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AMBRÉ May 2021 | ISSUE 1 | NUMÉRO 1


78 pages of Canadian musicians, artists, poets, photographers and more!

78 pages de musiciens, artistes, poètes, photographes, etc. canadiens!

The Prelude Le Prélude AMBREMAGAZINE.COM


04 Interview with Olivia Bartels / Entrevue avec Olivia Bartels

14 Small Businesses / Petites entreprises



A new beginning from an old ending - May

Tea - Eva Gill



My neighbourhood Daniella Meyers Gonzales

Interview with Faeya / Entrevue avec Faeya

58 Running - Khadija Nadeem

76 A visit from death Rivka Teitlebaum

Warning: Some topics could be triggering for certain readers Avertissement: Certains sujets peuvent déclencher un traumatisme psychologique chez certaines personnes. May 2021 ambremagazine.com

With the help of our Instagram followers,we put together a wonderful playlist full of Canadian music! Avec l'aide de nos abonnés sur Instagram, nous avons créé une merveilleuse liste de lecture remplie de musique canadien!

editor's note / note de la rédactrice Hello world, welcome to the very first issue of

Bonjour tout le monde, et bienvenue au tout premier

Ambré. My name is Arielle Longo, I am a 15 year

numéro d'Ambré. Je m'appelle Arielle Longo et je suis

old proud Canadian, and the creator of this magazine.

une fière canadienne de 15 ans et la créatrice de ce

After two months of hard work, the first issue of Ambré is here. Needless to say, I am overjoyed to finally be able to share it with you. The name Ambré is actually the french word for the maple syrup grade, Amber. What more fitting name for a Canadian 'zine than a reference to good ol' maple syrup? This magazine was created in order to provide young Canadian artists a safe space to share their forms of expression, and have a platform for their voices to be heard. Now I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this very first issue of Ambré.

magazine. Après deux mois de travail, le premier numéro d'Ambré est arrivé. Inutile de dire que je suis ravie de pouvoir enfin le partager avec vous. Le nom Ambré est en fait le mot français pour la qualité du sirop d'érable, Amber. Quel nom plus approprié pour un 'zine canadien qu'une référence au bon vieux sirop d'érable? Ce magazine a été créé avec le but de fournir aux jeunes artistes canadiens un espace pour partager leurs formes d'expression et avoir une plateforme pour que leurs voix puissent êtres entendues. Maintenant, je vous invite à vous asseoir, à vous détendre et à profiter de ce tout premier numéro d'Ambré.



OLIVIA BARTELS We had the pleasure of interviewing Olivia Bartels (@livvys_art_), a 19 year old collage artist based in Ontario. We got to discuss the message behind her powerful collages about celebrating her femininity and the beauty of women. On a eu la chance de parler avec Olivia Bartels (@livvys_art_), une artiste de collage Ontarienne de 19 ans. On a discuté le message derrière ses puissantes collages qui célébrent sa femininité et la beauté des femmes. You mentioned that your work is about celebrating your femininity and the beauty of women. How would you describe femininity? Femininity is tricky to define since it looks different for everyone and it’s more of a stereotypical term created by society, but I will answer this from my personal experience as a woman. When I was young I was such a girly-girl; I loved everything pink and I wanted to be a princess. There was a short time in my life that I became embarrassed of how “feminine” I was. Thankfully, I have come to a point where I have "Radiance" (1/2) realized that this is nothing to be embarrassed of. Furthermore, I have really begun to express my feminine nature in my art by incorporating fashion, flowers, women, and various shades of pink. What brought me to that shift in thinking was realizing the beauty in the traits that make up the female aura. These traits include being brilliant, self-assured, serene, caring, beautiful, strong, and gracious. For a more specific example: women have this desire to take something plain and turn it into something pretty. Some say that women are emotional, but I think they are emotionally intelligent and compassionate. Realizing how valuable these characteristics of women are, helped me to accept my “girly-girl” side as positive. Tu avais mentionné que ton art démontre ta féminité et la beauté des femmes. Comment est-ce que tu décrirais la féminité? La féminité est difficile à définir parce que cela est différent pour tout le monde et c'est plutôt un mot stéréotypé créé par la société, mais je voulais répondre à cette question à travers mon expérience personnelle comme femme. Quand j'étais jeune j'étais une "girly-girl"; j'aimais vraiment le rose et je voulais être une princesse. Il y avait un bout de temps dans ma vie où j'avais honte de ma féminité. Heureusement, j'ai atteint un point où je me suis rendu compte qu'il n'y a aucune raison d'avoir honte. De plus, j'ai vraiment commencé à exprimer ma nature féminine dans mon art par l'incorporation de mode, fleurs, femmes et de nuances variées de

rose. Ce qui m'a mené à changer ma façon de penser était que je me suis rendu compte de la beauté des traits qui composent l'aura féminine. Ces traits incluent la brillance, la confiance, la sérénité, l'attention, la beauté, la force et la grace. Un exemple plus spécifique serait: les femmes ont un désir de prendre quelque chose de simple et de le transformer en quelque chose de beau. Certains disent que les femmes sont émotionnelles, mais je crois qu'elles sont émotionnellement intelligentes et compatissantes. Me rendre compte de la préciosité de ses traits féminines, m'a aidé à accepter mon côté "girly-girl" comme positif. Who are your biggest influences (whether that be an artist, role model, etc.)? Although I am a huge fan of many of the classic artists, my collages were mainly inspired by other collage instagram artists that I have been following for years. Firefly Fiphie (@fireflyfiphie) is the first artist that inspired me to pursue collages and art journals, especially making women the centre of the work. For better days (@for.better.days) is an artist that inspired me to start moving towards using more magazine pictures in my collages as opposed to hand drawings and solid coloured papers. I find old vintage photographs so inspiring as well. Every time I go to an antique shop, I am sure to pick some up. I have always loved nature which leads me to including bees and florals in a lot of my art. Qui sont tes plus grandes influences (que ce soit une artiste, un modèle, etc.)? Même si je suis une grande fan d'artistes classiques, mes collages sont majoritairement inspirés par d'autres artistes de collage sur Instagram dont je suis abonné. Firefly Fiphie (@fireflyfiphie) est la première artiste qui m'a inspiré à poursuivre le collage et les journaux artistiques, en particulier, en mettant l'emphase sur les femmes. For better days (@for.better.days) est un artiste qui m'a inspiré à utiliser plus d'images de revues dans mes collages, plutôt que des dessins et des papiers de couleur solide. Je trouve des images vintages inspirantes. À chaque fois que je vais à un magasin d'antiquités, j'en achète. J'ai toujours aimé la nature qui m'incite à inclure des abeilles et des fleurs dans mon art.

"Radiance" (2/2)

Your piece "Flesh" seems to touch upon a very important topic. Could you elaborate on what you aimed your work to say? Flesh was made to portray the message, that as a society, we tend to get so focused on what the outside of our body looks like, that we forget what our body is. By that I mean, we forget that our body is made up of muscles, organs, flesh and bones that keep us standing, moving and breathing. I think that if everyone started to think more about all the wonderful things our bodies do for us, we would love them more. To convey this message I included a diagram of human torso; which has a strong contrast next to a torso of a model. I also included small phrases from an anatomy book such as "becoming lost in the cellular tissue", and "the deep cervical fascia".These texts further push the idea of looking at the body from an anatomical perspective. Ta pièce "Flesh" semblait toucher sur un sujet très important. Pourrais-tu élaborer sur ce message? Flesh était créé pour transmettre le message que, comme société, nous avons tendance à concentrer sur ce que l'extérieur de notre corps a l'air et on oublie ce que c'est notre corps. Ce que je veux dire c'est qu'on oublie que notre corps est formé de muscles, organes, chair et os qui nous gardent debout. Je pense que si tout le monde commençait à penser plus à toutes les merveilleuses choses que nos corps font pour nous, on l'aimerait plus. Pour transmettre ce message, j'ai inclue un diagramme du torse humain; ce qui a un grand contraste comparé au torse d'un mannequin. J'ai aussi inclus des petites phrases d'un livre d'anatomie telles que "becoming lost in the cellular tissue", and "the deep cervical fascia". Ces textes poussent encore plus l'idée de regarder au corps d'une perspective anatomique.


Do you have a favourite piece of yours? If so, which one, and why is it your favourite? My favourite pieces is Radiance. This piece was a turning point for my art; I really found my style while making this collage. In the past, I did much simpler collages and art journals. This piece really brought up the complexity and details in my collages. This collage quite nicely captured the female aura that I have been trying to portray. The subjects seem joyful and confident, with bursts of colours and florals around them, that represents an aura of femininity. Est-ce qu'il y a une de tes oeuvres que tu préfères? Si oui, laquelle est-ce que tu préfères et pourquoi? Mon oeuvre préférée est Radiance. Cette pièce était un point tournant pour mon art. J'ai vraiment trouvé mon style en créant ce collage. Dans le passé, j'ai créé des collages et des journaux d'art plus simples. Cette pièce "Bright mind" (1/2) a vraiment apporté la complexité et les détails dans mes collages. Ce collage a assez bien capturé l'aura féminine que j'essayais de représenter. Les sujets semblent joyeux et confiants, avec des éclats de couleurs et de fleurs autour d'eux, qui représentent une aura de féminité. How long does it usually take for you to complete a piece? It typically takes me about 3-7 hours to make a collage, depending on the complexity and layering of the piece. The most time consuming part is creating the layout. I usually plan the entire collage before I glue anything down. Once I’ve finished that, I take a photo of it, take all the pieces off the paper and glue them down. Typically I spread out the work over 2-3 nights.

"Bright mind" (2/2)

Habituellement, comment longtemps est-ce que ça prend pour compléter une pièce? Typiquement ça me prend à peu près 3-7 heures pour créer un collage, dépendamment de la complexité des superpositions de l'oeuvre. La partie qui dure le plus de longtemps, c'est créer le plan. Je planifie habituellement le collage avant que je colle quoi que ce soit. Lorsque j'ai complété cela, je prends une photo, enlève toutes les morceaux de papier et je les colle. Typiquement je répartis tout le travail au cours de 2-3 soirs.


Maria Irini | 13, Toronto Ontario My stomach became emptier While my hairbrush became fuller I knew how to count all my calories but my math was slipping At least I was skinny? Right?

Art by Maria Irini @mariaartiste

society's doing

Asmaa Hashmi | 13, Toronto Ontario “i just want to be pretty. fulfill the society's standards.” that desire turned to one girls nightmare, and it was another girls dream. her hair, thinner than ever. barely holding on. she’d stroke it once, and a handful of hairs would cover her palm. her stomach, emptier than the hole that sat in her heart. it’d gurgle, reminding her to eat. she’d ignore it, due to her obsession with perfection. days went by. she was getting weaker as each moment passed. was it worth it?

Romane Lemire, 14, Montréal Québec @romanedraws

Christine's Knees

Ana Lilliman | 18, London Ontario There were a lot of great things about Christine, the greatest of all being her shiny bright shiny knees Christine loved to strut em wearing cute skirts with buttons above her leg joints knees juicy like mutton The boys began to take notice and boy were they feisty poking and prodding her knees Christine yelled out to the boys in anger “bite me!” All the teachers were furious but not at what you think they ought to be. They were not angry at the boys, no, they blamed Christine's knees! “Hide them away and you'll ha hi ve no one to bite '' said the teachers and Christine tucked her knees away tight. Christine still looked pristine but Christine felt dirty “I just thought I looked pretty I didn't want them to hurt me” The girls saw Christine down on her luck “Christine they are pretty you shouldn't have to cover them up” Girls with full pants and short shorts and cute dresses took Christine by the hands and Christine learned a lesson Christine lived in a world where her knees were not always safe no matter the clothing no matter the length but Christine wouldn't feel beautiful in long pants or jeans so she’ll fight for a future where her knees can be free.

Vanessa Azevedo, 19 Toronto Ontario @vanessa.photographyyy

"Disoriented gaze" Ana Lilliman, 18, London Ontario @ana_makes_art

small businesses petites entreprises BLUE BEAUTY JEWELS Blue beauty jewels is a handmade jewellery shop run by Hannah Wood, 17, in Fredericton New Brunswick. The shop sells handmade rings, necklaces, and bracelets, and 10% of purchases go towards Fredericton homeless shelters! Blue Beauty Jewels est une bijouterie artisanale dirigée par Hannah Wood, 17 ans, à Fredericton au NouveauBrunswick. La boutique vend des bagues, des colliers et des bracelets faits à la main et 10% des achats vont vers les refuges pour sans-abri de Fredericton! You can find the shop on Instagram / Tu peux retrouver le magasin sur Instagram @bluebeautyjewels DAISY CHAIN DESIGNS Daisy Chain Designs is a business run by Zoe Shave, 17, based in Southampton Ontario. She started Daisy Chain Designs back in June of 2020. She loves to sew and create things, and selling masks, scrunchies, and jewellery. She tries to focus on being eco-conscious, so she uses a lot of second hand materials for her sewing projects. She really enjoys having a small business and she is so grateful she took this opportunity to share what she loves. Daisy Chain Designs est une entreprise dirigée par Zoe Shave, 17, à Southampton Ontario. Elle a commencé Daisy Chain Designs en juin 2020. Elle adore coudre et créer des objets, et vendre des masques, chouchous et bijoux. Elle essaie de concentrer sur l'éco-conscience, donc elle utilise beaucoup de matériaux recyclés pour ses projets de couture. Elle aime vraiment avoir une petite entreprise et elle est très reconnaissante d'avoir profité de cette occasion pour partager ce qu'elle aime. You can find the shop on Instagram / Tu peux retrouver le magasin sur Instagram @daisychaindesigns_shop

BAGUETTE BRACELETS Baguette Bracelets is a shop run by K, located in Toronto Ontario. She sells bracelets, keychains, bookmarks, wall art, and more! She started making bracelets at the age of 7, and has since started her own business! Baguette Bracelets est un magasin dirigée par K, localisé à Toronto Ontario. Elle vend des bracelets, porte-clés, signets, art murale et plus! Elle a commencé à fabriquer des bracelets à l'âge de 7 ans, puis a plus tard commencé sa propre entreprise! You can find the shop on Instagram / Tu peux retrouver le magasin sur Instagam @baguettebracelets Or find the shop on Etsy / Ou tu peux trouver le magazin sur Etsy https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/baguettebracelets

LA MIA STELLA JEWELRY La mia stella is a handcrafted jewelry company located in Missisauga Ontario. Sara Speziale, 14, is the owner/designer of the company. She creates all types of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and body jewelry using vintage, recyled, and new materials. Her designs are inspirational and made with love. La mia stella est une bijouterie artisanale localisé à Missisauga en Ontario. Sara Speziale, 14, est la propriétaire/designer de l'entreprise. Elle crée toutes sortes de bijoux, tel que des colliers, bracelets, boucles d'oreille, bagues et bijoux pour le corps, en utilisant des matériaux vintage, recyclés et nouveaux. Ses créations sont inspirant et fait avec amour. You can find the shop on Instagram / Tu peux retrouver le magasin sur Instagram @_lamiastella

"Let Me Eat Cake" Jephraim Cuary, 17, Toronto Ontario

"The Technicolor Dream Life Of Me" Ruby Ferguson, 15, Manitoba, @rubeearts

This painting is about the moment of realization that this pandemic we are living through, is so much more severe than I had thought. Around mid April 2020 I went running around my neighbourhood. This was the first time I had really left my house since March. It was damp and cold but I was so thrilled to leave my house that I didn't care. I ended up at this bridge overlooking the highway. It was about 6 o'clock, rush hour. Usually right now the highway was packed with people, but at that moment I realized that the highway was empty, the world had stopped. I then realized that this virus was so much worse than I could have ever imagined.

"Empty Highway" Jane Forrest, 15, Toronto Ontario @janes.art

Cette oeuvre représente le moment où j'ai réalisé que cette pandémie que nous vivons, est tellement plus grave que je pensais. Vers la mi-avril 2020, je me suis promené dans mon quartier. C'était la première fois que je quittais vraiment ma maison depuis le mois de mars. Il faisait humide et froid mais j'étais tellement ravi de quitter ma maison que ca ne me dérangeait pas. Je me suis retrouvé sur ce pont surplombant l'autoroute. Il était environ 6 heures, heure de pointe. Habituellement, en ce moment, l'autoroute était plein de monde, mais à ce moment-là, j'ai réalisé que l'autoroute était vide, le monde s'était arrêté. J'ai alors réalisé que ce virus était pire que ce que j'aurais pu imaginé.

This painting is what the anxiety of the pandemic feels like. I am floating and have no control. I don’t know when I’ll get to hug my grandparents again, or if I’ll get to see my friends on my 16th birthday. I am constantly told “just a few more weeks” “it will be over soon” but then there’s another announcement, and another lockdown. The light represents art and specifically my art class at school. Art has gotten me through this pandemic, and the community at my art school is the light in all of this darkness. Cet oeuvre démontre l'angoisse de la pandémie. Je flotte et je n'ai pas de contrôle. Je ne sais pas quand je vais pouvoir à nouveau embrasser mes grands-parents, ou si je vais voir mes amis le jour de mon 16ème anniversaire. On me dit constamment «encore quelques semaines» «ce sera bientôt fini», mais ensuite il y a une autre annonce, et un autre confinement. La lumière représente l'art et en particulier ma classe d'art à l'école. L'art m'a aidé à traverser cette pandémie, et la communauté de mon école d'art est la lumière dans toutes ces ténèbres.

"Floating" Jane Forrest, 15, Toronto Ontario @janes.art

A New Beginning from an Old Ending May | 14, Alberta

Water splashes against the side of the boat. We rock back and forth. The waves move under the boat, but never take us with them. Not yet. This morning the sky was clear. Peaceful and refreshing. But now, as a fisher of six years, it’s easy to tell that a storm is coming. And not a normal one either. One like before. The rain pounds against the windows. The unmistakable crack of lightning, and the deep roar of thunder which follows shortly after. I wait, sitting in the corner of the kitchen. Knees tucked into my chest, hands clutching my hair and supporting my head. I wait. Praying for mum to come back soon. I wait for what feels like days. The storm never slows or stops. There was no way for me to find out what happened to her. Whether she passed, or abandoned me. Realising, just like my father, that having a boy at such a young age was too much for her to handle. Too much for anyone to handle. That moment runs through my mind often. I reassure myself, she will come back. She loves me. I have nothing to fear. But I know none of that is true. I don’t even remember what my own mother looks like, so even if she did come back I wouldn’t have a clue. And for the fears, I have so many that it’s hard to keep track of them. Will I eat today? Will I get caught sneaking under an old lady’s porch because that’s the only place I could find to sleep tonight? Will I drown at sea? Will I drown at sea with no one but an old man to help me if we sank? His life is more valuable than my own. He wouldn’t think twice about me if we went under. I used to worry about that all the time. But now, as I’ve grown more familiar with what my life actually is, I don’t mind it as much. Death itself doesn’t scare me. The pain of dying does.

“I have a bad feeling about these waves. We best be getting back now,” he, my mentor- friend even, says, pulling my attention back. I nod my head in agreement and we begin paddling. We paddle for a good half an hour but it feels like we never move. The waves still move around us but it feels different. I catch a glimpse of something in the water. Curious, I lean over the edge of the boat to get a better look. The water looks calm, which is strange because the boat is still rocking back and forth. I reach a hand towards the water. It looks so intriguing...dark and malicious just like the sky but also so... I just can’t help myself. “Hey! Woah! No, don’t do that,” he barks out and grabs my wrist, his own hand skimming the surface of the water. He pulls me back into the boat. I look back at the water. There’s something about that just keeps pulling me in. Like if I went in all my troubles would be gone and I could finally rest. No fears, no worries… There's a hand. There's a hand gripping the edge of the boat, cracking the wood. It’s white and clammy. A second hand appears. Next a head. Slowly emerging from the water. Lightning cracks in the sky as more of these creatures float up in the water. They all have sunken faces. All bones with just a thin layer of skin, glossy eyes that protrude from their skulls and remains of hair plastered against them. One of them clamps a hand down on him. Then more hands. Grabbing his wrists, legs, arms, mouth, head, whatever they can reach. What is happening? They start to pull him in. I reach out and try to grab him.

“Let- let them..take” he mumbles against one of the creature's hands. He’s halfway out of the boat when I grab onto his shirt. “What are you doing? This isn’t funny… Get in!” I shout, panicking, and tugging on his shirt. He doesn’t joke around. I know I can’t do anything anymore but I can’t bring myself to believe it. I let go and they pull him in. I catch a glimpse of his face before he’s gone. His eyes rolled back and glossed over, telling me that he was gone before they even drag him under. The rain starts. It splats against my skin and within moments I’m already soaked to the bone. Thunder booms. It echoes through my head, void of any thoughts. I wipe my face off. Tears or rain? Hard to tell. I bend down and reach towards the water. I can’t do it anymore.. I don’t have anything to live for now. I close my eyes tightly, my eyebrows furrowing, and I give in. I stop struggling because I know it's too late now. It’s peaceful now. My body feels lighter than air as the creatures grab onto me and pull me down. If this is what death is, painless and easy, then I’m fine with dying. Fate is what it is. No. I open my eyes, salt water floods in, making them burn. Things can happen, people can leave, or die, but you shouldn’t let that pull you down. Life is a treasure that you can’t just give up like money being handed over to a thug. Life is something worth living and I want to experience it. I know I do. And I know that dying this way is cowardly. I am not a coward. The sudden weight on my body vanishes and I feel myself floating up. My lungs burn from the lack of air but I ignore it and kick my legs, propelling myself through the depth quicker. My head breaks through the invisible seal of the water. I gasp and pant for air as I tread the water, keeping myself afloat. My lungs and throat sting. But it's a good sting. It’s a sting of victory that tells me I’ve won this battle. I’ve won the long suffering war against myself.

"All In Blue" Romane Lemire 14, Montréal Québec, @romanedraws


Rivka Teitlebaum | 17, Ottawa Ontario It's dark outside, shield yourself They say Stay in the sun, where the butterflies lay But What if, inside There's a dank tunnel in your mind And your lips can taste the bricks of it It's begging you to escape into the darkness And. What if horses can fly, and phoenixes die Outside There is magic in people's smiles I want a taste of the world outside, Not just the one in my mind

"Lost in Colors" Veronica Demciuch, 16, Ontario @veronicart32

“A Bright Day on Chantry Island” Angelina Barone, 19, Southampton Ontario

"El Salvador" Alamaiya Rosa 17, Calgary Alberta @alamaiyarosaart

"Best Friend" (top left) and "Charlotte" (bottom right)

Jane Forrest, 15 Toronto Ontario @janes.art







"The Woodland moon" (top) "The Ekklesia" (bottom) Keziah, 16, Ontario @kezithecreator

"The power of water" Liam Wark, 19 Brampton Ontario @uklaw13

"New Year" Mia Desroches 16, Toronto Ontario


Dylan Barrera, 15 Hamilton Ontario @mcmxcv.dylan & @16.shades

"The Creation of Disrupted Lives"

"Blue as the Sky" Jephraim Cuary, 17 Toronto Ontario

"East Atlanta Heartbreak" Sara Barrette, 15, Québec @sara__barrette

Dylan Barrera, 15 Hamilton Ontario @mcmxcv.dylan & @16.shades

T ea Eva Gill | 13, Ontario I love having tea with you memories of picnics and the sticky sweet juice of raspberries running down your chin you chasing after me when rain started to pour from the dark grey sky watching sunsets and sunrises while sitting next to you, our sun kissed shoulders touching but now I drink tea alone, run through the rain without you, gaze at sunsets and sunrises without the familiar warmth of your body against mine. Watch the world spin without you. I miss having tea with you.

"the underwhelming ambience" Ella Herrington, 16 Ontario @ella_herrington

Today, tomorrow, yesterday Ana Lilliman | 18, London Ontario

It's like a spot the difference page You could barely feel the difference Slipping into tomorrow like a pair of jeans you never wash

"In my mother's hair" by Ana Lilliman

Alexa Langois, 14, Québec @langl0is

Vanessa Azevedo, 19, Toronto Ontario @vanessa.photographyyy

"Fully in focus" Heather Laura, 16, Ontario @hlaurphotography

Melanie Heipel, 14 Ontario

I’m On My Period And I Have A Lot Of Emotions Ana Lilliman | 18, London Ontario

I want to breathe in the stars I want to be surrounded by trees painted green yellow and orange I want to sleep under a blanket of rainbows I want to breathe colour I want to live in excessive maximalism and wonder I want to exhale all my existentialism I want to clench my jaw until my teeth turn to sand I want to wash up on the shores of words that drown me I want to feel the thickness of my fat bone and muscle as I tear myself from my physical form I want to become one with nothing and become apart of everything

Kirsten Lowe, 18, Ottawa Ontario @kirsten.lowe

The Butterfly

Zoé Bailey | 13, Nova Scotia The little girl's eyes water, Her mother whispers, "listen, dear daughter." The little girl sniffles and wipes her tears with her sleeve, Her mother continues, "It's ok to grieve", "I know your heart may be broken, but these words need to be spoken, He may be gone, But later on, He is a butterfly, Fluttering in the clear blue sky." "Well," she says, "What does that mean?" "Is he a butterfly that can be seen?" Sometimes you may see him flutter by, But he will always be watching from the sky, The daughter smiles, "Those words are worthwhile." One day she was no longer a child, She had a hard time and had been crying for a long while, When a sudden flutter came from the sky, It was a butterfly, She puts up a finger, Where the butterfly lingers, She smiles, And watches for a while, She says, "I am ok." And the butterfly flutters away...

"Romantic Lover" Sara Barrette, 15, Québec @sara__barrette

My Neighbourhood

a photo series by Daniella Meyers Gonzalez, 20 Toronto Ontario @danvellaaa





Faeya is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Toronto Ontario. Faeya, une chanteuse auteure-compositrice-interprète de 16 ans provenant de Toronto, Ontario. What first inspired you to become an artist? All my songs are about everything that has happened to me and the experiences of the people in my life. My family inspires me greatly. Growing up, I was immersed in music. My parents signed me up to begin piano lessons when I was four, and I began singing shortly after. Though my close relatives are not musicians, my family has a deep appreciation for music. Through the years, I have experimented with various genres, including classical, jazz and pop. Once I stopped following a curriculum, I was able to develop my own performance and compositional style. To this day, I continue to study classical piano, which I consider the core influence of my musical style. Undergoing classical piano education has been the most important and constant passion of mine. Before applying lyrics to my melodies, I learned to feel and convey emotion though instrumental pieces - which I think had a big impact on my creative style. Qu'est-ce qui t'a inspiré à devenir artiste? Toutes mes chansons sont à propos de tout qui m'est arrivé et mes expériences avec les gens dans ma vie. Ma famille m'inspire énormément. Depuis mon enfance, j'étais immergé dans la musique. Mes parents m'ont inscrit pour des cours de piano quand j'avais quatre ans et j'ai commencé à chanter peu de temps après. Malgré que les membres de ma famille immédiate ne sont pas des musiciens, ma famille a une grande appréciation pour la musique. Au cours des années, j'ai expérimenté avec plusieurs genres, incluant la musique classique, le jazz et le pop. Lorsque j'ai arrêté de suivre le curriculum, j'ai été capable de développer mon propre style de performance et de composition. À ce jour, je continue à étudier le piano classique, ce que je considère comme la plus grande influence de mon style musicale. Mon éducation de piano classique est la passion la plus importante et constante pour moi. Avant d'ajouter des paroles à mes mélodies, j'ai appris à ressentir et transmettre l'émotion à travers de pièces instrumentales - ce qui a eu un grand impact sur mon style créatif.

Are there people/artists in particular that inspire you? I’ve always adored the Romantic Era and continue to be inspired by great composers like Chopin, Beethoven and Mendelssohn. Also, I’ve always loved poetry and writing. When I began experimenting with songwriting around the age of 11, I discovered the beauty of the combination of creative writing and music. This was the moment when I thought, "Wow, this is something I really want to pursue!". I have always listened to a wide range of genres; including lots of classical music and music from artists like Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, Taylor Swift, Birdy, and Gabrielle Aplin, who continue to inspire me. Y a-t-il des personnes/artistes en particulier qui t'ont inspiré? J'ai toujours adoré l'époque Romantique et je continue d'être inspiré par des grands compositeurs comme Chopin, Beethoven et Mendelssohn. De plus, j'ai toujours aimé la poésie et l'écriture. Quand j'ai commencé à expérimenter avec la composition de chansons à 11 ans, j'ai découvert la beauté de la combinaison de l'écriture et de la musique. C'était à ce moment-là où j'ai pensé, "Wow, ceci est quelque chose que je veux vraiment poursuivre!". J'avais toujours écouté à une grande variété de genres; incluant plein de musique classique et d'artistes comme Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, Taylor Swift, Birdy et Gabrielle Aplin, qui continuent à m'inspirer. What is your creative process like? I am a strong believer that where there is emotion, there is music. I don't have a specific routine. I am always creating music, recording clips of melodies on my phone and writing lyrics and poems in my journals. Often, those will remain as ideas, ready to be pieced together when I forcefully try to write. Other times, I will sit beside a piano and the music will come so easily. This is my favourite way to write because the song always turns out more meaningful and raw. When I am inspired by an experience, a person or an emotion, I will note down a musical concept. Creativity is so individual, and for me, routine is not always the key to consistency. À quoi ressemble ton processus créatif? Je crois fermement que là où il y a de l'émotion, il y a de la musique. Je n'ai pas de routine spécifique. Je suis toujours en train de créer de la musique. J'enregistre des bouts de mélodies sur mon cell et j'écris des paroles et des poèmes dans mes journaux. Souvent, elles demeurent comme idées, prêts pour être rassemblés quand je me force à écrire. D'autres fois, je m'assois à mon piano et la musique s'écrit aisément.

All photos courtesy of | Toutes photos sont gracieusité de Kassandra Melnyk Photography

Cela est ma façon préférée d'écrire parce que la chanson s'avère plus significative et brute. Quand je suis inspiré par une expérience, une personne, ou une émotion, je vais noter un concept musical. La créativité est si individuelle et pour moi, la routine n'est pas toujours la clé à la consistance. Is there a story behind your stage name? Before releasing any original music, I knew that I wanted to record under a stage name. I love the idea of an identity being carried through the artist’s chosen name. When deciding, I considered names that would reflect the style and purpose of my music. “Faeya” originated as a spin-off of the word “Fae”, which is an alternate name for a fairy. As a lover of magical stories and fantasies, I am very inspired to create art by the magic of nature. I wanted my name to reflect this indistinctly musing aspect of my music. Est-ce qu'il y a une histoire derrière ton nom de scène? Avant d'avoir publié mes compositions, je savais que je voulais enregistrer sous un nom de scène. J'adore l'idée d'une identité qui est portée à travers le nom choisi par l'artiste. Quand je le choisissais, j'ai considéré des noms qui vont refléter mon style et le but de ma musique. "Faeya" provient du mot "Fae", qui est un autre nom pour une fée. Comme amoureuse d'histoires de magie et fantaisie, je suis très inspirée à créer de l'art par la magie de la nature. Je voulais que mon nom reflet cet aspect indistinctement rêveur de ma musique. What can we expect from you in the future? I hope that my music will continue to grow with me. I look forward to sharing with you soon the songs I’ve been working on recently and have a chance to perform live (even if virtually). I am so thankful for all the support I have received since my debut EP release and I am very excited for my listeners to join along for the journey! Qu'est-ce qu'on peut s'attendre de vous dans le futur? J'espère que ma musique va continuer à grandir avec moi. J'ai hâte de partager les chansons que je travaille depuis très récemment et d'avoir une chance d'offrir des spectacles sur scène (ou même virtuellement). Je suis vraiment reconnaissante de l'acclamation que j'ai reçu depuis la publication de mon premier EP et je suis très excitée pour que mes auditeurs me joignent au voyage!

Listen to Faeya's self-titled debut EP on all streaming platforms, and find her on Instagram @faeyamusic !

Écoutez son album éponyme et abonnez-vous à son Instagram @faeyamusic !


Victoria Ormiston | 14, Montréal Québec you were my umbrella we danced in the rain until you weren’t and now I feel the droplets fall onto my skin


I remember you holding me I felt so safe you would never let me fall you were my safety net why didn’t you catch me

"Don't look away." Ana Lilliman, 18, London Ontario @ana_makes_art

Philophobia Eva Gill | 13, Ontario

you were my flowers my sunshine on a stormy day I put my all into you my light, my soul, my raindrops and my love. but one day your petals started to fall, and so did I. my all turned to nothing. my light now darkness, my soul too dark to see. I needed to save you, but who was going to save me?


Khadija Nadeem | 14, British-Columbia

Running. Running. Running. Running. He could not remember anything but that he had to run. Run to save himself or stop and risk everything. His legs were heavy; he remembered not why he was running but that he had no choice but to. His vision was blurring, and he couldn’t tell if the figure he saw in the distance was of his imagination or not. He couldn’t run anymore, he knew that much, and as his legs took their final steps, he hit the ground hard and drifted to the place of his nightmares. “You made it.” Those were the first words he had heard when he awoke. The girl’s words carried themselves as if they hopped freely from cloud to cloud. He had made it. But for how long? He stayed with her in the small shack of a house for days only because he had nowhere to go. Was he really free? Of course not, for they would find him soon and drag him and the beautiful girl out of the shack on their knees. He needed to start again, a new beginning, for he had endangered the girl. But something other than his injuries stopped him from leaving. He was entranced.

She talked a lot, all those days alone in the shack together. She told exciting stories of dragons and mermaids, mystical islands and palaces in the sky. He acted indifferent to her words, but in truth, her voice soothed him, and it held him in an embrace he longed for. He didn’t say a word until the day she told him he could leave, the words he had dreaded hearing for so long. “Can I really?” His body had recovered, and he could run again. After all, what else was there to do? Unless he stayed, the girl had requested. And he was foolish enough to tell her he’d think about it. His mind told him to leave, but in his heart, he’d already decided to stay. And so he did. All those years, telling stories to each other and chasing each other in the gardens, he held dear to his heart. What better beginning could he have asked for than that of one with her. For he had made it, and he was happy. They both were. He had finally stopped running.

Kadin Fraser, 21, Calgary Alberta @403.media

"Anemoia - noun. nostalgia for a time you’ve never known" Maezy Dennie, 18 Calgary Alberta @maezy.reign

Kadin Fraser, 21 Calgary Alberta @403.media

"1500's" Mia Desroches, 16, Toronto Ontario @miadesrochesphotos

"Dissparaître" Jephraim Cuary, 16, Toronto Ontario

Chewing Gum

Lizzy Kirkburn | 16, Ontario I’m doing well I know I am. I stare at the ceiling Chewing my gum in The dress you gave me. Daisies punctuate the green fabric Reminding me of silver platters with strawberries Sewn across the garden. Our future feels unknown As spring slow dances Into winter.

Plagiarize my affection And I’ll stop filling journals about you. My head feels so heavy On my neck So I lay it in your hands. I can only hope Your fingers occupy my body Before my gum loses its flavor and I rot into my mattress.

When I Realized. Lizzy Kirkburn | 16, Ontario

My fire flickers. Ambers glow against your skin. Your cheeks turn cherry. Your scent disappears No more leather books and gum. At last, we’re one flame. I sit on this log With splinters stuck in my palms Fire turns to ash. -Lizzy Kirkburn

"My requited love" Avalon Snider, 18, Alberta @avalonsnider

Kadin Fraser, 21, Calgary Alberta @403.media

Gabriella Castorani, 17, Montreal Québec


Asmaa Hashmi| 13, Toronto Ontario as we danced away in the rain, you pulled me in closer by my waist. you swept me off my feet so gracefully, making me feel as light as a feather. you pressed your lips firmly against mine. i sensed a longing hunger. a burning passion, lust and desire. something about that moment didn’t feel right to me. and then i saw it. i saw as the water trickled down onto your dewy skin, leaving trails of water as it tumbled off of your body. that's when i realized.. you were fading… so you truly were unreal afterall.

"New Generation" Mia Desroches, 16, Toronto Ontario @miadesrochesphotos




Jaeleigh Nelson | 16, Saskatchewan

It hurts sometimes. It hurts a lot actually. But I know that if I put my hurt into the ground, I can create love from it. I can put my hurt into the ground, And I can put love into someone else’s heart. Because it is hard to keep my love. My heart is transparent. Transparent is all I am. See through. Cloaked. A Ghost. I have been like this for a while. I can’t remember how long. Time is different for me, In the space I call home. But I know it’s been a while, Because things have changed. A lot. Things are different now. People are different now. But good and evil have stayed the same. They always will. And I have made it my job to help. I like to help.

"Tired" Carleigh Atcheson, 15, Kitchener Ontario

too dark

Asmaa Hashmi | 13, Toronto Ontario growing up, my skin colour seemed to be an issue. i was constantly shamed for being “too dark”. always being told how being fairer was the beauty standard. so there i’d be, in the shower. trying to scrub my melanin. the thing that makes me who i am. the thing that identifies my race. why was i chagrined for the way i was born? being told to use creams such as “fair and lovely”. however, now i’ve learned to be comfortable in my skin. to embrace who i am. the beauty of it, it makes me stand out. makes me different from the rest. and that isn’t a bad thing. it never was.

I Met Death On the Night Train Salem Farmer | 19, Alberta

wading through throngs of people it’s a struggle to anchor myself to the present moment nearly impossible to fight the current when i feel like an open wound a nineteen-year-old laceration spewing threats of self-sabotage i clamber onto the night train clinging to the subway pole pressing my forehead to the cool metal as i’m tearing at the seams my living corpse held together by promises of self-destruction the sun sinks into the sea in surrender as i climb into the darkest, most private corner of my body’s attic where the thought of taking death’s hand lingers like a dimly glowing exit sign but she has other plans for me, she assures as she methodically sutures the gaping hole in my chest and whispers, “it’s not your time yet.”

"Layla" Ana Lilliman, 18, London Ontario @ana_makes_art

A Visit from Death

Rivka Teitlebaum | 17, Ottawa Ontario Last night, I saw a man in the mirror He was red and raw and ugly He looked lost, but fate wished worse-I heard a banshee cry I was offered cake and dinner I hate cake and dinner, but I ate ravenously Because there was a hole in my soul And I needed it gone, gone, gone I held onto life with my fingertips I didn't have the strength to blow out a candle So I laid on the couch and listened to the tales of death I knew it was time, and I was ready to leave I wrote a letter to my loved onesBut I never said goodbye I went to bed at peace.

But then I heard life's voice Singing the sweetest lullaby I felt hope in my heart, and the sun in my veins Every bone was wishing death away, away, away I knew as I closed my eyes i would awake the 'morrow It's true; I did My skin was fresh, my hair was golden My limbs danced to the smile in the skyEverything felt right I missed death by a hair, Now I had to live


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