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Table of Contents The History of Latex Mattresses How a Latex Mattress is Made Talalay vs. Dunlop Natural Latex Vs. Synthetic Latex Mattress Types The Latex Mattress Core Latex Mattress Density Latex Mattress Zippered Cover GOLS Certified Organic Latex What is a GreenGuard Gold Certified Latex Mattress? The Body Contouring Characteristic of a Latex Mattress The Elasticity of a Natural Latex Mattress The Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress Best Mattress for Neck Pain Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain Best Mattress for Hip Pain Best Mattress for Back Pain Best Mattress for Arthritis Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia Best Mattress for Pressure Points Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Best Mattress for Couples Best Mattress for Intimacy Latex Mattress Questions Why Choose a Latex Mattress Latex Mattress Allergy Do Latex Mattresses Sag? Are There Chemicals in a Latex Mattress? Do Latex Mattresses Off Gas? What is the Best Latex Mattress? Latex Mattress Manufacturers How to Compare Latex Mattress Brands Latex Mattress Shopping: Best Value Your Latex Mattress Purchase: Price, Comfort, Quality, Warranty, or Return Policy - Which Matters Most? Latex Mattress Reviews Latex Mattress Guarantees Latex Mattress Free Shipping and Delivery Exchanging the Comfort Layer on Your Latex Mattress Financing Your Latex Mattress What Makes PlushBeds' Latex Mattresses Unique?

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Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The History of Latex Mattresses

Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The History of Latex Mattresses

Here’s a story of a man named Murphy who used his wife’s kitchen cake mixer to make something other than a cake … Now before getting into that, because latex is an organic, natural product, we need to start off with explaining exactly where latex comes from.

The Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) Latex mattresses are constructed from the milk or sap from a rubber tree. This rubber tree is known as Hevea brasiliensis. This tree has a major economic significance because its milky latex is the primary source of many things made out of natural rubber (gloves, catheters, balloons, condoms, hoses, belts, and swim caps), not just latex mattresses.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The History of Latex Mattresses

Where the Rubber Tree is Found The Hevea brasiliensis tree specimens were first discovered by a French expedition in South America. They were then exported (in huge quantities) for use on rubber plantations in Asia. The Hevea Brasiliensis tree needs an abundance of rainfall, hot temperatures, high humidity, and absolutely no frost. Therefore, not surprisingly, it is largely found in tropical climates. Purdue University reports that Java, Sumatra, Malaysia Indochina/Thailand and Sri Lanka have been major producers of latex. The tropical rain forests of South America, in addition to India, Equatorial Africa, Sarawak, and Burma produce smaller quantities of latex. Today, most of the world’s natural rubber (nearly 75 percent) comes from plantations in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Roots to Colonialism and Indigenous People Through the history of the Hevea brasiliensis tree, disease existed in its native Brazilian habitat, making harvesting challenging. That said, disease strains were eliminated roughly 200 years ago to free these concentrated areas of disease. They have since thrived in the tropical climates of Asia. Colonialism and an indigenous society are part of latex history, as rubber plantations overshadowed traditional means of farming and means of making a living. Today, local communities who desire entrepreneurship and free trade are operating sustainable rubber estates, where indigenous populations are making a living with its extraction.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The History of Latex Mattresses

The Link to Latex Mattresses and a Kitchen Cake Mixer Latex wasn’t used to make foam until the 1920s. E.A. Murphy, a British scientist for the Dunlop company, is thought to be credited for producing the first latex foam in the late 1920s. While this opened the possibility for latex mattress construction, it took five years of study and research (along with mishaps and failed attempts) before it was figured out how to create the bubbles needed to produce a latex mattress. Eventually, latex mattress construction evolved into the Dunlop and Talalay processes we know of today. How did this discovery happen? All it took was a thinking out-of-the-box moment when Murphy thought to use of his wife’s cake mixer to whip up latex instead of cake batter. While it’s believed that Murphy’s cohorts were not particularly impressed with his discovery, that soon changed when his colleagues saw the incredible cushioning and shaping the foam latex rubber concoction could achieve. The cake-mixer whipped latex become a huge success, and quickly become used in such things as seat cushions in motorcycles and cars, and later airplane cockpit seats. Then, as early as 1931, the first latex mattress was introduced. In addition to comfort, the initial latex mattress was marketed as a mattress that saved time because it didn’t need to be flipped or fluffed. And that’s how thousands-upon-thousands of people are now realizing the benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress and getting the best night’s sleep of their lives.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence How a Latex Mattress is Made

How a Latex Mattress is Made

Latex mattresses are made in one of two ways. They are either made using the Dunlop method of latex mattress construction or the Talalay method of latex mattress construction. Either method offers distinctive benefits depending on what type of mattress you’re most interested in purchasing.

The Dunlop Method of Making Latex Mattresses The Dunlop Method begins with the removal of latex or sap from a rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). The sap is whipped into a frothy mixture or foam. Once the right consistency of froth is achieved, the mixture is poured into a mold and covered. The mold is kind of like a giant waffle iron with pins that are used to conduct heat. The foam is then baked. During the baking process in the Dunlop method, sediment in the mixture sinks to the bottom of the mold. This process creates a firmer and denser underside (and total mattress) than you’ll find with Talalay mattresses. Some latex mattress manufacturers (not PlushBeds) or retailers glue the layers of latex mattresses together. This process not only contains harsh petrochemicals, but it also reduces the full customizability of a latex mattress that allows you to adjust the layers for comfort and firmness. Because the Dunlop method creates mattresses that are firmer than Talalay mattresses, some couples prefer to add a top comfort layer of Talalay latex to their Dunlop mattress core to provide a little more relief for pressure points, for back pain relief, fibromyalgia pain relief, or simply to account for personal taste. This is not possible in latex mattresses that have been glued together. Easy customizability is one major benefit of buying direct from the manufacturer, like PlushBeds, over many retail outlets.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence How a Latex Mattress is Made

The Talalay Method of Latex Mattress Making The Talalay method of construction begins much the same as the Dunlop method. The process begins with the natural latex from rubber tree sap combined with air and whipped into a nice frothy foam. The foam is then poured into a mold, just like with the Dunlop method. Here, though, the similarities end. In the Talalay method, the mold is covered and sealed. Then the air is removed from the mold via vacuum. This creates an even distribution of latex inside the mold. The next step is to freeze the latex particles at -20 degrees Fahrenheit so that they do not have the opportunity to settle as they do in the Dunlop method. Then the mold is heated to 220 degrees in order to “set� the mold. Though the methods have some similarities, it is the differences between the two that set the mattresses they create apart. Both mattresses allow the ability to adjust firmness and softness according to preference, provided they aren’t glued and both provide an excellent sleep experience. However, the Dunlop method, which has been around since the 1920?s continues to provide a superior mattress that has somewhat greater longevity, and customer satisfaction (as evidenced by latex mattress reviews) than the Talalay method.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Talalay vs. Dunlop

Talalay vs. Dunlop

Once you’ve decided that a natural latex mattress is the right choice for you, the next decision involves the Talalay vs. Dunlop method of latex mattress construction. There are noteworthy differences in the two styles of mattresses that may make a difference in which of the mattresses you prefer to purchase.

Dunlop Mattress Construction Mattresses that are made of Dunlop latex go through a completely natural “manufacturing” process. The liquid latex serum is layered into a mold where it’s allowed to set. It takes quite a while for the solid latex to form. However, when the mattress is complete, it is firmer than the Talalay mattress and retains its original shape longer. People interested in a firmer mattress or additional support while they sleep often appreciate the Dunlop mattress as a first choice, as do people who want a longer-term investment in their mattresses.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Talalay vs. Dunlop

Benefits of Dunlop mattresses include the following: All-natural construction Firm support Long lifespan Cost effective Can be produced organically Dunlop mattresses provide an impressive amount of support, making them a great choice for those who like a firm bed or want the best mattress for back pain. In addition, the fact that there are fewer steps in the manufacturing process of Dunlop mattresses helps to keep the costs of making these mattresses lower and is another important consideration to keep in mind as you compare mattresses.

Talalay Mattress Construction Talalay mattresses are made with latex that is less dense, and require ammonia to be added into the mixture so that it doesn’t congeal prior to entering into production. The Talalay mattress also has quite a few distinctive benefits to consider as well. Keep in mind that these mattresses are constructed in a manner that allows a little more air to flow through them than the Dunlop variety. The extreme breathability of the Talalay mattresses makes them an excellent choice for people who tend to sleep “hot.” The softer support and top level comfort is a great choice for people who have issues with pressure point pain when sleeping on firmer mattresses – primarily side sleepers. It’s the price of Talalay mattresses, however, that often hold people back from making the purchase. Some people feel that the ammonia used in the construction does not fit with their preferences for all natural


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Talalay vs. Dunlop

constructions as well, even though the ammonia is baked out during the process. Those are judgment calls that individuals must make according to their own preferences.

When Talalay and Dunlop Come Together Many people believe that they get the best of both worlds when merging the two manufacturing processes – Talalay and Dunlop – to get the best possible mattress that combines the support of the “Pound Cake” consistency of Dunlop latex with the comfort of “Angel Food Cake” consistency of Talalay latex. The combined densities (a solid Dunlop core with a top Talalay comfort layer) make for a mattress that can last in excess of 25 years, while offering a truly blissful sleep night after night. In the great debate: Talalay vs. Dunlop, the one that really wins is the person who chooses the mattress that meets their needs for a good night’s sleep. Sometimes that’s a clear conscience, sometimes it’s a promising financial outlook, and other times, it’s simply knowing you have a mattress that’s built to last.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Natural Latex Vs. Synthetic

Natural Latex Vs. Synthetic

If you’ve weighed all the benefits of buying a latex mattress over a traditional mattress, you’re now left with the decision of the type of latex you should buy: natural latex vs. synthetic. As a consumer, it’s important to have an understanding about the different qualities of each of these products in order to make the best purchasing decision when replacing your worn-out set.

Natural Latex As its name suggests, natural latex is free of any chemicals. It’s considered a green option, especially when it’s 100% natural latex. In other words, there are no man-made materials in natural latex. Natural latex is produced from the milky type sap of the rubber tree, known as Havea Brasiliensis. Similar to how maple-syrup is drained from the tree, latex is drained from the rubber tree. Latex mattresses, latex pillows, and latex toppers are all created from this substance. Latex mattresses are growing in popularity among consumers and the hospitality industry because they are durable, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and dust mite resistant. Natural latex mattresses help to promote a healthy sleep environment. Natural latex can be produced in two main ways: Dunlop and Talalay


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Natural Latex Vs. Synthetic

Dunlop process - In the Dunlop process, waters and bubbles are mixed with the sap from the rubber tree to produce a solid latex foam. The Dunlop manufacturing process has been used since the early 19th century, and results in a firmer bottom side of the end product. Overall, Dunlop tends to be denser and firmer overall. Talalay process - Before heating (i.e. baking), a flash freezing process is added, which essentially helps to freeze and stabilize the bubbles. The Talalay latex manufacturing process is newer than the Dunlop process. Talalay is a great choice for a more pillowy feel, but is available in various firmness options.

Synthetic Latex As its name suggest, synthetic latex contains man-made ingredients, but contains the same molecular compound as natural latex. Synthetic latex is petroleum based, and made from Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). Synthetic latex can be less resilient and elastic than natural latex. In most cases, synthetic latex costs less than natural latex. While quite durable, synthetic latex is a bit less durable than natural latex. Like natural latex, synthetic latex stays cool at night, and supports your body’s back and joints. Some, but not all, synthetic latex products are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Some mattresses are comprised of a blend of natural and synthetic latex, to arrive at a synthetic latex blend. But the best part of a natural latex mattress is the quality of sleep it provides! No more tossing and turning,


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Natural Latex Vs. Synthetic

like sleeping on a cloud with plenty of support at the same time. Synthetic latex mattresses might feel pretty decent at first, but in the long run these beds can break down and get flattened (compacted) easier than natural latex does. Ultimately, whether you choose natural latex vs. synthetic latex is based upon a number of factors including personal preference and budget. But keep in mind, natural latex far outweighs conventional mattresses in terms of quality of sleep benefits, health benefits, and environmental benefits.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Types

Latex Mattress Types

The decision to buy a latex mattress is one of the best decisions financially, environmentally, and comfort-wise you can make. However, buying the right natural latex mattress for your sleep needs is critical. Learning about the various options ahead of time can help you make a wiser, more informed decision. These are the types of latex mattresses from which you can choose.

Dunlop Latex Mattresses The Dunlop tradition for constructing mattresses has been around since 1929. This method whips the rubber sap into a rich froth and then pours it into a mold, covers it, and heats it. During the process, natural sediment sinks to the bottom where it settles, creating a firmer bottom for the mattress. This creates an extremely supportive and somewhat firm mattress.

Talalay Latex Mattresses The Talalay process for creating latex foam mattresses is newer than the Dunlop process and in this method the foam is flash frozen before heating. The structure from top to bottom is more consistent since there is no settling. This means it’s not as firm as a Dunlop mattress. That doesn’t mean that it lacks support however — only that it’s more forgiving of curves and pressure points than the Dunlop mattresses.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Types

Natural Latex Mattresses A natural latex mattress is made of 100 percent natural ingredients. There are no petrochemicals used in its construction and the comfort of sleeping on this mattress is unsurpassed. These mattresses have a tendency to last upwards of 20 years and resist dust mites, mold, and mildew. The one downside is the price. They are more expensive than other varieties and other types of mattresses — at least as far as the “up front” costs are concerned. When you consider the fact that they are built to last more than 20 years, you’ll see how much of a bargain you’re getting.

Hybrid Latex Mattresses Because the costs of natural latex mattresses is so high, hybrid latex mattresses have been created. Hybrid simply means that it contains latex and another material (typically memory foam). These mattresses are made using chemical formulations and built to last — though they do not last nearly as long as all-natural latex mattresses. The major benefit of purchasing a hybrid latex mattress is the price. It’s much more affordable for people on a budget. Keep in mind, however, that it is not the same quality investment that a natural latex mattress is.

Blended Latex Mattresses Blended latex is a compromise of sorts between natural and hybrid latex mattresses. Most blended latex mattresses on the market today are made of 70 percent natural latex with 30 percent synthetic latex. Blended latex is not a completely natural mattress option, and is almost exclusively made of Talalay construction, but it does retain many of the qualities and features people appreciate about natural latex with a lower price tag. Latex mattresses are an investment, but they are a long-term investment that bring better back health, better


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Types

sleeping conditions, and a reasonable lifetime cost. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, these facts about latex mattress types should help you make your final decision.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Latex Mattress Core

The Latex Mattress Core

The core of the latex mattress is what gives the mattress form, shape, and definition. Without a proper core, there is no latex mattress. Currently there are two manufacturing techniques used for making latex mattress cores. They are Talalay and Dunlop. Dunlop mattresses are firmer and denser than Talalay mattresses, while the Talalay mattresses are softer and not quite as supportive. These differences are the direct results of the mattresses’ manufacturing by latex mattress manufacturers.

Dunlop Latex The Dunlop method for creating a latex mattress core has been around since the 1920?s. During that time, many people have enjoyed the benefits of those first pioneers. The Dunlop mattress manufacturing process involves whipping the latex mixture into a frothy foam and pouring it into molds that are then steam baked. Most Dunlop mattresses that are in today’s marketplace are 100 percent natural latex mattresses. Blended and synthetic mattresses made with the Dunlop process don’t provide the same quality and consistency as natural latex.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Latex Mattress Core

Dunlop mattresses are dense, firm, and long lasting. The manufacturing process exposes the mattress to less air than Talalay mattresses, and that allows Dunlop mattresses to outlast and outperform Talalay mattresses over time. Though there are variations in how firm or soft both mattresses are, Dunlop processes creates firmer mattresses than the Talalay process is capable of producing. Once upon a time, there was a great deal of criticism over settling and inconsistency in the Dunlop mattresses. The settling caused one side of the mattress to be denser than the other. Today’s process, however, has eliminated settling, by and large, in order to create a consistently firm mattress. Then there is the price tag. Dunlop mattresses are generally less expensive because there are fewer steps involved in the manufacturing process. If you’re looking for a mattress that’s priced well, dense, firm, and built to last, you really can’t go wrong with a 100 percent natural Dunlop latex mattress. Not to mention that it is an eco-friendly, green mattress.

Talalay Latex In contrast, the Talalay process involves the additional step of freezing before heating the mattress. This creates a spongier mattress with more air pockets that doesn’t have quite the firmness capabilities of its Dunlop counterpart. This may be the most significant difference between the two; however, there are additional differences to consider when making your purchasing decision. One area where the Talalay mattress is impressive is in the area of pressure relief. The Talalay process creates a more malleable, elastic mattress. Though it still maintains medium-firm support, this mattress hugs curves and really does conform to the body in an impressive manner. That isn’t to say that Dunlop mattresses aren’t accommodating to curves, they are, it’s simply that the Talalay mattresses provide a little more “give.” The Talalay system for manufacturing latex mattresses isn’t as old as the Dunlop method. While some may argue that it’s newer technology, newer isn’t always better. The Dunlop process has been around many years and is still in construction today because it’s so effective, despite a newer method having been created.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Latex Mattress Core

6" Dunlop core with overlaying 2" Talalay comfort layer

Which Makes the Better Core? Generally speaking, when it comes down to making a choice for the mattress core, Dunlop is the clear winner. To create a mattress that lasts a very long time (in excess of 20 years time), the firmness, durability, and strength of Dunlop latex is the key to a solid latex mattress core. But, that doesn’t negate the many wonderful pressure-relieving benefits of Talalay latex foam. In fact, a comfort layer of 2-4 inches on top of a solid 6-inch Dunlop core is a fantastic combination of the two latex mattress manufacturing processes, and


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Latex Mattress Core

will provide years of sleeping bliss night after night. It’s a perfect marriage of the old and the new technologies.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Density

Latex Mattress Density

Density Affects the Feel of Your Mattress Many factors affect the way natural latex mattresses feel. The textiles used in creating the encasement of the mattress, the amount of wool used when making the mattress, and even the tightness of the encasement all play a role in the overall feel of the mattress. Just like the latex mattress core contributes to the shape, form and definition, the density of the mattress is also a huge factor in the way it feels to an individual user. It’s definitely a factor worth a little more of an in-depth explanation.

ILD of Natural Latex While ILD can stand for the Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Interstitial Lung Disease, International Labor Defense, and Injection Laser Diode, in terms of mattresses, ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection. It’s a measurement process, which was standardized in Great Britain. It’s used to determine the firmness of materials such as mattresses. How does it accomplish this lofty goal? By measuring the amount of pressure required to compress, or indent, the foam to 25 percent of its original thickness. Firmer foam mattresses require greater force to indent, while softer mattresses require less force. Natural latex mattresses typically have an ILD range between 20 ILD for the softest mattresses and 45 ILD for the firmest mattresses.

Measuring the Actual Density of a Mattress Another indicator of the density of a mattress is its actual density. Don’t worry; this isn’t a trick of the eye.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Density

Density is a scientific unit of measurement. It determines the mass per unit volume of the mattress. It is expressed as kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3). The densities vary among natural latex mattresses with lower numbers, such as 60 kg/m3 as the softest densities, and higher numbers like 95 kg/m3 representing the firmest densities. Many people are surprised to discover that two mattresses, despite having the same density, or ILD, can feel completely different. As mentioned above, other mitigating factors help determine how dense or firm a mattress is once it leaves the “showroom” floor. If you’re looking for a specific density or firmness to the mattress, it’s a good idea to purchase a natural latex mattress from a retailer that offers a 90-day or longer period to try out the mattress and make sure it’s a good fit for you.

ILD Customization However, there is one other option worth considering. You could buy factory direct from a latex mattress manufacturer. The benefits of sleeping on a 100% natural latex mattress go far beyond a warranty that’s generally better than the standard for retail outlets. The real benefit is that you get maximum customization when you choose this option. You can even purchase a latex mattress that is denser on one side than on the other side. You get the benefits of a sleep number type bed without the potential drawbacks because you can customize each side to the desired (or required) firmness of each occupant. Finding the right mattress with the right density for your sleep needs and comfort — and doesn’t leave you feeling sleep deprived — doesn’t have to be a scavenger hunt, especially when you can test out a mattress without a long-term commitment to make sure it’s the right choice for your sleep needs. That’s one of the reasons natural latex is such a great option for so many people.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Zippered Cover

Latex Mattress Zippered Cover

One of the best features with latex mattresses is the fact that comfort layers can be added or removed in order to adjust comfort and/or firmness of the mattress. Unfortunately, some mattress makers glue the layers together and seal them in a sewn mattress cover. This removes the adjustability factor so many people love about their latex mattresses. It’s also why it’s such a great idea to go with manufacturers that offer the convenience of a zippered mattress cover for their latex mattresses, along with their “unglued” latex mattress layers. Of course, the zipper is only part of what you should expect from your mattress cover. These are the two types of latex mattress covers commonly available on the market today.

Woven Organic Cotton Fabric Covers Organic cotton is a great thing. Woven fabric covers, however, are not always the best investment for natural latex mattresses – for many reasons. The first reason is that you lose a great deal of the “elasticity” of the latex mattress when you invest in woven mattress covers that are only able to stretch in one direction – parallel to the weave. This doesn’t allow much in the way of pressure relief at all. Think of other woven fabrics, such as canvas, denim, and tweed. They don’t have much give at all. In fact, you can even see the crisscross pattern of the individual fibers and how little room there is to stretch the fabric.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Zippered Cover

Knitted Organic Cotton Fabric Covers Knitted mattress covers, on the other hand, are constructed with distinctive loop patterns that allow stretching in all directions. There is much more elasticity in these fabrics than in woven fabrics. This elasticity, or give, is what makes a knit mattress cover the perfect companion to a latex mattress. It allows the perfect degree of stretchiness to take full advantage of all the benefits that sleeping on a natural latex mattress has to offer for pressure point relief. Another benefit to consider when exploring your options is that knit mattress covers are softer than woven ticking. They also offer greater breathability, which makes them ideal for people who sleep “hot.� and need to stay cool during sleep. Finally, they offer better moisture control than woven fabrics, meaning that the ticking has a more evaporative nature than canvas and that it’s less likely to have problems with mold or mildew. The mattress cover is a necessary and essential part of the mattress construction. Its purpose is to provide shape and form to the mattress while protecting the mattress from things like body oils, moisture, stains, etc. Removable, zippered mattress covers allow the convenience of not only changing out the comfort layers of the mattress itself, but also of changing the mattress cover if you want to replace the cover (twenty years or more is a long time, after all).


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence GOLS Certified Organic Latex

GOLS Certified Organic Latex

GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. Until recently there were no minimum standards required for a product to be considered organic latex. In fact, GOLS is the first of its kind worldwide when it comes to creating a standard for organic latex.

Organic latex that bears GOLS certification has met or exceeded specific standards in the processing and manufacturing steps. Control Union Certifications believed it was important to set minimum standards for latex products made with organic raw materials. These standards impact many aspects of the latex life cycle including: Manufacturing Packaging Labeling Distributing Processing Trading The goal is to encourage businesses to use sustainable processing methods when working with organic latex. This standard also concentrates on the impact products and processing have on health, safety and welfare, and the planet.

Why are These Standards Important? Many consumers make an informed decision to purchase natural organic latex mattresses because they want


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence GOLS Certified Organic Latex

to make healthy choices that are good for the planet. Without some sort of minimum standards or requirements, it’s nearly impossible to tell the differences from one mattress to the next. All claims of being organic latex would be highly subjective whether the mattresses actually contained five percent natural organic latex or 95 percent natural organic latex. Products with GOLS certification must contain a minimum of 95 percent certified organic raw materials.

What Does the Certification Mean? GOLS offers two different label grading designations. Latex products are often labeled “made with organic” or “contains organic” to signify that these products contain 95 percent certified organic latex at a minimum. Those that are “made with X% of organic” or “contain X% of organic” contain at least 70 percent certified organic latex along with other certified organic raw ingredients.

What Sort of Standards are Required? During the processing stage, the standards become notable. It must be possible to trace the certified organic products back to its original field or supplier. A consistent quantity of certified organic raw materials should be used or a sufficient explanation made as to why there are occasional fluctuations. Separation of organic products that are and are not certified should be maintained throughout the process either by space or by time. Certified organic products must be identifiable throughout the manufacturing process and documentation must be made in a manner that’s easy to understand and thorough. There must also be a written policy and plan in place for the responsible management of any waste and/or pollution created in the manufacturing process. Special attention should be paid to plans to reduce, reuse, and


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence GOLS Certified Organic Latex

recycle waste as well as to reduce the need to burn waste. Other standards are vital in the GOLS certification process as well. There are strict policies regarding child labor, freely chosen employment, living wages, working hours, discrimination, and freedom of association and collective bargaining rights and more. While all of this may sound a bit technical, the bottom line is that, there are many great reasons to prefer organic latex products that have GOLS certifications. The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Collection is made from GOLS certified organic latex. This will help you rest easier in more ways than one.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence What is a GreenGuard Gold Certified Latex Mattress?

What is a GreenGuard Gold Certified Latex Mattress?

You may have heard about certified latex mattresses before. But, have you heard about the GreenGuard Gold standards for certification? Less than 1% of all mattresses ever qualify to be awarded this certification! This is something along the lines of a white glove inspection for the mattress industry, with a specific emphasis on emissions standards and how those standards relate to children and the elderly. It involves a rigorous series of tests and standards. Mattresses must meet or exceed these standards in order to achieve the valued distinction of becoming GreenGuard Gold Certified latex mattresses.

What does the GreenGuard Gold Certification Signify? At one point in time, GreenGuard Gold Certification was called GreenGuard Children and Schools Certification because it had a very strict set of criteria for certification. These criteria paid close attention to safety factors that affected the more sensitive members of the population (such as children and the elderly). The purpose today remains much the same. The standards are high in order to ensure that products bearing the GreenGuard Gold certification are acceptable for use in schools, healthcare facilities, and other similar venues. They are able to declare these products safe for venues such as these because they have gone through extensive testing, including advanced dynamic environmental chamber testing, and proven to have low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates, ozone, and formaldehyde. The certification process for receiving GreenGuard Gold Certification involves testing individual emissions limits for more than 360 different chemicals, establishing a limit for total chemical emissions, as well as setting a limit on phthalate emissions. Products, such as mattresses, that are safe enough to pass these rigorous emissions tests and standards, offer the lowest risk of off-gassing or releasing harmful emissions into the air.

Who Sets the Standards for GreenGuard Gold Certification? UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Environment manages the certification process for GreenGuard Gold Certifications. They are independent of the products they certify. The mission of UL Environment is to promote environmental health and safety along with global sustainability. The certification process is one measure by which they work towards that goal.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence What is a GreenGuard Gold Certified Latex Mattress?

Why Choose Mattresses that Meet These Standards? Whether you’re purchasing a mattress for your own needs, your children, or aging parents, you want to buy the safest mattress possible. After all, the average adult spends between six and eight hours per day in bed. Children often spend more hours than that in bed. Mattresses, of all things you have in your home and expose yourself and your family to, need to offer the highest possible standards of safety and breathability. The GreenGuard Gold Certification serves as a seal of excellence letting you know you can feel good about providing this mattress to the people you love.

PlushBeds’ GreenGuard Gold Certified Latex Mattress – Botanical Bliss Collection PlushBeds is thrilled to have our commitment to environmental excellence rewarded with the achievement of GreenGuard Gold certification for our entire Botanical Bliss collection of latex mattresses. Since less than one percent of all mattresses receive this prestigious certification, it’s a huge honor and a big deal to be one of the few singled out for this recognition. Natural latex mattresses have always been a wise choice for your bedding selection. With the additional GreenGuard Gold certification, the Botanical Bliss collection by PlushBeds is an even better choice.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Body Contouring Characteristic of a Latex Mattress

The Body Contouring Characteristic of a Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress Body Contouring Latex mattresses have many popular features and benefits. One of the most commonly cited is the body contouring properties natural latex provides. Of course, some people, those who have never experienced the body contouring properties offered by memory foam or natural latex, don’t understand what the big deal really is when it comes to body contouring. It’s hard to get excited about something, after all, that you’ve never experienced or don’t really understand. So, here’s the lowdown to show you just how wonderful latex mattress body contouring is.

The Resilience of Natural Latex To put it in layman’s terms, natural latex mattresses have an unparalleled ability (unsurpassed even by memory foam mattresses) to retain their shape. Some might call this outstanding resiliency. With latex, it makes perfect sense. Latex, after all, is made from the sap of rubber trees. It bounces back to its original shape the moment you hop out of bed, roll over, and even in between your tosses and turns throughout the night (which become less, by the way, when sleeping on a natural latex mattress).


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Body Contouring Characteristic of a Latex Mattress

Memory foam takes a bit longer in terms of resiliency. It takes a moment or two to spring back to its natural shape.

What Does this Have to do With Contouring? Part of getting a good night’s sleep is being able to get comfortable — and stay comfortable. Natural latex mattresses provide the perfect combination of softness and support to cradle your pressure points while providing ample support for back. This makes a latex mattress the best mattress for pressure points. As a result, you remain comfortable, and asleep, longer. A good night’s sleep leads to all kinds of health benefits — all thanks to proper body contouring throughout the night.

Other Benefits of Natural Latex The open-cell nature of latex mattresses provides many benefits over other types of mattresses on the market today. One of the biggest is that it allows air to move freely through the mattress. This means that you sleep cooler in the summer months, unlike traditional mattresses that have a tendency to sleep hot at all times of the year. Latex mattresses also works wonders for people who sleep in all positions. If you pay close attention, you’ll probably notice that people who sleep on their stomachs or sides, prefer lighter support in mattresses because their pressure points become sore throughout the night. Unfortunately for them, it leaves the potential for back problems to develop over time. People who prefer to sleep on their backs prefer sleeping on firmer mattresses. The primary reason for this is the support they get from the mattresses. Whether you prefer to sleep on your side, stomach, or back, the body contouring support of a natural latex mattress keeps you comfortable regardless of sleep position. For couples where one person is a side sleeper while the other sleeps on their back, it can be difficult to find the perfect mattress match. Or at least it is with typical mattress shop mattresses. Natural latex mattresses,


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Body Contouring Characteristic of a Latex Mattress

however, provide the body contouring both parties need for a great night of sleep, in addition to the zero motion transfer benefit of latex. Can you imagine how great it will be to wake up in the morning without soreness, stiffness, or an aching back? If you’re having a hard time envisioning it, then maybe it’s time to change your mattress.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Elasticity of a Natural Latex Mattress

The Elasticity of a Natural Latex Mattress

Elasticity is not the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing an ordinary spring mattress. The two things seem strangely at odds with one another. However, it’s one of the things most people lament not finding in their mattresses as the years go by. That isn’t, however, a complaint people who purchase natural latex mattresses have. In fact, it’s not something that most people with latex mattresses even think of because these mattresses are famous for maintaining their forms and consistencies for decades.

Why is Latex so Elastic? There is a great deal of speculation about why latex mattresses are so good at holding their shape, providing outstanding support, and maintaining their resilience and longevity over the years. Perhaps it has something to do with latex foam’s origins as rubber tree sap. In fact, that is what 100 percent natural latex foam is made of — rubber tree sap. There are no fancy ingredients or petrochemicals added to the latex mattresses. Rubber tree sap is the only ingredient. Rubber is famous for its resiliency in holding shape. It makes perfect sense that something made of sap from rubber trees would also have a healthy dose of that same shape-maintaining ability.

Why is Elasticity so Important? You may be reading this and wondering why elasticity is so important in a mattress. It’s more important than most people realize until they’ve felt the difference for themselves on a regular basis. The difference involves how you feel the next morning. The difference is about getting a good night’s sleep without waking up every time your partner rolls over or gets up in the night (the zero motion transfer benefit of a latex mattress) or having to deal with uncomfortable pressure points.The difference is about getting quality sleep for the first time in years in many cases.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Elasticity of a Natural Latex Mattress

Elasticity in mattresses is largely responsible for the isolation of motion that leads to these better nights of sleep. It’s also responsible for the following benefits: Long-lasting comfort and support – most natural latex mattresses offer warranties in excess of 20 years while traditional spring mattresses last only about seven years before beginning to sag and otherwise breakdown. And unlike memory foam, natural latex regains its shape immediately when pressure is released from it, helping to keep it durable and consistent. Comfortable support - most people don’t realize how important something like this can be until they feel the difference for themselves. The elasticity of natural latex mattresses allows them to provide just the right amount of give to comfort aching pressure points while providing adequate back support to accommodate the needs of people who sleep on their backs. Conforms to your body - it does this without losing its own form. This is important. The elasticity in natural latex mattresses allows them the unsurpassed ability to yield to the needs of your body without creating a permanent cavity in that shape — even after 20+ years of sleeping on the same mattress. With benefits like this, it’s a wonder that anyone willingly sleeps on anything other than a natural latex mattress. What are you waiting for?


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Latex is the Eco-Friendly Solution As more and more consumers integrate the eco-conscious decision making process into their buying habits, one of the areas of the home that is being taken into account is the bedroom. And rightly so – we spend a full one-third of our lives in our bedrooms. Asleep. On our beds. Those savvy consumers who have already jumped aboard the green movement and are sleeping on a natural mattress can attest to the many great benefits of sleeping on the likes of natural latex. Not only is an all-natural latex mattress not made of petrochemicals and thus healthier, but the cost of a latex mattress made from botanical latex foam is much cheaper than a traditional bed in the long run.

Investing in Latex In fact, the purchase of a natural latex foam mattress is a very wise investment in terms of durability and longevity. Generally a 100% natural latex mattress will run right around $2,000 (depending upon the size); any less and you probably aren’t getting natural latex, but instead a hybrid or blend or 100% synthetic. More expensive than that you are probably paying a premium for brand equity, or overhead for the fancy showroom floor. But let’s take a look at the true cost of a natural latex bed based upon, for example, the warranty of the mattress and the price tag. We’ll take the round figure of $2,000 that can be had for buying a


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress

high quality organic latex mattress online instead of at a physical establishment, since that is where you’ll end up getting the most for your money. With the round figure of $2,000 and a mattress warranty of 25 years (that’s the high end, most average in the 20-year time frame), the cost per night for sleeping on premium natural latex foam is only about .22 per night! Compare that to a traditional innerspring mattress, for example, that you replace every 5-7 years on average, and you come up with some pretty health savings on top of the health benefits.

Health Benefits While the money savings is a good perk, sleeping on natural latex is even better. There are many “healthy side-effects” that go with sleeping on natural latex foam. Pure, organic latex is inherently hypoallergenic, because it is not a man-made product, or a derivative of petrochemicals. It’s a botanical product that is made from the sap of a rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). So 100% natural latex won’t cause allergies, especially because of the way it is processed and the end product being open celled. The allergen-causing proteins that some people are allergic to get washed out in the process of producing the end latex foam mattress product. Another health benefit is that these natural beds are antimicrobial and dust mite free. The botanical properties and chemistry of the latex don’t allow for the harboring of bacteria or other microbes, and dust mites cannot thrive within the natural latex foam. And because of the solid latex core (usually Dunlop), latex mattresses


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence The Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress

rarely if ever have problems with bed bugs as do other mattresses that have a lot of open space in the mattress core. Natural latex also does not off gas. Because the mattress is not made up of harmful chemicals, there is no off gassing of noxious fumes. The only “smell” that the owner of a new natural latex mattress may detect is a faint, sweet vanilla-type of smell. Perhaps one of the very best health benefits that owners of natural latex mattresses report is that your spine is aligned all night long as you sleep. Latex foam contours to your body’s curvature. It offers the perfect combination of comfort and support. And because natural latex is so resilient, you are guaranteed not to get indentations that are common with other mattress types. And right along with that, because latex has a nice amount of springiness, or kickback (unlike memory foam), it changes shape as you change sleeping positions. So, all night long you will be able to experience comfort and support, while easing the tension on any pressure points or injuries that you may have along the whole course of your body. Natural latex foam is noted for its excellent pressure point reduction and back pain relief. In fact, these beds are wonderful for arthritis sufferers, as well as those who have fibromyalgia, other pain related syndromes, sports injuries, and the like.

Customizable Natural latex can be made by one of two processes. One has the consistency of angel food cake, while the other pound cake by comparison. Natural Talalay latex is the lighter, “fluffier” version of latex foam, while Dunlop latex is the heavier, denser version of latex. Most long-lasting natural latex mattresses are constructed with Dunlop latex as the core of the mattress, and have an additional layer or layers of Talalay latex. The Talalay latex is generally the top comfort layer. The Dunlop layer offers support and stability, while the upper comfort layer offers the pressure-relieving benefits. But the wonderful thing about it is that because the natural latex foam mattress is such a high-end mattress, you can often request it to be customized should these preferences not be right for your particular situation. You could have an all Talalay latex mattress, for example. Or you can get a natural mattress as firm as you like it. The ILD of 24-26 is the middle of the bell-curve where most people find the right comfort levels. Because latex layers have a good “grab”, the various layers need not be glued together (they won’t shift), and can be exchanged by simply unzipping the mattress cover, sending the layer of latex back to the retailer, and receiving a new one to replace it should the comfort layer not be right for your situation.

The Best of All Worlds Having a mattress that is so elastic and is personalized, while being organic and even biodegradable as to lessen your carbon footprint as much as possible, topped off with being a long-term budget-friendly solution is a win almost any way you look at it. But the best part of a natural latex mattress is the quality of sleep it provides! No more tossing and turning, like sleeping on a cloud with plenty of support at the same time.


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Best Mattress for Neck Pain

Neck pain, also called cervical pain, is a part of everyday life for millions of Americans. “About two thirds of the population have neck pain at some time in their lives”, reports the British Medical Journal. Although neck pain can occur at any time in a person’s life, the middle age years is when it is most prominent. While some cases of neck pain (possibly as a result of injury) can be acute and subside after a few days or weeks, other cases are more chronic and can linger throughout a person’s life.

Neck Pain Causes Since such a large percentage of the population experiences neck pain at some point or the other, it’s important to explain the various causes of neck pain. Most commonly, neck pain results from: Injuries. Vehicle collisions are a common cause of neck pain, and specifically rear-end collisions. This can cause “whiplash” when the neck is jerked backwards and forwards because the ligaments in the neck are stretched beyond their means. Muscle strains. Everyday muscle strains, from things like driving, sitting at a computer, or working at a physical job, can be a source of neck pain. Compressed nerves. Herniated disks can press on the nerves leading to the spinal cord causing moderate to severe pain in some people. A bone spur in the neck causes similar pain. Worn-out joints. Your knees and hips aren’t the only joints that wear out or get arthritis in them. Joints in your neck can too, leading to neck pain.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment All is not lost in terms of getting rid of neck pain, fortunately. Medications, massage, physical therapy, steroid injections, chiropractic treatment, surgery and lifestyle changes (like changing your sleep hygiene) are available treatment methods for neck pain.

Can Changing the Way you Sleep Relieve Neck Pain? Like back pain, there are also some lifestyle changes you can do to minimize, reduce and potentially eliminate neck pain. According to WebMD, any person who is suffering from neck pain, should consider the old fairy tale about Goldilocks in terms of the best mattress for neck pain. “Anyone with back or neck pain should take a Goldilocks approach to mattress buying: not too hard, and not too soft.” A latex bed fits this bill as both the best mattress for back pain and neck pain perfectly for that reason: because it not only contours to the body, but also can be customized for the individualized firmness desired. Because so many fibromyalgia patients suffer from widespread shoulder, neck and back pain, a latex mattress is also the best mattress for fibromyalgia patients. “The key is to try and create a normal and natural alignment of the neck as possible,” said Dr. Joseph Feinberg, Hospital for Special Surgery. In addition, according to Harvard Medical School, a tip for side and back sleepers with neck pain is to use a traditionally-shaped pillow with “memory foam” that conforms to the contour of your head and neck.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Neck Pain

All things told, a one hundred percent natural latex mattress provides the “just right� blend between the firmness you need for your neck pain and for the proper support and alignment your spine needs.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain

Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain

“Shoulder pain is a common and disabling complaint. The reported annual incidence of shoulder pain in primary care is 14.7 per 1000 patients per year with a lifetime prevalence of up to 70%,” according to a 2011 BioMed Central report on musculoskeletal disorders. That’s why finding the right mattress is so important. Of course, it’s not just about finding the right mattress for shoulder pain. You also need to find the best mattress for side sleepers or back sleepers, as the wrong mattress for the way you sleep can also serve to exacerbate shoulder and/or back pain.

Common Types of Shoulder Pain According to The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, shoulder pain typically falls into four categories: 1) Tendon inflammation 2) Instability


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain

3) Arthritis 4) Fracture

Common Conditions Associated with Shoulder Pain If you are experiencing shoulder pain, there’s a good chance you have one of the following conditions. Arthritis – While there are many different types of arthritis, the one most commonly associated with shoulder pain is osteoarthritis. The symptoms of this particular type of arthritis – swelling, stiffness, and pain – are often associated with aging. However, the pain of this condition tends to develop slowly and grows worse over the years. It’s a good idea to consider finding the best mattress for arthritis if you suffer from osteoarthritis. Bursitis - Bursitis is a condition in which tiny fluid-filled sacs in the shoulder, called bursa, swell in the area between the rotator cuff and acromion. The shoulder becomes inflamed and common daily activities can become extremely painful. Tendonitis – This condition is one that happens over time as the tendons wear down. Acute tendonitis is often the result of excessive motions (throwing balls or working overhead) while chronic tendonitis is a degenerative process that is often the result of arthritis or age. Tendon Tears – Tears in the tendons can result from specific acute injuries or from advanced aging. The most common injuries of this nature occur with biceps tendon injuries and rotator cuff tears.

What is the Best Mattress Choice for Your Shoulder Pain? Chronic shoulder pain can create all kinds of problems, including an inability to get a good night’s sleep. That opens a whole new window of problems to deal with because of what sleep does for the body. That’s


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain

why choosing the right mattress is so important. What you need in a mattress is firm support that provides adequate cushioning for your shoulder. Pillow top mattresses are often the first thought that comes to mind but they don’t provide the right support to meet your needs. Instead, you should consider a natural latex mattress, memory foam mattress, or memory foam topper. These types of mattresses provide the necessary support, but also provide a gentle landing for your shoulder as you shift and adjust during sleep. Especially for those who sleep on their side, where the weight of the body is concentrated on the shoulder and hip, the latex foam mattress reduces pressure points as it conforms to the curvature of the individual sleeper’s body and distributes the body weight more evenly. Don’t let shoulder pain keep you up nights. The right mattress can help you get the support your shoulder needs so you can get a great night’s sleep.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common complaint, especially for older people. “A total of 14.3% of participants aged 60 years and older reported significant hip pain on most days over the past 6 weeks,” according to a John Hopkins School of Medicine survey. Women, at least according to this survey, have more frequent hip pain than men.

Hip Pain Causes Treatment for hip pain is dependent upon the cause — for which there are many. Hip pain can be associated with problems with the hip joint itself or problems with the tendons, muscles, or ligaments surrounding your hip joint. In other cases, hip pain can be sort of a referred pain, resulting from conditions from other areas of your body, such as your knees or lower back. The most likely sources of hip pain include: Arthritis Bursitis


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Tendinitis Injury Hip Fracture Pinched Nerve Tendon, ligament or muscle strain Cancer

Can a Mattress Help with Hip Pain? Sleeping with hip pain can be problematic, especially when the pain is not mild. While treating the underlying source of the pain is paramount, there are several tips that can help you get the sleep you need even when plagued with hip pain. The hardest thing for most people in terms of sleeping with hip pain is getting into a comfortable position. This can be a particular thorn for people who like to sleep on their sides. For those who like to sleep on their side and also have hip pain, the best mattress for side sleepers is generally a medium firm to firm mattress. Some people who have hip pain also have sciatic nerve pain that runs from their hip down into their legs. These individuals need to learn how to sleep with sciatica, and a natural latex mattress, that offers contouring support and pressure point reduction meets this need nicely. If you have hip pain on only one side, the National Institutes of Health suggests that you sleep on your non-painful side. You should also try to sleep with a pillow between your legs. All-in-all, the best mattress for hip pain is a high-quality mattress that offers both comfort and support to your painful hip areas. Hip pain doesn’t have to keep you up at night. The right mattress and strategic use of


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Hip Pain

pillows can make all the difference in the world.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Back Pain

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain is a daily fact of life for millions of Americans each year. “In the United States, the lifetime prevalence of back pain is approximately 80%, with a one-year prevalence rate of 15% to 20%, the highest prevalence is in the 45 to 64 age group,” reports the Cleveland Clinic. For those who suffer from short or long-term back pain, the immediate desire is relief or the ability to manage the pain, which is at the very least, uncomfortable and can be significantly negatively impact one’s quality of life.

Back Pain Causes Before seeking out treatment options, it’s a good idea to explore many of the potential sources of back pain among the general population—especially considering that such a large chunk of the population is susceptible to it. Back pain can be attributed to any number of different reasons, which include many of the following: Employment related injuries Repetitive motions Poor posture Sleeping on a poor mattress Improper lifting practices Muscle strain Falls Sports injuries Auto accidents Medical conditions

The list goes on and on. For those who suffer from back pain, it is best to get to the heart of the potential causes, especially to rule out potential medical conditions before dismissing the pain to something as simple as a pulled muscle or a bad night’s sleep—especially if the pain continues for more than a couple of days.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Back Pain

Can Something as Simple as a Mattress Relieve Back Pain? For many years, people who suffered from chronic back pain were recommended to seek out the best firm mattress their budgets could afford. However, this may not be the case for everyone as those who are aging may need a different type of support to help prevent back pain. According to WebMD Health News, researchers in Spain have determined that people who use medium-firm mattresses are “twice as likely to report improvements in lower back pain compared to those who sleep on more firm bedding.” Of course, the debate still rages between orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. Orthopedic surgeons by and large recommend firmer mattresses to patients while chiropractors argue that moderately firm mattresses work best because the spine needs support that has a little bit of give in order to support its curves. The equalized support of a medium-firm mattress is much better for aging spines. The medium-firm mattress is also the best mattress for side sleepers who need the “curve support” even more than those who sleep on their backs. Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended for anyone who suffers from back pain as this will often lead to a completely misaligned spine and, by default, more back pain. Natural Latex mattresses provide a healthy compromise between the firmness you need to properly support the proper alignment of your spine without being so firm that cause additional strain on sensitive pressure points. Another benefit to latex is that they tend to last longer than traditional mattresses before their resilience and structure gives way. At the very least, they are worth more than a second glance as you explore your mattress options in an effort to relieve back pain.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Arthritis

Best Mattress for Arthritis

Up to 10 million adults in the United States suffer from sleep disturbances as a result of arthritis. Especially when arthritic patients are anxious, depressed, or whose pain isn’t controlled well, arthritis can make the a person’s sleep quality substantially worse. This is according to a study of more than 23,000 adults published in Arthritis Care & Research.

Arthritis and Sleeping “Among people with arthritis, the prevalence of sleep disturbances was very high – about 23 percent, or more than 10 million Americans,” said study co-author Dr. Grant Louie at Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland. On the other hand, those sans arthritis, had a rate of sleep disturbances seven percent less (16 percent). People who had arthritis had a three times increased likelihood of sleep problems that included: sleeping less than six hours excessive daytime sleepiness having difficulty falling asleep Most sleep disturbances were related to limitations in joint mobility and pain.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Arthritis

Best Mattress for Arthritis Whether you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, getting a good night’s sleep when you have arthritis is no doubt challenging. But it can be achieved. In order to keep your arthritis pain at bay, it’s important to choose a good mattress that provides support to your back and neck. Sleeping on the best firm mattress or medium firm mattress can help distribute your body weight while keeping the pressure off your painful joints. Since flexibility is key, a natural latex mattress, memory foam mattress, or memory foam topper can provide the support and comfort you need. Because latex foam “springs back”, it provides the extra resilience an arthritic body needs. And memory foam is also great for pressure point reduction.

Other Sleeping with Arthritis Tips The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) provides some other great tips for those who have arthritis to get a better night’s sleep. Keep a regular sleep schedule. In other words get up and go to bed approximately the same time each day. Restrict drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages several hours before bed. Don’t exercise late. Try to get your exercise in before three hours of turning in for the night. Don’t nap in the daytime. While napping in the daytime can help some people, it disrupts nighttime sleep in many others. Be conscious of eating before bed. Avoid certain foods before bed. Spicy and high fat foods can be more difficult to digest and lead to sleep disturbances. Create a good sleeping environment. This means keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool. Adhere to nighttime bedtime rituals. This may include drinking chamomile tea, listening to soothing music, yoga, or taking a warm bath. In addition to these tips, consider a good neck pillow, body pillow, or contour pillow to keep your spine aligned and body comfortable while sleeping. Keep in mind that the best mattress for arthritis is a matter of personal preferences. That said, dig in and learn


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Arthritis

about the benefits of latex and memory foam as wonderful mattress options for those with arthritis.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia

Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia

In the United States, more than 12 million people suffer from the aches and pains of fibromyalgia, according to WebMd. If you are a woman between the ages of 25 to 60, you have a ten times increased likelihood to be plagued by fibromyalgia than you would have if you were a man.

For fibromyalgia sufferers, finding the right mattress is especially important. Of course, it’s not just about finding the right mattress for shoulder pain. You also need to find the best mattress for side sleepers or back sleepers, as the wrong mattress for the way you sleep can also serve to exacerbate any shoulder and/or back pain you have as a result of fibromyalgia.

Demystifying Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia, in the past more so than today, was considered a mysterious disease. Its sufferers were often misdiagnosed or diagnosed late after many doctors appointments and episodes of widespread pain. These days, however, fibromyalgia is better understood. Fibromyalgia is a medical disorder typecast as widespread musculoskeletal pain. The pain is accompanied by aches, memory problems, mood fluctuations, fatigue and sleep disturbances.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Sleep Problems According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), the intersection of sleep disturbances and fibromyalgia pain is a “double-edged sword”. “ The pain makes sleep more difficult and sleep deprivation exacerbates pain,” the NSF explains. The pain experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers can be exasperated when pressure is placed on specific tender points on the body. These tender points are located all over the body and include locations such as the: Top of the shoulders Area between the shoulder blades Sides of the neck Upper area of the chest Back side of the head Sides or upper portion of the hips Inner sides of knees Outer elbows Because of the pain associated from pressure to these tender points, patients with fibromyalgia often complaining of being tired, even though they may have had a full night of sleep.

Can a Mattress Help with Fibromyalgia? Without a doubt, sleeping with fibromyalgia can be problematic, particularly when the pain is widespread and chronic. While obtaining treatment for the underlying causes of fibromyalgia pain is the first all-important step, several suggestions can help your obtain the benefits that sleep provides for the body even when you are hounded by fibromyalgia pain.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia

For many people with fibromyalgia, the hardest part is getting comfortable while sleeping. And, for people who prefer to sleep on their sides, this can be especially problematic. For people who have fibromyalgia and who sleep on their sides, the best mattress for side sleepers is often a medium firm to firm mattress. Other tips for sleeping as noted by WebMD, include focusing on sleep hygiene. Things like keeping a regular bedtime schedule, keeping your bedroom at the best temperature for sleeping, and avoiding heavy meals, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol before bed can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep. All in all, regardless of preferred sleeping position, one of the best mattresses for fibromyalgia (if not THE best) is a high-quality natural latex mattress, which provides the contouring and comfortable support that cradles the body of fibromyalgia patients, and relieves pressure from any trigger points.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Pressure Points

Best Mattress for Pressure Points

Pressure points are any area on body (usually the surface) that are sensitive to pressure. Some people suffering from fibromyalgia experience tender trigger points, and thus are on a constant lookout to help relieve the pain of these tender spots. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can result in pressure point discomfort too — and a night of tossing and turning, a morning awakening of aches and pains, and a day feeling tired and not at your best. Selecting the best mattress for pressure points so you can sleep involves choosing a mattress that distributes your body weight evenly.

“If the mattress is too firm, it will push on those main pressure points and take you out of alignment,” Arya Nick Shamie, MD, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center said to WebMD. “If it’s too soft, those pressure points won’t be properly supported, so your whole body flops back.” Both of these scenarios can lead to an achy morning. Let’s take a look at a few types of mattresses and how they can be helpful (or not) for people suffering from sensitive pressure points.

Spring Mattress Because each coil in a spring mattresses bounces back, it may give the illusion that it would be comfortable for sensitive pressure points. In reality though, the coils spring back evenly with the same force, thereby putting pressure on tender areas of the body. For this reason, spring mattresses cannot spread your body weight evenly, leaving those tender points aggravated more easily.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Pressure Points

Memory Foam Mattress A good quality memory foam mattress (and the key term here is “good quality”) can help to distribute body weight evenly. Airplane seats, soles of shoes, and football helmets have used memory foam for better comfort and shock absorption. Even hospital bed pads have been made with memory foam to help patients prevent bed sores. Memory foam springs back slowly and gradually returns to its original shape. That said, some memory foam mattresses, unlike latex, rely on a person’s body heat for its shaping, molding and conforming effects. Therefore, to benefit from their pressure-point-relieving properties, look for a high-density foam that contains an airflow system designed to allow a constant flow of air for keeping you cooler as the best foam mattress to select for pressure point relief.

Latex Mattress While a memory foam mattress relies on your body’s heat to gradually adapt to your body’s shape, latex practically instantly conforms to your body’s shape. It does this without relying on the heat of your body to do so. For this reason, latex is well-known for not “sleeping hot” as opposed to other mattress types. Ultimately, the best mattress for pressure points depends on whether you like the gradual spring back that a memory foam mattress provides or the quicker spring back of a latex mattress. Both can provide relief from tender pressure points. Keep in mind though, that a couple of the many benefits of sleeping on a 100% natural latex mattress is that it has the advantage of being very resilient and long lasting, as well as being the greener option.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

According toWebMD, 63 percent of Americans are side sleepers. That means that a large percentage of the population needs to be looking for mattresses that have certain properties best suited for a good nights sleep. It makes perfect sense that side sleepers are interested in finding the best mattress for side sleepers. What might come as a surprise however, is the fact that side sleepers need different things from mattresses than people who sleep on their backs. Sleep posture can have a significant impact on your overall health as well as the quality of the sleep you get. The right mattress ensures you get a full night’s sleep as well as a comfortable night’s sleep.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Which Sleeping Positions are Healthiest? Sleeping on your side can provide quite a few health benefits. It can help reduce some types of snoring (which is great for your partner), relieves back pressure, reduces heartburn and/or acid reflux, and it’s a neutral position that’s easier for your joints to maintain while sleeping. While back sleeping provides benefits for preventing pain to joints and helping to reduce acid reflux, it is not, however, good for snoring.

Potential Problems Side Sleepers Face Support is the number one concern of the average side sleeper. It’s important to find a mattress and pillows that provide adequate amounts of support without putting unnecessary pressure or tension on joints and bones. While firm mattresses provide a great deal of support, if the mattress is too firm it will not make for a comfortable night of sleep. Don’t overlook the importance of a good pillow either. You’re going to need a pillow that’s fairly thick and supportive so that your neck is able to maintain proper alignment throughout the night. There are special pillows available that are contoured to accommodate side sleepers very nicely. Some side sleepers like to have a pillow between their knees.

Mattress Facts that Impact Sleep


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Not only is it important to have the best firm mattress (medium-firm at the very least) to provide an adequate support system for your sleep needs, but you must also use a mattress that’s in good physical condition if your goal is to get quality sleep night after night. It’s not enough to buy a top of the line mattress and hang onto that mattress twenty years past its prime. You need to take care of the mattress with proper flipping and turning—as necessary and replace mattresses when needed. Natural latex mattresses provide a few benefits you might want to consider if you’re having trouble sleeping or need a little additional support for your aching bones and joints. One of the biggest benefits about latex for people who have difficulty with sleep quality enjoy is the fact that it doesn’t hold in the heat from the body. Some other mattress types are notoriously hot, which leads to many other sleep problems. Finally, latex mattresses may very well be the best mattress for the money for anyone suffering from sleep problems that can be corrected or limited with a mattress—especially when you consider their long lifespans. No matter how great the mattress you decide to buy happens to be, it can only do so much to help improve your overall health or the quality of sleep you’re getting. If you sleep in certain positions, such as your stomach or in a fetal position, you’re much more likely to have problems with the quality of sleep you’re getting. Keep these things in mind as you look for the right mattress to meet your needs as a side sleeper and you should be able to find a great mattress at an excellent price.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Couples

Best Mattress for Couples

Finding the right mattress is difficult enough when you’re shopping for one person. When you’re looking for the best mattress for intimacy or just for sleep as a couple, it changes the mattress buying process immensely. There are more considerations to bear in mind as you go through the buying process. Remember these key points when shopping for the right mattress for your needs as a couple.

Finding the Right Fit Size matters when it comes to buying mattresses. It doesn’t matter if you have the best firm mattress on the market if you’ve purchased one that’s two sizes too small. Just like the Grinch’s heart, it’s likely to leave you feeling left out in the cold rather than feeling the love you expect to feel when sharing a bed with the one you love. The reason is simple. The double (full-size) bed is only double the size of actual sleeping space of the average crib, saysThe Better Sleep Council. The council goes on to recommend the king-size mattress as the best for couples provided you have an adequate foundation for the mattress. Don’t forget, however, to consider the dimensions of the room where the bed will be as well as your ability to move the mattress into and out of the room.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Couples

Adequate Support Just as relationships need support, so does a good night’s sleep. Couples may have different preferences on softness and other issues, but all mattresses need to provide adequate support. This will prove beneficial not only for better sleep for both parties but also for the intimate moments couples share. Because couples share space in a bed, and tend to sleep all over that space at different points in the relationship, the support needs to be consistent throughout the mattress. Despite common misconceptions about sleep and aging, the need for good support from a mattress only increases with age. The longer you’re together as a couple the more support you’re likely to need from you mattress.

Conducive to Sleep You’ll spend more of your time in bed sleeping than anything else. And a good night’s sleep is necessary for good health and a healthy relationship. You need to choose a mattress that’s conducive to sleep for both of you. For instance, a 100 percent natural latex mattress pulls heat away from the body for a cooling impact that counteracts the heat from the warm body next to you. It makes cuddling in bed less disruptive to sleep than with other types of mattresses. The size of your mattress also impacts the quality of sleep as well as the support. Ever slept on an old saggy mattress where you both seemed to fall on top of each other in the middle of the bed? That does not make for a good night’s sleep. You need to check for guarantees or warranties protecting against that type of sagging when selecting your best latex mattress too – and provide an adequate foundation for the mattress you ultimately choose. Buying mattresses as a couple doesn’t have to be completely difficult. Keep these things in mind and your


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Couples

heart may feel so much love that, like the Grinch’s, it grows three sizes too. At least you’ll get enough mood-improving sleep that the one you love will think that’s what has happened.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Intimacy

Best Mattress for Intimacy

Intimacy in a relationship is as important as a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s necessary that during your search for the perfect mattress you keep both these things in mind. Whether your relationship is swimming in intimacy for the moment or you’re struggling to try to find time for it, finding the best mattress for couples like you will help you enjoy better quality sleep, which will in turn improve intimacy in your relationship.

Find the Mattress Most Appropriate for Your Sleep Style The way you sleep as a couple says a great deal about the level of intimacy in your relationship. At least, that’s what a recent study involving 2,000 couples has uncovered. Medical Daily reports on the survey and how it reveals that the movie romance position where a woman lies on her man’s chest is extremely rare and generally only limited to very new or newly rekindled intimate relationships. The surprising revelation is that couples who sleep back to back, without touching, are often extremely confident in their relationships. According to the article, they feel connected and are both independent enough as individuals to sleep separately. This is referred to as the “Liberty” position. The secret to success for selecting the right mattress is to choose one that works for preferred sleep positions now and those that are likely to evolve as the relationship changes and grows. Firm support and soft comfort, like you’ll find with a natural latex mattress, is an excellent choice. You also get the additional benefit of the cooling factor these mattresses have to balance the added heat of a sleep partner.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Intimacy

Mattress Ratings and Sex According to the website,, one of the best mattresses for sexual intimacy is the latex mattress. Nick Robinson, owner of the website, surveyed 443 mattress owners and found that over 78% of latex mattress owners found latex to be average or better for sex. In comparison to memory foam (60% of memory foam mattress owners found memory foam to be average or better for sex), inner spring (74% satisfaction), airbeds (60% satisfaction), and waterbeds (70% satisfaction), latex is the clear winner. The factors taken into account and given grades by each of the various mattress owners were “active sex friendly”, “bouncy”, “allows discretion”, “durable”, “many positions”, “comfortable”, “allows faster climax”, and “whole bed suitable”. It’s an interesting study, and can be accessed here to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of sex with each mattress type. PlushBeds is proud to have high, unbiased customer satisfaction ratings with our all-natural latex mattresses on that website and many others.

What if You’re Too Tired for Intimacy? This is a much more common problem than you may realize. John Thurman, M.Div., M.A., LCMHC, cites a recent National Sleep Foundation study that discovered 42 percent of couples are too tired for sexual intimacy. His recommendation for the challenge that presents is to schedule time for intimacy. While it may seem awkward at first, doing this with regularity in the beginning leads to more spontaneous intimacy within a short amount of time. Another suggestion for renewing intimacy in the bedroom is to get rid of the tech. A recent MSN article interviewed Dr. Robert Oexman of the Sleep to Live Institute based in Missouri. He says that two things should happen in the bedroom: sleep and intimacy. He goes on today that electronic gadgets in the bedroom rob people of both. It’s not just televisions anymore though. Now there are mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, handheld video games and more. Imposing a ban on all such gadgets in the bedroom allows couples to get more rest and enjoy better (and more frequent) intimacy. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship. Getting the right mattress can provide better sleep and


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Best Mattress for Intimacy

improve intimacy in a relationship. In addition to getting the best mattress for the money, which will help relieve money-related stress, getting rid of technology in the bedroom and scheduling intimacy during times of drought can greatly improve the emotional relationship and the physical relationship at the same time.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Questions

Latex Mattress Questions

Latex mattresses are not as mainstream or widely recognized as other popular mattress styles such as adjustable air or memory foam mattresses. This leaves many people with unanswered questions about latex mattresses and what they have to offer. These are a few of the most commonly asked questions and answers so that you can buy with confidence that you know what you’re getting.

What is Latex Foam? Latex foam is a material made from the sap of rubber trees. Natural latex foam is completely natural and has a natural resistance to bacteria, mold, mildew, and parasites. Unlike memory foam, latex foam is also extremely breathable, allowing air to flow through and providing a cooler sleep experience.

What Types of Latex Mattresses are Available? There are essentially three different types of latex foam mattresses available today. They are natural latex foam, blended latex, and 100 percent synthetic latex. Natural latex is the purest, most natural form of latex.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Questions

Natural latex is also the most durable and long-lasting form of latex, lasting 20 years or more in many cases.

How are Latex Foam Mattresses Constructed? There are two methods of construction for latex foam mattresses: Talalay and Dunlop. Talalay produces the more expensive breed of latex foam mattresses, as there are most steps involved in the construction process. There is great debate over which mattress type is best, though both are great for different reasons. Dunlop mattresses are generally firmer, and Talalay mattresses are the more comfortable option. The use of both Dunlop and Talalay latex in a mattress is the best of both worlds, and provides adequate support, pressure-relieving comfort, and durability.

Are Latex Mattresses a Green Sleep Option? It’s nearly impossible to find a more “green sleep option” than latex foam for many reasons. The first is the longevity of a natural latex mattress. The average mattress must be replaced every five to seven years. Some offer longer warranties, but on average, people stick to that rule of thumb due to lack of comfort, sagging, and countless other reasons. Latex foam mattresses last 20 years on average – some even longer than that. This means that one latex mattress can eliminate three traditional mattresses from landfills around the world. Further, latex mattresses are biodegradable (having been made from botanical materials), whereas traditional mattresses would stay in the landfill for hundreds of years before fully decomposing.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Questions

The other way latex mattresses are green, specifically the natural latex mattress, is that it is made of 100 percent natural ingredients, no petrochemicals are used in its construction, and it’s naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and pests.

How Comfortable are Latex Mattresses? Latex mattresses are often proclaimed to be as comfortable to sleep on as memory foam mattresses without the heat and off-gassing that are so often associated with them. Off-gassing can put off the joy of a new mattress for as much as an entire month. In some cases, the off-gassing is so bad that you can’t even sleep in the same room with the mattress for at least that long (especially if you have a sensitive nose). As well, latex is springier, meaning it has better bounce back and resiliency, so you won’t feel like you are sinking into quicksand as some memory foam mattress owners report. You get the best firm mattress you need for better back health and the soft cushioning you need to avoid pressure points all rolled up in one mattress, depending on your needs. The real beauty about natural latex, if you aptly compare brands and choose the best latex mattress manufacturers to do business with, is that you can have your mattress custom created to match your individual mattress needs, even if you and your partner like different firmnesses. These are some of the most common questions asked about latex foam mattresses today. Hopefully your questions have been answered so you can make an informed buying decision.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Why Choose a Latex Mattress

Why Choose a Latex Mattress

Shopping for a mattress can be confusing, and add shopping for a l00% latex mattress to the mix, and the task can even be more daunting. You probably have at least a handful of latex mattress questions. Yet, there are many reasons why mattress shoppers would buy a latex mattress ? and even more reasons why those who have them love them. To make this easier on you, we’ve narrowed down the list of reasons to buy a latex mattress to five.

5 Reasons to Buy a Latex Mattress It’s Healthier. Perhaps the number one reason to go with a latex mattress for your next mattress purchase is to improve your health. If you’re not getting quality sleep on a regular basis, your health could be compromised. Just check out all the good things sleep does for the body in this article. It’s Super Comfortable. Let’s face it, we spend ? of our allotted 24 hours of our day in bed. Or, to put it another way, we spend ? of our lives in bed. Why wouldn’t we choose to purchase a mattress that is anything less than ultra comfortable? Latex mattresses don’t sleep hot, so they help to keep you comfortable while you sleep. In addition, they conform to and support your body better than a traditional innerspring mattress,


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Why Choose a Latex Mattress

which is helpful if you have any aches and pains from say a sore back, arthritis or fibromyalgia. Many people who have these and other kinds of health-related conditions find comfort in their latex mattress.

Environmentally-Friendly. Because latex mattress are manufactured from the sap of rubber trees, they are fully bio-degradable. This makes these green mattresses eco-friendly, unlike other mattresses that produce mattress off gassing and are comprised of synthetic chemicals. Hypoallergenic. Another wonderful benefit of latex mattresses, particularly for those who suffer allergies, is that they are hypoallergenic. Latex mattresses have antimicrobial properties and are virtually resistant to dust mites. This makes latex mattresses for allergies a great choice for those who suffer from them. Long-Lasting. When investing in a major purchase, one thing most consumers overwhelming want is that their latex mattress purchase to last a long time. That’s the beauty of latex mattresses. Not only are they resilient, but they are durable and have longevity. Latex mattress owners are thrilled to know that their mattress will last up to 20 years or more. So for those that just haven’t been able to get a restful night’s sleep, have unrelieved, chronic pain issues, and want an investment that pays off in comfort over the long run, there’s no better choice than a latex mattress.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Allergy

Latex Mattress Allergy

Latex allergies received a great deal of recognition between the years of 1988 and 1992 when 15 deaths came about, along with over 1,000 other reports of adverse health effects due to exposure to latex. Current estimates, according to the United States Department of Labor: Occupational Health and Safety Administration (otherwise known as OSHA), are that 8 to 12 percent of healthcare workers suffer from some degree of latex sensitivity.

Allergies are a notable concern before buying a latex mattress. However, the good news for you is that having an allergic reaction to a natural latex mattress is largely a negligible concern. It is very rarely a problem for most people due to the way latex mattresses are constructed.That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise due diligence ahead of your purchase, but it does mean that there are processes in place that remove the bulk of risks to consumers.

Facts about Latex Allergies Latex allergies are touch-based allergies (the exception to this would be in the case of medical gloves where cornstarch is often used to make it easier to put on and remove the gloves – when the gloves are snapped,


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Allergy

these latex contaminated corn starch particles become airborne and can cause reactions when inhaled). Your skin has to come in contact with latex before you would have a reaction to the latex. Latex mattresses are wrapped in wool and then sealed in an additional layer of cotton ticking, which is a thick cotton fabric common in covering mattresses and pillows. This is an added layer between skin and latex. If you are concerned about a potential allergic reaction, the best choice, as always, is to seek medical advice from an allergy specialist before purchasing a latex mattress. However, most people with mild latex allergies will never have a problem from latex mattresses, and therefore can experience all the worthy benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress. Natural latex is after all, hypoallergenic, and one of the best mattresses for allergies in general. People with severe allergic reactions to latex might do better to err on the side of caution despite all the safeguards in place. It’s too great a risk in cases such as these.

Latex Mattress Allergy Safeguards Why are the makers of latex mattresses so confident that their mattresses will not trigger allergic reactions in people who suffer from latex allergies? In addition to the fact that skin-to-skin contact isn’t likely at all with these mattresses, there is a washing process the mattresses go through that removes the proteins that cause allergens. Latex foam mattresses are made using an open-cell structure as opposed to the closed-cell structure


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Allergy

of more elastic products such as latex gloves. This open-celled construction allows the foam latex to work as a sponge during the many washing processes the foam goes through in the creation process. The water is then drawn into all the mattress’ voids before being completely removed — effectively washing out, or removing, all the allergy-triggering latex proteins in the mattress. For added peace of mind, you may want to consider ordering a sample of the actual natural latex foam that is used to make the bed you’re interested in purchasing. Then you can have it tested by an allergy specialists before you make your investment, and without losing a single night’s sleep once you make your purchase – at least as a result of latex allergies or concerns about them.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

When you go into a store or online and purchase a mattress, any mattress, one of the things you worry about is how long it will be before the mattress begins to sag. They aren’t generally designed to last forever, after all. Over time, most mattresses do, in fact, begin to break down and lose their form. However, latex mattresses are birds of different feathers. They are able to retain their shape and form for 20 years or more depending on the construction of the mattress. In fact, the longevity of a latex mattress is just one of the many benefits of a 100% natural latex mattress that sets them apart from traditional innerspring mattresses.

What is the Sag Factor in Latex and Other Mattresses? The sag factor is the ability of a mattress to return to its original form after exposure to a pressure or a load. Thanks to ISO 2439, there is now a standard of measurement to help determine the sag factor of foam mattresses, such as latex foam, urethane foam, and open-cell PVC foam. Polyurethane foam, for instance, has a sag factor of two, while highly resilient foams have a sag factor of three. Natural latex mattresses often have sag factors as high as four or five. Generally speaking, sag factors greater than three provide for exceptional comfort for sleep.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

Other Considerations that Impact the Sag Factor of a Mattress It’s more than the materials used in the mattress that impact the sag factor. There are plenty of advantages latex brings to a mattress, but without the proper construction method and other mitigating factors, the mattresses wouldn’t be nearly as resilient over time as they continue to be. Construction – Latex mattresses are made by two construction processes – Talalay and Dunlop. The Talalay process involves an additional step where the mold is flash frozen before it is baked. For this reason, mattresses made with the Dunlop construction process often provide greater sag resistance than Talalay over time. However, both construction methods are much more sag-resistant than almost any other mattress on the market today. Quality of Foam - There are four main latex mattress types on the market. One hundred percent natural latex foam is the highest quality foam available. It comes with a premium price tag as well. However, for the extra money, you enjoy even more life from your mattress. Blended latex foam is often referred to as natural foam. But it does include synthetic ingredients that help reduce costs while also sacrificing some of the quality you expect from 100 percent natural foam. Hybrids are a combination of latex foam and another type of mattress material, such as polyurethane foam or even an air mattress. They tend to have lower costs and shorter shelf lives. The least expensive latex foam (and often the easiest to compact or sag) is the completely synthetic latex mattress.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

Ultimately, it’s worth taking a little time to explore things like mattress warranties, guarantees, and what the warranties cover in order to be certain you’re getting the greatest possible value for your mattress investment. Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to go wrong with all natural latex mattresses that are designed to last 20 years or longer.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Are There Chemicals in a Latex Mattress?

Are There Chemicals in a Latex Mattress?

As you compare buying options when latex mattress shopping, you’re likely to face the decision about latex mattress types: whether or not to purchase a synthetic or blended latex mattress vs. purchasing a natural latex mattress. On the surface, it may appear as though you’re getting a better bargain by going the synthetic or blended route. However, once you factor in the chemicals in synthetic latex mattresses, you may find that a natural mattress is a true game changer worthy of a second look.

What’s the Deal with Mattress Chemicals? One hundred percent natural latex mattresses are made with absolutely no petrochemicals. This is a fact that not only appeals to people interested in better health and avoiding unnecessary exposure to petrochemicals, but also to those interested in leading “greener” lifestyles. Pure organic latex is naturally hypoallergenic, as it is a botanical product. The sap from rubber trees is used for creating these mattresses. Because there are no chemicals used in the process of making these mattresses, there is no “off gassing” (the strong chemical odor that is often experienced once removing mattresses from their packing materials). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of blended mattresses that often produce a moderate amount of off


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Are There Chemicals in a Latex Mattress?

gassing. However, even these do not produce as much as other synthetic memory foam mattresses on the market today. They do not have the same green mattress qualities or earth-friendly status, though, as 100 percent natural latex mattresses. In addition, synthetic latex is made in a laboratory versus the dunlop or talalay process that is used in the manufacturing of a natural latex mattress.

Looking Beyond Chemistry Chemistry and mattresses rarely make good bedfellows — especially for the people making the purchase. One hundred percent natural is absolutely the way to go if you have the budget for it. The benefits are many and include things like: 10 – 20 percent higher owner satisfaction rating Better elasticity or contouring Improved compression More durability Eco-friendly Longer lifespan At the end of the day, it’s the person sleeping on the mattress who must choose what works best. While chemical-free is for many the way to go without question, others have stricture budgets and can’t always afford to wait until a time when a pure, organic, natural latex mattress is within their grasp. Blended or hybrid may be their next best choice. However, if exposure to chemicals is a concern of yours, it is worth it


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Are There Chemicals in a Latex Mattress?

to save up for or finance a 100% natural latex mattress.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Do Latex Mattresses Off Gas?

Do Latex Mattresses Off Gas?

Off gassing is a fairly major concern among people interested in purchasing a new mattress. Consumers consider a wide variety of factors when purchasing new mattresses such as, size, comfort, support, durability, lifespan, etc. As consumers become more educated, however, they’re more interested in issues involving the airflow of the mattress and whether or not off gassing is a concern.

What is Off Gassing? Off gassing is the reason ventilation is required for painting and other chemical projects performed around the house. The term itself refers to various chemicals being released under normal atmospheric pressure. It’s quite common with building materials and even new cars. In fact, off gassing is what causes that infamous new car smell. But it isn’t always pleasant, and can, in some cases, be harmful.

Do Latex Mattresses Off Gas? When it comes to mattresses, off gassing is a little bit up close and personal. The common belief is that it’s caused by petrochemicals present in mattresses made with synthetic materials. The mattresses will put off a distinctive chemical smell for a little while. However, not all mattresses have


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Do Latex Mattresses Off Gas?

this chemical smell. In fact, natural latex foam, at most, puts off a faint vanilla-like scent, but not unnatural gassy odors. Natural latex mattresses don’t off gas. Synthetic mattresses do. It really is as simple as that. Even synthetic latex mattresses produce only a minimal amount of off gassing and are usually not problematic at all for new owners. They are significantly better than polyurethane mattresses on the market. That said, pure natural latex mattresses that have no chemicals to off gas are the best choice for a good night’s sleep free from all chemical odors. This is, in addition to the many other benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Impact of Off Gassing? Adequate ventilation is an absolute must if you’re trying to diminish the potency of off gassing from mattresses, painting, or anything else. Many manufacturers of synthetic mattresses recommend allowing the mattresses breathe, outside of their packaging for a few days (or as much as a week depending on your personal sensitivity to chemical odors) in a well-ventilated area before attempting to sleep on them. This will allow the petrochemicals to be released into the air before you’re trying to sleep on the mattress. When you’re in the market for a new mattress, consider the materials used in the production of the mattress. It’s not always the obvious things that leap out at you that are the worst offenders when it comes to off gassing. Glue, for instance, is one of the most odorous materials used in mattress manufacturing. Also consider the bed cover and look for those that are made of natural fibers rather than synthetics.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Do Latex Mattresses Off Gas?

Taking the time, before you buy, to find a mattress that’s going to produce the fewest possible chemical odors allows you to get a better night’s sleep from the very beginning. If you find a mattress that’s built for comfort, longevity, and doesn’t off gas, such as a natural latex mattress, then you have a real winner on your hands from the moment it arrives in your home.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence What is the Best Latex Mattress?

What is the Best Latex Mattress?

While searching for latex mattresses, you’re sure to come across quite an arrangement of mattress options from which to choose. There are synthetic and natural latex mattresses, and two primary methods of construction: Talalay and Dunlop. It can seem like a real guessing game to determine which mattresses are best suited to meet your needs. You should also know that the best latex mattress for you might not be the best mattress for your neighbor, friend, or spouse. These are a few of the things you should know while searching for the best latex mattress.

Consider the Composition The composition of the mattress makes a world of difference in how comfortable it may be for your night’s sleep. The best latex mattresses are 100 percent natural latex and not synthetic latex or latex blends. Not only do these “green mattresses” have a more favorable environmental impact than blends and synthetics, but they also pose fewer risks to health than other mattresses – even those within the latex family of mattresses. Always look for mattresses that have no glue. Not only does this allow you to interchange layers easily, in order to suit your needs, but glue is also known to produce terrible off gassing odors.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence What is the Best Latex Mattress?

Some retailers will try to convince you that gluing is necessary to keep latex mattresses from shifting. This is not the case. Latex is a naturally abrasive material, and the layers of the mattresses do not shift, despite claims to the contrary. Most retailers who claim gluing is necessary do so because it’s the only option their retail store offers. Not gluing the layers together allows consumers to make changes, such as switching out the top layer of the mattress if it is too firm or too soft for the customer’s preferences. While some mattresses have many layers, this isn’t necessary with latex mattresses. Most of the time, the mattress core and a top or comfort layer are all that’s necessary. Anything more is superfluous.

Look for Guarantees You should always be aware of warranties and trial periods before buying a mattress. Read the fine print and make sure you know what your rights are. A 100 percent natural latex mattress should have a warranty of 20 years or more due to the durability of the materials used to make the bed. Trial periods will vary, but should be at least thirty days (though longer is preferable so that you can become adjusted to the bed before making that twenty-year commitment). There are a myriad of benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress, and the best latex mattress is one that allows you to sleep soundly, night after night, for at least the next twenty years. If you make the right mattress choice now, you should have plenty of time to enjoy the rewards of that good decision.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Manufacturers

Latex Mattress Manufacturers

On the World Wide Web, mattress resellers are a dime a dozen. You can’t surf very far without finding one reseller or another advertising various high quality mattresses for sale. The problem is that while there are many resellers selling products online, the actual manufacturers – of natural latex mattresses in particular – are actually quite rare. This means that most of the resellers are offering extremely similar mattresses for sale, which makes it much more difficult for consumers to make adequately informed decisions about the mattresses they’re buying. With so little differentiation in the marketplace, how do you know you’re getting the best latex mattress?

What’s the Solution? The big solution that more and more people are turning to is dealing with the manufacturer directly. What most people fail to understand is that there are many benefits, not all of them obvious at first, for going straight to the source for top quality natural latex mattresses. Manufacturers, for instance, have a greater capacity to build mattresses to the specifications of the consumer. This means that if you need mattresses to be a specific firmness, width, or length, or best mattress for back


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Manufacturers

pain for instance, then the manufacturer is your best bet for getting a mattress that fits those parameters. Manufacturers not only have the ability to adapt according to the needs of customers, but also according to customer feedback. Manufacturers can make adjustments, right away, in response to customer complaints and compliments alike. Resellers lack the ability to make concessions such as this completely.

Other Benefits of Dealing with Natural Latex Manufacturers Some of the benefits are a little more obvious in nature. After all, who knows the product better than the manufacturer? The maker of your mattresses knows more about the construction and contents of the mattress than almost any reseller is ever going to bother to learn. If you’re looking for an education about the latex mattress you’re considering, the producer of the mattress is able to provide the greatest amount of detail. Also, don’t forget to research the type of feedback customers give about manufacturers’ mattresses for third party verification.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Manufacturers

It also costs less to deal with manufacturers, especially when buying a mattress from them online. You’re essentially cutting out the intermediary (otherwise referred to as “middle man”), factory showroom, and other add-on expenses that drive natural latex and other mattress prices higher and higher. Whether you’re interested in buying a stock natural latex mattress, having one built to your specifications or needs, or you’re hoping to get the best mattress for the money when comparing the various latex mattress brands, it’s worth taking a long, hard look at manufacturers that also happen to sell the mattresses you’re most interested in purchasing. This gives you much more power to understand fair pricing, get the size requirements that suit you best, and arrange for other add-on perks such as free shipping, deep discounts, and bonus offers. Look today to see what kinds of bargains and value are available from your favorite latex mattress manufacturer.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence How to Compare Latex Mattress Brands

How to Compare Latex Mattress Brands

If this is your first time purchasing a latex mattress, the wide range of brands and options might be a little bit confusing. On the outside looking in, one brand looks much the same as any other. There are, however, a few things you should look for that may help you make your buying decision.

Read Third Party Reviews Third party means that no one has a vested interested in the positivity or negativity of the review. It’s an independent review where the consumer presenting the view has been verified as someone who has purchased the product. These are often the most honest reviews about the buying experience and the mattress itself. Just remember to read the reviews for informational purposes regarding the brand and not the opinion of the reviewer. Sometimes, the things that were negative aspects to the reviewer will actually be positive factors for you. Think Goldilocks – many opinions on firmness, softness, support, etc. are in the eyes of the beholder.

Make Apples to Apples Comparisons It’s unfair to compare Brand X’s synthetic latex mattress with Brand Y’s 100 percent natural latex mattress. The costs of a natural latex mattress with no synthetic material or blending is much higher than blends and synthetics, the benefits being the natural mattress is more durable, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly,


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence How to Compare Latex Mattress Brands

and offers a considerably longer warranty. Make a note of the options available by various latex mattress brands so that you’re sure you are making accurate comparisons.

Manufacturing Process Comparisons There are two methods of manufacturing that are widely used in the making of latex mattresses. They are Talalay and Dunlop. The Dunlop method is more traditional and has been in use since 1929. The process involves pouring a frothy mixture of rubber sap into a mold, covering it, and then heating it until the foam sets. The result of this method is a mattress that tends to be firmer than Talalay mattresses. The Talalay process of manufacturing adds more steps to the process by sealing it within a vacuum chamber, which sucks out the air and more evenly distributes the foam particles. Then the foam is flash frozen prior to heating. The additional steps make Talalay mattresses slightly more expensive; however, they also provide a softer, yet supportive, sleep surface. The key is to find brands that offer the specific manufacturing process you’re most interested in purchasing. It should be noted that the Dunlop process produces a longer-lasting material, and is often a much better option for the mattress core, while Talalay is a great choice for a top comfort layer because of it’s softness.

Manufacturer vs. Reseller Finally, don’t forget to consider whether you have the option to purchase directly from the manufacturer with the brand you choose, or if you can only purchase through resellers. More often than not, you’ll have more options in the construction of your mattress when dealing directly with the manufacturers. Resellers are often limited in their product offerings, only able to sell you a “one size fits all”, and are unlikely to be able to offer custom orders.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence How to Compare Latex Mattress Brands

There are plenty of brands available when it comes to latex mattresses. Keeping these things in mind helps you find the right brand for you.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Shopping: Best Value

Latex Mattress Shopping: Best Value

Mattress shopping has changed a great deal over the years. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever before, and want the best possible value and experience when shopping for latex mattresses. They want to get the biggest possible bang for the buck and the best mattress for the money. That’s why it’s important to keep these things in mind while shopping for latex.

High Quality Botanical Latex Foam It’s not enough to simply make the decision to buy a latex mattress and just pick the first one you come across. Like all other mattress types, latex foam mattresses are not created equal. The best latex mattress values are the ones that are made of natural latex and do not include synthetic latex or latex blends. The reason is simple. Natural latex mattresses made of high quality botanical latex foam last more than 20 years. Synthetic latex and latex blends do not have the same extraordinary lifespan. Nor do they provide the same degree of comfort and support that natural latex does.

Return Policy/Guarantees


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Shopping: Best Value

Warranties and guarantees are an absolute necessity when buying mattresses. Natural latex foam mattresses should have a minimum guarantee of 20 years, and should retain their shape and provide the same consistent level of support during that entire period. That’s part of the reason why these mattresses represent such a high return on investment. Return policies should also be quite generous. It takes at least 30 days to grow accustomed to a mattress enough to get a feel for whether or not it’s actually beneficial for you. The more generous the length of the trial period is, the better the odds are that you’ll be able to find the fit you need. You really need at least 90 days to decide how well a mattress is working for you.

Verifiable Third Party Reviews So many reviews on the Internet are conducted by people who have a vested interest in selling products. Sometimes, they are even provided by competitors seeking to discredit the product or company. Whether they’re earning affiliate commissions on the sales of the products, or working for the company itself to help boost the product’s reputation on the World Wide Web, it can be difficult to verify the authenticity of the reviews unless going through a third-party review site. The other benefit to consumers is that third party sites confirm that the reviewers are actual customers of the businesses they’re reviewing. This means they actually did have a buying experience with the company in question.

BBB Rating The Better Business Bureau has been in the business of protecting consumers for a very long time. They take their business seriously. While the organization isn’t infallible, they are the best source, by far, to turn to if you’re concerned about the legitimacy of a business and whether or not that business honestly seeks to address customer concerns and issues in a timely manner, has a reputation for providing good quality products, and has a reputation for solid customer service. The higher that rating with the BBB, the more likely it is that you’re dealing with a standout business.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Shopping: Best Value

Fair Pricing Price gouging happens, even in the mattress market. Latex mattresses are long-term investments. The upfront costs are fairly high, but over time, the value and longevity of the mattresses makes them a solid investment. There are some unscrupulous suppliers, however, that will price their mattresses above the average market value in order to accommodate occasional sales at well below market value prices. That’s why it is always a good idea to purchase your latex mattress from a manufacturer. Also check for hidden fees (particularly excessive shipping or “handling” expenses). It helps to learn the average value of the mattress before you buy, and only do business with those who are making apples to apples comparisons and charging prices that are fair based on the average. Put these tips to good use. They’ll help you get the best possible value for your dollar while shopping for a latex mattress.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Your Latex Mattress Purchase: Price, Comfort, Quality, Warranty, or Return Policy - Which Matters Most?

Your Latex Mattress Purchase: Price, Comfort, Quality, Warranty, or Return Policy Which Matters Most?

There are so many variables that all have a significant impact on your latex mattress purchase. You fully understand that each one is important in its own right, but determining which feature is the most important isn’t always a simple matter. Let’s take a look at each, one by one:

Price The price of your latex mattress, for some, is perhaps the overriding factor in the latex mattress purchase. If the price is too high, you can’t afford the mattress, but you’ll miss out on the many wonderful benefits of sleeping on a 100 percent natural latex mattress. PlushBeds understands this and wants you to have the natural latex mattress you deserve without breaking the bank in the process. That said, we do offer financing through Paypal.

Comfort The most beautiful thing about PlushBeds mattresses is not the affordable price tag, though that certainly helps. It’s the comfortable sleep surface created by people who have devoted decades to perfecting this style of mattress construction and topped by the $45 comfort layer exchange for anyone unhappy with the initial comfort layer.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Your Latex Mattress Purchase: Price, Comfort, Quality, Warranty, or Return Policy - Which Matters Most?

Quality PlushBeds latex mattresses are often recommended by chiropractors because of the firm support they offer, as well as the fact that they are customizable to meet your unique needs when it comes to mattress firmness. That’s not something you can do with traditional mattresses — particularly after the sale is complete and the mattress has been delivered. These are just a few of the reasons; PlushBeds are so highly regarded by physicians and owners of our beds alike. Orthopedic Foundation for the solid support for your back and your good health Natural Latex Dunlop Core for the world-famous support latex mattresses offer. Natural Talalay Latex Layer for added buoyancy. Pure Joma New Zealand Wool to wick moisture away from the skin and keep sleepers cool throughout the night Non-woven organic cotton mattress cover to hold it all together And last (but not least), a Greenguard Gold certification making our mattress one of the greenest available! (less than 3% of companies attain this status)

Warranty How often do you see mattresses in stores with warranties lasting more than ten years? Chances are, not that often. PlushBeds offers a nearly unprecedented 25-year warranty on our mattresses and they live up to the hype in spades.

Return Policy


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Your Latex Mattress Purchase: Price, Comfort, Quality, Warranty, or Return Policy - Which Matters Most?

Returning anything by mail these days is quite a hassle. It’s enough of a hassle that many people go into stores and pay extra for the mattress on top of additional delivery and setup fees. There is a better way. With PlushBeds, you receive the 100 Night Comfort Exchange return policy. This means that you have 100 nights to try the bed and see if it’s what you want. At any time during those 100 nights, you can choose to return the mattress for a no-hassle flat rate of $99. We’ll even foot the bill for curbside pickup making it even easier on you — even if you decide this isn’t the mattress for you. Ultimately, there is no one feature that matters most. The best deal in latex mattresses today is one that combines all these features and factors into one attractive mattress practice. For many, is all the mattress they feel they’ll ever be likely to need.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Reviews

Latex Mattress Reviews

People today are looking for earth-friendly choices in many purchases. Sometimes, this is at the expense of other luxuries or features. That isn’t the case, however, when it comes to mattresses. Many people who purchase latex mattresses are surprised and delighted to discover that with latex mattresses you really do get to have your eco-friendly cake and eat it too. These are just some of the benefits and features real consumers are thrilled with when talking about their natural latex mattresses.

Comfort While most people associate natural latex mattresses with back comfort and support, many people are surprised to learn how comfortable the mattress is for regulating body temperature. Many people have commented that the breathable wool layer allows cool air to flow through in the hot summer months. This kept them sleeping soundly when other people were up nights due to the summer heat.

Zero Motion


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Reviews

Sharing a bed with another human being can be a trying experience. Many customers who go from traditional coil or innerspring mattresses to a natural latex mattress marvel at how they’re no longer constantly awakened by partner’s tossing and turning (perhaps because their partners are no longer tossing and turning) or nightly excursions thanks to the zero motion transfer feature. The credit for this goes to the nature of the mattress, which isolates motion to the side of the bed where it’s taking place.

Off Gassing Sometimes, the things customers say in product reviews isn’t as important as the things they do not say. One complaint you won’t find in customer reviews of natural latex mattresses, as long as the layers aren’t glued together (most glues contain harsh chemicals and glued latex mattresses cannot be adjusted), is a complaint about off gassing. Off gassing is a foul odor that many people complain about in other mattresses. It’s the result of petrochemicals that are used in the construction of the mattresses being released once the mattress interacts with normal atmospheric conditions. Since natural latex mattresses are made with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients rather than chemical processes, this isn’t a problem consumers face with 100 percent latex mattresses.

Lifespan Many consumers purchasing new latex mattresses have commented that this is their second latex mattress


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Reviews

purchase after 20 and sometimes 30 years of excellent sleeping conditions with their old latex mattresses. Longevity is a key highlight of latex mattress reviews. Other noteworthy themes that come up in the course of consumer reviews for natural latex mattresses include things like the following: it isn’t necessary to flip these mattresses to maintain shape, liberal return policies, and adequate support with maximum comfort. Some people even credit latex mattresses with relieving snoring. When you purchase a latex mattress directly from the manufacturer, you can find the best mattress that does all these things and more because you can find a customized fit that’s perfect for you and your partner.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Guarantees

Latex Mattress Guarantees

Before embarking on a latex mattress shopping mission, there are a number of things to consider. Some factors you’ll likely take into account are price range, size of mattress, latex mattress type and of course, level of comfort. Many of these factors, such as the price you have budgeted for your new latex mattress, are easy to decide.

However, other things are a bit more subtle, namely, what bells and whistles a mattress manufacturer or mattress retailer provides. Things like comfort guarantees, favorable mattress delivery terms, warranties, and bonuses like free pillows are all things that add up to a satisfied latex mattress purchase.

Try it Before You Buy It Lying down on a latex mattress in a retail store fully clothed is not the ideal way to determine if a particular mattress is comfortable for you. Having an eager salesman anxious for your sale, watching over you like a hawk, just doesn’t cut it. Even if the salesman leaves you alone, it can take having the mattress at home and sleeping on it for a number of weeks before you adjust to a new mattress, and have slept on it long enough to decide if it is a good fit.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Guarantees

Most online latex mattress manufacturers know this. They also know that investing in a mattress is an important decision. After all, you’ll be sleeping on the mattress for the next 20 years, as latex mattresses have both resiliency and longevity. Because of this most, mattress manufacturers offer some sort of return policy. It can take at least two weeks to get to know your new mattress, if not a full month. It may even take longer than that to make sure that a particular mattress is the one for you for the next one to two decades. That’s why it is important that the latex mattress you buy comes with some type of Sleep Tight Money Back Guarantee.

Not all Latex Mattress Guarantees are the Same The difference though is not all latex mattress guarantees are the same. Some companies only offer a 30 days or 60 days guarantee. Wouldn’t a longer period, say at least a 90 days or 100 nights latex mattress guarantee be better? The other difference is that some manufacturers only allow you to return a mattress during the guarantee period for an exchange, while others offer a full money back guarantee, usually net of shipping costs. Therefore, it’s prudent to look at the fine print to be sure of what the terms and conditions of the guarantee really are.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Guarantees

What’s the takeaway in all this? The bottom line is that a high quality latex mattress manufacturer wants you to be happy with your mattress purchase. Really happy. That’s why they offer a guarantee and allow you to test the mattress out to ensure that you will be happy with it for the next 20 years.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Free Shipping and Delivery

Latex Mattress Free Shipping and Delivery

When you order a mattress from, it’s natural for you to be excited about your purchase and eager for your new mattress to arrive. That’s why it’s so important to understand the steps that go into the process of custom-creating your ideal natural latex mattress.

Speedy Customization Service Within 24-hours of placing your order, the customization process for your new mattress begins. This means that you’ll get the desired firmness in your mattress from the very beginning. Firmness options include: Soft Medium Medium-Firm Firm

Building Your Mattress Natural latex mattresses made by offer five latex mattress layers to give you comfort and support unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in a mattress. Layer one is the (optional) orthopedic foundation. The foundation is made using all-natural spruce woods in order to absorb pressure while giving you the support you need for overall health and wellbeing.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Free Shipping and Delivery

Layer two is the Dunlop latex mattress core. This six-inch layer uses 100 percent natural premium botanical latex. This latex has been vulcanized to provide outstanding density while delivering unsurpassed support. You won’t need to worry about details like body impressions or sagging with this core. Layer three is the natural Talalay latex layer. This two- to five-inch layer offers a feeling of buoyancy with the mattresses you won’t find in synthetic blends. From a creature comfort standpoint, though, this is the layer that provides excellent pressure relief while you sleep. Layer four is comprised of Joma New Zealand wool and designed to keep you cool while you sleep while also providing a natural resistance to flames. This layer is also important as additional padding. Layer five is the organic cotton cover. This certified organic cover is non-woven and engineered to provide the maximum possible pressure relief as you sleep. The entire building process takes approximately seven days to complete. The complete process from ordering your mattress to shipping it out can take anywhere from seven to nine days. There are a few things you won’t find in PlushBeds mattresses. You won’t find harsh chemicals, chemical retardants, carcinogens, formaldehydes, petroleum fillers, pesticide-treated cottons, synthetic blends, or glue or glued layers.

PlushBeds Warranty, Return Policy, and Comfort Exchange PlushBeds latex beds are built to last and backed by a 25 year warranty that begins on the date of delivery. In addition to that, though, PlushBeds wants you to buy with confidence — if you’re not satisfied with the mattress you can easily return under our guarantee. That’s why we offer a 100 night trial program. The fact that our layers aren’t glued together means you can make adjustments to the firmness or softness of the mattress without getting a completely different mattress. For a $45 flat shipping fee, we’ll send a new natural latex layer to alter the firmness of the mattress for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Latex Mattress Free Shipping and Delivery

Free Shipping Mattresses are notoriously expensive to ship. That’s why has decided to offer free shipping for our mattresses for people who live in the continental U.S. You will receive an email confirmation and tracking number on the day your mattress ships to help you pinpoint exactly when your new mattress will arrive. Shipping usually takes between five and seven days. Returns are a flat rate of $99, which includes curbside pickup of your mattress provided that it is carefully packaged and undamaged. White glove delivery service is available for an additional cost of $299. With white glove service, a delivery person will come into your home (within a four-hour window of time) and install the mattress in the room of your choice for you. If you need assistance removing and disposing of your old mattress, it’s an additional $100. These options can be added as part of your order on the checkout page. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, a natural latex mattress is an outstanding choice. Buying your mattress from makes that choice even better!


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Exchanging the Comfort Layer on Your Latex Mattress

Exchanging the Comfort Layer on Your Latex Mattress

One thing that many people don’t fully understand when they purchase a PlushBeds mattress is that the term fully customizable doesn’t end once the mattress is created. As the manufacturer of PlushBeds mattresses, we want you to have the best possible sleeping experience on our mattresses. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to make changing and exchanging the comfort layer on your mattress as painless as possible.

The 100 Night Free Comfort Exchange Program The hope is that you’ll always select the proper firmness the first time around. However, some people find that their mattress is a little too firm or too soft once it arrives. Sometimes, it takes a while to discover how you really feel about the new mattress, too. If the firmness isn’t quite meeting your needs with your PlushBeds mattress, you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of sending the entire mattress back to us. As part of the 100 night free comfort exchange program (see in the FAQ section of this page), during the first 100 days you own the mattress you can send the top Talalay latex layer back for a flat shipping rate of $45 and PlushBeds will send you a new layer in a different level of firmness, which almost always solves the problem without the need to return the entire mattress.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Exchanging the Comfort Layer on Your Latex Mattress

How Simple Is the Exchange? With an ordinary mattress, exchanging a mattress layer would be nearly impossible. Some latex mattress manufacturers even glue the latex mattress layers together. That’s an unnecessary step that only serves to limit the option of buyers. You won’t see glued layers in PlushBeds’ latex mattresses. If you need to adjust the firmness of your PlushBeds mattress, all you need to do is unzip the latex mattress zippered cover, and exchange your new top layer that we send out to you for the existing one. It’s no more difficult, and not dissimilar to adding a mattress topper to a traditional mattress. Once you’re done, put the old latex layer in the box the new one arrived in, attach the UPS label you received and send it back. Voila!

Flat Fee Returns If, at some point during your 100-night trial, you decide that the PlushBeds mattress is not for you, then you can make a simple phone call and we’ll come pick up the mattress for you while offering a full refund of the purchase price minus a $99 flat rate shipping fee. There are no surprises, no restocking fees, etc. to get them to come to your home to pick up your bed and take it back. PlushBeds will even come pick it up from your curb. If you received free pillows with your original mattress purchase — yes, they’re yours to keep! Adjusting to a new mattress does take a little bit of time. That’s why it’s important to assess your sleep situation thoroughly as you approach the ninety-day mark. You need to see how things stand and whether you’re getting the quality sleep results you deserve and expect from your mattress. If not, perhaps a simple change in the comfort layer will be the right choice to get the most out of your mattress.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Financing Your Latex Mattress

Financing Your Latex Mattress

There’s no denying that latex mattresses are investments. Most things you buy with a 20-year shelf life are. Some people don’t even buy houses expecting to live in them for 20 years or longer. Even today’s cars generally last a few years before being traded in for a newer, shinier model. But, when you’re making the investment in a natural latex mattress, the best mattress for the money is the reward of a good night’s sleep for the next twenty years or more.

Even though you understand the long-term benefits of investing in natural latex mattresses, that doesn’t make the money easier to come by. That’s why you should always explore your options. A handful of latex mattress manufacturers today offer financing. This is a small service for manufacturers to add, but one that sets one manufacturer apart from other vendors or resellers. It also makes getting a good night’s sleep that much more convenient – without completely destroying your budget.

Why is Latex Mattress Financing Important? Financing changes the game, so to speak, when it comes to purchasing natural latex mattresses. It gives you the option to get the mattress you really need instead of the mattress you can easily afford right now. This provides a better long-term solution to your mattress problem and allows you to enjoy the benefits of restful sleep from day one.

Purchasing Online is the Easiest Way to Buy Natural Latex Mattresses


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence Financing Your Latex Mattress

The Internet is an excellent tool for many things. Now, it has one more point of excellence under its belt. It’s a great place to buy luxurious and plush natural latex foam mattresses. Now that financing your mattress purchase is an option, many vendors even allow pre-approval status and customer-friendly financing terms. Combine the long warranties of natural latex foam mattresses, the ease of financing online, and the convenience of paying from home (with free delivery), and you have a real winner on your hands.

Financing Options There is a wide range of options available to consumers who wish to finance their natural latex mattress purchases. Some of the most common include: 90 days same as cash PayPal’s Bill Me Later Zero down, zero interest, zero payments (for up to 90 days or one year) The key is to find a manufacturer that has the mattress you want, above all others, and that offers financing options to their buyers. That’s the one, two, knockout punch combination you’ve been looking for all this time and didn’t even know it. After all, what’s a mattress that gives you a good night’s sleep worth if you’re up all night wondering how to pay for it? Keep things in mind and don’t let something as simple to overcome as a higher price point prevent you from getting the mattress and the quality sleep your body needs.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence What Makes PlushBeds' Latex Mattresses Unique?

What Makes PlushBeds' Latex Mattresses Unique? latex mattresses are different from other mattresses on the market today — even other latex mattresses — for many reasons. While it was tough to narrow down, these are a few of the customer favorites about PlushBeds latex mattresses.

One Hundred Percent Natural Latex Plushbeds offers 100 percent GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic latex in our Botanical Bliss collection. Additionally, the Botanical Bliss collection is GreenGuard Gold certified – very few mattresses ever reach this level of “green” (fewer than 1% in the marketplace currently). There are no synthetic blends or petrochemicals. The 100 percent natural Dunlop core provides massive support and resists sagging while the 100 percent natural Talalay layer adds a layer of softness for exceptional pressure relief. The end result is an outstanding night’s sleep.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence What Makes PlushBeds' Latex Mattresses Unique?

Professionals Recommend Them Orthopedic professionals and chiropractors alike believe that 100 percent natural latex mattresses are great for providing adequate support, yet being soft enough to cradle pressure points for pain relief, making them the best mattress for pressure points. Top it off with the fact that these beds are hypoallergenic, many have said that our 100 percent latex mattresses are their ideal choice (check some of the great unsolicited comments on our Facebook page).

Flat Rate Returns While we at PlushBeds work hard to ensure you get the mattress you want, if you decide for any reason that you do not wish to keep your mattress within the 100 Night – money back guarantee time frame, you can return your mattress for a flat rate of $99 for shipping. Some companies charge restocking fees in addition to “damage” fees and shipping and handling expenses, which you don’t know about upfront unless you read the fine print.

100-Night Comfort Exchange This is critical. Sometimes it takes a while to really try out a new mattress and make sure it’s working for you. The 100 Night Comfort Exchange program gives you 100 nights to make sure this is the right fit for your sleep needs. During that time, you can exchange the top comfort layer for one that is firmer or softer for a flat-rate shipping fee of only $45. If you decide you don’t want the mattress at all, you can return it, for a flat rate shipping fee of $99.

Truly Customizable Firmness PlushBeds mattresses contain no glue on its latex mattress layers. Other latex mattress companies glue the latex layers together during the construction process. The benefits of not using glue are two-fold. First, this means that you aren’t exposed to the harsh chemical odors associated with gluing mattress layers together.


Buying Luxury Online With Confidence What Makes PlushBeds' Latex Mattresses Unique?

Second, it means that you have greater control and customizability of the mattress. Even after the mattress has shipped to your home, you can exchange layers by simply unzipping the organic cotton cover and removing one layer then replacing it with a new layer for added softness or firmness according to your needs. Firmness options include soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm. You can even make one side of the bed softer or firmer than the other by calling on of our mattress experts at 1-888-449-5738 and asking them to customize the firmness of the mattress on one side for you and the other side for your partner.

Twenty-Five Year Warranty The quality construction that is the hallmark of PlushBeds mattresses makes it possible for us to offer a 25-year warranty. This is yet another reason why the PlushBeds brand has such an impeccable reputation in the mattress industry.

Cool Comfort with an Organic Cotton Cover and Joma Wool Finally, the 100 percent pure Joma New Zealand wool works overtime to absorb moisture while you sleep — keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It also serves another vital purpose by protecting your safety from fire by surpassing flammability standards. Joma wool is a chemical free means of resisting flames, dust mites, allergens, and other microbes that are commonly found in synthetic bedding material. The non-woven organic cotton cover is made from certified organic cotton, and is not woven so that it stretches easily to provide yet another layer of pressure relief. With benefits like these associated with PlushBeds, the better question to ask is when does it arrive?

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The Better Informed Latex Mattress Consumer  

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