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to pass one of my childhood dreams — to be in ministry in order to preach the gospel. As a family, we began praying for God’s strategy on how to get into pastoral ministry. And as God often does, consultant for entrepreneurs and a church planter. He clearly answered, but not as we expected. But a church planter not of the conventional This is what I heard the Holy Spirit impress on type. First, I’m a female. And if that isn’t enough my heart: “There are many people willing to work to raise a brow or two, the church I started, on the inside of the church, but very few minister called Real Life, is what one may call an insideoutside the church walls. I need you on the out-church. At Real Life, we open our doors to outside of the church’s walls.” I guess that was entrepreneurs seven days a week. We integrate what Jesus meant when he told His disciples to a faith community and a business incubator all in pray to the Lord of the harvest for workers. one package in order to make real difference in The harvest is outside of our church walls, our city’s economy and effect social, economic profusely maturing in vast, white fields, but and spiritual lift. the workers willing to leave the comfort of airBut I wasn’t always a church planter. Neither conditioned sanctuaries and go into the scorching was I always a pastor. My path to pastoral heat to bring in the sheaves are few and far vocation took, what it felt like to me, a “detour” between. God was going to teach my heart to route through the marketplace in order to shape love His harvest as He loves it by having me be my heart to serve. Here are lessons I learned with the harvest in the marketplace for the first 13 along the way of pursuing God’s call on my years of my work life in the U.S. life and finding its expression in mission in the 2. Go slow to go fast marketplace.

1. There is mission in the marketplace After my husband and I, with our nine-monthold baby, escaped the iron curtain and settled in America, we began to pray that God would bring

I considered myself to be a willing harvest worker, but I found out I was an impatient one. Have you rushed to do something good for God only to

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Leading Hearts October/November 2018