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mber Mimz, singer-songwriter and producer, is a spark of color in today’s music scene. Even before releasing her first video, Dutch Master, acclaimed by the popular website, Okayplayer. com, Mimz has been seducing audiences across the country from the DMV to the The Bay, sharing the stage with dynamic artists such as Eric Roberson and Jesse Boykins III, this city chanteuse brings a new electronic soul gumbo to ipods everywhere. According to Daru Jones (drummer and producer slum village/blackmilk/ talib kweli), “Amber Mimz keeps it Soulful & fresh for ya eardrumz.” Debut EP, “Urban Romance Sessions”, blends sweet and heat with a 1940’s type of style. The EP reminds listeners of the magic they feel when falling in love and the complexity of the ideally romanticized lifestyle of dating and relationships. With the successful release of two videos “Urban Romance Avenue” feat. Black Cobain and “4head Kiss”, Amber showcases the high’s and low’s of an Urban Romance. “ Continuing to connect people thru music and helping them free themselves of their inhibitions is an artistic goal of mine” she says. Completing a new project “The Life of Riley,” written, produced and performed by Mimz, she hopes to give people the courage to be whatever they are… with no apologies.

“Ms. Mimz has soulful sound that stands out from our average soul singer” - PowerPlay Magazine

“There are quite a few “newbie’s” on the music scene that are breaking “rules”and setting new standards. Amber Mimz is definitely a creative force to watch” -

“Great live performances can be hard to come by but Amber Mimz definitely amplifies her fans experience when performing - Aimer Amour Magazine

“Mz. Mimz surely makes you pay attention and listen with her searing hot style and brand of music. If your tired of the same ole 5 songs on the radio...check her out! The industry has just been refreshed by the sounds of Amber Mimz” -The “Sure to make all the girlies long for a love presented in the video”

CLICK HERE : Urban Romance Ave (Official Video) “Peddling her own brand of blue magic, a new age neo-soul... {Mimz} exudes a Sultry timelessness that is undeniable...” - Washington Informer Newspaper

CLICK HERE : Interview with Amber Mimz

The trick is finding your place... Your way of being free, your way of loving, your way of living. Your way of just saying fuck it and taking those judgments and leaving them as naked as they stand. Find your space, your sweet space of acceptance.

Amber Mimz EPK 2012  

Amber Mimz electronic press kit for 2012