • full support (administrative, personal, logistical, academic, and clinical) • practice standards, quality improvement/assurance, critical occurrence review, and conflict resolution support • professional development opportunities • effective technology and innovation • medical direction • dynamic practice opportunities with flexible contract arrangements • University affiliation and academic appointments

Compassion + Care + Competence Amdocs’ support allows each practitioner to function at the top of his or her license. Much of Amdocs’ historical success is built on collaborative efforts where physicians play the pivotal role in creating a supportive environment that allows service delivery by the most appropriate member of a multi-professional team. This ultimately leads to better adherence to practice guidelines and better patient outcomes. Through a team-healthcare approach, Amdocs physicians are able to change health outcomes – improving health one patient, one community at a time. Amdocs’ care model, which integrates managed care solutions, is proving successful in changing the outcome of disease as well as changing communities’ outlooks concerning their own health. Comprehensive healing relationships and a focus on wellness are vastly superior to brief moments of in-person patient visits. Amdocs specializes in comprehensive integrated practice, using diagnostic capability, pharmacy services, Telehealth, and a full continuum of skilled health professionals working in a collaborative practice mode— responsive to physician needs and concerns. The delivery of high quality family physician services includes chronic disease management, and practice consultant support for nurse clinician services.

Superior Rewards Amdocs physicians benefit from one of the strongest remuneration packages available to physicians working in Canada, including:

Amdocs offers a professional challenge as well as a supportive and friendly work environment. I find ample time to further my education and pursue other personal goals… and I work on the edge of a beautiful lake. In a nutshell, a physician’s heaven! Dr. Daniel Botha MBChB, CCFP Amdocs Physician

I feel like I am contributing and making a difference in the wellbeing of a community that needs me. Amdocs is an organization that respects my input as a physician and supports me on a daily basis. Dr. Robert Allen MD, CCFP Amdocs Physician

• an annual package starting at $360,000+ for full-time positions • furnished accommodations and meal allowance provided • 220 days per annum, 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday • collaborative team practice with a balanced patient load • seven weeks of leave plus statutory holidays • relocation and travel assistance • flexibility of full or part-time contracts.

Working in sparsely-populated communities offers opportunities for contemplation and reflection – rarely found in urban centres. Most Amdocs physicians fly in and out of the remote communities they serve on a weekly basis.

Improving health outlooks… 2000 Dr. Anthon Meyer, a family physician from South Africa, arrives in Thompson, Manitoba. Confronted by the third-world health conditions he encounters in First Nations communities, he sets plans in place for positive change. 2003 Anthon Meyer Doctors Service (Amdocs) is formed, delivering in-situ physician services in Cross Lake, MB. 2004 On-call telephone assistance is provided to nurses working in the Manitoban First Nations communities of Oxford House, Shamattawa, Split Lake, South Indian Lake, Nelson House, Brochet, Lac Brochet, and Tadoule Lake. 2006 Amdocs begins servicing communities in northwest Ontario with a clinic in Pikangikum, followed by Big Trout Lake, Muskrat Dam, and Sioux Lookout. 2007 A clinic staffed by Amdocs physicians opens in Gods Lake Narrows, MB. Word of improving health outcomes spreads within First Nations leadership, fuelling additional requests for Amdocs to extend primary healthcare services to under-served communities.

Working with Amdocs guarantees a healthy balance between personal and professional life, offering job satisfaction and an excellent opportunity for academic and personal growth. Working with Amdocs makes you enjoy being a doctor again! Dr. Werner Pieterse MBChB Amdocs Physician

2008 Amdocs’ program is introduced in Gods River, MB with a special focus on disease management and collaborative practice.

Amdocs focuses on academic excellence with the launch of its own Continuing Medical Education (CME) program. Amdocs’ physicians’ university academic affiliation enables assistance with Manitoba’s Provincial Government initiative in family medicine resident training and support in northern, remote, and rural communities. 2011 Amdocs signs an MOU with Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc. (MKO), the political organization representing northern First Nation communities in Manitoba, identifying Amdocs as it’s preferred partner. Amdocs Inc. and NWC’s Health Products and Services Division form a jointventure partnership with MKO to create Muskehki Inc. in order to deliver pharmaceutical services to 30 MKO First Nations in northern Manitoba.

Contact us to change the way you practice family medicine…

Amdocs Inc. 77 Main Street Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 2R1 Phone: (204) 934 1579 Fax: (204) 934 1602 Toll-free: 1 888 934 1556

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2010 Dr. Dave Williams joins Amdocs Inc. as Chief of Staff and Medical Director. Planning and negotiations proceed with various stakeholders and groups of First Nations leaders with regards to introducing sustainable healthcare systems and solutions in remote communities.

Amdocs provides community-based physician services through a group practice model. Our approach is proving successful in changing health outlooks for remote and northern Canadian communities.

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2009 Amdocs joins forces with The North West Company (NWC). NWC is Canada’s leading northern retailer and this country’s largest non-governmental employer of First Nations people. An expanded team of full-time staff concentrate on physician recruitment, support services including logistics, infrastructure development, and community relations, and expanding Amdocs’ service offer in remote communities.

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