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Katarina Ambrosova


Katarína Ambrosová *1.6.1995, Trenčín, Slovak republic

+420 723 402 693

English - fluent German - B2 Slovak/Czech - native • AutoCAD Rhinoceros + Vray ArchiCAD Sketchup + Vray 3DS Max Grasshopper (basics) • Photoshop Illustrator InDesign PremierePro (basics)


FlyingArchitecture (3D architectural visuals)


Atelier Tsunami, Brno, ČR (architectural office)


KU Leuven, Sint-Lucas Brussels, BE, Erasmus+

2013 - 2017

Faculty of architecture BUT Brno, ČR, bachelor title

ZS 2015/2016

Universität Stuttgart, D, Erasmus+

2005 - 2013

Piaristické gymnázium J. Braneckého, Trenčín, SR

2001 - 2005

Kubranská elementary school, Trenčín, ERIN, SR

2016 2012

Österreich Institut Brno, Sprachdiplom B2, ČR EF London, UK

2004 - 2012 2008 - 2012

Artschool K. Pádivého, Trenčín - visual arts, SR music


Mood for Wood, Poznan, PL - Workshop & exhibition Santiniho Jazyk, Žďár n. Sázavou, ČR - Workshop & publication White hill, FA BUT, ČR - Workshop


Svatý hostýn, ČR- Group project exhibition


Paradigmweekly, BE


Base ( Library +)

bachelor thesis FA BUT Brno WS 2016/17 Tutor: Ing.arch. MArch. Jan Kristek, Ph.D.


In principle, human knowledge can be resolved into two categories. The first one contains skills and abilities, which are gained only through experience, observation and practice. The other one is a learned knowledge, mediated through language, with book as an essential form of historical media record. Nowadays, as the reality has shifted to the virtual space and people are slowly becoming slaves of information and technology, the character of knowledge recording is changing as well. Physical books and documents are replaced by complement of physical and virtualtechnology - the server. Paradoxically, with virtual data sharing developement, the phenomenon of skill-loss is deeply bound. This proposal explores the symbiosis of both knowledge types, as they are complementary. A hybrid space is created for existing technological community (BASE48 association, so called “hackerspace” community), which is dedicated to hardware and software developement, together with a techical library, which is a publlic openspace, not forcing visitors to consume. Everything takes place on the same physical and data platform. Architecturally, the spatial solution is based on a double/duplex spiral staircase, which allows the two functions co-exist separately, as well as they can be joined in one in case of public events as workshops, lectures or exhibition openings. A CENTRE OF SHARED KNOWLEDGE is therefore created. The dividing element between the two worlds is a symbolical glass library rack, which at the same time mediates the atmospheres. and enables people to have a glimpse in the world of “the others”. It´s always usable from one side only, which creates again two types of surfaces - the informative one, where you can see the book backs - containing information, and the “blind” one, which embodies only a coulise for the new tech-life. You only see the pages edges. From this point of view, the AMBIGUITY, duality of book as an object generates two-faced space. It is a barrier between the two worlds. URBAN CONTEXT A public inner courtyard is created as a new form of urban space in a historical location, nowadays dominated by traffic. This couryard is a pedestrian connection between Sladová a Pekařská street in the Old town of Brno. The main motif here is a fruit orchard, which provides privacy for inhabitants of the surrounding residential buildings and also a relaxiation zone for Library visitors. Sloping terrain enables to hide the parking lot partly underground and therefore create anoher green platform on the top. The overall plan contains 3 main objects: complement of the library and Base (hackerspace) as one institution, the Hub with rentable office spots and a Café.









The essential element of the main LibraryBase building is a double (duplex) staircase. To be physically close and yet yet beyond one´s reach; unattainable. Enabling the insight into the other world, arousing the couriosity and confusing the mind. Another important component is a glass library rack as a partly transparent divider inbetween the two premises.

7 = groundfloor

Base-Library building has one evacuation core for both spatial functions, which is also an important load-bearing part of the structure. Library has two entrances - one from the groundfloor (here: 1.NP), second on the 5th floor. Visitor´s itinenary always leads first through the common spaces, proposed for public events as lectures, workshops and exhibitions up until he reaches the most private parts with study rooms. The base premise is dispensed into different divisions - workshops, due to the level of technicality: starting with mechanical workshop (containing heavier engineering machinery on the ground floor), through common “living” space, until soft hardware (electrotech) and software workspaces. In the higher floors (6th, 7th, 8th) the administration office, rentable openspace and technical rooms are situated. The server room is located in the old, unused TRAM TUNNEL, which exists underneath the Spielberk castle.


Hub, 1.&


Rozšířit působnost

Designstudio AT5 FA BUT Brno ZS 2016/17 Collaboration: Táňa Hronovská, Michaela Voráčová Tutor: Ing.arch. Jan Mléčka, Ph.D.

Project concerns a topic of "Sacred places" (here: Svatý Hostýn) in Moravia. Through functional analysis of christianity in the past and nowadays, the designs are pointing out religious objects in the moravian baroque countryside, trying to restitute and rejuvenate the relationship between local inhabitants and their own history, therefore identity. Conceptual work.





Amplifying the scope. Expanding their field of impact. Hostýn is a legacy from our ancestors and a proof of their deep belief. Their descendants left us another legacy - a web of objects in the countryside, devoted and sacred to Hostýn itself, making the lanscape unique, distinctive and extraordinary. We´re facing a great opportunity to leave behind another layer of heritage, a narrative legacy, by creating new spatial stories about these holy Objects, strenghtening their relationship with mankind, to deepen the feeling of belonging, giving them hope to stay a part of living memory in the near future.

Regeneration of the relationship. Man receives information and perceives the world through senses, given by mother nature. Those are the essence of our physical space comprehension - through what I see, what I hear, what I feel. Every sensation, every input leaves a trace, a subtle internal footprint, which becomes a part of my subconsciousness, therefore a part of my inner self. Isn´t it one of the main reasons for every design?

For the embodiment of our ancestors´ belief, being symbol of hope which undergoes a slow decay as the time passes. Being bleached off our minds, fading out altogether with the whole christian tradition - though through and within it we were born, being our homeland´s identity. With them, unintentionally, decays a part of us as well. What will happen, once the history is sealed; memory, tradition and former values are buried? Won´t we lose the last bit of our collective identity?

Hostýn as a sacred place today






lived tradition


Hostýn of tomorrow?


Map of the countryside objects: Svatý Hostýn and its legacy (chapels, statues)


- case study -part - communal statue In the middle of the village, right against the house no. 28 (in which Josef Sehnal resides nowadays), a votive statue of Holy Mary Svatohostýnskej was built. The donors were Jan & Petronika Kubeš - exinhabitants of the 28th house - year 1903. On the frontside, the inscript is engraved: "Zdrávas vítězná ochrano Moravy, zůstaň matkou svému lidu." A legend is bound to it - about saving lives of people, who were just about to drown down the river Bečva. Mrs. Petronika, being a part of this event, promised to build a Holy Mary statue as a proof of gratitude for saving her life.

Spread impact

Encounter, halt, a space to abide in

Hluzovský potok č.d.28 - bývalý dom staviteľa Pomník padlým Socha Panny Márie Svatohostýnské

Základná škola

Obecný úrad



Author of the upper right visualisations.: Táňa Hronovská*


Santiniho jazyk

Transcrip of Santini´s baroque principles into the new architectural form. Through rewriting his floorplans to diagrams, while applying typical baroque spatial methods of multiplication, mirroring and rotation through a simple script, a new design is brought to life.

Workshop grasshopper 2016 Collaboration: A.Hudec, F.Podzimková, M. Valíček Tutors: Ing.arch. Jiří Vítek, Ing. arch. Jan Pernecký

Mood for Wood

Workshop Poznan, PL 2016 Collaboration Tutors: Ing.arch. Nicol Gale, MgA .Ing.arch. Petr Šmídek, Ph.D.


2 000 000 books. 114 years of one library. Long history of written word. And yet, have we lived for sure? We´ve got a mission here! Exactly, as you have yours. So why do you ignore our existance? Maybe we all went the wrong path and got lost. We´re not bounded to the shelves! The wisdom of ages cannot be held in the archives. We want out! From the depository, not only to the desks of students. We live here, abandonded, and we know that many of you, citizens, feel the same. The energy can´t be held back anymore, it´s heading to the courtyard. We enjoy the garden as the invisible ones. Every corner creates a hide out from the rush of the streets. The greenery brings all that peace. The poetry of space, which you´ve created for us, is filled with words, so where are you? Each of us belongs to you. Each of us has a story it lives through, we enjoy the tales of others. We need to get out to the real world, the world of three dimensions, the space - because we care about you. We´ve never lost the interest. Open the gates! None of us wants to be buried here! We want to become the readers of the human pages, to be their silent audience, and solace those who suffer. We´ll be here when you read, when you relax and when you play. We´re the forest of thoughts. We represent the other point of view. In return, you shall pay us a visit. you know the way...

Realisation of wooden mobiliar for semi-public space of a local university library in Poznan, Poland. Sponsored by Mood for Wood.



collaboration: Verna Isomursu WS 2015/16 IWE Institut, UNI STUTTGART Tutors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Jocher, Dr.-Ing. Sigrid Loch

This project was made during student exchange programme Erasmus+. Stuttgart, just as many other overpopulated german cities tries to solve the problematic lack of dwelling capacities. IWE institut at UNI Stuttgart therefore starts the project researching possibilities on so called “Mikrowohnungen�, microflats - small dwelling units suitable mostly for students, singles, seniors and small families. For the concept developement, a site in StuttgartBotnang was chosen. We created a modular flat-cell system, in which every cell is fitted with a flexible, changeable built-in furniture, adjustable to different needs of its inhabitants in space and time. In the overall concept, the common spaces are being the most important ones. These become the meetpoints, the social knots enabling randomized or planned inhabitant interaction. Facilities are also planned as common - laundry room, drying rom, TV room and so on. Volumetrically, we´re proposing a terrace-style building, where the eastern wing teracces appertain to the bigger flats, primarily for young families. South-oriented glass facade allows light transmission to every dwelling-cell. For natural light regulation, a system of movable rotating wooden lamels is used as a second facade, with a loggia inbetween. The sloped terrain provides a space for large semi-publlic garden.


Srdce Tuřan

Designstudio AT4 FA VUT Brno LS 2015/16 Tutors: MgA. Ing .arch. Petr šmídek,Ph.D., Ing.arch. Nicol Gale

“Sensitive.” Such approach should be taken by architects, quoting the local inhabitants, concerning revitalization of Tuřany square, which, unfortunately, lost its representative character a while ago. Instead of a vivid village square, vast parking lots and a few deprived trees within a former park are here to be found. Water stream was buriedunderground, public functions were forced out of the space, swishing trucks are a big contribution to the atmosphere of rush and danger, amplifying the local traffic problem as they´re drifting the shortest way towards Brno city. IDEA Society is always essential. In order to activate the space, it´s necessary to create a functional zone as a destination, with socially useful & interactive content within a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore, new public facilities and pedestrian zones are situated in the square, contradictory to a current situation. .





The whole area could be hypothetically divided into 3 clusters: 1. Representative + shopping alley 2. Main public multipurpose square space (stage, marketplace) 3. Relaxation park zone



The core of the space is a new public facility building. It is proposed as an extension to the current post building, counting on corner-house renovation (nowadays: bakery), containing mainly the Artschool function and Clubhouse for local communities (senior community, local sport club etc.) A multipurpose hall, small shops and rentable housing/ accomodation units are also a part of the programm. Spaces are designed as flexible as possible, allowing future changes. Among other things, alley and main square paving reconstruction are proposed, with an optional wooden-stage, which would off-season serve as a part of the public furniture, nowadays absenting. Uncovering the water stream is another important part of the project, restoring its historical value and rearranging the banks to become accesible. Another crucial element is a designed “terrain wall”, dividing the park level and a parallell busy driveway in height. As a barrier, helps to restore a safer and more private atmosphere. Paved ramps, footpaths and staircases with seats are connecting these levels.


Tokio vertical cemetery

International competition 2016 Spoluprรกca: K. Vlkovรก


For the dust you are and in dust you shall return.


For we rose from mother Earth. To kneel before her. To return what we´ve been given. To let the sun shine throughout the darkness and raise all the souls, no matter the religion.


Descend. Hide and seek. Silence is waiting to be discovered, is longing to show you the verity. It´s a friend, forgot and forsaken throughout the centuries. A resented misfit, whose extraterrestrial virtue was denied, yet essential and helpful for a human lifepath. -1st TO -12th FLOOR


International competition / Ideová soutěž 2016 Spolupráca: Bc. Františka Podzimková






If it has no function, does it make any sense? Every single thing in this world affects its surroundings. Even even those we create as meaningless indispensably conclude some function from its pure being. Dried-up water well changes the landscape character, , becomes a breeding-ground for the new ecosystem, ... FORM FUNCTION



FUNCTION IS INEVITABLE, THOUGH MAY BE HIDDEN. Not to see, yet existing. The essence of architecture for human kind is meant to be a shelter as a physical representation of protection, with an added value. It arouses emotions, brings on astonishment and harmony. It´s often claimed that a good architecture should be build on compositional principles. But who claimed it´s only rhytm, contrast and others alike? Get deeper inside - what it really means for people - those, who we design and build for? What are the essences of human desires? And when the needs of 21st century disappear, what is left?




Quality of space depends na miere pozitívna, ktorú v nás vzbudzuje. It should be eternal, not fashionable. To display the eternal values, simplicity is the key. Intimacy. Privacy. Isolation.



team 1864

Who claimed it´s only rhytm, contrast and other compositional principles that represent quality? What it really means for peoIf it has no function, does it make a sense? ple - those, who we design and build for? Every single thing in this world affects its surroundings. Even those we try to create as What are the essences of human desires? meaningless indispensably conclude some function from its pure being. Dried-up water well changes the landscape character, , becomes a breeding-ground for the new ecoSimplicity might be the key in displaying system,... FUNCTION IS INEVITABLE, THOUGH MAY BE HIDDEN. Not to see, yet existing. the eternal values for human kind. The essence of architecture comes from a shelter as a physical representation of proAnd at last, distinctive human longing for tection, with some added values. It arouses emotions, brings on astonishment and harprivacy, seldom turned into isolation. mony.


Other 3D modelling

Š FlyingArchitecture


URBAN UTOPIA Urban utopia is a set of illustrations - drawings & photomanipulations as a reflection of current european developement situation. “Right or wrong ~ built or unbuilt ~ feasible or delusional? In a world of hyperrealistic imagery of a potential future, it´s easy to believe the unbelievable – all those nicely saturated images and visions of a future urban developement, which I dare to call utopian. Juxtaposition of always-ideal architectural visualisations with an actual built reality resembles the position of many architects and urban planners, being ripped out of social context, planning and selling future environment for an ideal society, without counting on the necessary and often displeasing, yet natural side of human behaviour.”

PÜFF - WORLD´S FIRST ARCHITECTURAL VAPING CONVENTION Branding & visual communication, Speedtrip reality check as a method of research, “surrender in order to learn”, architectural performance. Being a part of #paradigmweekly artcollective (KU Leuven) , new ways of architectural research and design are explored. Based on work & led by Pieterjan Ginckels (BE) and Corneel Canaerts (BE). #speedism #radicalsaturation


SMART CITY ANALYSIS - VIENNA, WS 2017/18, FA BUT a n a ly z a : s m a r t c i t y v i e d e n viedeň je STRedOeURÓPSKYM SMART CiTY LídROM, bez náväznOSTi nA jediný KOnKRéTnY PROgRAM. je všAK SúčASťOU RôznYCh eURÓPSKYCh infORMAčnýCh PLATfORieM, KTORé SA v PRíPAde viedne TýKAjú nAjMä eneRgeTiKY. viedeň

MeSTO SA venUje ROzvOjU POd zášTiTOU SMART CiTY LAbeLU Od R. 2011 A OdvTedY vYPRACOvALO 3 záKLAdné ROzvOjOvé PLánY : ACTiOn PLAn PRe ROKY 2012-15, ROAdMAP PRe ROK 2020 A nAjdôLežiTejší dOKUMenT, RáMCOvú STRATégiU ROzvOjA dO R. 2050 (fRAMewORK STRATegY; RAhMenSTRATegie). nAjväčšíM URbánnYM ROzvOjOvýM PROjeKTOM (PiLOTnOU šTvRťOU) SA Má STAť SeeSTAdT ASPeRn v MeSTSKej čASTi dOnAUSTAdT, KTORý je MOMenTáLne v PROCeSe výSTAvbY. RAKúSKO

2011 SMART CiTY iniCiATívA vize 2050

3 lighthouse cities AMSTeRdAM genOA COPenhAgen

hAMbURg LYOn viennA


zAMeRAnie KvALiTA živOTA SOCiáLnA inKLúziA zdRAvie

zdROje eneRgiA MObiLiTA infRAšTRUKTúRA bUdOvY 2050

inOváCie vzdeLAnie eKOnÓMiA výSKUM, TeChnOLOgiCKé inOváCie

hLAvné vízie -35%



2012 ACTiOn PLAn 2012-15

2014 - vzniK RáMCOvej STRATégie

2020 ROAdMAP 2020

2050 vize 2050 RáMCOvá STRATégiA


3 following cities SMART URbAn LAbS ShARing KnOwLedge PROjeCT MAnAgeMenT

+18 partnets

20. STOROčie ROzvOj, SOCiáLnA POLiTiKA

znAK viedne

1 867 582 ObYvATeL

fRAmEwoRk StAtEgy 2050 je nAjdôLežiTejšíM A nAjROzPRACOvAnejšíM dOKUMenTOM vYTYčUjúCiM ROzvOjOvé STRATégie dO ROKU 2050. vzniKá POSTUPne v ROKOCh 2013-14 POd zášTiTOU MAgiSTRáTU. zAMeRiAvA SA nA zvYšOvAnie živOTnej SPOKOjnOSTi ObčAnOv, zOhľAdňUjúC iCh diveRziTU A SnAží SA iCh zAčLeniť dO MeSTOTvORnéhO PROCeSU. STAnOvUje TRi hLAvné SKUPinY CieľOv, KTORé MAjú bYť nAPLnené v nAjbLižšíCh deKádACh: - RAdiKáLne šeTRenie zdROjMi - ROzvOj A PROdUKTívne vYUžiTie nOvýCh TeChnOLÓgii A inOváCii - zAbezPečenie vYSOKej KvALiTY živOTA všeTKýCh SOCiáLnYCh vRSTiev ObYvATeľSTvA

RoADmAP 2020 POKiAľ Si ChCe viedeň zAChOvAť PRvenSTvO v hOdnOTení KvALiTY živOTA, MUSí POhOTOvO ReAgOvAť nA výzvY 21.STOROčiA, AKOU je OKReM inýCh i náRAST SPOTRebY eneRgie, zMenA KLíMY A ObMedzenie fOSíLnYCh zdROjOv. MeSTO SA PReTO ROzhOdLO zACieLiť SvOj výSKUM PRáve nA TúTO PRObLeMATiKU. STávA SA CenTROM ROzvOjU TeChnOLÓgii PRe zLePšenie živOTnéhO PROSTRediA. nAväzUje nA vTedAjší PROgRAM OChRAnY KLíMY KLiP1 (1999-2009) PROgRAMOM KLiP2 (2010-2020), STAnOvUje nOvý PLán ROzvOjA MeSTA (STeP 05) A MeSTSKý PROgRAM eneRgeTiCKej efeKTívnOSTi (SeP). PLán vzniKOL POčAS 2. viedenSKéhO STAKehOLdeR fÓRA.

v ObLASTi eneRgeTiKY A vYUžiTiA zdROjOv STAnOvUje KOnKRéTne hOdnOTY, KTORé MAjú bYť dOSiAhnUTé (POKLeS SKLeníKOvýCh PLYnOv O 30% nA ObYvATeľA dO R.2030, O 80% dO ROKU 2050; POKLeS SPOTRebY eneRgie nA čLOveKA O 40%; 50% SPOTRebY eneRgie Má bYť POKRYTýCh z ObnOviTeľnýCh zdROjOv; dOdAná PRiMáRnA eneRgiA nA hLAvU KLeSne z 3000 wATT nA 2000 wATT, POKLeS MnOžSTvA individUáLnej MOTORizOvAnej dOPRAvY nA 20% dO 2025, nA 15% dO 2050 A zLePšenie MOžnOSTí CYKLO A Pešej dOPRAvY; v R.2030 Má bYť väčšinA Mhd CO2-fRee) v ObLASTi ROzvOjA A TeChnOLÓgii SA ChCe viedeň STAť inOvATívnYM LídROM CeLOeURÓPSKehO fORMáTU A SPOLU S bRnOM A bRATiSLAvOU PRiTiAhnUť dO STRednej eURÓPY výSKUMY MedzináROdnéhO význAMU, záROveň zOSTAť POdniKATeľSKY ATRAKTívnOU, zvýšiť exPORT TeChnOLÓgii A TOK PRiAMYCh inveSTíCii. KvALiTU živOTA ChCe zvYšOvAť SKRz SOCiáLnU POLiTiKU, vzdeLávAnie A CeLKOvé zLePšenie živOTnéhO PROSTRediA.

ROAdMAP UvádzA 11 PRObLéMOvýCh ObLASTí,ROzdeLenýCh dO všeObeCnýCh KATegÓRii: MeSTSKý ROzvOj, MObiLiTA, nOvá výSTAvbA A SAnáCie, vYUžiTie ROzLičnýCh fORieM eneRgie, zMenA v SPRávAni SPOTRebiTeľOv eneRgie. KAždéMU OdveTviU je PRideLený KOnKRéTnY Cieľ, KTORý Má bYť dOSiAhnUTý dO ROKU 2020. výChOdiSKOvé MOžnOSTi Sú bLižšie šPeCifiKOvAné v dOKUMenTe ACTiOn PLAn, záROveň je POneChAný PRieSTOR PRe AdAPTáCiU jednOTLivýCh MeTÓd v čASe vzhľAdOM K inOvATívnYM MOžnOSTiAM A RýChLeMU TeChnOLOgiCKéMU POKROKU. čiASTKOvé CieLe: POKLeS SKLeníKOvýCh PLYnOv nA ObYvATeľA O 21% (K 1990); náRAST POKRYTiA SPOTRebY eneRgie z ObnOviTeľnýCh zdROjOv nA 20% (bRUTTO)


deMO zeLené fASádY


viedeň SPOLUPRACUje S OSTATnýMi M eSTAMi SKRz PROgRAM TRAnSfORM (TRAnSfORMATiOn AgendA fOR LOw CARbOn CiTieS) zAMeRAnéhO nAjMä zníženie eMiSii CO2 A CeLKOvé zLePšenie eneRgeTiCKej A eKOLOgiCKej SiTUáCie v eU.

ActIoN PlAN 2012 - 2015 vTedAjší AKTUáLnY PLán, KTORý zhRňUje KRáTKOdObé CieLe A KOnKReTizUje MOžnOSTi iCh dOSiAhnUTiA. zAhAjUje KOMUniKáCiU S ObčAnMi, POTenCiáLnYMi inveSTORMi A OdbORníKMi, zAKLAdá nOvé inšTiTúCie, KTORé bUdú v bUCúCnOSTi zASTRešOvAť APLiKáCiU SMART CiTY KOnCePTOv. dOKUMenT je výSLedKOM 3. viedenSKéhO STAKehOLdeR fÓRA. ObSAhUje 10 KAPiTOL (AKTiOnSPAKeTen), v KTORýCh Sú SPíSAné nOvé záSAdY vedeniA MeSTA v ObLASTi KOMUniKáCie S ObčAnMi, MOdeRnizáCie MeSTSKýCh šTRUKTúR, nUTnéhO POUžívAniA ObnOviTeľnýCh zdROjOv eneRgie, nOvéhO SYSTéMU PRieSTOROvéhO PLánOvAniA A z ObLASTi dOPRAvY A MObiLiTY. jednýM z PRvOTnýCh výSLedKOv bOLO zALOženie SMART CiTY AgenTúRY, znáMej POd názvOM TinA viennA, KTORá KOnTinUáLne AnALYzUje, KOORdinUje, PLánUje, zbieRA dáTA A infORMUje O diAní A PROjeKTOCh v RáMCi SMART CiTY STRATégie. v ROKU 2017 bOLA SPOjená S eUROPAfORUM wien v jednU fiRMU. KOnKRéTne záSAhY SA TýKAjú nAjMä zLePšeniA dOPRAvY , OKReM zAvedeniA SMART CiTY CARd, vYTvOReniA OnLine PLATfORMY A APLiKáCie PRe Mhd A výSTAvbY nOvýCh záChYTnýCh PARK&Ride PARKOvíSK SA PRiPRAvUjú nOveLizáCie nORieM, KTORé bY MALi znížiť nevYhnUTný POčeT nAvRhOvAnýCh PARKOvACíCh MieST vO veRejnOM PRieSTORe A STAnOviť Aj iCh MAxiMUM, čOž bY MOhLO vieSť K POSTUPnéMU ObMedzOvAniU POUžívAniA AUTOMObiLOv. ďALej zAvádzA PReUKAz eneRgeTiCKej náROčnOSTi bUdOv, POMOCOU KTORéhO MOžnO čiASTOčne RegULOvAť eneRgeTiKU nOvej výSTAvbY. zAhAjUje deMOPROjeKTY LieSing MiTTe A SMART SeeSTAdT ASPeRn, KTORé bUdú MOniTOROvAné A výSLedKY šTúdii APLiKOvAné nA ďALšie ROzvOjOvé PROjeKTY.

PRojEkty A PláNy SeeSTAdT ASPeRn je nOvOU MeSTSKOU čASťOU v 22. ORKSKU dOnAUSTAdT. je nAvRhnUTá POdľA PRinCíPOv SMART CiTY MeSTA, zdRUžUjúC všeTKY jehO fUnKCie. APLiKUje A SKúMA nOvé TeChnOLOgiCKé A eneRgeTiCKé KOnCePTY.

URbAn Mining SKúMA MOžnOSTi znOvUPOUžiTiA, ReCYKLáCie STAvebnéhO MATeRiáLU z deMOLíCii.

CLUe = CLMATe neUTRAL URbAn diSTRiCTS in eUROPe, exPeRiMenTáLne šTvRTe

SAg-eS-wien OnLine APLiKáCiA, KTORá UMOžňUje ObčAnOM RýChLO A PRiAMO KOMUniKOvAť S vedeníM MeSTA. LeiLA, KnižniCA veCí

biKe ShARing

veRejné Led OSveTLenie

e-gOveRnMenT OnLine jednOdUChé vYbAvenie úRAdnýCh fORMALíT A dOKUMenTOv.

koNfERENcIA 2018 uRbAN futuRE POvedOMie ľUdí, zdieľAnie infORMáCii, KvALifiKOvAní OdbORníCi, TO všeTKO SA OdOhRá vO viedni Už OnedLhO vRáMCi URbAn fUTURe gLObAL COnfeRenCe.


2005 2050






Brno - Městské imploze Smart City 1. část - analýza Smart City ATELIÉROVÁ PRÁCE | 1.ročník MSP | ZS 2017/2018

Vedoucí práce | Supervisor: doc. Ing. arch. Karel Havliš, Ústav urbanismu


Autor | Author: Bc. Katarína Ambrosová