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PAGE 1 I About Alonzo Mourning Charities

Alonzo Mourning Charities (AM Charities) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation whose mission is to build strong communities by supporting programs and initiatives with a commitment to promote positive change. Since 1997, AM Charities has raised more than $7 million for various programs that aid in the development of children and their families. Our vision is to inspire through advocacy, education and enrichment services. AM Charities programs include:   • Honey Shine Mentoring Program, founded in 2002, works to empower young girls to shine as women through bi-weekly workshops and summer camp which help encourage the balance of mind, body, and soul in girls and women by providing nurturing experiences that enlighten their paths and empower their future (

Dear Supporters:

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• Overtown Youth Center, the first youth enrichment center opened by AM Charities in 2003 inspires and empowers youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services ( The next youth center is targeted for Bunche Park in Miami Gardens. • Zo’s Fund For Life was launched to create awareness for kidney disease and organ transplantation in addition to helping fund research and testing to fight Focal Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a degenerative kidney ailment that Mourning was diagnosed with at the start of the 2001 NBA season ( • Other community initiatives include an annual youth sports conference, youth basketball clinic, youth summit, scholarship and grant program, and a Thanksgiving and holiday program.

This past year of 2009 proved to be a challenging year for many due to the economic downturn our country experienced. At Alonzo Mourning Charities, we remained hopeful and were fortunate that giving, by you and others, continued and in turn we were able to carry on and provide our students, and the families we serve, with the same quality of services. Due to your support, many of our programs and initiatives experienced many successes. The Honey Shine Mentoring Program, founded by my wife Tracy Wilson Mourning, increased their attendance numbers and averaging the number of girls from 52 to 82 each workshop. It is through these workshops that they learn new essential life skills and are able to undergo breakthroughs that will help them develop into strong women. Their increased attendance shows us that as much as we are committed to them, they too are committed to the program. At the Overtown Youth Center, the students continue to be exposed to new experiences and new ways of learning. This summer, 19 students from the Overtown Youth Center took part in a real world work project and learned how to produce a magazine from start to finish under the direction of top professionals in the magazine publishing industry. IE2 Magazine is a large glossy magazine made by kids, residing in the Overtown community, for kids. The first of its kind in South Florida, the magazine‘s name comes from the Overtown Youth Center’s motto – Inspire, Empower, Enrich. We joined forces with noted professionals in the fashion, advertising, publishing and public relations arena to mentor and teach a select group of students from the Overtown Youth Center. This project not only allowed students to explore their creative side, but to also become successful entrepreneurs who now have hands on experience with budgeting, research, project management, sales, promotion and printing. Participating students were employed as fashion photographers, stylists, writers, editors, and models. IE2 and the students behind the magazine have been featured in the local and national press. We hope you the opportunity to read IE2 and share in the pride and teamwork this project also created. Through Zo’s Fund for Life, I was able to work with Governor Charlie Christ to sign into law in the State of Florida the Alonzo Mourning Access to Care Act. The law gives End Stage Renal Disease patients under the age of 65 the ability to get Medgap coverage without having to spend down their assets. We are now working to establish the same law in other states throughout the country. Again, we are thankful for these successes that are only possible with the support from individuals and corporations like you. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to having you be a part of our next initiative that will help enhance our community and the future of its residents who depend on our support. Warm regards,

Alonzo Mourning Founder, Alonzo Mourning Charities



OUR HISTORY... A LOOK BACK Over the past 13 years, Alonzo Mourning Charities (AM Charities) has been able to reach several milestones. Many achievements are a direct result of the support from countless individuals and corporations who also wish to make a difference in our community. With much success, AM Charities has been able to fund new and existing initiatives that benefit our youth of promise.


Modeled after Magic Johnson’s fundraising event “A Midsummer Night’s Magic”, Mourning hosted the 1st annual ZO’S SUMMER GROOVE (ZSG) raising more than $200,000 for local charities in South Florida. Now in its 11th year, ZSG has grown into a five-day, fun-filled community event that has become a staple in the South Florida community. ZSG, AM Charities’ largest fundraising event, appeals to a diverse audience by offering a variety of events that include: a youth basketball clinic and sports conference, golf tournament, concert, comedy show, benefit dinner, block party, all-star basketball game and numerous after-party functions. ZSG works to promote community involvement by encouraging event participants to enjoy a weekend that ultimately benefits South Florida’s youth of promise. For more information visit


• Mourning takes the Groove on the road to Hampton Roads, Virginia. Currently known as ZO’S END OF SUMMER GROOVE, this event Mourning’s hometown supporters the opportunity to get involved. This three-day event included a golf tournament, youth summit, and a family day in the park. Proceeds benefited local organizations in the Hampton Road areas. • In efforts to give Thanksgivings a special meaning for families in need, Mourning personally delivers complete meals doorto-door to unsuspecting families in South Florida. Now in 2009, with the support of sponsors, 33 THANKSGIVING has increased the number of meals delivered from 33 to 533.


• ALONZO MOURNING CHARITIES becomes incorporated as a public not-for-profit organization.


Founded by Tracy Wilson Mourning, the HONEY SHINE MENTORING PROGRAM encourages the balance of mind, body and soul in girls and women by providing nurturing experiences that enlightens their path and empowers their future. The program currently offers bi-weekly workshops, field trips and a four-week summer camp. For more information, visit


• With the help of donors, Alonzo Mourning Charities opened the first center in the historic area of Overtown in South Florida. The OVERTOWN YOUTH CENTER provides services to more than 225 kids. The center’s mission is to inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services. For more information visit


Alonzo Mourning Charities joins forces with the Magic Johnson Foundation to host ZO & MAGIC’S 8-BALL CHALLENGE. Guests are invited to compete in the only true showdown taking place during NBA All-Star Weekend. Proceeds benefit programs and services supported by both foundations. For more information visit


• The 1st Annual HAT’S OFF LUNCHEON helps keep the Honey Shine Mentoring Program operating year-round. Also, thanks to the success and popularity of this event, CAMP HONEY SHINE was able to open its doors for a full three weeks in 2007. • ZO’S MILLION DOLLAR SHOOTOUT offers guest an exclusive golfing experience at the world renowned Trump National Golf Course in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Alongside Donald Trump, Mourning has been able to also make an impact on youth organizations in the New Jersey and New York area. For more information visit


The KING PIN CLASSIC is another favorite fundraiser initiated to raise funds annually for the Honey Shine Mentoring Program. Both Tracy and Alonzo Mourning continue to score the perfect strike raising more than $100,000 annually for Honey Shine.


Alonzo Mourning Charities unveils plan to build a second youth center in South Florida in the Miami Gardens Bunche Park area.

During the 2001 NBA All-Star Weekend, Mourning launched “Zo’s Fund for Life,” a campaign seeking to raise a minimum of $2 million in funds for research, education, and testing to fight Focal Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a degenerative kidney ailment that Mourning was diagnosed with at the start of the season.

• The Groove just got flashier. NBA Champion Alonzo Mourning is now joined by teammate Dwyane Wade, a.k.a. “Flash” on the court, to host the largest event of the summer- THE SUMMER GROOVE HOSTED BY ZO & D. WADE (ZSG). Held in Miami, Florida, ZSG is a five-day weekend event that has something for everyone- golf, comedy, concert, benefit dinner, youth summit, a basketball clinic and youth sports conference, a free block party, an all-star basketball game and numerous after party functions. ZSG benefits both Alonzo Mourning Charities and the Wade’s World Foundation. For more information visit

Currently Zo’s Fund for Life’s mission is to empower individuals and their families who are affected by kidney disease and organ transplantation by providing hope through research, advocacy, and education.

• In December 2008, Zo’s Fund for Life helped raise enough funds to GIVE OMAR LIFE, a campaign lead to help place four year old Omar on the transplant list. Shortly thereafter Omar received a life-saving liver transplant.

2009 On June 10, 2009, the ALONZO MOURNING ACCESS TO CARE ACT was signed into Law by State of Florida Governor Charlie Crist. This law gives End Stage Renal Disease patients under the age of 65 the ability to get Medgap coverage without having to spend down their assets.



HONEY SHINE MENTORING PROGRAM VISION Empowering young girls to shine as women.

MISSION Founded by Tracy Wilson Mourning in 2002, the Honey Shine Mentoring Program’s mission is to change to encourage the balance of mind, body and soul in girls and women by providing nurturing experiences that enlightens their path and empowers their future.

SISTERHOOD Each workshop demonstrates the commonality that exists between all of us. The opportunity to give back is the primary motivation for our mentors, although more often than not, they receive more through the relationships they develop with our Honey Bugs.

JOURNALING Expressive journaling is used as a tool for our Honey Bugs to capture their feelings and share their experiences. Journaling encourages each girl to document important moments in their development, which will later serve as memories of their milestones and accomplishments through the Honey Shine Mentoring Program.

Aspire to Shine



Honey Shine provides a platform for young girls to develop their own voice as women. Our program encourages Honey Bugs to breakthrough stereotypes and helps them visualize their place in society as strong leaders. Our unique forum allows us to discuss leading womens issues and learn from the challenges that many great women before us have faced.

Camp Honey Shine allows us to continue our programming beyond our workshops. Our day camp is open to all girls enrolled in the program and enables us to further enrich the lives of our Honey Bugs with experiences and activities that continue to broaden their horizons. Our girls participate in a variety of activities that include dance, arts and crafts, swimming, reading, yoga and meditation, educational field trips, and so much more.

“ASPIRE TO SHINE” WORKSHOPS The Honey Shine Mentoring Program offers bi-weekly workshops which focus on education as the key to personal growth. Our workshops teach real-life skills that prepare our young girls to transition into adulthood with grace and confidence. Workshop topics include: • Health, nutrition, sex and drug education • Education and career mapping • Visits to South Florida attractions that takes the girls outside of their own community • Development of personal goals, self-respect and self-esteem • Financial literacy • Journaling, self-exploration and expression

PROGRAM GROWTH Honey Shine serves girls ages 8-18 through high impact workshops and a summer camp program year round. Workshops: In the past three years we have: • Increased the average number of girls at each workshop from 52 to 82 • We are currently averaging 102 girls for the 2009-2010 programming year • Increased the number of girls who have attended 50% or more of the workshops from 25% to 60%

Camp Honey Shine: • Within four years, Camp Honey Shine has grown from a oneweek program serving approximately 30 girls into a full fourweek program serving 110 girls • Increased our average number of girls at camp from 52 girls a day to 74 girls a day • Increased staff from 6 counselors to 14 counselors • Talent show has increased from 8 acts to 40 acts!






• • • •

16 workshops completed in addition to the annual “Honey Bugs on Target” reward workshop Served more than 184 girls throughout the year Average number of girls at a workshop is 82 89 girls attended 50% or more of the workshops


• •

Held at the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Coconut Grove, Florida Camp Honey Shine began in 2006 as a one-week camp serving 35 girls from the program. In 2007, Camp Honey Shine expanded into a three-week camp and in 2008 became a four-week camp serving over 85 girls. Camp Honey Shine allows for the continuation of programming beyond the academic year, workshops during the summer has quickly become the cornerstone of the Honey Shine Mentoring Program. Camp helps each girl further develop their self-esteem, independence, leadership skills, and peer relationships. In addition, they identify what they most value, helping them to make better decisions toward a positive future. This past summer we increased the number of girls served from 85 to 110, averaging 74 girls a day Carnival Cruise Lines served as a major sponsor of the 2009 Camp Honey Shine


Established policies and procedures including holding quarterly volunteer orientations in which all volunteers must attend 161 volunteers have attended an orientation and completed paper work Our volunteers are consistent and we currently have a ratio of 4 girls to 1 volunteer at all Honey Shine activities. This means that Honey Shine has received an in-kind donation of $60,000 worth of community support given through our volunteer hours


89% of members were involved with Honey Shine in 2009 in some capacity (i.e. attended workshops, served on a committee, or attended an event such as the Hats Off Luncheon)


GOLD PARTNERS Publix Super Markets

SILVER PARTNERS Kidding Around Pepsi


Felc Tutors Miccosukee Resort & Gaming Prime One Twelve & Prime Italia

DOUBLE PLATINUM LADY BUG Norma Jean Abraham Mari Alarcon-Grimalt Ada Armas Cathy Blank Kisha Holt Kathy Jackson Rhonda Johnson Tracy Wilson Mourning Ramona Phillips Sheila Rembert

PLATINUM LADY BUGS Marina Alonso Mendoza Jennifer Altman Josie Alvarez Marilyn Boscato Rebecca Brothers S. Ayanna Chambers Darlene Demezier Amy Deutch Beth Ertel Dottie Fauerbach Margarita Formoso Kerin Fredman Mirta Fuentes Toni Garner Toni Goodman Joanie Graham Pat Graham Pamela Haith

Amy Halsey Dr. Shulamit Katzman Daniela Kohl-Zapata Irene Korge Sandie Lobue Vigi Lovaton Alexa Lowe Maria Lowe Judy Newell Dr. Marilyn Morrison Padilla Chris Riley Maria Rogers Sharonda Stewart Nadine Valme Gigi Whitman Christina Wilson

GOLD LADY BUGS Amigos for Kids Audrey Bennati Rita Ewing Lisa Frankel Cinnamon Gadson Adri Gonzalvo Amy Hollub Samantha Jacobs Nadege Jasmin Trina Jones Lisa Joseph Jennifer Jumbo Natalie Lemos Caridad MacNamara Gisela Martin Vicki Miller Yvette Morrell Lucille O’Neal Carla Penn Claudia Potamkin Steven Rehage Shari Rochester Ayana Rodriguez Leslie Rowe Marjorie Schultz Randy Selesnick Eleni Sigala Cynthia Slaman Denika Williams

SILVER LADY BUGS Karen Baez Rosemary Baker Heather Bass Amy Baxter Tahiese Beckford Ester Ben-Zion Marlene Berg Nancy Bernstein Lana Bernstein Annie Bostic Ana Maria Capo Bernadette Chester Kim Cox Sady Diaz Robin Duncan Michelle Evans-Bolt LaTiscia Fowlkes Dr. Patrece Frisbee Patsy Green Jill Gross Erin Berg Hager Claudia Hamburger Carol Hedgepeth Tammi Hellinger Nicole Henry Sara Herald Ana Hernandez Rebkah Howard Elsa Hunt Kalyn James Yvonne Johnson Wendy Kallergis Marjie Kates Cindy Lerner Sharon Lightbourne Jennifer Little Rhonda Lopez Ines Mander Andrea Mason Candace McDonald Katherine Millbrink Mireya Muniz Alisa Oppenheim Lynn Parrish Terri Prestage-White Sheila Quint Laurie Riemer

Michelle Revuelta Sabrina Robinson Olivia Rothstein Mary Smith Pauline Sutton Veronica Swanson Dr. Andrea Trowers Paulette Vargas Dorean Williams Jonaura Wisdom Eve Wright

BRONZE “YOUNG PROFESSIONAL” LADY BUGS Arlesha Amazan Brandi Anderson Heather Armstrong Sabrina Barnett Stefanie Bennett Grace Castro Amatullah El-Amin LaTanya Foster LaCriscia Fowlkes Danielle Frankel Danelle Gilles Cemone Glinton Krystal Gopichand Andrea Graham Jamie Herscher Joi Holmes Rhea Howell Franceska Illas Farrah Joseph Jennifer Kishpaugh Valerie Lopez Lisa Lamy Elena Luca Janelle Prieto Sylvia Quinn Valerie Rasken Ami Riley Christine Machado Risso Kaisha Samuels Samantha Smith Patricia Taboas Raven Trapp Lashonne Williams-Canty




Program Fundraising Management & General

Program 84% Management & General Fundraising 8% 8%

Program 84% = $2,440,453 Fundraising 8% = $233,856 Management & General 8% = $223,997


Private Cash Contributions Gifts-in-kind

Private Cash Contributions 89%

Private Cash Contributions 89% = $3,022,288 Gifts-in-kind 11% = $356,527

Gifts-in-kind 11% REVENUE

Primary Revenue 100%



Inspire, empower and enrich the lives of our students.

Here at OYC our parent program is alive and well, we are moving into a new season of excitement and anticipation in the lives of our parents and their children. Our parent program is geared towards informing parents on the importance of getting the right resources in their hands so they can become productive citizens within the community they live in. It’s imperative that parents stay connected to their children’s lives; we believe that it is an essential component for parents to be involved in their children’s education. Through parent participation children see their parents actually working with their school, OYC and attending the monthly parent meetings.

MISSION Inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services. Opened in early 2003, the Overtown Youth Center (OYC) is a state-ofthe-art facility located in the heart of Miami’s inner city. The center co-locates academic and recreational activities in a safe environment, working with children, families, and schools from grade 2 to post-graduation.

Primary Revenue Primary Revenue 100% = $3,378,815

OYC offers in-school, after-school, weekend, and summer programs that include academic enhancement, physical fitness, health care and nutrition, creative arts, prevention, character-building, and familyoriented activities, including parent orientation.


97% OYC Students had on time promotion • 85% OYC students passed the FCAT • 69% OYC students improved or maintained their reading grades between 1st & 4th quarters of the school year • 90% OYC’s senior class graduated from HS 2009, 7 out of the 8 graduating seniors had on time promotion.

OYC parents are all working together, with the understanding that it takes a village to assist in raising a child; therefore we have formed a parent support group that will be of some assistance to those parents who feel stressed or just need an ear to listen when the need arises. OYC is now serving 196 parents and the numbers are growing as we continue to reach out to families in the Overtown community. Valarie Lomax, OYC Parent Coordinator

SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS Leonard Butler is currently a third grade student attending Downtown Charter School. He is 8 years old and is a well-behaved student. Unfortunately, Leonard has been struggling throughout the year on the FCAT. His scores are low, for instance he ranks in the 34% percentile



Program Fundraising Management & General

Program 79%

Fundraising 3%

Management & General 18%


OVERTOWN YOUTH CENTER (continued) rate for the Benchmark. As a result of his low score, Leonard has been attending tutorial services at his school Monday-Thursday as well as the tutorial service held at the Overtown Youth Center on Saturdays. He has been committed for the past two and half months at the tutorial service, since January 12, 2009. Leonard took his FCAT Reading Mock Test on February 17, 2009 and his score has tremendously improved by 24 percent.

MY SUCCESS My name is Willie James Floyd Jr. I am a 19 year old graduate of Miami Edison Senior High School, class of “09. I am currently enrolled in and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising at Johnson & Wales University. My dream and ultimate goal is to become the world’s most famous personal stylist and own my own clothing store. While doing all of this, I attend the Overtown Youth Center, where I have been attending for almost 6 years now. This program is a great example of how just giving attention to and assisting with a child’s needs can set a child up for greatness. If I didn’t have people like my mom and my sisters and the family at the Overtown Youth Center pushing me, I would have (1) never recognized my potential to even get this far and (2) never even graduated high school. This center has done more than enough to help me succeed in life they gave me a scholarship and a laptop to use for school. Most recently they have blessed me with an opportunity to have an internship for Elle magazine! With all these things that this center has done for me, I am determined to be the first to make it and to show the world what I am capable of and to be an inspiration for younger kids, like my brother who also attends this center, that it does work and that the Overtown Youth Center did help to make a difference in my life. Thank you. Willie James Floyd Jr., OYC Student

Private Cash Contributions 62%

Other Revenue 1%

Gifts-in-kind 2%

Government Grants 34%


Program 79% = $1,397,407 Fundraising 18% = $319,280 Management & General 3% = $44,717 Private Cash Contributions Gifts-in-kind Government Grants Other Revenue Private Cash Contributions 62% = $1,304,061 Gifts-in-kind 2% = $49,491 Government Grants 34% = $719,323 Other Revenue 1% = $24,039 Primary Revenue Other Revenue

Primary Revenue 99%

Primary Revenue 99% = $2,072,876 Other Revenue 1% = $24,039

Other Revenue 1%



ZO’S FUND FOR LIFE VISION Create awareness through education for kidney disease and organ transplantation.

MISSION Empower individuals and their families who are affected by kidney disease and organ transplantation by providing hope through research, advocacy and educational initiatives.

THE FACTS More than 20 million Americans have kidney disease and don’t even know it • Another 20 million are at risk for getting kidney disease • Over 79,000 US patients are currently waiting for an organ transplant • Every day, 17 people die while waiting for a organ transplant •

PROGRAM SUCCESSES Since 2001, Zo’s Fund for Life (ZFFL) has raised more than $2 million. • Since Alonzo’s transplant at the Columbia University Medical Center in December 2003, the number of available transplants have increased from 150/year to 200/year due to the great publicity and awareness that Alonzo has brought to kidney disease and transplantation. • 98 of the last 1,000 kidney transplants performed have been in Focal Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) patients due to the association •

with Alonzo Mourning and The Center for Glomerular Diseases at Columbia University Medical Center. • Established a Patient Assistance Fund at Columbia University Medical Center for patients struggling to pay for their medications. • Donated close to $1.5 million to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia University Medical Center for research, administrative support (doctors, nurses, researchers) and patient assistance • Omar For Life Campaign raised $104,134.72 in a short amount of time to save Omar’s Life • 35 Miami-Dade pediatric dialysis patients from Jackson Memorial Hospital and Miami Children’s were offered the chance to attend a Boggy Creek Summer Camp for one week. This is a special camp that allows children the opportunity to attend camp and still get the medical attention they need. • Formed key partnerships with the University of Miami, the Miami Transplant Institute, National Kidney Foundation and DaVita • As an advocate with Zo’s Fund for Life, Alonzo’s voice is heard through the halls of Congress as he fights the battle of quality care for every person suffering from kidney disease. • June 10, 2009 – Alonzo Mourning Access to Care Act was signed into Law in the state of Florida by Gov. Charlie Crist. This law gives End Stage Renal Disease patients under the age of 65 the ability to get Medgap coverage without having to spend down their assets.

• October

6th – Alonzo asked lawmakers to specifically support extending the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) provision, which currently forces end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients off of their private insurance and onto Medicare after 30 months of dialysis. Following his meeting with CBC members, the CBC delivered a letter to Speaker Pelosi naming access to kidney care for Americans suffering from ESRD, also known as kidney failure, as a top priority in health care reform.

THE CENTER FOR GLOMERULAR DISEASES AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER It was through persistence that Alonzo pushed to get another opinion about his prognosis when he was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerularsclerosis (FSGS), and that is when he met Dr. Gerald Appel, a world renowned Nephrologist. As a patient of Dr. Appel, Alonzo was also a patient at Columbia University Medical Center where he eventually underwent a life-saving kidney transplant. Not only have Alonzo and Zo’s Fund for Life built a relationship with the doctor that gave him hope – a relationship was built with the entire Columbia University Medical Center community and more specifically the Glomerular Center. At the Glomerular Center, Dr. Appel sees, treats and cares for his patients suffering from kidney disease no matter what their economic status and conducts ground breaking research on FSGS thanks to the generous donations

from Zo’s Fund for Life. Since the foundations inception on 2001, Zo’s Fund for Life has donated close to $1.5 million to Columbia University Medical Center/Glomerular Center for research, administrative support (doctors, nurses, researchers) and patient assistance. This year alone, Dr. Appel has researched and wrote 5 abstracts created for the American Society of Nephrology meetings, the patient assistance fund has given out 6 grants to patients in need and each in year since 2001 Zo’s Fund for Life has funded a Glomerular Fellow who is chosen from as highly competitive pool of fully trained nephrologists to further their education by spending a year at The Glomerular Center at Columbia. In addition, visiting fellows from Brazil, Tenerife-Spain, and Belgium are furthering their special education in glomerular diseases at the Center.

“GIVE OMAR LIFE” FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN FOR OMAR FERGUSON – 4 YEAR OLD LIVER DISEASE PATIENT IN NEED OF A TRANSPLANT “Persistent” is far too passive a word for Darie Ferguson. A mother who was desperate and determined to do anything she could and/ or had to do to save her 3yr old son’s life. Darie’s son, Omar, was suffering from a liver disease and the doctors in their home country of the Bahamas did all that they could. As Darie explains it, “I was standing on the edge of a cliff and my two choices were to turn



ZO’S FUND FOR LIFE (continued) back and let my son die, or take a leap of faith.” So Darie did what any mother would do for her son – she jumped and she landed at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Some may say that it was by chance that she read an old flyer hanging in the hospital cafeteria about Alonzo’s partnership with the Miami Transplant Institute, but if you ask Darie – it was fate. A letter was faxed to the foundation office with a picture of Omar and a brief description of his diagnosis and prognosis – Omar was very sick and if something was not done immediately he would lose the battle he had been fighting for the past 3 years. Once Alonzo saw the picture of this little boy – he knew that something had to be done. We worked with the doctors at the University of Miami who were a part of our new partnership with the Miami Transplant Institute and launched a campaign. The “Give Omar Life” campaign brought needed attention to the situation and placed Omar on the transplant list. On December 13, 2008, three weeks after the launch of the “Give Omar Life” campaign, Omar received his life-saving liver transplant. To date, the “Give Omar Life” Campaign has raised $104,134.72 and has not only saved this one little boys life, but has shined a light on the need to teach and share our transplant resources with our close neighbors in the Bahamas. Omar returned back to the Bahamas with the rest of his family in May of 2009 and is living as a healthy 4yr old boy thanks to the attention and funds from Zo’s Fund for Life.

ADVOCACY FOR KIDNEY DISEASE ALONZO MOURNING ACCESS TO CARE ACT On March 11, 2009 as part of a partnership with DaVita, Alonzo travelled to Tallahassee to raise awareness about kidney disease and support legislation that would increase medical coverage for people who suffer from kidney disease. The legislation would allow patients under the age of 65 to buy Medigap coverage assistance instead of paying out of pocket for treatments not covered by government health care programs. In doing so, this would alleviate the burden that kidney patients have to “spend down” their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage . The legislation was renamed the “Alonzo Mourning Access to Care Act” and with overwhelming support in the Florida State Legislature, it was signed into law in the State of Florida by Gov. Charlie Crist on June 10, 2009. The “Alonzo Mourning Access to Care Act” is expected to make 11,050 ESRD patients and 200,000 patients with other disabilities eligible for this same Medigap coverage. Currently 28 states have adopted the law and there are discussions about taking the legislation to a National level.


federal lawmakers – including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and other House and Senate leaders - to educate them about the impact of kidney disease and ask for their commitment to advance health care reform that will improve patients’ access and choice in receiving quality kidney care. Alonzo was accompanied by leadership from Kidney Care Partners, a broad-based alliance of patient advocates, dialysis professionals, care providers, nurses and physicians groups, researchers and manufacturers working together to improve access, choice and quality of care for individuals with kidney disease and kidney failure.

Extending MSP from 30 to 42 months, as Alonzo and the kidney community support, will provide greater choice in care for patients and is estimated to generate $1.2 billion in savings to the Medicare program. These savings could then be used toward additional needed reforms, such as extending the length of time that Medicare will pay for kidney transplant patients’ immunosuppressant drugs. These medications must be taken for the life of the kidney transplant to help avoid organ rejection; however, currently Medicare will only cover these medications for 36 months.

While on Capitol Hill, Alonzo asked lawmakers to specifically support extending the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) provision, which currently forces end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients off of their private insurance and onto Medicare after 30 months of dialysis. Following his meeting with CBC members, the CBC delivered a letter to Speaker Pelosi naming access to kidney care for Americans suffering from ESRD, also known as kidney failure, as a top priority in health care reform. In its letter, the CBC expressed strong opposition to any type of reform efforts that would “compromise the access and quality of care provided to millions of Americans suffering from end stage renal disease (ESRD) by omitting provisions that will expand the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) provision for ESRD.”

ZSG is a five-day weekend event that has something for everyone: golf, comedy, concert, benefit dinner, youth summit, youth sports conference and basketball clinic, a free block party, an all-star basketball game and numerous exclusive functions with proceeds benefit Alonzo Mourning Charities and the Wade’s World Foundation. ZSG is an action packed fundraising weekend, but for the families that Zo’s Fund for Life sponsors to attend, it is much more. These five families all have a common bond of a child with kidney disease and/or kidney transplant and the Summer Groove gives them the opportunity to connect where otherwise their paths would probably never cross. Being a part of all of the activities throughout the weekend gives the kids, who are warmly referred as “kidney beans”, an opportunity to be a part of an event where




ZO’S FUND FOR LIFE (continued) their kidney disease does not define them and gives the parents an opportunity to find support in others who are traveling the same road. The bond that has formed among the families is amazing – “brought together by chance, developed friendships by choice”. Throughout the year, the families stay in contact and continue to support each other during times when their children are experiencing the ups and downs of kidney disease as well as the daily obstacles of living as a “normal” kid with a serious illness. Alonzo and Zo’s Fund for Life teach the children and their families the importance of staying strong and positive so that they can continue to face those daily challenges. These five children are all individuals who have touched Alonzo’s life just as much as he has touched theirs. Most of their stories can be found in his book Resilience: Faith Focus Triumph, but most importantly the families have become a part of Zo’s Fund for Life.


In addition to providing salary support to the staff at the Glomerular Center at Columbia University who often evaluate and advise patients who cannot afford high level kidney care at no cost, Zo’s Fund for Life started a patient support fund which provides grants and medications to uninsured and underinsured patients helping them cope with the financial burdens imposed by these costly procedures. Below are some examples on the difference Zo’s Fund for Life has made to Glomerular Center patients: A 16 year old high school student who developed sudden massive leg and body swelling and heavy protein loss in the kidney. She had no insurance, her parents are indigent artists, and  could not afford doctor visits or medications. Dr. Appel and the  Glomerular Center treated her for free, provided medications, and have gotten her back to a normal life. She received a check a grant from the Alonzo Mourning Foundation to assistance with medication costs. A 52 year woman with lupus who has had a kidney transplant that has been  failing over the last few years. She recently started  dialysis. She did not have the money to pay for dental work necessary before anyone would relist her for a new kidney transplant. A grant from Zo’s fund paid for this dental work and now she is awaiting a new kidney.


by Steven Moll (Diagnosed after hearing Alonzo talk about Kidney Disease Warning Signs during a Media Tour) Approximately 6 years ago I was driving back to work from an appointment and happened to be listening to the Mike and the Mad Dog radio show on WFAN.  The hosts were interviewing Alonzo Mourning about his recent signing by the Nets.  In addition to

ZO’S FUND FOR LIFE (continued) talking at length about basketball and his career, Alonzo also spoke about his kidney disease and transplant.  Alonzo was asked to describe the symptoms that he had experienced prior to his diagnosis.  As he listed the symptoms, I realized that I had  almost  every one that he mentioned.  As a result, I called my doctor and told him that I thought I might have a kidney problem.  While he was skeptical, I made an appointment and he ran a number of tests.  He informed me that indeed I had some type of irregularity with my kidney function and sent me to a nephrologist.  After numerous additional tests, I was finally diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease called Alport’s Syndrome.  In addition to requiring a kidney transplant or dialysis to survive kidney failure, the disease also impacts hearing and I am now on my second pair of hearing aids and my hearing is declining rapidly. Since  being diagnosed, I have become involved with the National Kidney Foundation Serving Greater New York.  I am  currently Vice Chairman of that organization and the Corporate Chair of this year’s NYC Kidney Walk, which will take place on October 18 at the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan. Last year, I was the Corporate CoChair of the Walk and Alonzo was a special guest.  On the morning of the Walk, I got to meet and spend some time with Alonzo and Jason Cooper.  I shared my story with Alonzo and thanked him for being so outspoken about his experience with kidney disease.  I can honestly say that but for hearing Alonzo on the radio, it is unlikely that I would have learned of my condition until my kidneys failed.  Instead, I have been able to take some degree of control over my condition.  After being diagnosed, I changed my diet, started to exercise regularly and began taking six different daily medications.  As a result of these actions, I have significantly slowed down the rate of deterioration of my kidneys.  I was originally projected to require a transplant by the summer of 2007.  Happily, that date has come and gone and now my doctors won’t even predict when I will need dialysis or a transplant. Despite my diagnosis and hearing loss, I consider myself to be relatively fortunate. Most people do not learn that they have Kidney Disease until their kidneys actually fail.  I am living proof that early detection can make a huge difference in slowing the progression of the disease. The longer that the disease can be managed through medication, changes in diet and exercise and dialysis, the better the quality of life for kidney patients and their families.  I will always be grateful to Alonzo.  He helped to change my life and he is doing a huge public service with all the work that he has done with his foundation, Zo’s Fund for Life, to promote awareness of kidney disease.  Through my work with the  National Kidney Foundation and the NYC Kidney Walk, I am trying to do my part to continue to raise awareness as well.      Steven A. Moll, Vice President and Associate General Counsel Employment and Labor, Thomson Reuters


Program 100%

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REVENUE SOURCES Private Cash Contributions Private Cash Contributions 100% = $58,628

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Primary Revnue 100% = $58,628




T E:



O J E C T N o.



BUNCHE PARK YOUTH CENTER In the heart of the City of Miami Gardens; the Bunche Park Youth Center proposal includes a split-level 40,000 square-foot facility which will include a music studio, full-service library, classrooms, and a gymnasium.

AREA STATISTICS • • • • • • •

Total population: 3,972 Average household size: 2.93 388 single-parent households (57 men, 331 women) Median income household: $26,700 versus $42,433 in state of Florida 30% - High School graduates 6% - College degree graduates 2.3% - Post graduates

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being no crime), Bunche Park scores a 9 for violent crime. Violent crime is composed of four offenses: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. The US average is 3. On a scale from 1 to 10 Bunche Park has a score of a 9 for property crime incidents. In 2006 Bunche Park ranked #6 most dangerous areas in the US. Estimated project cost: $10 million (including construction and programming start up costs).



Our youth are often faced with challenging situations and decisions. Covering a gamut of topics, our youth summits allow us to open the lines of communication to discuss the issues that are truly important. Participating kids converse with celebrities, athletes, and prominent leaders in the community to find solutions and gain a positive perspective on life.

Each year, more than 400 kids selected from partner organizations, are invited to a special holiday party hosted by Tracy and Alonzo Mourning. To help preserve holiday traditions, festivities include a talent show, cookie decorating, face painting, great music and dancing, a delicious dinner with all the fixings and a special gift for each child.

ARCHITECTURE P L A N N IN G I N T E R IORS 4533 PONCE DE LEON BLVD Coral Gables, Florida 33146

TEL: (305) 740-5442

E-MAIL: Certification No.



YOUTH SPORTS CONFERENCE AND BASKETBALL CLINIC Since 1997, Alonzo Mourning Charities has granted funds to a variety More than 2000 kids each year learn key basketball fundamentals and off-the-court life skills from top athletes and sports professionals from around the league. Youth participants take part in numerous interactive activities that include various drills, helpful hints, workout tips, and motivational sessions. Topics shared include a broad-spectrum of messages regarding discipline, sportsmanship, persistence, and teamwork that can be applied to all aspects of life.

33 THANKSGIVINGS In efforts to give Thanksgiving a special meaning for many in need, Mourning personally delivers complete meals door-to-door to unsuspecting families in the South Florida area. With the support of sponsors, AM Charities has increased the number of meals delivered each year from 33 to 533.

of organizations that work to solve today’s most challenging children’s issues- foster care, adoption, emergency shelters, mentoring programs and after-school programs among many others.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM A scholarship program was established to encourage and enable highly motivated students to pursue their collegiate study at any accredited university. Each year, scholarships are awarded to high school students who exhibit exceptional character and promise. Students are selected from partner programs in hopes that they pursue opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them.






A. Vicky Garcia-Toledo Abby Gopman Ada Armas Adri Gonzalvo AJ Speaks Alan & Ardyth Diercks Albert Alvarez Alexander Montoya Alisa Oppenheim Allison Bistrong Almarie Chalmers Almario V Chalmers Alvaro Betancur Amanda Tamis Amatullah El-Amin Ami Riley Amigos for Kids Amy Deutch Amy Halsey Amy Hollub Amy Segal Ana Hernandez Ana Maria Capo Anabel Llopis Andre Primeaux Andrea Graham Andrea Hall Andrea Ivory Andrea Mason Andrea Trowers Angelo Morris Angie Chemla Anna Samson Annette & Luis R Gil Annette Taddeo Annie Bostic Anthony Abraham Foundation Antoinette Baldwin Arleen Donelli Arlene Chaplin Arlene DeBardela Arlene Debardelaben Arlene Furst Arlesha Amazan Ashbritt, Inc. Ashley Aronowitz AT&T Atchana’s East/West Kitchen Audrey Bennati Aventura Mall Ayana Rodriguez

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Other Revenue 1%

Government Grants 13%


Program 82% = $3,892,793 Management & General 12% = $553,136 Fundraising 6% = $268,714 Private Cash Contributions Gifts-in-kind Government Grants Other Revenue Private Cash Contributions 79% = $4,384,977 Gifts-in-kind 7% = $406,018 Government Grants 13% = $719,324 Other Revenue 1% = $30,139 Primary Revenue Other Revenue

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND STAFF BOARD EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Alonzo Mourning I CHAIRMAN EMERITUS Williams Diggs I President, Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce I CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Allen Furst I CEO, Agency 21 Consulting I TREASURER & SECRETARY BOARD MEMBERS Jennifer Altman I Partner I Boises Schiller & Flexner LLP Ronald L. Book, P.A. I CEO I Ronald L. Book, P.A. Evan Contorakes I CEO & Partner I Ronin Advertising Group Linda Coll I Director I Carnival Foundation Albert Dotson Jr. Esquire I Partner I Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod Juan Galarraga I Group Vice President I Target Stuart Miller I President & CEO I Lennar Corporation Tracy Wilson Mourning I Founder I Honey Shine Mentoring Program Fennoris Pearson I CEO I Global Consumer Innovation Jerry Powers I Founder I Power Play, LLC Gene Schaefer I President-Miami Commercial Executive I Bank of America Scott Woolley I Founder & President I Epic Entertainment Group STAFF Noreen Timoney I Interim Chief Executive Officer Lisa Joseph I Development Director Grace Castro I PR & Marketing Director Anna Fortes I Accountant Samantha Lepovetsky I Development Coordinator Nile Patrick I Community Relations Coordinator Carla Penn I Executive Director I Overtown Youth Center Andrea Graham I Program Director I Honey Shine Mentoring Program LaCriscia Fowlkes | Program Coordinator | Honey Shine Mentoring Program Amanda Allen I Managing Director I Zo’s Fund For Life

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