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MOUNTAINCITY Self-titled Denver-based married couple Dave and Tara Powers, who are also worship leaders, make up MountainCity, artists who are celebrating their love story through music and sharing it with listeners. Combining years of musical experience, the pair brings together a beautiful instrumental and vocal blend to put a fresh spin on the love song genre. Rather than releasing an album thus far, MountainCity has been rolling out their singles, some of which are covers of familiar songs such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (Elvis Presley) and “Somebody Like You” (Keith Urban), one at a time. Since 2016, Facebook Live has been their “venue” for sharing love songs, drawing from a mix of styles, including pop-folk, country, electronic and more, in weekly streaming sessions (Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. mountain time). Individual tracks are also available on the duo’s website. You can get lost in a love song — with MountainCity.

PLUMB God Help Me Titled for her recently released radio single, Plumb’s new EP, God Help Me, is a five-track preview of her next full-length album coming soon (title yet to be announced). The EP title track captures the overall theme of the record, that we all desperately need God in all facets of life, whether that be in our relationships, parenting trials or just persevering in the day-to-day. Plumb’s upbeat pop style and strong vocals suggest a certain confident resolve behind the message she is sharing, that even in acknowledging our weakness, we can always trust that God is stronger and will help us when we call on Him. Plumb fans can listen to the God Help Me EP in anticipation of her upcoming album, as well as a touring schedule starting in February and Fight for Her, her soon-to-be-released book about parenting daughters.


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