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How to Sell Your House Faster? Top Selling Colours

The reasons to be in a hurry with the selling of a property might be more than one and they may be different. But the fact is you want to sell that house and I can help you. Check which are the top selling colours when it comes to real estate. You will be surprised what an effect this may have.

White This is the most frequently used colour for the exterior of a house. Painting your house white will attract at least 40% of the buyers, a survey says. The classic family house is white. Even if the buyers do not like it they will accept easier because it is easier to repaint white house. Regarding the roof, you can pick up red or white. Again the two most preferred colours for house exteriors. Make sure, there are no signs of mould otherwise, you won’t be lucky enough to sell the property that fast.

Neutral colours By saying neutral colours I mean beige and earth tones. These are the most commonly used for the interior of the home. They are warm and welcoming. A potential buyer will be grabbed by this feeling. Earth tones are also relaxing – this is something everyone looks for when choosing a home.

Gray Gray becomes more and more popular among decorators and real estate agents. If the property you are selling is located in urban area, then dark gray shades are a good choice. Even if there is something bright in the room, walls in gray will make it look better and not that noticeable. Choose this colour for the rooms with more natural light and bigger windows.

Red This is the best colour for the kitchen. When you enter a red room, the first thing you start thinking about is food. Combined with orange or yellow, your kitchen will become the most desired place in the whole house. It works also when combined with white which softens the brightness. Red or orange in some of the other rooms is not recommended because it makes people anxious.

Blue Blue is soothing colour. It is better to use it in the child’s room or in the bedroom. The colour reminds of a sky and sea and this attracts people’s attention as a place where they can feel free and stress-free. You’d better use light blue instead of dark one. When someone wants to buy a house, they are looking for a bright, pleasant place and nothing dark.

Brown As well as the earth tone, brown is warm and welcoming colour. You can use it in the living room where adding a fireplace will guarantee the selling of your property very quickly. There is nothing else to make the potential buyers feel the house like a home more than a fireplace.

Did you already sell the place? Don’t worry, you will very soon. Using the best colours in the appropriate rooms will make the real estate agents and the potential buyers fall in love with the house. Choose the best painters and decorators and transform the property into the most coziest place on Earth.

How to Sell Your House Faster  

Do you want to be able to sell your house straight away? Check which are the top selling colours.

How to Sell Your House Faster  

Do you want to be able to sell your house straight away? Check which are the top selling colours.