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Amberkee Todd Digital Art 1 12-11-2013

In the Cove

This picture was taken on San Salvador, Bahamas in the spring of 2013 during a Marine Biology class. I did not enhance the colors of the picture however to get the character in the center, I drew him in Photoshop on above layers and rendered the opacity to achieve the desired effect.

Breeze Cliff

This image was painted completely in Photoshop CS6. I used a variety of layers to get everything done. A few blending modes were also used to allow the layers to blend in together with little issues.

Sea Grasses

One of my favorite pictures taken down in San Salvador during Spring break in 2013; it was the second site on the first day that we went to. We were constantly told by the professor to look up occasionally. When I did look up I spotted a lot of this turtle grass and manatee grass floating at the surface in a line perpendicular to the shoreline. I touched up the photo using a variety of filters within Photoshop to help bring out the blue color of the water.


Another picture from the San Salvador with character; this was part of a memory project during my photography III class. The process was the same, the picture itself was not edited and the character was drawn in on a separate layer within Photoshop.

Seaweed in the Sky

Taken on the same day as the sea grass picture, this one was taken looking directly up from underneath the seaweed. It was a difficult to attempt but fun and worthwhile in the end. I have not edited the picture.

Rock Watcher

Another one of my memory project picture, the photo itself was not edited and the character was drawn on several layers. I tried something different with this one by adding in shadows so it appeared that he was actually hiding under the rock and watching me take the picture.

Digital art project  

Part of my digital art class. We were getting to learn Indesign, something I can say that I am unskilled in. I decided just to make a small...

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