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==== ==== For Great Information about Samsung Galaxy Tab Check This Out. ==== ==== 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab Accesories You Should Not Miss On! With the Samsung Galaxy Tab being on the market for some time now, it was about time that a line of accessories was developed solely for it. In the next few minutes, we will take a look at the most useful accessories that you could buy for this amazing tab. 1. First of all, the Samsung Keyboard dock is more than useful if you are someone that loves to write a lot of mails or documents in MS Word. The keyboard features eighty three keys and comes with a built-in docking station that will ensure your tab is held firmly in place in a portrait position. More to that, you will be happy with the audio out and charger connections, so you can enjoy your favorite songs and also charge your Samsung Galaxy tab at the same time. Of course, whilst you will not get amazing portability with it, at least you wont have to worry about typos anymore. The price of the keyboard is just 79.99 pounds. 2. The Samsung Multimedia Desk dock is the best spot to keep your tablet in while at home or anywhere else and ensure that its always charged. More to that, it comes with a speakers output, so that you will be able to still play your favorite music. With it, you will get an HDMI socket, headphone socket and if we take a closer look, I think it also features an SD card slot as well. The dock is available for 39.99 pounds. 3. The Alpha Gadgets Screen Protector is perfect if you dont want your new S. Tab to get scratched at all costs. Its a very high quality screen protector and once you install it, you can expect it to last for as long as you will be using your tablet. At just 2.95 pounds, I think its all worth it. 4. Samsung Notebook / stand case is perfect to make sure that your Galaxy Tab is always getting the right protection. When you dont need it anymore as a case, you can fold it into a stand. Using d thirty protective technology (used in shin guards, etc) you will certainly get a very high level of protection. The stand is leather made and it comes with a strap in order to have your tab secured in place. The price for it is just 26 pounds. 5. Last but not least, no one could do without the Samsung In-car charger. There is nothing more frustrating than just wanting to show off with your new gadget to your friends and sadly noticing that there is no battery. So yes, if you are someone that spends a lot of time on the road and you will be using this tab a lot, its safe to conclude that you will need a USB car charger. The charger is available for just 24.99 pounds and its certainly money well spent. These are the 5 accessories that as a Galaxy Tab owner you should not miss on, so ensure you have them in your collection! ==== ====

For Great Information about Samsung Galaxy Tab Check This Out. ==== ====

5 Samsung Galaxy Tab Accesories You Should Not Miss On!  

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