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Side Effects and Dangers “Ambien CR” Ambien by mouth should be immediate release or extended-release tablets (Ambien CR) , is available . Manufacturer , Aventis , Ambien CR , swallowed whole not chewed or crushed should be a warning . Ambien is a fast acting drug , and it has legitimate medical reasons , when the medication to prevent drowsiness during the day , usually taken right before bed . Snorting zolpidem , especially when it is taken with alcohol , it acts faster in the body and of severe sleepiness , impaired motor function , heart problems and may cause respiratory depression . Snorting Ambien and other drugs can harm the tissues of the nasal cavity . Mucosal drug delicate lining of the nose and sinuses can damage nervous that contain active ingredients and additives . Blood damage to these areas , can cause irritation and inflammation . These tissues help block bacteria and debris , causing a loss may increase the risk of respiratory infection . If you are in open areas , according to the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases , drug snorting a contagious condition that is shared with any drug paraphernalia such as hepatitis C. The risk of transmitting blood- borne diseases creates , you are in danger of catching the disease, the lining of your nose . What are the negative consequences of Ambien abuse ? Ambien to help with sleep , usually 7 to 10 days , for a short period of time is to be taken . For the long term is incorrectly used , even life-threatening anxiety medications , side effects can be a number . As a central nervous system depressant , Ambien cause such effects , negative impact on the brain and nerves can: •

Grand mall seizures when taken in large amounts

Loss of motor coordination

Temporary amnesia

Of excessive sedation

Delusional thinking on



Some users such as driving or sleepwalking , I can not remember after that to work under the influence of Ambien have reported . Ambien snort you when you are under the influence of drugs , you increase the risk of accidental injury or death . Signs of an Ambien overdose Under the care of a doctor when taken as directed , Ambien is generally considered a safe sleep aid . Ambien , especially in large quantities , snorted , but when the risk of an overdose is very high . You notice these signs of an Ambien overdose , get medical help immediately : 1. Of sudden sleepiness 2. Cognitive impairment 3. Slow heart rate 4. Slow or irregular breathing 5. Loss of consciousness

6. How do you get Ambien CR addiction ? Any sedative drug addiction recovery is never easy . Your anxiety , insomnia or depression diagnosis indicated that the use of zolpidem , these serious conditions as part of your maintenance will need to be addressed . Alcohol , prescription pain , marijuana or other drugs like heroin , are misbehaving , you get your life back in balance for the use of multi- drug treatment will be required . We use Ambien answer your questions about the risks and you need to start a healthier life can help to find help .

Side effects and dangers  

Ambien by mouth should be immediate release or extended-release tablets (Ambien CR) , is available . Manufacturer , Aventis , Ambien CR , sw...