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Quality, Care & Loyalty

Welcome On behalf of all who belong to our community, welcome to Hardenhuish, a mixed 11-18 comprehensive school set in the magnificent parkland of the former Hardenhuish Manor and Chippenham Grammar School. Our prospectus will give you a flavour of what makes Hardenhuish special – our shared values that underpin everything we do. Choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions made by parents for their children. This brochure is one of a number of ways we provide information upon which to base that decision and explains how you can find out more about us. And we are always delighted to arrange tours of the School at parents’ convenience. But for now, enjoy our prospectus.

Quality, Care & Loyalty

Dear Parents I hope this prospectus and the information which accompanies it will help to introduce our school to you and explain our vision for the education of our pupils. It should start a dialogue and a process which will see your child well supported in transferring to Hardenhuish School. Our aim: Raising the Quality of Achievement for all pupils, underpins all our work and values for the young people in our care. I want all our children to fulfil their potential and I pledge that I and all my colleagues will work hard to achieve this. Secondary education introduces key elements of choice and responsibility for pupils. As a school servicing the whole of our community, I want to offer a range of opportunities for everyone here. I certainly expect pupils to achieve the qualifications they need for further and higher education and for adult working life but I also want them to experience a richness and diversity of personal, social and recreational opportunities. This success needs your support and our school is committed to working with you, listening to you and supporting your family through all your child’s learning and personal development. I want young people to gain independence but not at the expense of the care and support we will continue to provide. And beyond school? We will work hard to nurture this independence in your child’s learning. Indeed we want all our pupils to be lifelong learners committed to widening their horizons and bringing rigour and enthusiasm to everything they do. Above all I want our pupils to enjoy their learning and their time at Hardenhuish. I know how important secondary school is in shaping the future of the young people in our care.

Yours sincerely

C E Smith Headteacher


“An excellent school with friendly, confident pupils” Parent

“The headteacher provides inspirational leadership to the school. He has great vision, a real sense of purpose and an unflinching commitment to raising standards. He is an outstanding communicator and motivates staff, pupils, parents, governors and the wider community alike. He is an excellent role model and is held in the highest esteem by all.” OFSTED

“Many thanks to you and other year 8 staff for a very useful Parents’ Evening, we appreciate the time and thoughtfulness involved. We were particularly impressed by your professional welcoming committee!” Parent

Our site is spacious and attractive; our accommodation is spread out and wonderfully contrasting. Our school fields are vast and on our doorstep. We are acutely aware that Hardenhuish will be a far bigger school than any primary locally. We have resisted the temptation to enrol more and more pupils. We are clear about what it is we are trying to help our pupils achieve and we believe that our site contributes to that process. The sense of space that characterises Hardenhuish provides pupils with a calm and productive working environment where learning can be personalised.

Quality, Care & Loyalty

Transfer We aim to make the transfer to Hardenhuish as seamless as possible. We provide many opportunities for parents and the pupils themselves to build links with us well in advance of the actual transfer. We offer Year 5 pupils the chance to spend at least one day with us and we have a number of teachers who might pass them en route as they head off in the opposite direction to work on various projects in local primary schools, often, though not always, linked to our Specialist Schools Maths and Computing status. These visits help to put pay to any lingering myths!

On three consecutive days in June, we open our doors to parents of Year 5 pupils and provide opportunities for them to meet and ask questions of the Head. We also open classroom doors and encourage parents to join in lessons so that they can get a real sense of the teaching and learning experience at Hardenhuish. Our Open Evening provides parents and sons/daughters with another opportunity to walk the site, meet teachers, talk to pupils and attempt some typical Year 7 tasks. Our Learning Manager for Year 7 coordinates our transfer arrangements and is supported by a team of pastoral managers, together with our Special Educational Needs staff. We want our newcomers to hit the ground running. Having forged positive links with parents through the transfer process, we determine to build on them. It is very unlikely that the parent-teacher relationship at Hardenhuish will mirror the one that existed in the primary school. It will be different mainly because secondary school pupils insist on it! Understandably, they want more independence and it is a part of our job to help that to happen, but we pace the move towards independence over a number of years and always centre it on teacher, parent and pupil discussion. We communicate with home generally through the termly Newsletter, regular information-updates from Learning Managers and our web-site. Letting parents know about teaching and learning issues happens informally through the student diary and more formally through regular reports indicating rates of progress. Each year there are three opportunities for parents to meet with tutors and subject teachers to review progress.

For those parents who want to work more closely with school, there are a number of options: • Parent helpers support our Improving Reading Scheme. They help our pupils to learn to read more effectively and make a literacy-difference. • Parent Forums are arranged by Learning Managers and provide an insight into those aspects of teaching and learning at school that particularly interest parents or are topical. • The Friends of Hardenhuish School comprises parents who wish to contribute socially or financially. All monies raised enrich the resources of the school.

“Really impressed! Happy pupils and interesting lessons” Parent

• The Hardenhuish Trust takes more of a business approach to fund raising with more of an emphasis on fund-raising. • The Pupils and Parents’ governors’ committee meets termly and is an elected body suiting those parents who might be interested in the closer workings of the school.

Partnership All members of Hardenhuish School work hard to deliver high standards because we are ambitious for young people. Our Maths and Computing Specialist Status has not only provided us with dynamic resources, it has encouraged us to link more closely with primary schools, secondary schools throughout Wiltshire and a number of business and community groups who bring new and challenging dimensions to our work. We want to match and even exceed the expectations parents have of their children. To help achieve this, we provide a fantastically rich variety of extended curriculum opportunities.

“The partnership with parents and community is excellent” OFSTED “In particular I was amazed at the work of the Sixth Form students, the GCSE abstract artist, and the ceramics. There is something very special being developed in the students in this department. It confirms the reasons we are all proud to be associated with the school” Governor


“A large number of pupils enhance their performance in sport through a very good programme of extra-curricular sport” OFSTED

Educational visits allow our pupils to look into contexts other than school to extend their learning. Within the first two terms, a Year 7 residential experience is organised to help pupils make new friends, take on new challenges and build confidence in a new team of people. We host artists, novelists, poets, theatre groups and touring companies. Our Activities programme at Key Stage 3 is typical of the variety of opportunities we offer our pupils… Animal Magic, Better Badminton, Comic and Cartoon Masterclass …the list goes on, all providing learning experiences that take place beyond the curriculum. Hardenhuish has a reputation for the quality of its stunning productions ...concerts, dance shows, drama, exhibitions, gymnastic displays. We motivate pupils of all abilities to aim high. Pupils are encouraged to shape the direction of the school by exercising their “voice”. Some go on to represent their tutor or even year group on the School Council.

“I loved every minute of the performance” Pupil

“Pupils benefit from a wide range of opportunities to participate in activities beyond the classroom” OFSTED

“Pupils saw the school as a place which expected them to do well and they find the staff approachable and keen to help them to learn and to develop as individuals” OFSTED

Care Our Year 7 Learning Manager and tutor team settles the pupils in and gets them used to our expectations. The tutors remain with the year group, but they and the year group have a new Learning Manager who oversees them to the end of each key stage. This system provides reassurance early on and allows a strong relationship to develop between the Pastoral Team, parents and pupils over a period of time. We have a very strong support system with plenty of experience and knowledge. The school has high expectations of all pupils. We have clear policies about issues such as behaviour and bullying. Everyone is taught through the Code of Conduct, that the school respects the individual’s right to learn and achieve. PSHE and Citizenship lessons provide opportunities for pupils to explore and understand changing relationships and maturities. At Hardenhuish, every child matters.

“What can I say – what a talented group of students we have and what a fantastic team supporting them!!!” Governor

We recognise that everyone associated with Hardenhuish, and especially the pupils, flourish in an environment where their efforts are acknowledged. We look to reward progress for all our pupils at a local level, within the classroom but also at year group and Key Stage level.

We recognise achievement in a variety of ways: •

Through our merit system, and congratulations from senior teachers.

Through special mentions in year group achievement assemblies

Through our Awards’ Evenings where pupils and parents share successes.

“How impressed I was by the quiet, caring dignity of your students. They were respectful, friendly and obviously looking after each other” Visitor Quality, Care & Loyalty


“Kirandeep is thoroughly enjoying her time at Hardenhuish and has gained so much in terms of academic achievements and personal development. As parents, we feel that Hardenhuish continues to offer Kirandeep the opportunity to realise her potential both academically and as a person in her own right with the right mix of support and challenge. Thank you for that.” Parent

The recent District Tag Rugby festival attracted 32 local primary school teams to Chippenham… Hardenhuish School provided the bulk of the volunteer referees for the afternoon and they showed a great level of commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm to help make the festival the success that it undoubtedly was… the guys that came down to help handled themselves extremely maturely and were a credit to themselves and the school. Sports Development Officer

Quality, Care & Loyalty

“On behalf of the Senior Examination Team I am very pleased to inform you that two of your students were amongst the highest scoring candidates in the GCSE Examinations in the country. We would all like to offer our congratulations on this excellent performance.� Assessment Leader

“Whilst we applaud the efforts James has put into making his first year such a success, we felt it appropriate to acknowledge the efforts of all the teachers who have been involved with him this year and who have managed to fire his enthusiasm for learning. Their dedication and professionalism have only served to reinforce our opinion that Hardenhuish is the best school for our son.� Parent


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Hardenhuish Prospectus  

Hardenhuish School Prospectus

Hardenhuish Prospectus  

Hardenhuish School Prospectus