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Program Fundraising Management & General

Program 79%

Fundraising 3%

Management & General 18%


OVERTOWN YOUTH CENTER (continued) rate for the Benchmark. As a result of his low score, Leonard has been attending tutorial services at his school Monday-Thursday as well as the tutorial service held at the Overtown Youth Center on Saturdays. He has been committed for the past two and half months at the tutorial service, since January 12, 2009. Leonard took his FCAT Reading Mock Test on February 17, 2009 and his score has tremendously improved by 24 percent.

MY SUCCESS My name is Willie James Floyd Jr. I am a 19 year old graduate of Miami Edison Senior High School, class of “09. I am currently enrolled in and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising at Johnson & Wales University. My dream and ultimate goal is to become the world’s most famous personal stylist and own my own clothing store. While doing all of this, I attend the Overtown Youth Center, where I have been attending for almost 6 years now. This program is a great example of how just giving attention to and assisting with a child’s needs can set a child up for greatness. If I didn’t have people like my mom and my sisters and the family at the Overtown Youth Center pushing me, I would have (1) never recognized my potential to even get this far and (2) never even graduated high school. This center has done more than enough to help me succeed in life they gave me a scholarship and a laptop to use for school. Most recently they have blessed me with an opportunity to have an internship for Elle magazine! With all these things that this center has done for me, I am determined to be the first to make it and to show the world what I am capable of and to be an inspiration for younger kids, like my brother who also attends this center, that it does work and that the Overtown Youth Center did help to make a difference in my life. Thank you. Willie James Floyd Jr., OYC Student

Private Cash Contributions 62%

Other Revenue 1%

Gifts-in-kind 2%

Government Grants 34%


Program 79% = $1,397,407 Fundraising 18% = $319,280 Management & General 3% = $44,717 Private Cash Contributions Gifts-in-kind Government Grants Other Revenue Private Cash Contributions 62% = $1,304,061 Gifts-in-kind 2% = $49,491 Government Grants 34% = $719,323 Other Revenue 1% = $24,039 Primary Revenue Other Revenue

Primary Revenue 99%

Primary Revenue 99% = $2,072,876 Other Revenue 1% = $24,039

Other Revenue 1%