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Dining Juicy Berry Though this isn’t the only frozen yogurt joint in town, it certainly has one of the most exceptionally decorated interiors— and why not enjoy the view while you snack on a healthy, low-fat dessert? Juicy Berry’s recipe for frozen yogurt is tart, yet addicting! 175 Rio Grand Street, SLC Leatherby’s Family Creamery Here’s a Utah classic that is famous all over the state. Leatherby’s make one batch at a time with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Try a classic, John’s Large Sundae. 1872 West 5400 South, Taylorsville

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Tropical Dreams Hawaiian Creamery In the mood for premium ice cream or gelato? This Hawaiian creamery features “Custom Customer Creations” that are based upon, well, the customer’s flavor idea and can be sampled any day of the week. 928 East 900 South, SLC

Nielsen’s Frozen Custard 1981 was the year frozen custard was reinvented and dubbed “the smoothest stuff around.” A classic Concrete Shake is the perfect summer treat—it’s served at 26 degrees F and allows your taste buds to get its true taste unlike ice cream that is served at about 10 degrees F. 3918 Highland Drive, Holladay

Top It Frozen Yogurt Sometimes you feel creative—Top It allows you to release your creativity in the form of frozen yogurt! Choose from literally hundreds of scrumptious combinations like peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with chocolate sauce and peanuts. 4679 South Holladay Boulevard, SLC Nitro Freeze Have you ever seen your ice cream made instantly in front of you? It almost sounds futuristic, but it’s not! Nitro Freeze has you covered. This completely intriguing process starts with you choosing your cream, adding flavors, and ending up with beautiful, tasty ice cream in an instant. 3307 South State Street, SLC

Dolcetti Gelato Dolcetti Gelato brings the sweet taste of Italy to Utah—and they have succeeded! This cute little shop features cakes, chocolates, and of course, smooth gelato! This frozen treat is richer than ice cream, and is also churned slower so you only need a little—it’ll be love at first bite! 900 South 900 East, SLC Sub Zero Ever had Dr. Pepper in ice cream? Now you can have a custom-made dish of it made by using science. At –321 degrees F, Nitrogen freezes your personal creation in a plume of fog and, voila, ice cream! There are only a few of these unique ice cream shops in town, so be sure to make one of them a priority for a literally freezing cold treat! 5612 South 900 East, Murray LunaBerry When healthy sounds best, smoothies are a sure way to cool you down. At LunaBerry, a blend of fresh fruits with all natural, non-fat LunaBerry Frozen Yogurt makes their smoothies irresistible. For those watching the numbers on the scale, try a green tea smoothie as part of your diet—it’s great for you and tastes heavenly. 358 South 700 East, SLC



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In magazine july 2013  

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