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Introduction Chapter 1: The Lies, The Source, The Beneficiary Chapter 2: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You Chapter 3: Rule No. 1 - Go In With the Right Intention Chapter 4: Rule No. 2 - Create A Strategic Plan   Chapter 5: Rule No. 3 - Get the Skills Needed to Run an Organization Chapter 6: Rule No. 4 - Think Like a Funder, Not Like a Founder Chapter 7: Rule No. 5 - Surround Yourself with a Brilliant Support System   Chapter 8: Rule No. 6 - Diversify Your Funding Stream  


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Introduction Thank you for downloading this book, “Why Nonprofits Fail: The Truth Every Founder Should Know Before Starting A Nonprofit Organization”. It contains valuable insights on why so many nonprofit organizations fail, and Five Rules on how to prevent your new enterprise from experiencing the same fate. It provides proven steps and strategies founders should know BEFORE one document is submitted to the IRS for tax-exempt status approval. This first exploratory step is crucial for anyone thinking about starting a nonprofit organization. Most nonprofit leaders will tell you running a Nonprofit Organization is hard Because it is. For so long people have bought into the myth that they can just start a nonprofit and, voila! Instantly they’ll get grants and have this fully funded organization. The truth is that there are over 1.5 million nonprofits in this country, and probably only about 20% of them are successful. My definition of successful is an Executive Director that is paid industry-standard salary; a paid staff, including a paid fund developer; and enough revenue to cover annual operations (e.g., medical, liability and board insurance; transportation, programs and services), purchase equipment, cover facility costs, and have reserve funds to plan for growth and expansion, and/or cover unforeseen occurrences. My goal is to help founders go into this venture fully prepared, with a clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful nonprofit organization. After reading this book you will be able to determine whether or not starting a nonprofit is what you really want to do. If not, what other options you have besides forming a nonprofit. And, if you still choose to move forward with starting one, how to do so powerfully so that your organization does not close its doors within the first 2 years of opening like most organizations that have been started without the proper knowledge, leadership, funding, and experience that is required. This book will help you identify the pitfalls many founders unknowingly fall into when starting a nonprofit organization without the proper knowledge and skill set. I wrote this book because so many of my clients who are founders and Executive Directors have said that they wish someone had told them all of this before starting on this path. It’s not that they don’t love their jobs, or the contributions that they’re making, but they just wish they had been told the truth so they could be better prepared, and therefore more effective leaders. This one is for you guys! I hope the rest of you find it valuable.

Chapter 1: The Lies, The Source, And The Beneficiary It’s 2:00 a.m. and the infomercial comes on. The man behind the studio desk stares into the camera and speaks to you. In his most earnest voice he tells you how many hundreds of thousands of dollars is sitting out there waiting to be claimed. Money for businesses, to pay off houses – you name it, the money is there. And most importantly, it’s “Free Money!” That’s right, free. It’s Grant money that doesn’t have to be paid back. You perk up. It’s Free money that doesn’t have to be paid back? He holds up the key to your salvation. A Book, that lists all of the grants that are available to you, in one convenient location! And . . . wait for it . . . there’s a money back guarantee! For only $29.95, you can have it in your hands in just 3 days . . . The screen flashes to Susie homemaker who got $500 her first try! And secured $3,500 in a month--all because of this book.

Or perhaps you attended a free workshop. The charismatic leader in the front of the room tells you how there’s money out there for collecting buttons, buying music equipment to use as therapy, writing a book, and job training programs. She shows you, in writing, the section from a government listing these grants. Circled in bold red marker is $100,000.00. The crowd gasps. You perk up. “And the beautiful thing, people. Is that this is Grant money! You never have to pay this money back!” Fast forward 45 minutes and the charismatic leader clicks to the last slide of her power point. “And for $99 you get the book, the CD, and a free coaching call that walks you, step-by-step through the process of starting your own nonprofit organization so that you can have access to this free money.” Regardless to whom told you, or the pitch you were given, the results are usually the same: you were duped. Somebody’s Get Rich Scheme was to figure out that there are thousands of people looking for a Get Rich Scheme they could believe. With a little marketing and some slippery wordsmithing, that $29.95 and $99 “investment” becomes their get rich quick and new additions to your library resource center (e.g., books on your bookshelf that you never ever read). Why? Because once you get the book, or open the CD you quickly realize that there’s more to that government listing than that infomercial told you. Like, in order to qualify for that grant for collecting buttons you need to live in the Emily Johnson Nursing Home in Watchaloozie, North Carolina. Because a former resident left in her estate a grant to the Nursing Home that supports one of her favorite past times, collecting buttons. And to ensure that Greta, Marge, Edith, Mary Jo, and Beth Anne would be able to continue their group activity of sewing eyes on rag dolls that they then donate to orphanages, she established the grant. Or, for the purchase of the music equipment – she failed to share with you that in order to qualify for the $100,000 grant you need to be a Unified School District serving Native American youth in the Appalachian Mountains.


Slippery Wordsmithery. Now you can’t get your money back, because technically she didn’t like. The money is available. You just don’t qualify for any of it. And even if you do, you have to form a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Then you have to recruit a board, develop an infrastructure, accounting systems, policies and procedures, programs, outreach, hire a staff . . . are you feeling me? Those are just the tips of the iceberg, there’s so much more you have to do BEFORE you can even qualify to receive funding. I’m just saying . . . The Source. If you took time to look at the source you may have come to the conclusion earlier that the information they were giving you might not be on the up and up. The lies these opportunists sold only benefited themselves. They saw a need (Your need to try and find a quick and easy way to make money) and filled it. From this point forward, I challenge you to become an informed founder. At this stage, it means looking at information from all angles, and determining the validity, credibility and beneficiary of all of those affected. In the case of infomercials, workshops, and seminars, do your homework. Most of these marketing gurus have been around long enough to have screwed a few people to the point where they’d post a review. Google them before you purchase anything. See what others are saying. If they have rave reviews, then you can feel more confident about your purchase. If there are a slew of complaints, then it lets you know they’re all about the Sale and not about providing you with credible information that is going to help you create a successful nonprofit organization.


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You’re about to learn why . . . It takes more than community need, passion, a great cause, and a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to make a non...

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