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Staple Design a positive social contagion


Clothing Collection . Creative Agency . Retail Store

reed anex “an experimential ideas from the creators of Reed Space and Staple Design.�

who. Jeff Ng aka Jeff Staple Founded in 1997

where. 84 Orchard Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10002

mission. “To perfectly mix the street minded sensibilities with mature sophisticated nods to high end fashion�

Staple Design is an independent, visual communications agency. Our goal is to understand the relationships that exist between intriguing companies and their target consumers. Formulating a straight-line channel of communication between the two is what we do best. Our strength lies in our mere existence. We research the consumer to the point were we actually become the consumer. While most agencies begin the design process with “answers” or “solutions”; we start with “questions.” Once we understand your consumer’s way of thinking, the creative process begins. We are led by creators; not by trend forecasters, focus groups, or tastemakers. After 10-plus years in New York City, we always found ourselves asking, “Why follow the leader? When you can be the leader?” Creation is simple. Creation coupled with conviction and purpose is a while other ballgame. We create in order to facilitate the communication process between our clients and their audience. That translates into a successful company. Success marked no only by dollar signs, but also by the authenticity projected to their consumers. Once you grab hold of the ability to speak to your consumer, there is nothing your company cannot do. We work in all forms of media including print, online, multimedia, and fashion.

The Pigeon The pigeon emerged out of the search for an image that best represented New York City. “They’re like city people.”

projects. Beats by Dre NYC Pigeon Staple x Jeep x USA Basketball Staple x Kid Robot

notable clients. ESPN Lotus Levi’s Mircosoft New Era Nike

Oakley Payless Puma Timberland Urban Outfitters

Puma x Staple x Johnny Damon


Timberland x Staple

Timberland “Boros” Series

Urban Outfitters


Beats by Dre

Microsoft Xbox Lifestyle Identity

JEEP x USA Basketball

Mountain Dew Green Label x Stample Edition

Nike Franchise Mag

principles. “Authenticity is really important. The brand should represent some level of realness and pride in what they do.�