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August 7, 2009


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Master Sgt. Traci Williams holds WeeHawk next to WWE wrestler John Cena in Baghdad, Iraq. SUBMITTED PHOTO Seahawkers show off a sampling of their favorite Seahawks items, including autographs, cowbells and more. ADAM MCFADDEN, Renton Reporter

possible. You kind of lose yourself in that.” They are serious, motivated and willing to do almost anything to help their team find success. It was also interesting to learn about the kinship between superfans of different teams around the NFL. The Seahawkers group was a little apprehensive before venturing to a Dallas away game, but Cowboys fans welcomed them with open arms. “You’re a fan of the NFL first and the team is a close second,” Murphy said. “I’m not a fan of the Cowboys, but I respect them and I

respect their fans because I know they have the same appreciation that I do for my team.” Big Nasty, a Tampa Bay superfan, even invited the Seahawkers group to sit and

tailgate with him when they followed the Seahawks to a Buccaneers game. That camaraderie doesn’t extend to division-rival San Francisco 49ers though. The 49ers fans yelled,

grabbed at Hawkfiend’s horns and threw up the “one-finger salute” in a number of photos. “The San Francisco fans are surprisingly ruthless,” Johnson said. One thing about Seahawk fans is they care about more than just what happens on


spirits. These may be some of the most visible fans out there, but without a doubt, whether you put on your Seahawks jersey on Sundays or just throw up a fist pump when the team wins, you’re all part of the 12th Man.

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the top fan moment in the Seahawks’ franchise is: the 2005 NFC Championship game win against the Carolina Panthers. Each answered without hesitation, and with great conviction, that the 2005 game was their favorite Seahawk moment. Sabado has a picture of himself with three friends from the game and he said it still brings back vivid memories from the win. “All the confetti was falling down,” he said. “It’s the sort of thing where the hair on the back of your head stands up and you get goosebumps.” Third, they all take the responsibility of being part of the 12th Man very seriously. “I feel like I have a job to do,” Murphy said of being in the fan section during games. “That’s kind of the thing about the 12th Man, that we’re all individuals and some of us stand out, but we’re a group, we’re an entity at that point. You have a job to do; it’s to make noise at the right times and help the team as much as

the field. The SoCo chapter does many different charity events, one raised over $15,000 for Big Lo (“Seattle’s Biggest Sports Fan”) to help with his medical costs related to diabetes. Johnson sent WeeHawk to Baghdad with a postcard featuring the Sea Gals to visit with troops and boost

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[ FANS from page 2 ] Fans... SATURDAY Your professional provider of wheel straightening & cosmetic repair for automotive, SUVs, light tr...

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