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HARRISBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT Letter from the Chief As Chief of the Harrisburg Fire Department, it is my privilege to submit the department’s Annual Report for 2016. The facts, figures and descriptions found in the following pages represent literally thousands of hours of work put forth by the department’s personnel toward our goal of providing the citizens of Harrisburg with a safe community in which to live, work and play. The magazine style hopefully will allow you to easily enjoy statistics about our year and accomplishments for each division of the Fire Department. One of our major goals has been achieved this year and that is the opening of Harrisburg Fire Station 3 on Rocky River Road. This station was approved by Town Council in order to significantly reduce response times to the eastern portion of our fire district. Also, as the area around station 3 continues to develop the fire department will be prepared to provide the same service levels as the other fire station provide today. With the opening of station 3 we were also able to staff the fire station with 15 firefighters on rotating shifts by receiving a federal grant to fund those positions for a period of two years. We sincerely appreciate the continuing support shown by the Mayor, Town Council, Town Manager and citizens of this great community. Please feel free to visit one of our fire stations and meet the firefighters that serve our community. We look forward to seeing you in 2017 at a fire prevention event, our open house, or any other time we are in the community. Be Safe.

Bryan R. Dunn

HARRISBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT What We Do The Harrisburg Fire Department provides all-risk emergency service to the Town of Harrisburg residents. All-risk emergency service is the national model of municipal fire department, providing the services needed in the most efficient way possible. Besides responding to fires, whether they occur in structures, wildland or vehicles, we also provide rescue capabilities for almost any type of emergency situation. This includes medical care for our citizens; the ability to have a hazardous materials team capable of identifying unknown materials and controlling or containing a release disaster; and preparedness and management of large-scale incidents. Maintaining this level of service requires nearly constant training of personnel. This training maintains both skills needed to operate safely in emergency environments and the physical fitness necessary to reduce the likelihood and severity of injuries.

2016 Town Budget Harrisburg Fire Department accounted for 32% of the2016 Budget

2016 HFD Annual Operating Budget $3,970,220

2016 Year in Review Who We Are 66 Members

39 Career Suppression 18 P/T Firefighters 2 P/T Training Officers 4 Administration Staff 1 Fire Marshal 2 Volunteers

Our Mission: The mission of the Harrisburg Fire Department is to assist the public in the protection of life and property by minimizing the impact of fire, medical emergencies, and potential disasters or events that affect our community, our environment and any other situations which adversely impact our quality of life.

HARRISBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT Operations Operations is the emergency response function that involves the fire apparatus responding to emergencies with “lights and sirens� and routinely. In most cases operations brings organization to chaos. The Harrisburg Fire Department operations consist of fire suppression, motor vehicle accidents, first responder medicals, technical rescue and hazmat.

80 Fire Incidents in 2016

HFD responded to 2255 incidents

2016 Services

Quick FACTS ! Incident Response increased 15% over the previous year

……………………………………… Responded to 2255 incidents to provide service to Harrisburg citizens


Five Year Incident Comparison

Medical related emergencies account for 51% of all incident responses.


HARRISBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT Training The Division of Training and Development is tasked with coordinating all training, promotional testing, and equipment testing for the department. The bulk of which is ensuring our Firefighters are trained to provide the highest level of service to our citizenry. Our training is provided on several different levels each year. These include initial Firefighter certification, initial Emergency Medical Technician certification, firefighter and EMT continuing education, as well as additional certification training. In 2016, we had the pleasure of teaching 14 new Firefighters their initial FF training consisting of 340 hours, and initial EMT-Basic certification consisting of 200 hours. These hours consisted of a combination of classroom and hands-on practical’s culminating in NC Certification exams. After this initial training all of our staff is required to have another 276 hours of continuing education to maintain those certifications. We also had 17 firefighters take the initial Advanced EMT class which consisted of an additional 100 classroom hours, and 96 practical hours, again culminating in a NC Certification exam. The AEMT class allows us as a department to provide advanced life support measures to our citizens. Harrisburg is the only Fire Department in Cabarrus County to provide this level of service. In addition to providing training, the Division is tasked with formulation and administration of all promotional testing. This past year we were able to test and provide hard-earned promotions to 5 Engineer/Drivers, and 1 Captain.

2016 Services

HARRISBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT Fire Prevention Fire Prevention is broken down into three categories: Inspection, Public Education and Investigation.


Inspections The inspection of public buildings is the first pillar of Fire Prevention:

GOAL To proactively increase community safety through reducing the frequency and severity of losses by identifying and mitigating fire and life safety hazards.

  

Fire and life safety inspections Buildings/facilities risk to occupants or the public Direct intervention correcting deficiencies before fire starts

Inspection conducted by Fire Prevention Inspectors and pre-plans by Fire Suppression crews


Investigation Whenever a fire occurs the HFD has the abilities to activate a fire investigation.   

To gain knowledge of how fires start. To develop strategies in conducting inspections and education. To determine target audiences for inspections and education.

2016 Services


Public Education Public education promotes risk awareness and behavior change:    

Extends HFD expertise into homes and work places Knowledge/skills to prevent and survive fires Empower citizens for their own life and safety Investment in education has a direct impact on reduction of fire incidents.

2016 Public Education Highlights 

Hickory Ridge HS HOSA Club

Gate Pregnancy

Hickory Ridge Middle School

Citizen CPR

Quick FACTS !

3600 Citizens educated

600 Inspectable properties in Harrisburg

668 Completed inspections and reinspections

HFD Open House

HARRISBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT What happened in 2016 This has been a very exciting year for the Harrisburg fire Department. We hired 15 new personnel under a 2yr. SAFER Grant. These personnel went through a 26 weeks of recruit school at the Concord Fire Academy. These personnel allowed us to open Fire Station 3 at 8045 Rocky River Rd in June of 2016. When the Pineville Fire Department experienced the loss of FF Richard Sheltra, the HFD sent a crew to provide coverage for the Carolina Volunteer Fire Department while they mourned the loss of one of their own. Crews were there for a total of 3 days during those difficult times for those departments. In November, the department sent a crew of 4 personnel to the Party Rock wildland fire at Lake Lure. Crews operated for 24hrs a day, for a total of 4 days assisting the N.C. Forest Service in containing this fire. Crew manned our brush unit and one support vehicle to maintain the fire lines at this incident. During the course of 2016 we have lost some of our personnel for various reasons, but we have been fortunate to replace them with very capable individuals. We are excited looking forward to what new and challenging things that are in store for us in 2017.

New Faces: FF I Andrew Beatty FF I James Coode FF I Lee DeWitt FF I Bryson Estridge FF I Anthony Evans FF I Micah Freeman Eng. Chad Furr Capt. Wendell Jolly Eng. Jeff Lail FF I Phillip Long FF I Nicholas Martin FF I Brandon Mulligan FF I Brian Ordasz FF I Michael Powell FF I Jared Sapp FF I Matthew Vaughn FF I Wesley Wilson Promotions: Capt. Timothy Lankford Eng. Chad Furr Eng. Patrick Morgan Eng. Ryan Sellers Eng. Sandy Torrence

HARRISBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT Station Locations ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING 6462 Morehead Road Harrisburg, NC 28075 EMERGENCY - Dial 911 Phone: 704-455-3574 (non-emergency only)

STATION 1 6450 Morehead Road Harrisburg, NC 28075 EMERGENCY - Dial 911 Phone: 704-455-3574 (non-emergency only)

STATION 2 9045 Rocky River Road Harrisburg, NC 28075 EMERGENCY - Dial 911 Phone: 704-455-3574 (non-emergency only)

STATION 3 8045 Rocky River Road Harrisburg, NC 28075 EMERGENCY - Dial 911 Phone: 704-455-3574 (non-emergency only)

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Town of Harrisburg Fire Department- Year in Review 2016  
Town of Harrisburg Fire Department- Year in Review 2016