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Increase Blog Traffic 10X in 30 Days Without PPC or SEO

Angela Carter

Are You Satisfied With Your Blog Traffic and Revenue? Want to increase blog traffic? Disappointed by your blog traffic? Want to see a steady stream of traffic everyday without messing around with SEO or paying for PPC?

Free Blog Traffic Strategies ●

Send targeted, quality traffic to your blog

Monetize your blog

Increase your blog traffic ten-fold in 30 days w/o waiting on Google fairy to provide you w/link juice All without paying a single penny!!!

Increase Blog Traffic and Revenue

Increase Blog Traffic=Increase Blog Visibility=Increase Blog Authority=Increase Revenue

Blog Traffic Strategy #1: Video Marketing ●

Step 1: Create content rich video offering helpful tips –

Include link to blog at beginning and end of video

Include call to action at end of video, directing audience to go to your blog

Blog Traffic Strategy #1: Video Marketing ●

Step 2: Optimize Your Video w/ Targeted Keywords –

Aim for keywords that return less than 30,000 Google search results when keyword is in quotation marks

Use keyword at the beginning of title of your video

Use keywords in the video description and tags

Blog Traffic Strategy #1: Video Marketing ●

Step 3: Promote Your Video to get Thousands of Views –

Upload to sites that allow for embedded videos like ● ● ● ● ●

Blog Traffic Strategy #2: Tutorial Sites ●

Create helpful how-to videos and upload them to popular tutorial sites Great sites to upload your how-to videos: –

Free Underground Traffic Black Book: 24 Untapped Traffic Tricks For additional free underground blog traffic strategies that will send 54,325 visitors per month to your blog and get you 3,000 loyal subscribers, go to:

How to Increase Blog Traffic by 10X and Get 30,000 More Subscribers in 30 Days How to increase blog traffic for your blog 10X in 30 days without PPC. Disover more secrets for...

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