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1 year ago, March 26, 2012, Ambition Magazine launched into orbit and my dream became a reality. Scared to death, with no experience in this industry but having done tons of research, I stepped out on faith hoping not to make a complete fool of myself. Now here we are at the top of our anniversary month, putting out our first issue with more than double the original writers, inters, staff, followers and subscribers. WOW! Well as we embark upon year 2 we will continue to grow and prosper with your support. As we move forward we encourage everyone to pursue their goals and dreams. It can be scary, It should be scary, but from experience I can tell you it’s worth every bit of anxiety. So with love I send you forward into our 1st Anniversary issue and leave you with my mantra‌..

Live, Love, Laugh & Be Ambitious

~LeKeisha Nicole








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It was only fitting for Esnavi to be the cover of our 1st print issue. If you are like me one of the first questions that came to mind was does Esnavi stand for something? Well it does, Eclectic, Soulful, Natural, Authentic, Vivacious, and Intriguing! You can hear each of these attributes as you listen to her music.


arly 2012 right after the launch of Ambition Magazine, independent artist Esnavi was brought to our attention with her then new song Morning Dew. I instantly loved the song, matter of fact it was a ringtone for a few months after. So when the opportunity presented itself for Ambition to be able to feature Esnavi on our cover I jumped at the idea. With the release of her debut album, Exit E, she was able to reach the Top 40 on the Urban Adult Contemporary Charts with her very first single from that album. The video for that single is still in rotation on VH1 Soul & Centric Station. The talented artist also performed at the revered 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival, performed the National Anthem in Madison Square Garden at the Knicks vs. Cavaliers game, and became the first African-American face for Alison Raffaele Cosmetics beauty campaign, a cosmetics line that is carried in Duane Reade/Walgreens stores nationwide. Esnavi took a few minutes to catch up with Ambition and answer a few questions to clue us in on what is coming up for her this year.

Ambition Magazine’s LeKeisha Nicole (AM): What inspired you to pursue singing as a professional career?

Esnavi: The moment I decided to pursue it professionally, it was the only thing I envisioned myself doing. And I didn’t want to live with the regret of not pursuing it.

AM : What was the process of moving from Milwaukee to Harlem?

E: It was fairly smooth. I visited before moving here. I loved the energy and felt this was where I needed to be to pursue a music career. I set a date to move, packed my bags and my brother and I drove to New York from Milwaukee. It was a completely different world but I became acclimated very quickly. AM: What would you say has been the biggest benefit of the transition?

E: The opportunities

E: Real life situations, love and societal observations. AM: What are your goals for the 2013 year?

E: Overall, to just accomplish more than I did in 2012. I don’t want to give away my plans ;) AM: Who do you look up to within industry? Have you had the opportunity to interact with any of those people and what was that experience like.

E: I look up to most of the legends that have been doing this for over 25 years. I admire their careers and would want that same kind of longevity in the industry. I have yet to meet them. AM: What do you find most enjoyable?

E: Performing

AM: Do you have any advice for anyone who is pursuing a goal?

E: Believe in your pursuit and give it all that you have until you achieve it

AM: Where do you draw the inspiration for your music?

Be on the lookout for Esnavi as she continues her journey through music and check out her Web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: A M B I T I O N M AG . O RG


Step 5: Prioritize, Goal Set, Work It is now GO time! The foundation has been laid, the research has been completed, now it’s time to show what you are made of


Set goals for yourself and the business. Setting a goal and putting a timeframe to it is the best way to achieve a sense of accomplishment, maintain organization and a level of sanity. This applies to all aspects of life not just the business. When you leave the personal goals out they can reappear in the form of frustration and obstacles. In both the personal and business, make sure the goals are ambitious yet realistic. Nothing is more discouraging than creating a goal that is unattainable in the given timeframe.



By: LeKeisha Nicole


The first objective is to organize all information obtained and create a task list. During the research phase some ground work for your business is already completed by default of neeing specifics. Now it’s time to formulate everything else. One thing you need to realize and understand today is that there are two things in your life that will be ever-changing as long as you have a business: your task list and your business plan. Come to terms with this today and you’ll save yourself lots of frustration. LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT


Self-employment is NOT easy! Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you that it is. In many cases you are fortunate to be doing something you love so it doesn’t always feel like work but you still must maintain discipline in your work ethic. Some weeks there will be no days off, some days there will be no down time, but the results that come from your hard work make every second worth it. If you’ve made it this far, don’t succumb to distractions. Things will be difficult but remember anything worth having always deserves a fight.

Diary of a Mad Entrepreneur


By: LaNette Kincaid

hoever said you must do something you’ve never done in order to accomplish things that you never have, was obviously talking about being a successful entrepreneur. As this cliché can be applied to our daily lives, it especially applies to small business owners. Just imagine working in corporate America and you clock in at 9:00 and you clock out at 5:00pm. In comparison, as an entrepreneur, you clock in and you don’t clock out until you’re done with whatever your business needs are. In most cases, the hours of the self employed are well over the hours of corporate America. My example of extended work hours is one example of what it takes to be a successful business owner.

Here are some tips to become a successful business owner: Finding a target audience

Regardless of the type of the business you’re in, you must know your product and know your purpose. Knowing your purpose gives you a better direction of where to start with your business.

friends to spread the word about your business. It is your business, so be proactive!

Truth about social media

When you are self-employed you may or may not have a lot of time to engage in social networks. Most experts suggest for business owners to use at least three social networks, Finding a support group but I disagree. Don’t allow social media take Choose your circle/ support group wisely. over your business. My suggestion about Networking is a great tool to build a strong social media is to use the system that works support system for your business. As a busifor your business and run with it. Rather than ness owner you will need a great support system to inspire and motivate you when your having a lot of accounts that you are not fabusiness goes through a rough patch. Having miliar with. Two most common mistakes that I’ve seen with small businesses are entrerough days in business will come more often preneurs promoting their social pages, but than expected so you don’t want people in your circle that may be a hindrance or have a they forget to keep their networks updated or interesting. Secondly, they have an audinegative attitude about everything. ence and they post so much about having new products and etcetera that they forget to Making a statement engage with the audience. Personally, I would Make your presence known both on social rather have one faithful follower than twenty networks and in person. Remember as a business owner you are now the representa- followers that are not interested. If you have questions about how to start a tive of your business. When you are out and small business or how to maintain the one about use this time to represent your comyou have feel free to join my Facebook fanpany in the greatest aspect by passing out business cards and spreading the word about page at com or visit my website at your business. Don’t expect for family and A M B I T I O N M AG . O RG


Ambition Magazine offers a platform for small business owner to receive acknowledgment for their achievement. If gives us as business owners a sense of pride and accomplishment being honored for things we would otherwise be looked over for doing. Seeing the other small businesses flourish and grow give me a sense of hope. Ambition Magazine ignites the passion I have for my work and lets me really see that what I have done is more special that I give myself credit. I appreciate Ambition Magazine and can’t wait to see it grow on a national scale! Jillian Davis J. Essence Boutique Owner, Master Stylist

As an encompassing magazine I believe that it is well on its way. The content contain a wide range or articles that showcase and educate on how to be ambitious and forward moving. The main focus of Ambition Magazine is to highlight young entrepreneurs, documenting their aspirations, motivations, and success stories. Providing a fresh new venue to obtain inspiration to readers who are considering stepping out on faith and starting their own businesses. The magazine also provides insight on education, fashion, fitness and spiritual well-being all while keeping the common thread of bettering yourself. I enjoy reading about the successes of small businesses, but also learning what obstacles and hardships posed problems, and how they overcame them. Michele Crawford Freelance Writer/ Blogger Ambition Magazine, Design For Fun Blog

Ambition Magazine has a reputation of being a telescope into the world of the young urban professional. The enlightening interviews and articles on

ing to my business. I actually gained clients from being featured in your magazine. I pray nothing but blessings over Ambition and I am honered and blessed to have been a part of it. God bless you! New verse and styles are being manufactured as we speak. Continue to visit for updates. Thanks again! Travis Wilder CEO Spiritual Sports Socks


FEATURES entrepreneurship and current events have proven to be captivating and relevant in today’s society. I look forward to reading each new issue on the day it released. Eboni Jones Copy Editor Ambition Magazine

I love Ambition Magazine. The articles cover so many relevant topics and are written in an unbiased point of view. The editor works hard to stay up on trends and puts out a quality periodical. Keep up the good work. Faith Redd-Walker Owner, Master Esthetician Faithfully Yours Beauty

Thanks Ambition Magazine for being a shining light in the community by highlighting successful women and giving young girls real role models to look up too. Cameka Smith, Founder ‘The BOSS Network

I would just like to say thank you to Ambition Magazine for being a bless-

Jillian Davis Antoine Edmondson Raeshetta Thompson Juicey Adoir Cream Adoir H.O.P.E. Corey Logan Kourtni Hatton Brittany Collins-Hampston Travis Wilder Ti’Onna Barnes Arrione Nettles Kevin Davis Valerie J. Coleman Cameka Smith Marcella Ashe Robert Hood Norris Cole TAMG Andre Jones Andrea Foy Keinda West Dennis Stanfield Justin Garrett




Beautiful, healthy hair starts with you and your personal stylist. Let's be clear by setting the standards on how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. It's very important and should be your number one decision. Once you set your standards, you should be confident about what you have decided.

Nowadays, most people don't visit the salon. A few may only go to get their ends clipped or get a trendy new hair cut or a desired style. It's good for people to be able to manage their own hair. Remember once you become your own hair stylist it’s very important to get scalp treatments and consult with a stylist when you approach concerns about your hair. When searching for a great stylist in your area, finding the right one could take some time. Ask family, friends and those who you pass by who styles their hair. Once you see how healthy their hair looks, this helps your search become a lot easier. Also you can do your own research on finding a salon with a great reputation that would care for your hair. Every customer looks for loyalty in a stylist. You should want him/her to be fully honest about your hair conditions. They can be a solution to getting your hair to its original state

so that your hair can be easy to manage. Knowledge is key, the stylist needs to be able to give you information about the concerns that you have about your hair. They can offer suggestions for products and maintenance care to preserve the hair. They can also offer suggestions to make the hair manageable and strong. The next important thing is get to know the stylist tendencies, this is important to know what the stylist is limited to in styling performances as an professional. Some stylists may become scissor happy or make you their personal project. We are women and we’re born to be bold, to be forceful, and to be fearless. You can only imagine how it makes us feel, we start believing in ourselves, we gain the power of feeling beautiful, and we walk with our number one accessory our confidence! Never leave home without it.

If you have any hair concerns or questions, feel free to email me at ladyt144@yahoo. com. By: Latoya Stegall -Collins







this decision to streamline you are not giving up. You are simply making the decision to be more productive and more successful. You By: LeKeisha Nicole just committed to giving your all to 1 project. You just allowed yourself to complete a task and set reasonable goals. Prioritize all of your endeavors in terms of what you want the most. Keep Some days it seems like if you move in that moment it’s guaran- this list close, you may decide to add, deteed success, right? I know this has been true for me. Some of lete or even change the priority on projects the activities, businesses, and groups are truly a great idea but as you refocus. I have my list in a folder on one person can only effectively do so much at one time. 2012 my cloud drive. This way it’s not staring me taught me this lesson! There was a point when I was full in the face taunting me to return to my old of myself, I was working 2 jobs, volunteering and called unproductive ways but in the same respect I can myself trying to get 3 of my own businesses off the ground access it when I need to. plus consult on 3 or 4 other businesses. Crazy, is what I was and nothing was of the caliber that I demanded. Now that you have prioritized all of your projects it is time to begin focusing on the 1st project. Set goals So after many days of frustration, I decided someand deliverables within this project. This creates a thing had to stop! The businesses will still be sense of organization and accomplishment once things good ideas in 6 months and if they are not, are completed. You are also in the early stages of creating there will be other ideas. I had to decide, your systems. As systems are developed, daily processes what do I want the most? What do you become more manageable and less time consuming. This is want the most? When you reach this the ultimate goal…..Success & Efficiency! Once achieving this crossroad, this is the most importlevel you can begin to introduce an additional project. Make sure ant decision you have to make. I’ll with the added project, you follow the same steps of goal setting and give you one clue...... The answer timelines. cannot be all of it. At least not today! You must streamline Anything worth your energy is going to bring healthy frustration. Make sure to become more effective. you’re not adding the unhealthy element by having too many projects starting at With effectiveness once. Don’t be the person doing everything and not doing enough of anything! comes efficiency. By making

Every day, multiple times a day, ideas of financial and career comfort cross our minds.



Ashley Harris of Authentic Aura to be about having what everyone else can buy at the store. It’s also an opportunity to use unique textures that you may not have considered such as recycled vinyl records. One thing that you can say if you have ever met Ashley and after meeting Ashley is that she definitely has an “Authentic” personality. The odds of meeting another one like her are slim but that is another element that makes her jewelry even more personal. Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/ creators of Authentic Aura? Ashley Harris: It was created by Ashley Harris. However the ideas, concepts, name and all things Authentic Aura were the brainchild of family and friends with me AM: When was Authentic Aura founded? AH: April 2012

Ashley is a single mother graduate students, college administrator and creator of Authentic Aura. Emitting the overwhelming energy of its presence, Authentic Aura emerged on to the scene in 2012. Starting from the humble beginning of custom made items exclusively for owner, Ashley, Authentic Aura has a creative future ahead. Ashley has taken a unique hobby and really made some noise. The most unique feature of Authentic Aura is that no 2 pieces are identical, similar maybe, but not identical. What person wouldn’t be attracted to that in our day and age of individualism? When getting a customized piece by Ashley you are able to create an item that speaks to who are as an individual. It’s not going



AM: What inspired the start of Authentic Aura? AH: My mentor’s wife, who I call aunt Fran makes jewelry. I’ve always admired the things she was able to make and create. I am more of a go to the store and pick it up type of person but as my life changed my stress levels started getting really high and I started looking for ways to reduce stress. After talking to aunt Fran about being stressed and overwhelmed she suggested that I find something to take my mind off of things. Like find a hobby or something. I already knew how to knit, crochet and sew but none of those things are really relaxing to me. It didn’t create that feeling of ‘zoning out’. Around that time the intergalactic bead show was coming to Cincinnati and my aunt was going to attend so she invited me to come along with her. After going and purchasing my first set of beads I then asked her to teach me how to make those beads into something.

From there Authentic Aura Jewelry and Crafts was born.

I am still sitting there trying to figure out what else to make.

AM: What were some of the struggles AM: What are your goals for the fuyou’ve experienced? ture and expansion? AH: Not knowing what colors to put togeth- AH: The goal at this point is to just become er was a struggle in the beginning. Yes I more visible to potential clients and possible know how to dress and coordinate my colors starting host jewelry making classes and but making accessories to go with that cloth- doing in home parties. ing was a struggle in the begin“ Accents the AM: Do you have any ning. Then trying to figure out if this should be a business or just a authentic side advice for other aspiring hobby has been the biggest strugentrepreneurs? of you” gle. Even with deciding to go into AH: Do your research but be business, knowing what to do to become a cautious of the things that you’re reading! business such as sales, inventory tracking, It is harder to go back and start a business etc. were still things that I had to step back when you’ve already been doing work than and learn to be able to move forward. deciding from day 1 that you are going to build a business. AM: What do you find easy and enjoyable? Website: AH: Sitting down and creating the actual Phone: 937.839.AURA(2872) pieces has become easy but it’s the most enFacebook: joyable part. It’s not abnormal for me to sit Instagram: down to make one piece and 20 pieces later



Faithfully Yours Beauty is Faith Walker vices to the public and building her brand. It wasn’t long before the thoughts of expansion began and in October the announcement of Faithfully Yours Beauty cosmetics coming soon was made. Launching with an intimate party of close supporters, Faithfully Yours Beauty cosmetics was officially introduced November 17, 2012. Faith experienced a great start to the cosmetic line selling out of multiple items on the evening of the launch. Faith now focuses on her energies and spreading the word of her skills, services and products to the world. In 2013 there will be tons to look for from Faith including a book, which has been mentioned…. Find out a little more about Faith and what she wanted to share with the Ambition readers… Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/ creators of Faithfully Yours Beauty? Faith Walker: Me, myself & I! With a sprinkle of help from my husband. Cleveland raised, Ohio Uni versity educated and current ly residing in Gahanna, Faith Walker works hard for the beauty. When talking with Faith in regards to her business, the passion she has for her work fills the room as she discusses her multiple projects for 2013. The question comes to mind when speaking with Faith of where do you find the hours in the day to get all of this done, being a wife to husband Josh, and mother of 2 beautiful and active little girls Jayden(5) and Ava(2). In 2012 Faith took a huge step out on faith and opened up her own studio to debut Faithfully Yours Beauty to the world. Holding her Grand Opening in August, Faith was off to providing her ser-



AM: When was Faithfully Yours Beauty founded? FW: Officially founded at the end 2010/ early 2011. I came up with the concept while I was still in school and I operated under it even when working within other salons. 2012 is when I officially broke off individually and that is what I am known as currently. AM: What inspired the start of Faithfully Yours Beauty? FW: Faithfully Yours Beauty is play on my name. When you think of something being faithful you think of something that is dedicated and that is how I am with my clients. For my clients I want them to be faithful to themselves and their beauty and use makeup as an enhancement not a cover-up.

AM: What were some of the struggles you’ve experienced? FW: Definitely learning the financial cycle of the business. Making sure you comfortable and confident with who you are, check your emotions at the door. Time management! Allowing yourself enough time to complete your work before being rushed. AM: What do you find easy and enjoyable about running your business? FW: The easiest and the hardest thing, ironically is performing the services. It is the easiest because the industry has become fairly natural to me but I also say that it’s hard because I am a perfectionist. I love my clients; they really keep me going in this industry. The beauty industry can be very ugly and brutal, but I love the people who come in and get in my chair or table and they make it all worth it. AM: What are your goals for the future and expansion? FW: My book “Love, Beauty” is a project

that I have coming up. That is really one of the biggest things that I have coming up. It’s not your typical beauty book, it does have your step by step but it also has my story. It’s like some recipes and it’s a motivational piece. It’s a quick read. I want to expand my make-up line into boutiques. I am already in one boutique in Indianapolis currently and want to expand into others. I will also be diving into the world of teaching later this year as well. AM: Do you have any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs? FW: Dig deep, this shit ain’t easy! Stay positive and surround yourself with like-minded people. Don’t take no for answer. Don’t be afraid! Website:; Phone: 614.493.6828 Twitter: Facebook: Yours121?fref=ts Instagram:

“Love, Beauty”





Creative, Innovative and Personalized are the words that come to mind when talking about Jamie and J Renee Creations! One of the nice things about browsing through the portfolio and website of J Renee is the creativity in the photo shoots. When shooting with Jamie you are able to participate in the creative process, whether it is a pose that you have wanted to try or a unique place to shoot, you do not have therestraints of a studio when working with Jamie.




Talent and efficiency are other key points that Jamie has a hold on. At times when speaking with independent photographers there can be weeks before you can even see a preview of your photos. Jamie has committed to returning photos within days and for me that makes her worth even more money. I enjoy the shoot part but I am on the edge of my seat until I get to see what they look like. Some want to look in the camera after every shot, not me! Let me see them when the editing is complete. Every picturebrings back a memory of that day or the thought of ‘oh girl, don’t make that face again’!

You will not find another photographer that is as open, flexible and talented as Jamie and at such a reasonable price. She is worth every penny! Take a minute to see what else Jamie wanted to share with Ambition.

Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/ creators of J Renee Creations? J Renee Creations: I am!!

eventually I started doing them on my own.

AM: What were some of the struggles you’ve experienced? AM: When was J Renee JRC: The economy Creations founded? definitely creates a JRC: I started my busistruggle for me. When ness in January 2008. money is tight, pictures are considered a luxury, AM: What inspired the not a necessity. Espestart of J Renee Crecially with the invention ations? of camera phones and JRC: My son inspired cheaper cameras, EVthe start of my busiERYONE thinks they ness. He was born in are a photographer. July 2007. I wanted Add that to the price of pictures of him like,ev- cheap studios, a $50 sitery month! I spent so ting fee can seem excesmuch money on getting sive, but I provide more his pictures done, and than a cookie-cutter

photo session. I cater to the needs of the individual. AM: What do you find easy and enjoyable? JRC: My favorite sessions are probably engagement sessions. The couples are excited about planning their wedding, and are still at the point where they are not afraid to show their excitement about being in love. AM: What are your goals for the future and expansion? JRC: My goal is to eventually open up my own studio and hire at

least one other photographer to work with me. I would love to be able to do destination weddings also! AM: Do you have any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs? JRC: My advice is to learn as much as you can about your craft. Take classes if possible, including business and marketing classes. Running a business is hard! Website: Phone: 937-789-7995




Some rules for spring include: small details go a long way, add a pop of color, and low is the way to go!

Spring is just around the corner and there are a few items your spring collection must have! There are so many trends to choose from but I’m just going to focus on my three favorite items for this spring!

> Suitable Short Suits!

This is my favorite trend for this spring! This is one essential item for spring! Many short suits come in bold colors and prints that will suit any occasion. The short suit can be worn casually for a day of shopping or for a night on the town! This is the perfect time to add a pop of color (NEONS!!) with your accessories and/or bag of choice!

> Leather! Leather!

If you thought leather was going away for the spring and summer it’s here to stay! Leather shorts, dresses, shirts, skirts, and jackets are in full swing for spring. Small details go a long way! I can’t get enough leather in my life. The mesh design in this dress adds just enough detail to give this dress a spunky/classy look.

> Walk in and Make a Statement!

This spring one thing is for sure, colors are key! When it comes to your shoe choices, patterns, color blocking, and gold accents are essential. I know for most women we love a nice heel. Personally, I’m a 5 inch heel and up type of girl. I’ll be bringing it down a few inches for this spring because low is the way to go! Neon, patterned, chunky, skinny, wooden, mesh, strappy, beaded, whatever you fancy but keep the heels low! So many of the Spring 2013 Trends have bold colors and make statements. It’s important you choose your statement piece wisely. Have fun this spring and unleash your inner bold fashion senses! -Marcy Marz A M B I T I O N M AG . O RG







ave you had that one friend who does things you don’t fully understand, the dreamer who always wants to try this and try that and doesn’t necessarily realize the implications, or maybe it’s you that doesn’t fully understand? But… as a friend, even though you may be a bit apprehensive you decide that you’re going to be a supporter, just because that’s what friends do. You try to be honest and provide as much insight as you can, you may even do things you have never done just because they ask you to. Well I would be that supportive friend, and that dreamer friend would be LeKeisha Grant, Editor in Chief of Ambition Mag. I admired her ambition so I co-signed, acting as a sounding board for ideas and directions and visions. I witnessed firsthand the acceleration of a concept to an online (and now print) magazine manifest. Ambition Magazine has steadily grown in the past year, providing a one stop shop for fashion, business, technology and more. And this was the goal was speedily met because of the buy in from supporters like me who are faithful contributors. At this point LeKeisha was surprised, but I knew she was working on something great. This has been a whirl wind of a year for Ambition. The magazine has witnessed an increase in the number of writers, showcased a multi-faceted audience of entrepreneurs, gained increasing webpage clicks and gained support from ad-

vertisers and sponsors. Having a supporting cast surely helps LeKeisha’s red carpet walk, as the diversity of help is what keeps Ambition Mag working. As far as networking goes, the number of contacts continues to grow, sometimes in the form of reaching out and sometimes in the form of being reached out to, and Keisha expresses that it’s nice to have that balance. The number of relationships that are being built throughout the process is commendable on both a personal and business basis, and it’s great to create partnerships moving toward the future. Because of the nature of Ambition Magazine, keeping main focus on rising stars is a must, but reaching out to more mainstream individuals as well will provide a holistic view of struggles, successes and sources inspiration for Ambition Mag readers. It’s still hard to believe what 12 months has revealed, as Keisha was a working lady with 2 jobs, and now is still a working lady, but now working for herself. The conceptualizing of Ambition Mag began in 2010. Since then everything continues to fall into place and is consistently allowing the vision to grow and be challenged. As goals continue be met, goals continue to be set! As E-I-C of Ambition Mag, LeKeisha believes that you must always have a driving set of goals because it keeps you moving onward and forward. Working towards something instills pride once you achieve it, sometimes you have to set smaller goals along the way, sometimes you have to give yourself deadlines and ultimatums to prevent disillusionment, but when you’re doing something you

love, work or not, you always win. Despite what others think, working for yourself and doing things you believe in makes the struggle beautiful. And while at times Ambition Mag has been a beautiful struggle, LeKeisha continues to see new visions for the future, displaying the beauty but respecting the struggle! Ambition Mag is a for-profit business with a non-profit mission. This mission includes a focus on spreading knowledge and fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic and sometimes disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system, through Zumba and other fitness oriented events including an upcoming Zumba fundraiser on March2nd. LeKeisha continues to gain insights from the magazines she loves, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Essence and yes she’s a Cosmo Girl, but hopes Ambition Mag can be a sweet addition to similar audiences. She has been able to form business relationships, gain support and share resources with other similar online magazine Editors such as Urban Shake’s Arionne Alyssa and Progressive Greek’s Kevin Davis. With hopes of becoming an inspiration to as many as she can, LeKeisha realizes the importance of helping others succeed and is very grateful for those who have helped her in this venture. The next few years are sure to be as exciting as the previous one as LeKeisha is hoping to add magazine issues, increase online presence, and have more Ambition events, from fundraising to networking and beyond. In closing, kudos to the friends that thinks you’re crazy but still jumps on board… just because they love you, and realize that your crazy idea just may work! A little Ambition never hurt anyone, and in Keisha’s case it’s only helped! Like Wale says, there’s nothing like a woman with drive, and if I had half of Keisha’s drive… I’d be riding for days!

MBITION By: Amber Jones



OH NO...


When are you getting married? When are you going to have a baby? Aren't you ready to buy a house? These are all questions I’m constantly flooded with as I gracefully approach 30. When I was 25, I had no idea my life would end at 30 nor did I believe I needed the American dream by a certain age which comes equipped with a husband, house, baby, minivan and a dog. I'm 28 and my only worry at this point is missing the Macys one day sale! While I was watching the Kardashians one day, I heard a doctor state the mere fact that after 30 the number of eggs a woman produces significantly decreases. **GASP** Then the worry hit me like a head on collision!!! Oh no! I'm 28, single, with zero prospects of marriage. How on earth will I beat the statistics if I don't have a "baby daddy" prospect in my call log? Don't get me wrong I know several guys who could get the job done but realistically I would be settling instead of waiting for the right guy designed just for me. So what's a young, intelligent, and fabulous girl to do??? WAIT!!! Relax, Relate, Release.... I'm willing to bet my 401k that the world is NOT going to end if I'm not Marsha Brady by the time I'm 30. Instead of worrying and blaming myself for every failed relationship, I'm choosing to live in my truth. Yes, I'm 28 years old. Yes, I'm as single as a dollar bill, and Yes, I am the most fabulous person I know ;-) You can't rush life and you can't beat yourself up because your road map of life took a detour. Let your hair down, rent a convertible and ride with the wind. What's meant to be will be :-)

XOXO, Prettitoni 23




The Greatest Trial Can Develop In You The Greatest Faith Trials, burdens, tribulations, struggles....we all have them and we will continue to have them. Trials come to test our faith and assist in writing our testimony. Trials are not meant to break us, they are meant to build our character, build our faith, and allow God to bring about change in our lives that we could never do on our own. We are blessed with a wonderful God who has amazing power. So think about it, would he allow us to go through a trial if He had no purpose for it? Absolutely NOT! Difficult times and challenges are not used to destroy us they are used to strengthen us for a greater purpose, a purpose for which God created us. It is never about where we are in life it is all about the attitude we hold in the midst of trials The loudest and most influential voice we hear is our own inner voice. It can work for us or against us, depending on the messages we

allow. What we believe has everything to do with the outcome of our trials. If we hold a negative mindset then we will harvest negative thoughts producing negative results. God work things out for us according to our faith. For the Word of God tells us in Matthew 8:13 that it will be done for us as we have believed. If we start believing for better things they will come to us. It is quite imperative that we stay away from negativity and negative thoughts. Knowing that God has a reason for everything should be more than enough motivation to stand the test of any trial. Instead of stressing about all the things that may be going wrong in our lives right now we have to take the time to encourage ourselves. We have to personally remind ourselves that if God brought us to it then he will surely get us through it!

{Personal Message from J_LaQueenia} No matter what comes my way I always try and remind myself that my circumstances will NOT defeat me, trouble do not last always, and after every storm the sun will soon shine. My story was already written before I came out my mother's womb. Therefore, I can speak the Word of God over any circumstances and declare to the enemy that God has blessed me with the necessary equipment, the necessary power, and the necessary anointing to get through this trail. For my hurt could be another person's healing. My struggles could be another person's victory! Instead of allowing the spirit of depression to consume me I pray for strength, guidance, and protection. I pray that my mind is guarded by the Holy Spirit so that I remain positive and determined to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, I choose to make a personal choice to embrace my trial(s) for I know that they serve a far greater purpose than what my eyes could possibly see. "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing" (James 1:3-4) Blessings!



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