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I, eye, 爱

Part. 1


After going to school, I had more chance to get along with design and slowly to figure out what it is. The process was long, but with so much fun. Undergraduate was the time when I started a whole fresh journey with my friend 'design'. I started to learn the real design step by step, from the basic sketching and color knowledge to the history and concept of design, as well as the software tools. My professors also encouraged me to develop and further to a higher level. So, gradually, me and my friend 'design' not only know each other well but also has a solid friendship.

selected from: My journey to becoming a designer

When I was a little girl, I didn't know what 'design' means, but I was so fascinated by DIY stuff and really enjoyed doing that.

Now, here I am. I came to Pratt to open the brand new chapter with my friend 'design'.


selected from: Woman designer --Elaine Lusting Cohen

"I never thought about design as a business—the visual was my life.".


Elaine Lustig Cohen


My parents, as my strongest supporter, have always backed me up and enlightened me. Since discovering my interest in handcraft, my mother often took me to experience different courses, such as pottery, sand painting, etc., to feel the joy of creation. Not only that, my father, who has studied Chinese painting before, has often taught me some simple techniques of drawing. It can be said that my parents are people who first enlightened me. However, the one who truly affected and inspired me to go this path is actually one of my college teachers who teaches graphic design.

selected from: Mentor

Her critics are always straight and honest. But for me, she is also the one who is like a friend. As a teacher who has been studied abroad, she has a broader perspective and more professional knowledge, so that whenever I have questions about my design, she can give me feasible comments or suggestions right away. Her classes are so inspiring that could motivate my potentials as well as let me continuously improve myself. Because of this, my love of graphic design is growing progressively.

Maira Kalman

selected from: Five women designers

“I wasn't sure what I was going to do,”; “But I knew that every story starts in the first gauzy memories of childhood. And that’s why we care about objects—often because of their relationship to people and places that were part of a loved past.” Maira Kalman



selected from: Five women designers


selected from: Five women designers

Barbara Kruger

Part. 2


selected from: Observstion

“The first thing that really hit me and has stayed with me all these years is of course that round table. The way it anchored the room and yet allowed you to walk around it and discover all the amazing treasures that were piled up on it. I can still see the smoke drifting through the light of that beautiful afternoon.�


Designed by: Chessy Rayner & Mica Ertegun Location: Sutton Place Year: 1990

PART 2 selected from: Observation

After I seeing the picture while reading the text, I feel like the room which the author recalled is very elegant and well-designed. Everything in that room is organized and the furniture is quite delicate, which makes me guess that the owner of this room should be a very aesthetic person and has a quality life.

Think about the ocean; the water is transparent, but with the depth, it suddenly becomes a secret kingdom which makes people curious what inside of it. Not only the ocean, some beautiful creatures which also have that kind of power that make me eager to know more about them, such as the jellyfish and the glass octopus. Our mother nature has created countless incredible things which add a lot of fantasy and surprise to our lives. Designers have also found a lot of inspiration from these magical things, one of which is the transparency.


the Prefab Farmhouse Switzerland

selected from: Transparency

When I first saw this farmhouse, the transparent wall of the house immediately grabbed my attention, because it is very different from what a farmhouse or a house, in general, should look like. It reminds me of the dragonfly‘s beautiful wings or the skin of jellyfish, which seems very clear and organic. The transparency has the privilege of see-through. It could be the representation of the clarity, but somehow for me, it also has a sense of mystery.

selected from: Transparency PART 2

The power of nature is great and mystical, it gives us a lot of treasure worth thinking and developing. Besides the water, there are tons of things that have brought the inspiration to designers or used as materials. From the texture of the organic plants to the magical natural phenomenon, our mother nature provides us countless resources. Designers, thus, in virtue of their creativity to take advantage of these precious treasures to stimulate them to make fabulous designs.


Seeing the Chinese porcelain for the first time helped me build an aesthetic perception. Watching Guo's blue and white porcelain fashion design enlightened my that inspiration can be boundless. Looking through the Kaleidoscope made me realize that I could perceive the world in a new perspective. Observing the light and shadow changing from day to night through my window stirred up my interest in exploring the new way of expression.

selected from: 14 Lines

Part. 3


Love 爱


Attractive Obession

大学专业课老师。我的大学专业是工业设计,对学习设计 充满热情却又没有明确方向的我来说,只要是学设计,无 论是什么方向对我来说都充满着吸引力。但随着课程的拓 展和深入,当我开始真正的接触到设计,我开始发现自己

selected from: 导师(Mentor)


似乎对平面方面的兴趣越来越高。而也正是因为我这位平 面专业课的老师,促成了我来到普瑞特学习的这段经历。 相比于我大学的其他老师, 她是最年轻的一个,同时也 是最直接的一个,她的点评永远是直戳重点,不留情面。 但她却也是最像朋友的一个。同样是留学回来的她有着更 开阔的视野和更专业的知识,每次对我设计中的一些问题 都能给出诚恳且可行的意见或建议。她的课似乎总能激发 我的潜力,让我不断的提升自己。也正因如此, 我对平 面设计的喜爱日益增长。在平面构成和 logo 设计等几个 练习中,我的作业也都得到了她的认可。她赏识我在平面 设计这方面的热情也挖掘出了我自己都没有发现的潜力, 给了我很大的信心。在大三那年, 我还有幸受她的邀请, 第一次参与了实际的标志设计工作,这个过程无疑也是让 我受益匪浅。


selected from: Five women designers

It could be said that de Bretteville contributed her whole career to the feminist thinking and activism as well as education in art and design. As she said in an interview, " the Feminist perspective as a kind of grid that enabled me to filter through what I saw, heard and read, enabling me to see what I had not previously noticed or known."


Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

Sheila Levrant de Brettevil


Sheila Levrant de Bretteville


Prof. Guilfoyle


Design Writing_Final_Wanyue Wang  
Design Writing_Final_Wanyue Wang