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Former Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama during the Presidential debate on October 16th, 2012. Types of Nonverbal Communication shown in this photo: -Kinesics… forceful hand gestures, posture, smirk, eye contact -Physical Appearance… skin color -Artifacts… flag pins, red and blue ties -Proxemics

Nonverbal Communication This photo shows a lot of nonverbal communication between the president, the audience, and the former governor. The president is using hand gestures to emphasize the meaning of what he is explaining, as well as using eye contact and a stern facial expression. These cues let the audience know that he is serious in what he is discussing and that he is trying to address them directly. Romney keeps his eyes on the president but has a smirk on his face signifying that he is not in agreement with what President Obama is saying. The proxemics between the president and the others in the room show that he is trying to distance himself from Romney and become closer to the audience/voters. Also, the artifacts on the men are important to note. They both wear American Photo- news/politics/2012/president/ candidates/romney/2012/10/16/ fact-check-stumbles-latest-

flag pins, but Romney’s pin is larger. He does this to give the appearance that he is more patriotic than his opponent. The message that both men are trying to convey is that they are the better candidate for president.

Nonverbal Communication  

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