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Spencer Evans TEL-T206: Introduction to Design and Production 12, November 2010 Midterm Project: Artist’s Statement For the first photo, I purposely had very little inside the room, using just a small lamp in the background to create some shadows. Light coming in from the doorway behind me allowed the subject and objects in the photo to be seen, so it is clear that the girl is playing with the stuffed animals. It was tempting to use a high-angle shot for this photo, but that made it difficult to see the shadows and expression on the girl’s face. Despite my efforts to use low-key lighting, I had to increase the contrast and decrease the lighting of the hue for this photo using Photoshop. This problem occurred with all of the photos I took, but it really has enhanced the elements of my aesthetic. Originally, I snapped the second photo from a high over-the-shoulder shot, but the image was difficult to take without a tripod, so I switched to the medium shot from the side and balanced the camera on a makeshift tripod resulting in a clearer image. I like this angle better because it creates a stronger contrast between the light and the shadows, but most importantly, several of the pictures in the foreground are more visible which provides a stronger image to reflect the lyrics. With this image, the responsibility of independence is conveyed through the subject multitasking, but I feel like background detracts from both the feeling of the image and the aesthetic. A more isolated location could have made this photo more effective, but I like the reflection of the lights in the window adding to the lighting contrast while using a medium shot of the subject. I hesitated before using this image. I took several pictures of this girl walking by the art museum at night, but it was very hard to take an image that did not have a streak of light coming from the light tower. I wanted to use a long shot that would make the girl look much smaller compared to the building, but I had to get in closer to the subject to avoid the before mentioned problem. Eventually, I chose this image because of the angle capturing two shadows pointing in two different directions: the shadow of the building on the left, and the shadow of the girl on the right. The urban setting with the contrasted lighting creates a subtle industrial feel, which was ultimately my goal with this image. The shadows in this image could be stronger, but as with the fourth picture, I faced the same problem of lights creating streaks across the image. It was difficult to find an angle that caught several shadows, including the shadow of the girl, but I’m glad this angle provides a strong contrast between the dark background and the dimply-lit walkway. The focus of the image should be clearer. I’m not sure why ground of the photo appears to be so grainy, because the only changes I made in Photoshop were the adjustments described in the first paragraph. I used three different actors due to conflicting schedules for availability. I should have asked the actress in the second image to wear some dark clothing, but at the time, I was planning on using the over-the-shoulder shot, which did not capture any of her clothing in the image, but it does add to the black and white contrast.

Image of “film noir� from Google.

Film noir as an aesthetic device includes the following elements: Black and white imagery, shadows, contrasting lighting, urban setting, black and white clothing, gloomy mood/feelings.

artist statement for T206 midterm  

A lovely description of my T206 photos. :)