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YOUR SUPPORT HAS HELPED US TO CONTINUE SAVING LIVES Your generosity has allowed our crews to remain on the frontline. Read more on page 4.


With the crew of Lincs & Notts Air Ambulan ce called out to approximately 1,000 potentially life-saving missions every year, they are able to catch a glimpse of the mos t glorious views from the air. Occasionally, our crew capture phot os of the stunning scenery while returning from a mission.

in the view Our crew takes dral. the Ca of Lincoln

r crew rth House as ou A view of Chatswo yshire. rb De in ion ss mi return from a

Sunset over Lincoln.

Flying over Humber Bridge in Hull.

Breathtaking scenery over RAF Coningsby and Tattershall Lakes.

The night draws in over Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Sunset over North Lincolnshire.

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DEAR SUPPORTER I write to you not knowing what the world will look like by the time this edition of SkyShout has landed on your door mats. Things are moving so quickly that by the time this goes to print and is posted to your homes, we will be adapting to a different set of circumstances. What I can say for certain though, is a sincere and heartfelt thankyou to each and every one of you for supporting us through the Covid-19 pandemic. Your donations have kept the helicopter flying, the Critical Care Cars on the roads and our pilots and clinicians in crucial PPE. You have helped save lives. Throughout the pandemic, our crews have attended incidents of the most critical in nature, when minutes matter, and it’s brought into focus on page 6 with our story from former patient Josh. You may have noticed on our front cover, an imposter helicopter behind myself and the crew. Don’t worry, it’s our stand-in for a few weeks while our beloved yellow AW169 is being serviced. Between them, the helicopters have had a busy run with more missions over the summer than ever before. You can read all about one week’s missions on page 14.

We continue to work on projections that anticipate the impact of the pandemic on the charity financially and as it stands, we are looking at up to £2m in losses this year. Unfortunately, this has had an impact on our organisation and in the Autumn, we took the difficult decision to permanently close shops in Ashby, Retford, Spalding and Sutton. The shops had been under review before the lockdown but the effects of this hastened our decision. The staff and volunteers who run our shops are some of the most dedicated people you could meet and before this lockdown, they’d adapted brilliantly to new ways of working. A huge thank you goes to them. Whatever the future holds, all of us here at LNAA are committed to ensuring our life-saving service continues. We think of you as part of that team and I know I echo the thoughts of my colleagues when I say that I hope you are all safe and well.

With best wishes,

Karen Jobling Chief Executive Officer

CONTACT US HEAD OFFICE LNAACT House, Bentley Drive, Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln LN4 2QW General enquiries: 01522 548469 Lottery enquiries: 01522 531308

CONTENTS Your support has helped us save lives


Our journey to clinical independence


Josh’s story


Volunteering enquiries: 01522 246507

Launching a new service in Nottingham


Out of hours media enquiries: 07377 908844

Ride the Route


Base to Base Challenge


For lottery queries:

Our Fabulous Fundraisers


A week in missions


/Ambucopter @LNAACT


In our Summer 2020 edition of SkyShout, when our crews first faced extreme pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we reached out for your support – and you gave it. Your generosity has allowed our crews to remain on the frontline throughout the crisis, delivering critical care to adults and children involved in road traffic collisions, falls, industrial accidents and patients in cardiac arrest.

Your support and generous donations helped raise an amazing


Our crews have continued to respond to emergencies and have experienced one of the busiest summers on record, with 348 missions between July and September alone. Whilst we’ve been able to maintain our Helicopter Emergency Medical Service throughout the crisis, every aspect of our operation has had to be reviewed to protect our pilots, paramedics and doctors. With this, our crew have had to deal with the complexity of wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to keep themselves, and our patients safe. Like many charities, the impact of coronavirus has led to a loss in income. We couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who has supported us. Your donations have helped keep the crew going through the pandemic and deliver life-saving interventions at the scene to people like Josh who you can find out more about on page 6.

“This year has been far more difficult than any of us could have imagined. While we’ve had to adapt to new ways of working, we remain fully committed to providing our life-saving service across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, helping those in need. “We are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters who have donated so generously during this time. Without you, we simply wouldn’t be able to operate. Thanks to your support, we will continue to provide life-saving care to those who are seriously ill and injured.” David Martin Director of Fundraising

Our crew and CEO Karen Jobling would like to say a huge thank you to you - our amazing supporters.


Each m ission c osts approx imately £3,500 .



llion We need to raise £6mi ou this year to keep r Care helicopter and Critical Cars operational.


ed have attend Our crews the ions since s is m 0 0 7 r ove arch. kdown in M start of loc

Here at LNAA we are all working hard on an exciting transition – to become an independent healthcare provider. It means that early next year, we will register with the Care Quality Commission, something that is beginning to emerge as best practice across the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) world. Our Clinical Lead, Dr Gareth Davies, outlines why it’s happening...

“The world of HEMS and Prehospital Care has changed dramatically over the last 20 years from groups of willing volunteers to a highly sophisticated and specialised area of medicine.

“The new HQ also provides an opportunity for staff on the charity side and crew, to be under one roof for the first time in the charity’s history which can only strengthen what we do.

“Where HEMS was once seen as a means to transport patients to hospital quickly, saving precious minutes, it is now a service that delivers much more.

“To provide our 24 hour service we have expanded the cadre of experienced doctors, set up joint appointments with the hospitals in the region and recruited a team of highly experienced Flight Paramedics to help mentor our newly recruited paramedic team.

“Over the years, practices such as anaesthesia for head injury and surgery for chest injuries, have become common place in the weekly workload of LNAA. The governance of this care has historically been provided by the East Midlands Ambulance Service, however the increasing complexity of the care provided by our teams became increasingly difficult to meet under the framework of an ambulance service.

“Other areas of how LNAA operates will also be under scrutiny from inspections so there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to ensure that best practice is embedded across the organisation as a whole, from Health and Safety to safeguarding children and adults. Everyone is working hard to deliver the best service we can and becoming independent will only strengthen this.”

“With this in mind we’ve taken the decision to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) allowing us to focus on the governance of the type of advanced care we provide day in, day out. Under the CQC we will be operating as an independent healthcare provider undergoing regular inspections. “Our new HQ, made possible through a one-off capital grant from government, is an important part of the CQC process as the building will need to meet the standards found throughout our NHS.


“I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW THANKFUL I AM” When 25-year-old Joshua Marriott woke up in Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre, one thing he knew was that he had to get out of bed.

“I had to relearn to walk because there’s so much metal in my back and because my wrists were broken I couldn’t hold him. It was really hard but Chelsea has been so supportive and helped me through it all.

And despite a broken back and six days in a coma, he did just that. “I told them I had a baby on the way and I had a business to run so they had me sat up the day I woke up,” he said. “They couldn’t believe how quickly I was recovering.” Joshua’s back was broken in several places after his motorcycle was in collision with a car on 24 June, 2020. Also broken were two bones in his neck, both wrists, four ribs and he had suffered internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen. All he remembers at the scene in Skellingthorpe, Lincoln, is the emergency services and the arrival of the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAA) which had taken four minutes to get to Joshua from its base at RAF Waddington. “I don’t remember much but I remember the Air Ambulance crew and them being really, really good,” said Joshua.

“It’s been hard but the experience of the generosity of people and the care I had from the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance along with those at QMC has been unreal. I can’t even describe how thankful I am to be honest.” Joshua is now fundraising because he wants to pay LNAA back for the cost of the flight. He said: “As soon as we came out of hospital, me and my family said we want to pay it back. It was my birthday not long after so I set it up as a Facebook fundraiser.” Our HEMS Paramedic, Matt Burns, remembers arriving at the scene of Joshua’s crash.

“Me and my family are into aviation and my step-dad tracked the helicopter flight and the speed they got me to hospital was incredible – it took 13 minutes. If it wasn’t for the air ambulance I wouldn’t be here today.” Joshua and his partner Chelsea welcomed their son Lorenzo to the world on 16th July, the same day Joshua turned 25-years-old, and just a few days after his release from hospital. It wasn’t until around two weeks later that Joshua was able to pick his baby son up.


“We were made aware of Joshua’s situation by an EMAS paramedic responding at the scene. “We were able to land in a field right next to the scene of the collision which had caused Joshua to be thrown off the bike and into a ditch about 20m away,” he said. “We treated Joshua with some strong painkillers, anti-sickness medications as well as a drug to help stop his suspected internal bleeding. We splinted his fractured wrists and his pelvis and transferred him to the helicopter. Due to the severity of the suspected injuries Joshua had sustained, we took him to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham and handed him over to a major trauma team. “We found out afterwards that Joshua had undergone an operation on his spleen and spinal surgery so I’m really pleased to hear that his recovery is going well. It’s always great to hear from a patient.”


ded In September we expan ga our service by introducin CC) new Critical Care Car (C us in Nottingham, helping in to reach more patients urgent need. In the first few weeks of operation, doctors and paramedics on board the CCC were called to 79 emergencies. 45% of the incidents attended were medical emergencies, 30% were Road Traffic Collisions, 12% assaults, 11% involving falls from height and 2% sports and leisure incidents. Saturdays have proved to be the busiest so far, with our crew attending an average of three emergencies per shift.

On a Saturday night in October, the CCC was called to four separate incidents; one of those involving a woman who had been hit by a taxi in Bulwell. After receiving treatment on scene, she was taken to hospital.


In the first year of op eration, our new N ottingham Critical Care Car is estimated to cost £300 ,000, in ord er to respond to emergenc ies.

A few weeks later, our on-duty doctor and paramedic were called to Newark on a Friday evening following reports of a car that had hit a tree. Clinicians treated the patient for head and facial injuries before he was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre.

“Our clinicians are able to give specialist care including blood transfusions, delivery of advanced pain relief and inducing sleep at the roadside or in homes when this is needed, to stabilise the most poorly patients. “Having this CCC in Nottingham means that we’ve been able to reach patients in those areas where our helicopter is unable to land, helping to improve survival rates.” Doctor Paul Hancock


We have two cars that allow us to reach patients in areas the helicopter can’t land; one that is operational from our base in Lincoln, and a new CCC based in Nottingham City Centre. Whilst we are a helicopter-led emergency service, our two CCCs have enabled us to extend our ability to save lives as our cars allow clinicians to deliver the same high-level critical care at the scene. It’s not how we get there, it’s that we get there quickly coupled with the specialist care we deliver.

What equipment is carried in the Critical Care Cars? Our cars carry the same life-saving equipment found on our helicopter, which means that the patient will receive the same level of care as they would have if the helicopter had attended. This equipment, including ventilators, oxygen, blood and advanced medicines, would only be found in A&E and are not carried on a land ambulance.

Can we take patients to hospital in the Critical Care Cars? The main difference between our cars and helicopter is that we cannot carry patients in the CCC. However, taking our paramedics and doctors to the scene is proving to make a life-saving difference due to the high level of care that they can deliver. If a patient requires further treatment at hospital, our clinicians will stay by their side as they are taken in a land ambulance. They will monitor the patient’s condition, carrying out any necessary interventions on the way to hospital.


a year £14,000 e car sts of th o c g in n run surance g fuel, in in d lu c in icing. and serv

Why do we need Critical Care Cars? Our cars enable us to continue responding during bad weather or when maintenance prevents the helicopter from flying. Using the CCC, our teams are able to negotiate tough terrain and drive safely in challenging weather conditions to reach patients quickly and safely. There are times when we are called to incidents in built-up areas that have limited landing sites. In this situation, it can be quicker and easier for our crew to reach the patient by road.

How are the Critical Care Cars dispatched to an emergency? Our cars are deployed by the same specialised dispatchers who would send our helicopter to an emergency. All 999 calls received by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) are monitored by a Critical Care Desk, staffed by a specially trained HEMS dispatcher. The dispatcher’s role is to identify the most life-threatening incidents and send our critical care team to the scene.


The cost of kitting out our Nottingh am Critical Care Car wit h medical equipment.

Both cars use a GPS navigation system, allowing them to navigate to the scene quickly and efficiently. The clinician in the passenger seat communicates with other emergency services whilst travelling to the scene.


E T U O R E H RIDE T s one of the e ride out is alway cl cy or ot m L) TS through to Save Lives (R ts make their way is cl cy or ot m Our annual Ride of reds charity. year. We see hund ort our life-saving e pp th su of s to ht ire lig sh gh hi ottingham ar, it had to be ncolnshire and N g activities this ye in is ra villages across Li nd fu r ou with so many of Unfortunately, as e of Covid-19. cancelled becaus al in their own soci RTSL route with ile -m 62 r ou e d bikers to rid entry fee. Instead, we aske lieu of their RTSL in n tio na do a r fo bubbles in return end meet ups, oups and old fri gr ’ es di la to s, bble streets, and workmate bu yond take to the be d an ire sh am From solo riders Nottingh m Lincolnshire, we saw bikers fro raising a total of


“We’d like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful biker friends for taking part in our Ride the Route event. It’s been amazing to see so many bikers support our Air Ambulance and everyone had such a great time. A special thanks also goes to our wonderful volunteer Roland; he’s worked incredibly hard to make this event happen!” Kelly Geoghegan, Fundraising Events Coordinator

Claire Rowbottom was one of the bikers who took part in this year’s Ride the Route. For her, this was a momentous occasion, as her son Adam explains.

“My mum was involved in a motorcycle accident in July 2018 and was airlifted by the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. She suffered extensive injuries which led to amputation of her full right leg and paralysis of her right arm. Thankfully, the team at LNAA saved her life. “On 19th September 2020, mum got back on a motorcycle for the first time in two years with her prosthetic leg for the Ride the Route event. We’re all so proud of her, and she absolutely loved it!” Adam Rowbottom, son of former patient Claire Claire’s courageous ride, which she undertook in memory of her fiancé Peter who passed away as a result of the incident, is a truly brave and inspirational story. Since getting back on a motorbike, she’s raised an incredible £700.


to hospital and return to a patient, transport them to t ge to km 100 d un aro , walk or cycle On average, our crew travel asked our supporters to run we er, mb pte Se g rin Du n. t. , Lincol pilots reach their next patien our airbase in Waddington doctors, paramedics and r ou p hel to nth mo the t 100km throughou an amazing ge, you’ve helped us raise llen cha the in rt pa ing tak By


“A massive thanks goes to everyone who took on our Base to Base Challenge in September. We’ve seen runners (including myself), walkers, cyclists, and even a paddleboarder take part in the challenge!

“Without our supporters, we cannot continue saving lives. Thank you to everyone for their dedication, determination and resilience shown throughout the challenge.” Karen Carter, Fundraising Manager

Shaun Cantrell was one of our fab fundraisers who signed up to the challenge. He immediately set the bar high by aiming to cycle 1,000km over 30 days, with a £1,000 fundraising target to match!

“I decided to join the Base to Base Challenge because you never know when you, or someone you know, may require the assistance of the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance and its amazing team. “I work at RAF Waddington where the helicopter is based, so I get to see first-hand how frequently the Air Ambulance is scrambled to emergencies.” Shaun Cantrell, Base to Base Challenge team member Shaun’s dedication and determination paid off as he completed his 1,000km with a day to spare, raising over £1,500! He even finished the challenge right outside our charity offices in Bracebridge Heath!

We were truly humbled to see several former patients take part in our Base to Base Challenge. One of those patients was Lorcan Smith, who was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2019. Without receiving specialist pre-hospital and hospital care as quickly as the helicopter delivery allowed, it is likely the doctors would have had to amputate his leg.

Keep an eye out for your next mission coming soon! Follow us on social media Ambucopter @LNAACT

“I walked and cycled over 100km during September, and had a good time doing so. I am still amazed to be in this position after the state of my leg last year. The challenge itself may be over, but the hard work of the charity continues! I want to thank everyone who sponsored me - I’ve smashed my fundraising goal! This money will help get the helicopter in the air or dispatch the Critical Care Car for the next person who needs urgent assistance.” Lorcan Smith, former patient and Base to Base team member


LEIGHTON TOPHAM & JAMIE MAWER Cycled from Nottingham to the RAF Balderton memorial in Newark, and back again. A total of 50 miles!


“The Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance is an amazing publicly funded service, so we decided to set ourselves a challenge to raise money for this worthwhile charity. Every penny counts and helps the crew to save lives.”

JODIE HOMER Completed the ‘virtual’ London Marathon


On Sunday 4th October, twelve runners took to the streets to raise funds for LNAA as part of this year’s virtual London Marathon. Jodie decided to take on the marathon after our crew cared for her dad when he was involved in a fatal motorbike accident. She was joined by her friend Fiona for the race, and Jodie’s family and friends set up a cake stall on the day of the marathon to help her raise this amazing total.



Power walked 39 miles Kev Hempsall, a.k.a ‘The Lincolnshire Powerwalker’, took on the challenge of powerwalking 39 miles where he visited three castles in three counties. Starting early in the morning from his home in North Hykeham he first visited Lincoln Castle, then Newark Castle and ended this fantastic challenge at Belvoir Castle. Kev managed this distance in an incredible eight hours and 47 minutes! Whats more, Kev has now pledged to take on an annual powerwalking challenge to support LNAA.


JOANNE LIMB & ANNE HUTCHBY Walked a 15-mile ‘Amburamble’ in Nottingham


In 2019, Joanne’s husband was involved in a cycling accident. Our crew flew him to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre, helping to save his life. Joanne is also asking her colleagues at work to set her different challenges, which range from football quizzes to learning to tie a traditional African headscarf!

BRANSTON LTD Around the World in 79 Days


The team at Branston Ltd have walked, ran and cycled a total of 25,402 miles in 79 days to raise money for LNAA. They managed to finish 501 miles over their initial target of 24,901 miles (the distance around the equator), with two cyclists racking up over 1,000 miles and the two top runners covering 941 miles between them! “We’re really pleased to have not only achieved our goal early, but also to have gone that bit further. It’s a good job it’s a virtual voyage as we’ve overshot home by over 500 miles, putting us somewhere in Germany for the finish! “I’d like to thank all the team and our suppliers for pulling together. Collectively we’ve covered over 300 miles a day, every day, for the past two and a half months and it’s been a great motivation for us all.” James Truscott, Managing Director at Branston Ltd

ANN GRIFFITHS Completed 45,000 steps


“My local Methodist Church would normally hold a coffee morning to support the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance, but this hasn’t been possible this year. Therefore, this summer’s SkyShout magazine gave me the opportunity for a virtual fundraising challenge. “I decided to take on the 45,000 step challenge for LNAA. Despite creaky knees, dodgy hips and a back that doesn’t always behave itself - I walked/ skipped 45,000 steps in a week in July. I hoped to raise 1p per step/skip, but the support for my challenge to help keep our local air ambulance in the sky has far exceeded my expectations!”

Don’t forget to let us know what you are doing so we can shout about it! Every penny raised, donated or sponsored ensures we can continue to keep the Ambucopter in the sky and saving lives 365 days of the year. We can only do this with your help – THANK YOU! /Ambucopter

@LNAACT | 01522 548469 |


Our crew were recently tasked to 35 missions in one week; one of the busiest weeks we’ve ever seen at LNAA. Read more about how our crew responded throughout the week:

MONDAY 9.11am - Helicopter dispatched to a 36-year-old in cardiac arrest in South Witham, Lincs.

9.42am - Helicopter diverted to Long Sutton, South Lincs, following reports of a 63-year-old man in cardiac arrest.

2.59pm - Helicopter dispatched to Derrythorpe, Lincs, following reports of a man who has been assaulted. Our crew carry out a blood transfusion before airlifting the patient to Hull Royal Infirmary.

TUESDAY 3.53pm - Helicopter dispatched to Newark, Notts; a teenager has been hit by a car.

4.00pm - Helicopter diverted to a woman who has been hit by a HGV in Grantham, Lincs.

WEDNESDAY 9.46am - Helicopter dispatched to a man in cardiac arrest in Chapel St Leonards, Lincs.

2.24pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a road traffic collision in Great Gonerby, Lincs.

6.18pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to West Bridgford, Notts; a 52-year-old woman has fallen from her loft at home. Our crew administer pain relief before the patient is taken to Queen’s Medical Centre. 9.05pm - Critical Care Car is dispatched to a car accident at Caenby Corner, Lincs.



12.31pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a patient in cardiac arrest in Lincoln City Centre.

We now need your help more than ever. If you can, please consider making a donation.

2.00pm - Helicopter dispatched to a man in cardiac arrest; this time in Snitterby, Lincs.

Call our fundraising team on 01522 548469

4.24pm - Helicopter dispatched to a car accident involving three cars in Ashby de la Launde, Lincs; a woman is trapped. Our crew work closely with other emergency services to free the trapped patient and treat her injuries. She is taken to Lincoln County Hospital for further treatment. 4.49pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a road traffic collision near New Ollerton, Notts.


Text SAVELIVES to 70085 to donate £10 Donate via our website at Follow us on social media /Ambucopter @LNAACT

#youcansavelives #helpkeepusflying

FRIDAY 11.18am - Helicopter dispatched to a 40-year-old man who has suffered life-changing injuries to his leg after he is crushed by a vehicle in Grimsby, Lincs. Our crew work to straighten his leg and administer pain relief before he is airlifted to Hull Royal Infirmary. 1.28pm - Helicopter dispatched to Scunthorpe, Lincs, following reports of a patient in cardiac arrest. 2.33pm - Helicopter dispatched to a car accident involving three women in Toynton All Saints, Lincs. Our crew treat all three women before airlifting the most seriously injured to Hull Royal Infirmary.

8.41pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to West Bridgford following reports of a patient in cardiac arrest. 10.10pm - Critical Car placed on standby following reports of an aircraft with a nose wheel failure. 10.34pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Clifton; a patient has suffered a head injury following an assault. 10.51pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Grantham, Lincs, following reports of a man who has sustained a head injury after falling from height.

5.21pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a man in cardiac arrest just outside Nottingham City Centre. 5.50pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a woman in the city centre who is in need of medical assistance. Our crew administer treatment on scene before she is taken to Queen’s Medical Centre.


8.16pm - Helicopter dispatched to Scunthorpe, Lincs; a man has been hit by a van and has been trapped. Our crew administer pain relief before he is taken to Hull Royal Infirmary with the LNAA crew at his side.

11.49pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a patient who has been assaulted in Nottingham City Centre.


12.43am - Critical Care Car dispatched to a patient in cardiac arrest in Bulwell.

6.21am - Critical Care Car dispatched to reports of a car on its side in Retford, Notts.

2.39am - Helicopter dispatched to a man in respiratory arrest in Market Deeping, Lincs.

1:14pm - Helicopter dispatched to reports of a baby in cardiac arrest in Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.

4.18am - Helicopter dispatched to Spilsby, Lincs, following reports of a 48-year-old man in cardiac arrest.

1:28pm - Helicopter dispatched to a motorcyclist who had crashed in Glentham, Lincs.

11.40am - Helicopter dispatched to another cardiac arrest; this time near Finningley, Notts. Our crew treat a 66-year-old woman on scene before she is flown to Sheffield Northern General. 2.19pm - Helicopter dispatched to a motorcycle accident in Mansfield, Notts. 5.45pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a young boy who has fallen from height near Lincoln. Our crew administer pain relief before they accompany him to Lincoln County Hospital in a land ambulance. 9.10pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Beeston; a man has collapsed and has sustained a head injury. 11.20pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a 39-year-old man who has collapsed following a cardiac arrest in Lincoln City Centre. Our crew administer life-saving treatment before they travel with him to Lincoln County Hospital. 11.16pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Beeston following reports of a man in cardiac arrest.

3.02pm - Helicopter dispatched to a stabbing in Louth, Lincs. 5:07pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Kimberley, Notts, following reports of a patient who had suffered facial burns from a barbeque. 6.10pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Nottingham City Centre; a man has been stabbed. 7.19pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a 10-year-old boy who has jumped from a wall in Lincoln. Our crew administer pain relief before he is taken to Lincoln County Hospital. 7.26pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to a patient in Nottingham City Centre. 8.30pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to city centre following reports of a T-boned car. Two men are treated on scene by our crew before they are both taken to hospital for further treatment. 9.14pm - Helicopter dispatched to Keelby, Lincs; a man has sustained a head injury after falling down the stairs at home. The patient is placed in a medically induced coma before he is flown to Hull Royal Infirmary. 10.05pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Nottingham City Centre after a man has been hit by a tram. The patient is treated by our crew before he is taken to Queen’s Medical Centre. 10.53pm - Critical Care Car dispatched to Clifton following reports of a 36-year-old man in cardiac arrest. Our crew treat the patient on scene before he is taken to Queen’s Medical Centre.



A GIFT IN YOUR WILL, NO MATTER THE SIZE CAN HELP MANY PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITIES TOMORROW AND IN THE FUTURE. We have partnered with Guardian Angel to offer a free, quick and easy online Will writing service to our supporters.

To find out more, visit We’d love to help with any queries you have. You can get in touch with Michelle Hill at or call us on 01522 548469. Registered Charity No. 1017501

@LNAACT /Ambucopter @LNAACT

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