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“I believe who is pouring into your life is more important than where you live or what job you have at this moment.” —Darden to Leading Hearts very different picture of how it actually is because you feel it a lot stronger,” she said “You feel like what if this was my brother or my cousin — someone that is close to you.” The band is glad to see young people joining in the dialogue on creating good solutions to help students feel safe at school. Darden and Oliu released the video to “I Hope You Can Hear Me” on the six-month anniversary of the shooting. They hope to release it separately as a single soon. The song is just one of over 50 songs that the sisters have written. Collectively, they play 10 instruments and are working on putting together an album with their unique Alternative Americana sound to be released later this year.

“You go from one (emotion) to the other and you’re constantly involved in these people’s lives due to the music and how healing it is,” Selah said. “So, I feel like it is such a gift to be invited into these people’s lives. Hopefully, we have been able to share something with them that is way bigger than us — the gift of music.” They hope their listeners will hold on to the healing that can come from the music and grow from there.


“Music is at the center. It has been for our entire lives, but whatever we do outside that generally always circles back to music and connects to that,” Selah said. The girls grew up singing gospel music in church and traveling across the country for performances. Clarah notes the girls learned to harmonize in church early on and many today still comment on that being part of their distinctive sound. “So, it’s really cool that what really influenced us is the gospel music because you hear a lot of harmonies in that music. I think that’s what puts the alternative stamp on our music; it’s so different from a lot of things you hear.” Darden is thankful their God-given talents and opportunities. As musicians, they are able to share in the joys and sorrow of others and pray it continues to be a blessing to minister to others.

by jenn taylor



Leading Hearts October/November 2018