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Student Highlights 2017/18


Fitness and Coaching

2017/18 Student Highlights

“Sports Enrichment gave me the opportunity to experience sports that I wouldn’t normally do. The coach was great and patient with me and I really enjoyed it. I brought my friends along too and it became really sociable and fun!” Jack Flay, Yr 2 BTEC Sport “I really enjoy the coaching aspect of the course and the time spent at Catcott Primary School. I like the way we get the freedom to coach the primary school kids and the way we are involved in coaching sports that we would never think about coaching by ourselves”. Laura Hodges, Yr 2 BTEC Sport “One of the units that we study is Sports Injuries and as part of that unit we have to take part in some First Aid Training, I was really surprised at just how much I enjoyed it! To be able to discover some really useful and helpful information in a practical way based around sporting scenarios was a great way to learn”. Caitlin Carnegie, Yr 2 BTEC Sport

Studies Business 2017/18 Student Highlights

“I liked seeing all the inside of Morrison's and seeing all the different types of jobs within the business”. Shelly Humphries, Yr 1 BTEC Business

“Industry Day was an event run by Year 2 BTEC Business, to inspire and educate Strode College students.” “I ran a hub on Public Sector. I enjoyed the independence of running the event with my team without needing to rely on my teachers on the day”. Larissa Newton, Year 2 BTEC Business

“Despite the cold weather, the Jack the Ripper tour was fun and the Lion King stage performance was amazing! It was also a good experience to see the House of Commons in session”. Jamie Bradford, Yr 1 BTEC Business

PublicServices 2017/18 Student Highlights

“I believe the Army visit was a very beneficial

experience for both me and my peers. It allowed us to work as a team as well as learn new skills which the army uses as well as learn many other aspects of Army life”.

Azzy Morley, Yr 2 BTEC Public Services

“Each year our Uniformed Public Services department run a skiing trip to Courmayeur. This trip is an integral part to key units that are studied but are also an opportunity to hone your new skills into practice.” Toby Payne, BTEC Public Services Lecturer “The Marines trip was hard work but a great experience. Was loads of fun looking at the day to day life of a marine. I also enjoyed learning what was expected to pass the training”.

Toby Davies, Yr 1 BTEC Public Services

BPS highlights 2017 18 Updated  
BPS highlights 2017 18 Updated