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Pothole Cardiff Dates and Observations

1.Print Haus Carpark

Cast on: 21st October 2012 Poured on: 21st October 2012

Tea provided by the Print Haus.

2. Print Haus Carpark

Cast on: 21st October 2012 Poured on: 4th November 2012

Men who work in the garage came to have a look suspicious at first, happy when they understood that I was filling in potholes.

3. Glynne Street

Cast on: 24th October 2012 Poured on: 24th October 2012

Busy road for cars and pedestrians. Cast late at night poured in daylight when there was a gap in the traffic. Paint heated in van followed by a nervous dash into the road with a hot saucepan of pink paint.

4.Kings Road

Cast on: 20th October 2012 Poured on: 22nd October 2012

The council had sprayed a yellow line around this pothole after I had cast its shape. I drove out at 3am to fill it. The process took 2 hours. Passers by seem perturbed to see me pouring paint into a hole in the road. Two days later the council filled over it.

5.Kings Road Studio Lane

No cast taken Poured on: 9th November 2012

6. Sneyd Lane

Cast on: 27th September 2012 Poured on: 30th September 2012

Pothole filled 6am Sunday morning. Awkward encounter with semi acquaintances who passed me by whilst I was huddled over gas burner heating paint.

7.Sneyd Lane

Cast on: 10th October 2012 Not filled in

Local builders helped by providing me with a board to protect cast from cars. A week later the council filled it in.

8.Sneyd Lane

Cast on: 10th October 2012 Not Filled in.

Casting took several attempts due to heavy rain and running out of silicone. Local drunk stood beer in hand watching me complete task. Pothole later filled in by council.

9. Talbot Lane

No cast taken Poured on: 31st October 2012

Visited by a curious black and white cat.

10. Talbot Lane

No cast taken Poured on 31st October 2012

11. Sophia Walk

No cast taken Poured on: 7th November 2012

12. Sophia Walk

Cast on: 18th October 2012 Not filled in.

Chatted for some time to a local business man about the state of the lanes, we noticed that this pothole had a yellow line sprayed around it. He hoped the council would fill it in – they did.

13. Sophia Gardens

Cast on: 1st October 2012 Poured on: 10th October 2012

Went collect cast after dark when it had set. Was followed by a police van down to the end of the lane. They watched me remove the cast, get back into the van and turn around. I was followed by the police van and flanked in front by a police car. They escorted me out of the car park and out onto Cathedral Road. Poured into hole in daylight. Man and his dog came by to ask what I was doing, then moved on.

14. Green Street Lane.

Cast on: 1st November 2012 Poured on: 3rd November 2012

Observed filling in pothole by a cleaner in office block carpark. A young man drunk or on drugs asked me what I was doing, watched for a bit then left.

Pothole Cardiff Dates and Observations  
Pothole Cardiff Dates and Observations