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Rattan diffusers


Mediterranean plant with blue violet blossomed flowers clustered in very aromatic spikes. It is possible to feel all its relaxing aroma.

50ml & 100 ml

Available in 50ml & 100ml Cinnamon

Orange Blossom 50ml y 100 ml

50ml & 100 ml

Sweet fragrance with base notes of citrus and wood. Relaxing and sensual.


50ml & 100 ml


50ml & 100 ml

Jasmine 50ml & 100 ml

Fresh and aromatic fragrance, created to fill our senses of sea breezes. It generates freedom and vitality.

A refreshing fragrance, fresh and joyful, which evokes tenderness and softness. It immediately invokes memories of joy & serenity of childhood.

Sensual and romantic scent that harmonizes and elevates your state of mind. It evokes warm summer nights and bloomed gardens.

Red Fruits 50ml & 100 ml

Vanilla 50ml& 100 ml

This fragrance creates an stimulating and invigorating environment that brings us good memories. Nice, long-lasting and comforting smell.

Delicious, tasty and intense aroma of spices. Burnt sugar and ripe berries. It evokes pleasant and funny sensations

Caramel and envolving fragrance. Reduces stress and anxiety. Nicely surprises us as stimulates old sensations and emotions.

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