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Program Fundraising Management & General

Program 84% Management & General Fundraising 8% 8%

Program 84% = $2,440,453 Fundraising 8% = $233,856 Management & General 8% = $223,997


Private Cash Contributions Gifts-in-kind

Private Cash Contributions 89%

Private Cash Contributions 89% = $3,022,288 Gifts-in-kind 11% = $356,527

Gifts-in-kind 11% REVENUE

Primary Revenue 100%



Inspire, empower and enrich the lives of our students.

Here at OYC our parent program is alive and well, we are moving into a new season of excitement and anticipation in the lives of our parents and their children. Our parent program is geared towards informing parents on the importance of getting the right resources in their hands so they can become productive citizens within the community they live in. It’s imperative that parents stay connected to their children’s lives; we believe that it is an essential component for parents to be involved in their children’s education. Through parent participation children see their parents actually working with their school, OYC and attending the monthly parent meetings.

MISSION Inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services. Opened in early 2003, the Overtown Youth Center (OYC) is a state-ofthe-art facility located in the heart of Miami’s inner city. The center co-locates academic and recreational activities in a safe environment, working with children, families, and schools from grade 2 to post-graduation.

Primary Revenue Primary Revenue 100% = $3,378,815

OYC offers in-school, after-school, weekend, and summer programs that include academic enhancement, physical fitness, health care and nutrition, creative arts, prevention, character-building, and familyoriented activities, including parent orientation.


97% OYC Students had on time promotion • 85% OYC students passed the FCAT • 69% OYC students improved or maintained their reading grades between 1st & 4th quarters of the school year • 90% OYC’s senior class graduated from HS 2009, 7 out of the 8 graduating seniors had on time promotion.

OYC parents are all working together, with the understanding that it takes a village to assist in raising a child; therefore we have formed a parent support group that will be of some assistance to those parents who feel stressed or just need an ear to listen when the need arises. OYC is now serving 196 parents and the numbers are growing as we continue to reach out to families in the Overtown community. Valarie Lomax, OYC Parent Coordinator

SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS Leonard Butler is currently a third grade student attending Downtown Charter School. He is 8 years old and is a well-behaved student. Unfortunately, Leonard has been struggling throughout the year on the FCAT. His scores are low, for instance he ranks in the 34% percentile