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AmCham News American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia

Stand 1200 Twikatane Road | Rhodespark | Lusaka | 0975.028.026

October - December 2014


Dear Esteemed Members: Happy New Year! We ended 2014 with a celebration of Zambia’s 50 years of independence, the unfortunate passing of our late president, and the arrival of the new US Ambassador Eric Schultz. I look forward to an extraordinary 2015 as this year has started off great with the country’s peaceful transition to a new president of the Republic of Zambia. The Chamber also continues to be in a state of transition, as the Board is still working towards finding a suitable director. While we made some achievements in 2014, there is much more to do as a Chamber to march towards our goals. I am calling on all members to rise up, renew your membership and be active members by joining a committee. Active committees and events are vital to the success and health of the Chamber. The committees help push the mission of AmCham Zambia, and increase the value of this network in our community. I implore you to contact the Secretariat about which of the six committees would be the best fit for your skills and interests. We hope to move the Chamber forward in 2015 with new memberships, higher participation, more events, and meaningful relationship - building between America and Zambian businesses. Together, we will work together to create a prosperous 50 more years. Regards,

Jason Kazilimani Jr. (Interim President)

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Timeline: October & November 2014 Jubilant Start to the Fourth Quarter

California Agricultural Leadership Foundation

The Chamber joined in the jubilant momentum of

As November came up, the AmCham Zambia’s

Zambia as the country’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations

members, Secretariat, and US Embassy Lusaka staff met

were underway. Lusaka was adorned in the Zambian

with a group of 24 visiting members of the California

flag colors, representing patriotism and pride in

Agricultural Leadership Foundation participating in

Zambia’s independence. The Chamber wish Zambia a

an educational mission to Zambia.

Happy 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary and joined in the many celebrations held in Lusaka.

The California Agricultural Leadership Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation committed

Amidst the October celebrations, the Chamber’s

to leadership training and transformational learning

staff and board members bid farewell to Rodney

experiences in partnership with four California

Watkins, who had completed his one-year Peace Corps

universities: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly

extension with the Chamber. Rodney attended the

Pomona, California State University Fresno, and the

October 16th board meeting, where members of the

University of California Davis. The foundation supports

board congratulated Rodney, appreciated the work he


had done for the Chamber, and wished him luck in his

training experience of its kind in the United States

future endeavors.

– the California Agricultural Leadership Program –




which is widely considered to be the premier program, Members of the Chamber’s board took this opportunity

in its niche in the world. Group members included

to welcome Courtney Tuxbury, who replaced Rodney

major Californian commercial farmers, agricultural

as the SME Development Specialist, while completing

financial professionals, state power officials, and other

her one year Peace Corps extension in Zambia.

agricultural professionals. The Californian delegation was participating in an international travel seminar,

The Chamber as the US Embassy were happy to

which took members all over the world to meet with

welcome Ambassador Eric Schultz who after a long wait

diverse leaders to explore first-hand global issues

finally arrived in Zambia in October. Ambassador Eric

in politics, economics, trade, commerce, and the

Schultz met with members of the American Chamber


board and we look forward to a continued relationship with the US Embassy in Lusaka.

During the Q&A session, AmCham Zambia members Mr. Donald Mavindidze of Monsanto and Mr. Stewart

Showcasing AmCham in Zambia

Hall of NWK had the opportunity to talk with the visiting group about their respective companies, share

Enhancing the Chamber’s imagine by working on a new

their experience with the agricultural sector in Zambia,

website, the Chamber was also given the opportunity

and encouraged the group to return to Zambia because

to write an article showcasing itself in a renowned

of the potential for growth in the agricultural sector.

investment magazine, NEXTPAGE Concepts Limited Media Limited.

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Focus Article: American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia The American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia (AmCham Zambia) was officially launched in June 2011 after the successful African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) forum, which was held in Lusaka. The forum brought a high- level delegation from the United States of America, including then U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and then U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Ron Kirk, who both participated in the Chamber’s launch as guests of honour. AmCham Zambia has enjoyed three-years of growing memberships, partnerships with U.S. and Zambian public and private sector institutions, and level of activities. AmCham Zambia currently has ninety-four members spread across Lusaka, the Copperbelt, and Solwezi, with the majority of its members in Lusaka.

The AmCham Zambia membership is drawn from various sectors, with

a large percentage of members belonging to the financial, industrial and agricultural sectors. The American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia aims to serve US citizens and US controlled companies and organizations doing business in Zambia, as well as Zambian businesses involved in or interested in trade with the United States. To accomplish this, it has established a network and a forum for sharing information, exchanging ideas and interacting with relevant U.S. and Zambian government policy makers, with the ultimate goal of increasing business and trade between the United States and Zambia. AmCham Zambia works towards achieving its goals in several ways, such as the following: • Ensuring Chamber members are aware of and participate in the United States Embassy’s Ambassador’s Direct Line Call to U.S. businesses, where U.S. businesses considering investing in Zambia are given an overview of Zambia, its growth, investment potential, and is followed by a Q&A session with the Ambassador and participating Zambian businesses. The U.S. businesses are given advice and encouraged to visit Zambia. • The Chamber assists the U.S. Embassy in Lusaka to promote International Buyers Programs (IBPs) held annually in different states. Several AmCham Zambia members participate in the different IBPs, have been able to purchase goods and make contacts with American businesses. • The Chamber has participated in trade missions to the US with its members, together with a delegation from the Zambian Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry and the Zambian Development Agency. The Chamber has also co-hosted trade missions from the United States, facilitating meetings between visiting American businesses and Chamber members. The Chamber has participated in a high-level delegation trade missions, like a 2012 trade mission with U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Francisco J. Sanchez, travelled to Zambia with a business delegation representing 12 multi-sector U.S. firms. This delegation met with government and local business people to explore opportunities for business ventures whilst some AmCham Zambia members had business-to-business meetings with members of the delegation. AmCham Zambia continues to work on promoting its membership by providing other benefits to members. This includes advocating to the Zambian and the United States governments, building corporate social responsibility initiatives within membership, encouraging member-to-member networking and business through fellowship events, holding workshops and discussion forums on issues such as promotion of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for the business community in Zambia and the USA, and small-scale businesses to build capacity and improve their access to funding, both locally and internationally through professional development.

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With 60 years of operating in Zambia, we provide Audit, Tax and Advisory services, delivering a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary finance and accounting skills and capabilities based on deep industry knowledge. Our industry specialisation helps KPMG people to develop a rich understanding of clients’ businesses, acquire insight, skills and resources required to address industry-specific issues and opportunities. Audit services Our Audit services include: ■ Financial statement audit ■ Financial statement reviews ■ Agreed upon procedures Tax services Our Tax services include: ■ Corporate Tax ■ International Executive Services ■ Indirect Tax ■ Company Statutory Services Advisory services Contact us: Our Advisory services include amongst others: First Floor, Elunda Two ■ Transactions and Restructuring Addis Ababa Roundabout ■ Risk and Compliance Rhodes Park Lusaka ■ Internal Audit Co-sourcing Unit 14 Lyness House ■ Performance and Technology Freedom Avenue ■ Forensic Kitwe. ■ IT Advisory Telephone: +260 211 372 900 Email:

Timeline: November 2014 OPIC Officials Visit

to host the new United States Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Eric Schultz, U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of

On Wednesday, November 19th, 2014, members of

Section Political and Economic Affairs Mr. Adam D.

the Chamber gathered at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel’s

Ross, and Lusaka Minister of Commerce Trade and

Baobab Hall for a cocktail reception in honour of

Industry Honourable Robert Sichinga at the event.

visiting officials from the United States Overseas

The evening was filled with great entertainment

Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). Mr. Steven L.


Johnston and Mr. David A. Weld, OPIC officials, were

traditional Thanksgiving meal with joyful banter.









visiting Zambia to learn how OPIC can provide better long-term financing for major infrastructure projects in Zambia. They also looked for quality Americaninvested infrastructure deals in need of funding. The OPIC officials were happy to meet Chamber members interested in OPIC products who were present at the event. They gave a presentation, had an efficacious Q&A session with the members, and continued the evening with one-on-one networking with the members who shared their views on the business climate and opportunities in Zambia.

Photo: U.S. Ambasador Mr. Eric Schultz shakes hands with Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry Hon. Robert Sichinga, as Interim AmCham President Mr. Jason Kazilimani Jr. looks on at the 2014 Thankgiving Dinner

After the meal, guests participated in raffle drawings getting to win prizes donated from Catwalk Boutique, Genuine Collections, Southern Sun Hotel, Protea Hotel Lusaka, Jewel of Africa, InterContinental Hotel Lusaka, DeJulie Hair Salon, Renew Medica, and Avocado Hair & Day Spa. As the event was winding down, guests had got to show off moves on the dance floor, and take fun pictures in the photo booth to Photo: OPIC Official talks to Chamber members at cocktail reception

remind them of a wonderful American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia Thanksgiving Dinner.

American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia 2014 Thanksgiving Dinner

AmCham graciously thanks Chamber members KPMG, BUK Truck Parts, Ernst & Young, LaFarge,

AmCham Zambia had a marvellous Thanksgiving

Streetwise Ltd, and Citibank for their sponsorships of

Dinner held at the InterContinental Hotel Lusaka on

Thanksgiving Dinner. We also thank Pepsi and The

the 21 of November. With 150 guests in attendance, the

Wine Shop for their generous beverage donations to

Chamber was happy to share a meal with its members,

the evening.


partners and friends. The Chamber was also honoured

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THE BEST GREEN IN THE WORLD From deep within the continent’s heart, touching ancient sources of mystery and beauty, Zambia’s master gem-cutters and jewellers craft sophisticated pieces that echo with the passions of Africa. Ethically mined, cut and polished, Jewel of Africa transform the mineral wealth beneath the Zambian soil into sophisticated bespoke creations. Ethereal and exquisite, these African stones are shaped into objects of international renown. Crafted by African hands, they reflect the soul of the continent to all corners of the world.

‘World Class Jewellery made in Zambia, by Zambians’ Tel: +260 211 25 00 05

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2014/10/15 2:59 PM

Timeline: December 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the world’s

In commemoration of Global Entrepreneurship Week,

largest celebration of innovators and job creators

the United States Embassy in Lusaka Public Affairs

who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive

Section and Pol/Econ partnered with the Zambia

economic growth, and expand human welfare.

Chamber of Small and Medium Business Associations

During one week each November, GEW inspires

(ZCSMBA) and the American Chamber of Commerce

people everywhere through local, national, and global

in Zambia for the launch of a Massive Open Online

activities designed to help them explore their potential

Course (MOOC) on “Growing Entrepreneurship in

as self-starters and innovators. These activities, from

Transitioning Economies.” This is was an online course

large-scale competitions and events to intimate

taught by Professor Michael Goldberg of Case Western


Reserve University in Ohio.


connect participants


Guests at the MOOC

potential collaborators, mentors and even investors—

included members of the Chamber and members of the

introducing them to new possibilities and exciting

Alliance for Youth Entrepreneurs, which is comprised


of students from different universities in Zambia.

Global Entrepreneurship Week arrived late in Zambia,

AmCham participated in the MOOC by hosting and

running from December 1 - 6 , 2014, due to the

moderating sessions. The sessions included a series

national mourning observed for the passing of the

of 15 minute videos followed by a discussion with a

5th republican president of Zambia, H.E. Michael

group of young entrepreneurs. On December 4th,

C. Sata during the month of November. In Zambia,

the Chamber hosted the session “Leveraging Anchor

COMESA and the COMESA Secretary General, Mr.

Institutions”, where Mr. Simunza Muyangana of

Sindiso Ngwenya had been instrumental in supporting

BongoHive was invited as the session moderator.



the GEW activities both directly and indirectly by endorsing as the GEW-Zambia Patron and various inkind logistical support of the GEW activities through its support to the Zambia-COMESA SME Toolkit and ELIF Business Solutions Ltd. in making the activities of the Zambia GEW a success. Collaborating partners in Zambia also include TEVETA, Dana Holdings and the Zambia Development Agency. In 2012, AmCham Zambia partnered with ZambiaCOMESA SME Toolkit to host a business plan writing competition. This year, AmCham Zambia participated in GEW by being a part of a discussion panel where

Photo: Simunza Muyangana Co-founder of Bongohive moderates on

representatives from the United States Embassy in

MOOC topic “Leveraging anchor institutions” at the AmCham Zambia HQ.

Lusaka were also present.

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Timeline: December 2014 Simunza explained about BongoHive, Zambia’s first

two main business areas: Fund Management and

technology and innovation hub. BongoHive’s goal

Advisory. Kukula Capital acts as fund manager to

was to build upon the entrepreneurship hub concept

their two venture funds: Kukula Fund I and Kukula

already proven to be successful in several other Sub-

Seed Fund. Through the funds, Kukula Capital invests

Saharan countries. BongoHive was established as a

in growing companies in Zambia, facilitating the

social enterprise that contributes to local social and

company’s with capital and expertise.

economic development through skills development, professional networking and technological innovation,

The Chamber closed off the MOOC as the last event in

and to unleash the untapped potential of young

2014 and looks forward to more events in 2015.

people seeking to succeed while making a difference through their careers. BongoHive aims to aid creative and technologists by enhancing skills, strengthening networks,

Contact Us:

increasing collaboration, providing a

forum for ideas exchange, and reducing the barriers

For more information about the American Chamber

to entrepreneurship. This session shed light on what

of Commerce in Zambia, its committees, past and

anchor institutions would be like had there been many

upcoming events, do not hesitate to get in touch with

in Zambia.

the Chamber Secretariat at the following details:

On December 11th, the Chamber hosted the “Access to

Phone: +260 975 028 026

Capital/Mentoring”, which included the topics of seed acceleration, angel investing, and venture capital. This course was by Mr. Jito Kayumba of Kukula Capital.

Email: Courtney: Dailesi:

Address: Stand No. 1200 Twikatane Road, Rhodespark Lusaka, Zambia

Photo: Jito Kayumba, Partner at Kukula Capital Plc. moderates on MOOC topic “Access to capital/mentoring (including seed acceleration, angel investing and venture capital)” at the AmCham Zambia HQ

Kukula Capital is a leading venture finance and private equity firm in Zambia. The company operates under

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ABOUT THE AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN ZAMBIA MISSION The Chamber aims to serve American citizens and controlled companies/organizations doing business in Zambia as well as Zambian businesses which are already or seeking to become involved in trade with the United States. AmCham has and will continue to achieve this through establishing a network with relevant forums for sharing information, exchanging ideas, and interacting with relevant American and Zambian public policy makers. It is the ultimate goal of the Chamber to increase commerce and trade between the U.S and Zambia.

OBJECTIVES Further the development of commerce between the United States of American and the business community and Government of Zambia; Promote the interest of its members in trade and investment between and in the two countries; Gather and disseminate information on trade and investment; and Do what is necessary to promote, encourage and facilitate commerce between the United States of America and the business community and Government of Zambia

MEMBER SERVICES NETWORK • Access to member directory including key business and government contacts • Business-to business matching • Business visa application services

EVENTS • Interactive website and social media networking Events • Monthly business networking and social events • Trade mission to and from the United States • Luncheon and dinners featuring American and foreign business leaders and high-level officials • Trade shows and exhibitions

RESOURCES • Expert consulting on export-import market and foreign investment in Zambia • Quarterly newsletter, regular e-bulletins, and periodic publications | | +260 975 028 026

Board of Directors and Committees BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Nasir Ali Mr. Kwame Asiedu Mr. Paul Kaluba Mr. Samir Karia Ms. Mildred Kaunda Mr. Jason Kazilimani Jr. Mr. Jonathan Lewis Mrs. Josephine Makondo Mr. Raj Sharma Mr. Adam Ross (ex-officio)

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Mr. Jason Kazilimani Jr., PRESIDENT (Interim) Mr. Paul Kaluba, VICE-PRESIDENT Mr. Nasir Ali, TREASURER Mr. Samir Karia, SECRETARY

COMMITTEES & CHAIRS ADVOCACY - Samir Karia, Citi Bank BUSINESS LINKAGES -Benjamin Katubiya, BUK Truck Parts CSR- Jessica Menon FELLOWSHIP- Mildred Kaunda, Cutting Edge PR MEMBERSHIP- Raj Sharma, Jewel of Africa PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- John Serlemitsos, Platinum Gold Equity

SECRETARIAT Programs Manager: Dailesi Njobvu SME Development Specialist: Courtney Tuxbury PLEASE EMAIL INFO@AMCHAMZAMBIA.COM IF YOU WISH TO JOIN A COMMITTEE. | | +260 975 028 026

March 2 – 3, 2015

• Radisson Blu Hotel • Lusaka, Zambia

Two days of cutting-edge best practice learning and innovative tools and technologies that are advancing rural and agricultural market development. Cracking the Nut brings together food companies, financial institutions, investors, donors, governments and development practitioners to discuss how best to coinvest in agriculture.

LEARN ABOUT: CLIMATE CHANGE, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, AGRICULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE, FINANCIAL INCLUSION, AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK IN AFRICA. GAIN EXPERT INSIGHT With 3 plenaries, 18 interactive breakout sessions and world-class speakers from both the public and private sector, participants will have a wide variety of content to choose from. GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR NETWORKING With over 300 professionals representing development organizations, governments, donors, banks, investors, and private sector companies, Cracking the Nut is a great opportunity for you to forge new professional contacts. RELIVE THE CONFERENCE All conference materials, including presentations and handouts, will be made available to all attendees following the event.

THREE FULL TRACKS The conference will showcase competitively selected best practices through three tracks with an eye toward climate change: ■ Strengthening Rural & Agricultural Infrastructure ■ Expanding Financial Services to Rural Areas ■ Improving Agricultural Production Our three-track event means you have a choice to pick the sessions that work best for you. THE MOST UP-TO-DATE CONTENT We will cover topics that matter the most to today’s agribusiness developers. Best practice knowledge you can apply to your projects related to climate change, infrastructure, finance and investment, livestock and more.



Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia 23rd Century Systems

First National Bank (FNB)

Radisson Blu Hotel

Action Auto

Focus Financial Services

Southern Sun Hotel

Advantage Insurance Ltd

Fortuna Entreprises Ltd

Stabo Air


Foxdale Court

Street Wise


Fresh Springs Investment Ltd

Taj Pamodzi Hotel


General Electric (GE)


Alendo Travel

Genuine Collections



Grant Thornton

Tyre King Enterprises

Auto World

Hollard Insurance

Universal (Zambia Leaf Tobacco)



Ursa Security International




Better Now Finance

InfoTech Business Solutions


Blue Ocean Signs

Intercontinental Hotel (Z) Ltd

Zeta Homes

BUK Truck Parts

Investrust Bank


Jewel of Africa

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)


Catwalk Boutique and Salon


Chetak Zambia Limited


Citi Bank

Lafarge Zambia


Lukama Enterprises

Complete Enterprise Solutions

Luwaka Enterprise Ltd

Conveyer Engineering & Equipment

Madison Health Solutions

Copperbelt Energy Corporations

Marsh Zambia

Corpus Globe Corporate Solutions

Micmar Investments

Corpus Legal


CP Engineering


Cutting Edge

Mwacho Exclusive Boutique

Dana Holdings

NAC 2000







Ernst & Young


Even Data


Exodus Worldwide Van Lines



Protea Hotels

FHI 360

R6 Ventures

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AmCham Zambia 2014 Q4 Newsletter  

Happy New Year from AmCham Zambia! Here's a recap of AmCham Zambia activities from October - December 2014.

AmCham Zambia 2014 Q4 Newsletter  

Happy New Year from AmCham Zambia! Here's a recap of AmCham Zambia activities from October - December 2014.