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exclusive feature

Meet the faces behind The Oasis


Cocktail Dresses From Linda Asaf [p.18]


Four Course Tour Explore Soleil [p.38]



te for h r boo im & ts her

Creature Comforts Animal-Inspired Accessories From The Treasury [p.42]

p l u s : m a k e u p & p e r f u m e f i n d s • h o l i d ay p a r t y w i n e & s p i r i t s • a r m c a n d y p u r s e s • & m o r e


2 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

what happens here lives with you forever. There is a place where the memories grow in abundance. And last forever. At the luxuriously untamed Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa, every room, every meal, every day is designed to make the most of every moment. And to make each moment a memorable one.

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Our Very Best, Reserved for You


Our Very Best, Our Our Very Very Best, Best, Reserved Reserved for You R fo






512.947.6711 512.947.6711512.94

4 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011 www.Ranche

nov/dec 2011 Volume I • issue 1


A n i ta C . R o b e rt s

executive editor eliz abeth cook

Associ ate Editor Ashley Henson

creative director

k e ta n S . pat e l , p u r ec ya n . c o m

graphic designer

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K i m Vo

Director, Business Development To r i t i n n o n

oa s i s l i f e st y l e Co n t r i b u to r s speci a l feature w riter car o ly n j o n e s S t y l e c o n s u lt a n t a d r i e n n e g uz m a n c ov e r p h o t o g r ap h e r e l l e n y e at e s C o n t r i b u t i n g p h o t o g r ap h e r s R u dy A r o c h a , E l i s a F e rrar i , to n y k u , Er i c Vo n L e h m d e n

oa si s li fe st y le is a com plim entary bi - month ly pu blication of AMC Pu blish ing , LLC an d is available at pre fe rred locations th roug hout th e g reate r Austin area . To becom e a pre fe rre d distri bution point for Oasis Li fest yle Maga zin e please email us at i n fo@amcpu blishing . n et su bm i s sion requ i rem en t s visit oasislifest ylemag .com or contact in fo@amcpu blish i ng . n et. a mc publishi ng, llc 3006 Bee Caves Rd.,Ste. 215, Austin, Texas 78746 Telephone. 512 . 380.1611 • Facsimile. 512 .366.9942 amcpu blish ing . n et

Copyrig ht © 2 011 by amc pu blish ing , llc all rig hts reserved. re production in whole or part without pe rm is sion is proh ibited.

Bette Gould Cook

Marketing Director North/Central Austin 512.965.9856

Gwen Johansen

Downtown Austin

Corporate Office 823 Congress Ave., Ste. 1400 Austin, Texas 78701 512.482.0851

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Tiesa Hollaway

Texas V. P. Marketing Downtown 512.539.7746

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letters from the editor

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to OASIS Lifestyle Magazine! With an ‘oasis’ attitude as a backdrop for the stylish Hill Country lifestyle, and this new magazine as its voice, I am thrilled to wave it high as a distinctive entrant to the publishing field. For a long time, I have been building an appetite for this magazine ... and now, like a beaming chef, I’m delighted that the marinating flavors are finally here. Over the years, I have watched with excitement as this expanding area gathers momentum and it is wonderful to see that a unique watering hole on Comanche Trail is no longer just the place for the best darn sunsets in Texas. Now, Oasis, Texas complements the laid-back ambiance of these many acres on the cliffs of Lake Travis as a gathering point for the urbane set of modern-day Austin. Thus, the impetus for stories to be told! Just as an ‘oasis’ provides relief from a dreary routine, so will OASIS Lifestyle offer a unique take on Hill Country chic. With the rich history of the sacred land surrounding Lake Travis, each edition promises to impress. OASIS Lifestyle is definitely an escape from the ordinary. Quoting from one of my favorite authors, Dorthea Benton Frank, “Sometimes fate pushes you to take a chance on something in life, and it can make all the difference.” Without Beau Theriot taking that chance with his vision, entrepreneurial spirit, blood, sweat and tears, legions of individuals worldwide would not be able to reap the enjoyment of his creations day in and day out.

Since 1982, Beau has invested his life in bringing one-of-a-kind experiences to those who travel to and onto Comanche Trail. One thing about Beau, he doesn’t climb a mountain to sit at the top – he continues to look around to bring us what’s next. This inaugural issue of OASIS Lifestyle is dedicated to Beau. Enjoy, enjoy,

Elizabeth Cook Executive Editor

from the publisher Today, we celebrate the finale of a great publication, Four Points Living Magazine, a luxury lifestyle community publication for those who live, work and play in the Four Points and Volente areas. Now, we welcome the amazing first issue of OASIS Lifestyle Magazine. OASIS Lifestyle represents the melding of visions of two unique and talented women. Together, we strive to communicate a luxury lifestyle with an authoritative voice and sophisticated style. We cater to the professional and influential consumers that reside and visit the un-crowded natural landscapes of the Four Points and Lake Travis area; as well as the rich culture and quintessential charm of the greater Austin area. So sit back and enjoy flipping through the beautiful pages of the inaugural issue of OASIS Lifestyle. You will find editorial content that highlights the best in real estate, fashion and jewelry, health and beauty, food and wine, sports and entertainment and art and culture. Enjoy!

Anita C. Roberts Publisher

6 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Beau Theriot

contributors photo by rudy arocha

Ketan Patel Creative Director

This die-hard longhorn came to Austin by way of London. After a little moving around to the San Francisco Bay Area, Patel decided to settle back down in Austin. With over 6 years of experience in the field, Ketan was extremely excited to take on this new project. “I really enjoyed designing a new magazine from scratch.” he says, “The content in this publication is fun and interesting, so naturally, designing it was a breeze.” He comments on the name of the magazine, “I‘ve always said that

Experience the

old world charm of riding in a true rolling work of art.

Austin is a true oasis from the norm; I couldn’t think of a better name for a magazine here.”

Kim Vo graphic designer

Kim Vo is one of the few true Austinites in town. She was born in Austin, raised in Leander, and never wants to leave. After graduating from Texas State University, she embarked on a journey in publishing and has been enjoying every moment since (surviving on gallons of coffee, of course). Kim was thrilled to take on a new project with this magazine saying it “embodies the true nature of Austin as an oasis: a place of rejuvenation, abundance, and beauty.” In her spare time, you can find her at Chuy’s, weight training, or at home with her boyfriend, her dogs, and her bird.

10208 North FM 620, Austin, TX 78726 • (512) 423-2799 • • 7


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32 18 The New Cocktail Attire Fashions From Linda Asaf

20 Austin Meets Aspen Hot Winter Wear

22 Zoltan David's Treasure Trove High End Jewelry

23 Rock Stars

Jaw Dropping Gems

24 Makeup Counter Winter Hues

26 Scent-Imental Gift Ideas 5 Fresh Perfumes

28 Trend Report

Fashion On The Radar

30 Arm Candy

Purses That Rock

32 Walk The Walk

Footwear For Him And Her • 9





40 36 34 Dessert Table

Oasis Sweet Treats

36 Holiday Spirits

Party Time Drinks And Sips

38 Four Course Tour Explore Soleil Meals

40 Brew & Que Pairings

Micro Brews And BBQ Meats

10 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011





live 42 Creature Comforts

Animal-Inspired Home Accessories

43 Giving Back

Phoenix Arising Aviation Academy

44 Luxury Estate

Featured Luxury Homes For Sale

48 Experience The Arts Mark Your Calendar

50 Four Points Chamber Business Directory

42 • 11

special feature

Morris Buck, Executive Chef @ The Oasis on Lake Travis

Mo Lasater, General Manager @ The Oasis on Lake Travis

Adam Tompkins, Events Director

Morris’s chefs prepare ninety percent of their dishes from scratch which means that there is a Texan-sized operation line in his three kitchens every day.

“I’m a firm believer that if you let people know what you need them to do, then you should get out of the way and let them do it.”

For 36-year-old Adam, his work is his pleasure because he’s both passionate and proud of what he does.

The Oasis on Lake Travis

dusk! With kaleidoscopic umbrellas

@ The Oasis on Lake Travis

Yet for the busy workers behind the

is an institution: a sunset staple for

dotting the decks, fresh-faced

scenes, a vacation is the last thing on

locals and the must-see place for

waiters serving you margaritas, and

their minds. The OASIS receives, on

visitors from out of town. Nowhere

cool breezes coming off the water,

average, 60,000 visitors per month, with

else in Austin quite captures the

nothing spells ‘vacation’ quite like

as many as 40,000 folk traipsing through

splendor of the Hill Country at

The OASIS at sunset.

their doors on Memorial weekend

12 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

More Than Just a Pretty View

an in-depth look at the people who run

by Carolyn Jones

Beth Simpson, Wedding Coordinator @ The Oasis on Lake Travis

By far, her favorite part of the job is to see the faces of her newlyweds when they first walk down the aisle

the sunset

Photography Eric Von Lehmden | & Tony Ku | Men's Stylist Chuck Haidet | Men's clothing courtesy of Keepers Women's clothing Neiman Marcus Shoes Macy's - The Domain Make-up Nisa Nicole | Hair Anita C. Roberts

capital of texas

alone. For The OASIS’ employees, every

surprisingly for a production of this size,

Swiss clock? And what makes them tick

day is a test of their ability to satisfy

he realizes that the individuals behind

when they’re not making sure the sunset

such crowds. Beau Theriot, the owner

the scenes are as crucial to The OASIS’

runs on time? Oasis Lifestyle Magazine

of The OASIS, was careful to select a

success as its location.

found out a little more about the faces

management team who is as outstanding as the views his guests flock to see. Not

So who are the people who make

behind the pretty view.

the Sunset Capital of Texas tick like a • 13

know when something’s wrong. If a server’s too busy to make eye contact, then it’s time for Mo to step in. If a guest has lost her cell phone, then Mo comes forward to find it. Even if a credit card drops over a cliff, it becomes Mo’s problem to solve. Mo’s management goal is for his guests to have a better experience at every successive visit. He cascades his desire for distinction downward by holding his staff accountable for their jobs. “You’ve got to hire for attitude,” he says, adding that they must all have a “servant’s heart.” If they don’t have that, then he either “coaches them into it, or coaches them out” of The OASIS. Yet he also believes in giving his

Mo’s management goal is for his guests to have a better experience at every successive visit. managers the space to do their jobs.

Mo Lasater, General Manager

“I’m a firm believer that if you let people know what you need them to do, then you should get out of the way and let them do it,” he says. His more than

Management in Motion At any given moment, Mo’s in

Mo’s job is to keep business flowing

thirty years of experience in restaurant

and guests happy throughout this

management has proven that, with the

complex operation. He never knows

right guidance and enough autonomy,

what a day at The OASIS will bring yet

individuals are motivated to be their

he thrives on the challenge it presents.

best possible selves.

the lobby, Mo’s in the kitchen, Mo’s

As the day progresses and guests

dashing down the stairs. For Mo

arrive, Mo deploys his 150-strong crew

He’s disciplined about what he eats

Lasater, the General Manager at The

of wait staff in line with operational

and starts each day with a bout of

OASIS on Lake Travis, ubiquity is his

needs. As tables are filled or emptied

early morning exercise. His goal is to

M.O. and this is quite a feat. As most

and as levels are opened or closed,

live to be 100.

Austinites will know, The OASIS is

Mo’s there to remove anything that

a king-sized restaurant within the

impedes the flow.

palatial expanse of a Tex-Tuscan

Despite his two-way radio, Mo

This is a personal goal for Mo too.

“I’m full of life,” he says, “and the key is that I work around young people and in an environment that keeps me young.”

villa. It boasts three kitchens, four

prefers to see a room for himself.

levels, eight function rooms and an

“Keeping a finger on the pulse,” is what

and in perpetual motion, isn’t in

operational staff who, given the site’s

he calls it, explaining that years in the

danger of slowing down any time soon.

epic size, liaise by two-way radio.

business enable him, at a glance, to

14 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Indeed, Mo at sixty-years-young

A chef with a Texan-sized meal on his plate Morris Buck is a tall, quiet man.

ninety percent of their dishes from

13-hour day that he likes to express his

scratch which means that there is a

true creativity. As the head cook for

Texas-sized operation line in his three

his wife and 12-year-old son, he loves

kitchens every day.

to test new recipes on them based on

Morris is deservedly proud of

his mood or what he finds in the fridge.

his team, and of the menu that he

He also loves to play basketball with

redesigned in partnership with The

his son, explaining that his idea of rest

OASIS’ owner, Beau Theriot. Mr.

is to keep moving.

Theriot had always envisioned a Tex-

Given his taste for constant motion,

Yet despite his reserve and deceptively

Mex cuisine for his restaurant and

Morris will soon begin his annual

youthful looks, he can establish a

Morris reveled in the chance to bring

assessment of The OASIS’ menu. Not

presence without saying a word. As

this to life. As a young man growing up

wishing to rest on his laurels, he aims

the Executive Chef at The OASIS

in San Antonio, the young Morris was

to make his offering the best Tex-Mex

on Lake Travis, this is an invaluable

seasoned by both Texan and Mexican

fare in Texas. With the novelty of his

quality to have. He’s responsible for

foods. Each dish on the OASIS menu

dishes, the freshness of his style and

the smooth running of one of the

expresses his love for both of these

the thousands of diners who keep

largest outdoor restaurants in the

culinary traditions.

coming back for more, such a goal is

US. Everything, from the sourcing of

Yet it is after he clocks off from his

likely to be a slam-dunk for Chef Buck.

shrimp to the sauce on the shrimp, from the heat of the pots to the heat of his salsa, from the grilling of chickens to the thrilling of diners, is in his remit. Not surprisingly, Morris has a lot on his plate.

He’s responsible for the smooth running of one of the largest outdoor restaurants in the US. To be assured of the highest kitchen caliber every evening, Morris presides over his army of staff with the composure of a general going into battle. The ability to manage 100 souls in the combat zone of a restaurant kitchen means that, not only can he cook but he can lead. Indeed, leadership is what Morris Buck has by the bucketload. And this is certainly something he needs. The OASIS restaurant is capable of serving 2,800 diners in one sitting while at least 60,000 visitors pass through the establishment in an average month. Morris’s chefs prepare

morris buck, Executive Chef • 15

From white-ties to hoedowns, and smiling all the way Adam Tompkins is a handsome man with the kind of playful energy that makes you instantly cheerful. He doesn’t seem able to talk without smiling and many of his sentences are punctuated by a warm, infectious laugh. As Events Director for The OASIS on Lake Travis, one can’t imagine Adam in a more perfect job. Like many of The OASIS’ longtime staff, Adam started out waiting tables to pay his way through college. He surprised himself by loving every aspect of the job, becoming determined to climb the ranks of Austin’s most unique watering hole. Eleven years and many changes to

adam tompkins, Events Director

The OASIS later, Adam is now the man who shows the current wait staff just how superb a function can be.

And most of all, Adam loves the

determined set to his jaw, and you

From business breakfasts to bar

morning after when his clients call to

wouldn’t want to be a slapdash server

mitzvahs, from rehearsal dinners to

say thank you. The pleasure of seeing

beneath those laser-like eyes. This man

rip-roaring parties, Adam is the man in

their joined efforts come to fruition,

is an unassuming perfectionist, and he

charge. Together with Beth Simpson,

and his pride in delivering an even

bashfully admits that his sock drawer

the wedding coordinator, and Kyle

better event than they’d expected, is

is an icon of order. Moreover, he can

Kilgore, his right-hand-man, he expects

the biggest payload of his job.

recall with crisp perfection every

to host 600 separate events this year.

What’s more, it feels like a hobby

Some are for as few as 25 guests,

to him. “No-one ever comes out to

others for more than 1,500.

The OASIS and says, ‘Darn-it, I have

A lesser mortal might tremble at

to throw a party,’” he grins, “this is an

the thought of hosting an event for

Austin institution. With the food, the

so many, but Adam rubs his hands in

view, the ambiance ... my job is easy.”

glee. “These are the kinds of events

But don’t be deceived by Adam’s

detail of an event he hosted three years ago. “But don’t ask what I had for lunch yesterday,” he chuckles. For 36-year-old Adam, his work is his pleasure because he’s both passionate and proud of what he does.

that drive me,” he smiles. He loves

boyish modesty. No-one can execute

And the good news for the ladies is

the creativity needed to brainstorm a

eight simultaneous events, or handle

that he’s single! Though how one might

party, he loves anticipating his clients’

the complexities of separate timings,

compete with The OASIS and his

needs, he loves to see a carefully

teams and function styles, with only

beloved Boxer dog, Sam, for time in

choreographed event come off without

the love of a good bash. His friendly

his hectic day is another interview for

a hitch.

demeanor doesn’t disguise the

a quieter day.

16 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Sprinkling stardust as a bride’s best friend If you’d asked an eight-year-old

Houstonian with the champagne smile

Yet Beth’s weddings don’t gleam

was born to sprinkle stardust. There’s

without effort. From bouquets to

nothing she loves more than helping

buttonholes, from entrees to DJs,

couples turn their dream wedding into

nothing escapes Beth’s exacting eye.

reality. Indeed, Beth’s eyes shine when

It’s her job to make sure that every

she talks about being part of the magic

detail of a couple’s special day is

on that special day.

precisely perfect. And she loves it.

By far, her favorite part of the job

Long before most of Austin is

Beth Simpson what she wanted to be

is to see the faces of her newlyweds

awake, Beth is talking to vendors

when she grew up, she’d have said a

when they first walk down the aisle.

and churning through tiny details.

princess. Now, 20 years later, she’s

“Nothing beats their smiles,” she

On the day of the wedding, Beth goes

stuck remarkably close to that dream

says with a radiance to match her

through every aspect of the event with

by making other women feel like

bride and groom. “My parents have

a fine-toothed-comb. She can tie a

queens for the day.

been married for 30 years so I value

bustle with one hand while adjusting

marriage, and everything to do with

napkin turns with the other. She might

marriage, as something truly special.”

sew a button on a thousand-dollar

As the wedding coordinator for The OASIS on Lake Travis, this glamorous

dress without dropping a stitch ... or breaking a sweat. And at night, Beth will lie in bed thinking about what she’d do differently next time. “Every bride is unique,” she says, “and it’s my job to make sure that they have the best day of their lives.” This makes Beth Simpson every bride’s best friend. And, like a best friend, she’s the kind of person you want to spend time with. Her classic Hollywood looks and elegant demeanor are almost incidental to this Texas State graduate’s down-home charm. She has warmth that could put the most anxious bride at ease, and a genuineness that explains why many brides’ mothers keep in touch long after the wedding is over. She is also disarmingly modest. “I couldn’t do this without my team,” she says, adding that the moment she thinks of something, it was done just a second before. “They’re magicians,” she laughs, with a brief finger-flutter to conjure the stardust that glitters around her.

beth simpson, Wedding

Coordinator • 17


Cocktail Attire the new

runway-ready looks for your holiday shindig from linda asaf

1. ‘Look Sharp’ Army Jacket   Olive Wool & Cashmere with Feather Trim and Antique Brass Leaf Closure |  $350     2.  ‘Fast Play’ Cropped Lambskin Motorcycle Jacket with English Lace Crochet Jeans | $495 | $295 3. 'Torpedo' Jacket    Pearlized Gold Leather over Ruched Chiffon Dress | $650      4. Black Feather Shrug | $225 5. ‘Midnight Storm’ Evening Gown Ombre Silk Chiffon over Black Silk Lurex | $1,200 Available at Linda Asaf Design 1405 West 6th Street Austin, TX 78703 512.377.6937

18 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Photography by Model Maddie Underwood Stylist Makeup Maris Malone Calderone

“Scrapology, The art of Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts” is not just another scrapbooking store, it is a unique crafting experience. We offer the tools and techniques to turn your photos and ideas into works of art, truly special pieces that will be passed down for years to come. Tons of new products daily!

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some restrictions app ly

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w w w. s c r a p o l o g y t x . c o m


g views!


With the reputation as an “Italian Riviera on Lake Travis,” La Villa Vista Resort is considered one of the seven most romantic getaways in Austin.

R e s oRt

Come experience the enchantment of Lake Travis in Austin’s premier bed and breakfast. Also available for memorable weddings, special events, luxurious vacation homes, and exclusive corporate retreats. 6701 Oasis Pass, Austin, TX 78732 • Reservations 512.266.6000 • • 19



Austin meets hot winter

Aspen 2


1. $535 Tiger Eye Montana Suede Wedge Boot Faux Fur

2. $125 Carina Sweater

3. 125 Phoebe Sweater $


4. $49.50 Landon Fleece

5. 269.50 Kristina Jacket $

6. $39.50 Fair Isle Button Gloves


20 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

wear for your ski getaway or

for your night out in the ATX.


fion wine pub

Austin's premiere neighborhood pub • • • • • •

Wines from around the world by the glass Best beer selection in central Texas Fine Food Artisan cheeses Live Music We cater parties large & small

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Dan R. Adams Jr.

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Our Legal Services Include:


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Zoltan David’s Treasure Trove

Knight Dreams Gypsy Bracelet with Tsavorites & Spessartites Garnets, Pink & Blue Sapphires $5,400.00

Compass Star Pendant Palladium and 18K Gold with 22K Gold Inlay. Center, Ideal cut Diamonds and Paraiba Tourmalines. $7,800.00

Established in 1980,

Ladies 3 Knight Dreams Bands with Pure Platinum Inlay or Pure Gold (24K) Inlay. Lavender Sapphires, Rubies or Ideal cut Diamonds $2,400.00 – $3,200.00

this boutique luxury brand has become synonymous with the fine art of jewelry. Sir Zoltan David has dedicated his talent and skills to create a style of jewelry that is internationally renowned for its originality, beauty and craftsmanship. The collection is created with the highest quality gemstones, diamonds and precious metals; the result of which are works of art to be worn and enjoyed by connoisseurs and jewelry collectors around the world. The collection is one of a kind or limited edition designs that embody the principles of status, prestige and elegant individual style. Easily recognized by its iconic patented metal ornamentation, the Zoltan David brand is not a large manufacturing endeavor designed for mass consumption, but created for the elite few who wish to own a rare and collectible piece of jewelry art.

22 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Knight Dreams Ladies Green Quartz Ring 22K & 18K gold inlay & 22K gold insleeve, Ideal cut Diamonds $3,800.00

Zoltan David Collection Oasis Boutique 6550B Comanche Trail, Suite 111 Austin, TX 78732 512.582.0183 |




1. Roberto Coin Faceted Martellato Bangle • 18K Rose Gold with Amethyst and Diamond • 18K White Gold with Blue Topaz and Diamond • 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds • 18K White Gold with Amethyst and Diamond Faceted Martellato Ring 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds 18K Rose Gold with Amethyst 2. Alexis Bittar Modern Georgian Gold Framed Imi Morganite Pearl Necklace, $675 3. Stephen Webster Jewels Verne Collar, $115,000 4. Roberto Coin Ipanema Haute Couture Collection Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold with Semiprecious Stones

Rock Stars 5

5. Charriol 18K white gold and yellow PVD stainless steel 3 row 2.5 mm celtic cable, lemon quartz 4.50 total carat weight and diamonds 0.09 total carat weight 6. Piaget Magic Gardens Rose Motif necklace

an Exquisite Selection of Jaw-Dropping Gems


4 • 23

warm up your winter with these cool hues

$ 32 • Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Palette

Packed with ten of Smashbox’s most sought after Cream Eyeliner colors, an oversized mirror, and a mini Cream Eyeliner Brush, this palm-sized palette is a definite must-have for this winter.

5 • Maybelline Fit Me Blush


Fit Me Blush has lightweight pigments that blend easily and wears evenly.

20 • cargo EyeLighter


Instantly lift and brighten your eyes with this easy-to-use pen with matte highlight shadow on one end and shimmering highlight shadow on the other end.

OPI’s TEXAS line OPI’s trendy nail polishes have made quite the splash with their tongue-in-cheek color names. This special line pays homage to the Lone Star State and offers something for every Texas gal!

Finally a multitalented lipstick that has it all: paraben-free, long-wearing, a rich and creamy texture, and an ensemble of advanced ingredients offering sun protection, antiaging, and collagen-boosting power. Infused with nourishing and moisturizing antioxidants such as vitamin E and Olive Fruit Oil, this luscious lipstick glides on silky smooth and stays put to resist feathering.

I Vant to Be A-Lone Star It’s Totally Fort Worth It


$ 22 • Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick SPF 15 A creamy, antiaging lipstick with SMS Complex & SPF 15.

San Tan-tonio Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? Big Hair…Big Nails Guy Meets Gal-veston Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em Do You Think I’m Tex-y? Houston We Have a Purple Don’t Mess With OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys

24 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

8.50 EACH •




Austin-tatious Turquoise

a. made or performed according to personal order b. specializing in custom work or operation • 25

Dianoche Passion by Daisy Fuentes


Vanilla Blackberry by Lavanila

A silver fairy sits atop this bottle, in-


with vitamin-rich goji berry and kakadu

carefully infuses pure essential oils

Fresh, clean, and nurturing, LAVANILA

creamy vanilla, with a white jasmine

magnolia and rosewood steeped in

floral comprising of musky ylang ylang,

Asian traditions. Courage is a sexy

This fragrance pays homage to rich



by One Seed


Scent-imental Gift Ideas

by Van Cleef and Arpels


spired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream

plum. With a daily dose of 30 essential

and deep amber heart.

58 This fragrance has two bottles in one.

fine jewelry collection. The fragrance

vitamins and minerals, it’s a fragrance


Dianoche Passion Day exudes a soft

is a sparkling blend of violets, black-

that not only smells good but also is


Created to celebrate Jacqueline Ken-

intriguing sexiness with floral bouquet

currant, Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jas-

good for you. the scent is a blend of


nedy Onassis, the fragrance uses ele-

of exotic purple orchids, succulent red

mine, and Iris Butter. Féerie captures

ripe blackberry, juicy raspberry, velvet


Love in Black by Creed


ments that were symbolic of her life.

berries and patchouli. Dianoche Pas-

the essence of the prestigious Van


Night-blooming wildflowers from the

sion Night is more passionate with

Cleef and Arpels jewelry house.


Greek Isles; Virginia cedar from the

violet petals, sparkling orange zest


countryside where she rode her hors-

and deep glowing amber.


Photography by

es; iris from Florence, a city she loved;

iris, and warm Madagascar vanilla.

clove and tonkin musk; blackcurrant from Bourgogne; and Bulgarian rose.

26 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011 • 27


what’s on the radar for this issue

Trend 3

1 2


animal floral prints



1. Donna Morgan Animal Printed Jersey Dress $140 2. Kate Spade Amellia Fur Coat $595 3. Rebecca Taylor Leopard Vest $395 4. Milly NY Belted Bianca Coat $695 5. Kate Spade Marine Garden Minnie Dress $395 6. Adam Print Dress in Crinkle Chiffon $345,

28 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011


prints, metallics & bold colors




metallics bolds 11 10

7. Alexia Admor Stretch Sequin Ink Dress $279 8. Donna Morgan 3/4 sleeve v-neck sequin sheath dress & Wide sleeved, cold shoulder sequin shift dress $195 each, 9 Free People Short Sleeve Eyelet Garden Day Dress $138 10. Kate Spade Bardot Sweater Dress $355 11. Kate Spade Patrice Coat $795 • 29



Candy bejeweled purses that rock! i

Designer Mary Frances Available at

1. Groupie • $258 2. Hear Me Roar • $268



30 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011



3. Ecstasy • $218 4. Solid As a Rock • $258


5. Patina • $212 6. Bee Happy • $258


7. Enchanted • $238 8. Tangled Love • $248


8. • 31


Walk the Walk

winter footwear for him & her


1 1. kenneth cole Board Member Boot $ 170 2. kenneth cole March On Boot $ 138 3. zegna Laced Boot $ 795


4. kenneth cole Wild Punch Boot $ 108 5. zegna Smooth Calf Boot $ 645

5 4

32 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

1. Born Bunny $249 2. Burberry Smoked Check Leather Rain Boot $ 375 3. DKNY Multi Buckle Platform Bootie $ 198 4. michael kors Water Snake Copper Boot $ 495 5. DKNY Marguerite Knee-High Boot $ 350

2 4



3 • 33


Dessert Table

a round-up of the delicious desserts served at the oasis

the oasis 6550 Comanche Trail Austin 78732 512.266.244

Photography by

rudy arocha

Sizzling cinnamon apple sunset A heaping pile of sizzling apple pie filling topped with a flaky pastry served à la mode, drizzled with caramel.

34 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Key lime pie Served with a key lime coulis and a twist of lime. Cheesecake Served with a strawberry coulis and fresh berries.

Sopas Two hot mexican style pastry puffs topped with cinnamon, powdered sugar and caramel, served with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.

The oasis berry sundae A stunning mix of ice cream, berries, fresh whipped cream and chocolate straws.

Miles of chocolate A truffle style brownie served with raspberry chambord sauce and fresh berries. Flan Traditional tex-mex caramelcoated custard.

Tom Radack

Marissa Radack

Tim Moncrief 6816 Hwy 620N, Austin, TX 78732 * (512) 418-1435

Avery Ranch Dental Excellence in Cosmetic and General Dentistry


It’s Your Turn to Smile! World Class Smile Makeovers in your own Backyard! After Smile by Dr. Lowery

Dr Lowery is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, one of only 331 in the world!

Before • 35

dine a round-up of local spirits & wines plus a great martini recipe, perfect for your next holiday party

Holiday Spirits Stock the bar ... These liquor cabinet must-haves are all locally made and are sure to bring on the holiday cheer at this year’s party!

featured cocktail

the grinch This cocktail has none of the nasty elements of Dr. Seuss's classic holiday character. On the contrary, it's reminiscent of the changed Grinch with the sweetest flavors; melonflavored Midori and lemon juice. It's all sweetened even further with a little simple syrup and a kick of vodka. 2 oz Midori 1oz Vodka 1/2 oz lemon juice 1 tsp simple syrup

tito’s handmade vodka savvy vodka

Both of these local crafted vodkas are perfect for making your holiday cocktails. see recipe to left for The Grinch.

... and the cellar For the holiday sommelier this Tempranillo will go down great with any holiday meal.

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

inwood estates Cornelious Reserve 100% tempranillo

bottle Photography by


36 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

This reserve has dark, if not very dark overtones of the blackest cherries coupled with thickly layered tannins delivering a super-soft and velvety finish.

David R. Nelson, D.D.S.

orthodontics 11743 Jollyville Road Austin,Texas 78759

10601 F.M. 2222, Suite P Austin,Texas 78730

tel 512.331.7900 fax 512.219.1142 email

Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics Member of the American Association of Orthodontics

(The outside border line will not be printed)

We will not be responsible for errors in spelling, punctuation or layout not cor page. Any changes in ink, stock or quantity must be noted on this sheet prior to pro inal specifications will be followed. You may be charged for any revisions to origin OK as is (X)

Print with the following changes: 1. 2.

In Celebration of The 30th Anniversary of The Hills 3.

Correct and Re-proof NO Re-proof Required



MINUTEMAN 3007 Longhorn B Austin, TX (512) 454-3838 • fax

We are pleased to offer a $12,000 savings on the refundable initiation deposit and complimentary dues until January 2012! • 72 holes of championship golf featuring outstanding designs by Jack Nicklaus • 3-hole Academy of Golf, recognized as one of the top practice facilities in Texas

• Newly expanded 20,000 square ft. state-of-the-art fitness center • Extensive group classes including Spinning, Yoga and Pilates

• 18 Tennis courts • Membership access and benefits at over 200 Clubs worldwide

Hurry...only 10 memberships available through November 30. For more information, please call

512.261.7200 |

Connecting the Austin Community since 1981

Some restrictions may apply. Call for details. ©2011 ClubCorp USA, Inc. All rights reserved. 13658 0911 JB

CLB13658-HillsOasisAd_HalfPg.indd 1 • 37 10/5/11 1:44 PM


Four Course Tour soleil

6550 Comanche Trail, Austin, 78732 512.266.0600 |

experience a full-on 4 course meal at soleil

Photography by

rudy arocha





Grilled scallops with summer salad, sweet pea emulsion & candied fennel.

Fisherman’s wharf salad with crab, shrimp, lobster & thousand island dressing.

Braised short ribs served on a bed of beet risotto with charred greens.

Panna cotta served with a berry and chocolate flake mixture.

38 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Taking Special Care of Your Trees to Preserve Value and Beauty since 1995.


For Healthy Beautiful Trees

• Tree & Shrub Pruning     • Tree Removal • Ball Moss Removal          • Dead Wood Removal • Stump Grinding • Roof & Structural Clearance • Trim for View • Arborist Services


• Competitive Pricing • Haul Away all Debris • Sterilize Equipment between jobs • Storm Damage Response • Fully Insured

For Healthy Beautiful Trees

Save $50 with this Ad!

Free Estimate

Heal Your Trees Wounds and Protect them from Disease. Ask About A New Technology that Actually Works!

Call (512)-322-0662

akeline Ranch Dental Excellence in Cosmetic and General Dentistry


Let us Brighten Your Smile! Free Bleaching for New Patients!* Located In Lakeline SuperTarget Shopping Center *Call for Details At the intersection of Restrictions Apply 620 and 183

Dr. Katie Hadden • 39


Brew&Que Pairings

4 of our favorite uncle billy’s brews paired with 4 perfectly smoked meats Photography by

rudy arocha

Agave wit A Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with hints of orange citrus and coriander. A little tart and sweet. Served with an orange wedge.

ax handle pale ale This pale ale has citrus and hoppy notes with a hint of grapefruit and balanced with a light caramel sweetness.

hell in keller pilsner This pilsner has a clean, crisp hop aroma and a dry, light body. Fairly high carbonation. With a smooth finish.

bottle rocket A cloudy banana color lager with a strong, bitter hop aroma and a zesty lemon finish. Very clean, carbonated with some earthen character.





BBQ Chicken Smoked to perfection, the moist and flavorful meat goes down great with the orange hints of the wheat.

jalapeño cheese sausage The spicy and cheesy flavors from the sausage go perfectly with citrus and sweet notes from the Ax Handle.

BBQ brisket The moist, meaty brisket with perfect smoke ring, goes great with the clean, crisp flavors in the pilsner. Available in lean and moist ($1 more).

pork ribs Fall off the bone perfection! These ribs go great with the lemony zest of the bottle rocket. uncle billy’s brew & que 1530 Barton Springs rd., | 512.476.0100 6550 Comanche trl., (next to The Oasis) | 512.266.0111

40 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011



Everybody has a bank,

but not everybody has a banker Our Lending Features Include: Locally Owned

One Dependable Source

Quick Approval

Cost Benefits

Since we are not owned by an out-of-town holding company, we don’t have to please anyone but you.

Your money supply can come from one dependable source. We handle both construction and mortgage loans.

Our loan committee is under one roof and is comprised of experienced professionals in construction and mortgage lending that meet when you need them to, not at their convenience.

All of this funding can cost substantially less if you do both the interim and mortgage loan with us. We originate the loan so closing costs are often less and both closings can be handled with one application.

Denny W. Buchanan President & CEO

Phone: 512-261-3355 Fax: 512-261-3356 3209 RR 620 South Austin, Texas 78738

“Bankers and Banking you can Trust” • 41


Creature Comforts Animal-inspired home accessories from the treasury

2. 1.


4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Grazing Horse Sculpture $325 Walking Horse Sculpture $325 Faux Elk Horn Candle Stick $595 Bronze Fish Dish $125 Tan Goat Hide $75 Highplains Tala Fur Throw $1750

available at The Treasury 6535 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX 78732 512.266.6444 •

42 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

6. 5.

Photography by


Giving Back P

hoenix Arising Aviation

Students also enhance their critical

Academy is a non-profit

thinking, effective communication and

organization that believes

decision-making skills while engaging

in changing the way students learn

in activities that are both exciting and

about science, technology, engineering


and math – and the result: changing the world. They utilize experiential learning

Phoenix Arising Aviation Academy offers Immersive Aviation Summer Programs for grade-school through

techniques which unlock the

high school students, ongoing after-

potential for learning which has

school programs, and elementary/

often been untapped by conventional

middle school programs.

methods. Through problem solving, troubleshooting, and hands-on activities, students will begin to manage their own learning.

more info or how to get involved Phoenix Arising Aviation Academy 14900 Avery Ranch Blvd. Ste. C-200-4, Austin, TX 78717 512.588.2359 | • 43


44 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

For more info contact Michele Turnquist Turnquist Partners o.512.328.3939 / c.512.431.1121

Westlake Office 3700 Bee Caves Rd. Suite 102 Austin, TX 78746

Luxury Estate f


by the numbers $6,495,000 Austin, TX 78738

Living Area 18,000 sq/ft Lot Size 7.0 acres 9 Bedrooms 8 Full Bathrooms







Unique private gated 7 acre estate. Main house offers 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, gourmet kitchen. 3 guest houses. Entertainment annex with kitchen, dining, exercise/dance studio, bar area, media room,art

1 Partial Bathroom

room. Recording studio with mezzanine closet, kitchen, control room and rehearsal room.5 stall stable,riding arena,jogging trail. Pool area has a patio with fireplace. Unbelievable grounds and views. • 45


Central Austin by the numbers


Living 4,366 sq/ft

1510 Rainbow Bnd

5 Bedrooms

Austin, TX 78703

5 Bathrooms

Custom built by Russell Eppright. Minutes from downtown, This beautiful, Natural Stone home offers over 4300 square feet, in the heart of Old Enfield. 4 bedrooms and office (or 5th bedroom). 3 full baths and 2 half baths (one in the garage), three living areas, large Kitchen with fireplace, Large walk-in pantry, Large Laundry room, Formal living and Den. Two Master suites, one with a large sitting area, Extra Large Walk-in Closet , and a screened in porch with views of the UT Tower.

Lake View

by the numbers $1,995,000

Living 6,326 sq/ft

6805 Oasis Pass

4 Bedrooms

Austin, TX 78732

5 Bathrooms

Spectacular lake views & absolute top of the line construction! Unparalleled quality! Soaring ceilings. Private gated entrance w/ fountain. Extensive carved & natural stone throughout. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views from every level. Glorious custom lighting fixtures. Masonry fence, gated, low maintenance property. Expansive terrace featuring al fresco living/dining w/fireplace. Ultimate privacy, quality, serenity & the absolute best view of lake travis.

For more info contact 46 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

Annabelle Walker 512.633.4578

John Purser 512.789.8707

TheOasis on Lake Travis


Beth Simpson, Wedding Coordinator 512.266.9242 • 47


Experience The Arts mark your calendar

The Miles Davis Experience

Events a r t

Whole Hog

November 30 Austin Museum of Art -Laguna Gloria

Inspired by artist Buster Graybill’s project Progeny of Tush Hog, join us for a sampling of the most natural meat out there—wild game. m u s i c

November 2 • 8PM

The Miles Davis Experience

November 2 at 8PM Bass Concert Hall

Exhibitions Cow parade auction gala

East Austin Studio Tour

October 30th, The Driskill Hotel

November 12-20

Say “So long.” to our bovine friends as they get auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Explore the work of hundreds of diverse artists at their studios, gallery spaces, and (often catered) events.

Left to Right: Radical Movements of the 1960s

3rd Annual Mix ‘n’ Mash Exhibit & Art Sale

April 2, 2011 – January 2, 2012, Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum

Left to Right: Radical Movements of the 1960s examines the impact both then and now.

December 2 – January 3, 2012, Mexic-Arte Museum

Storied Past: Four Centuries of French Drawings

Over 100 artists contribute to this annual fundraiser for MexicArte Museum: each contributes an original 12×12 the sales of which benefit the Museum.

September 18 - December 31, Blanton Museum of Art

Banned, Burned, Seized, and Censored

This exhibition explores the expressive and technical range of French drawings from the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries.

48 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

SEPTEMBER 6 - JANUARY 22, 2012 The Harry Ransom Center

This exhibition reveals the rarely seen “machinery” of censorship in the United States.

The tribute features the celebrated trumpet player Ambrose Akinmusire, with his Quintet. Photo: Johnny Stevens

cow parade auction gala October 30th

An Intimate Evening at the Long Center

November 5 at 8PM The Long Center

Music by Barber, Ewazen, Mendelssohn, Gounod, Reich and Jeffords will highlight each individual section of the Austin Civic Orchestra. Mozart’s The Magic Flute

November 5, 11, 13 The Long Center

Mozart’s famous fairy-tale fantasy boasts an astounding cast of creatures in the most popular aria in opera history.

Tori Amos

December 21 at 8PM Bass Concert Hall

tori amos

December 21 • 8PM

Tori Amos is one of the most successful and influential artists of her generation. Mannheim Steamroller

December 28 at 7:30PM The Long Center

The spirit of the season comes alive with the signature sound of Mannheim Steamroller.

Performances The Nutcracker

December 3-23 The Long Center

Morrissey with Kristeen Young

the nutcracker December 3-23

November 15 at 7:30PM Bass Concert Hall

The longest running holiday dance production in Texas returns with Ballet Austin's 49th annual production of The Nutcracker.

Enjoy an evening with the most important British musician of his generation, Morrissey. Kristeen Young will be opening. Austin Civic Wind Ensemble Holiday Concert

December 4 at Sundown Zilker Tree Lighting

Join us during the Zilker Tree Lighting while we play holiday favorites. Austin Civic Orchestra Holiday Concert

December 11 at 3PM Bates Recital Hall

(University of Texas) Special guest vocalist Suzi Stern will perform her rendition of two holiday favorites, while the Orchestra presents Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

December 14-18 Bass Concert Hall

Based on the Academy Awardwinning animated feature film, this smash hit Broadway musical is coming to Austin! • 49

live To learn more about our 100+ members, visit: Call 512.551.0390 or Email to join today!


Regions Bank Timothy F. Salomani 512.996.0876 | ________________________________________________________________

Food & Wine


H-E-B Xavier Vasquez 512.336.7700 | ________________________________________________________________

River Place Country Club Raquel Hebben 512.346.1114 x3903 | marketing & media

Southwest Securities, FSB Dennis Zulkowski 512.684.6393 | business technology

Value–Optimized Solutions, Inc. Husayn Alvarez-Gomariz 208.585.7344 | business & home services

Ame’s Cleaning Rosemarie Frezza 512.331.9694 | ________________________________________________________________

Randalls Food Markets Ronnie Taylor 512.427.2543 | Financial Services

Austin Relocation Guide Kevin Evans 512.266.2900 | ________________________________________________________________

Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial Linda Ayotte 512.250.0458 | ________________________________________________________________

Cerqa Anthony A. Sowder 512.439.1279 | ________________________________________________________________

Walt Reep & Associates Walt Reep 512.231.0725 | ________________________________________________________________

United Heritage Credit Union Martin Fogarty 512.435.4545 | Austin Floor & Window Coverings Ron Mackey 512.336.0900 | ________________________________________________________________

Health & Fitness

Community Impact Newspaper Phyllis Campos 512.619.8862 | ________________________________________________________________ Four Points News Gary Borders 512.259.4449 | ________________________________________________________________ Oasis Lifestyle Magazine Anita C. Roberts 512.380.1611 |

real estate The Citren Group Design Services Kasee Powers 512.551.3535 | ________________________________________________________________

Cookes Four Points Collision Steven Diaz 512.257.1887 | ________________________________________________________________

Austin Orthodontics David R. Nelson D.D.S. 512.331.7900 | ________________________________________________________________ The Bartlett Real Estate Group Marissa Radack 512.418.1435 | ________________________________________________________________ Brian Scaff, DDS Brian Scaff 512.258.9130 | ________________________________________________________________

Spectrum Home Services Steve Kelly 512.354.7954 |

Cool Creek Family Dental Adam Kristoff 512.501.6022 |

Education & Childcare


Dwyer Realty Pete Dwyer 512.327.7415 | ________________________________________________________________

Independence Title Jan James, Phyllis Avery & Ferree Rhodes 512.263.1703 | ________________________________________________________________ Forestar Shelly Rosales 512.433.5317 |

School in the Hills Alicia Marker 512.266.6160 |

50 • Oasis Lifestyle • Nov/Dec 2011

RF Insurance Masters Raymond Freer 512.807.9594 |




Luxury Redefined! Twelve of the largest relocation networks in the U.S. prefer Turnquist Partners Realtors. Personal Service, coupled with Turnquist’s extensive experience and market knowledge, insures that your move to Austin is a pleasant experience. Whether you are moving to Austin, or if you are already an Austinite, Turnquist Partners is your new home resource in Austin and surrounding areas. Call Turnquist Partners Realtors today to experience Luxury Redefined!

512.328.3939 • 800.282.3939

you’ve reached your final


welcome home Taylor Morrison is committed to building homes with extraordinary design and superior craftsmanship in the most desirable neighborhoods. With home prices ranging from the mid $100,000s to more than $1 million, each home we build reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. Step into your dream home with Taylor Morrison.

St e i n e r r a n c h • c ry Sta l fa l l S • fa l c o n h e a d w e St Brodie SPrinGS Lake Georgetown

Liberty Hill











Hutto 79


Round Rock

1 183A TOLL

Cedar Park TOLL

For more information, visit us online at




Lake Travis or contact Heather Fox

Design Studio

2 620



at or (512) 845-7350.

LOOP 360


Bee Cave






71 71

Austin Bergstrom Airport Offer void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. All incentives, pricing, availability and plans subject to change or delay without notice. Please see a Taylor Morrison Sales Associate for details and visit for additional disclaimers. © October, 2011, Taylor Morrison of Texas Inc. All rights reserved.

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