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Fees The school year is divided into three terms commencing on the 1st of September, December and March. Payment can be made annually, or post-dated by term, including a $20.00 registration fee. . Payments are accepted in cash or cheque only. Unless cheques are post-dated, the registration fee will apply to each payment. - A family discount of $10.00 applies to each additional family member - After five classes, students may take a 1-hour class free - No refunds will be given within a term, but postdated cheques will be returned if notified prior to date. * A $25 will be charged on all NSF cheques Rates: 3/4 hour classes: $125 per term + registration fee 1 hour classes: $160 per term + registration fee Additional classes taken are priced at a reduced rate. Please ask to see our Fee Schedule at the office. Private lessons: $65/hour

holidays Classes Commence Thanksgiving Monday Christmas/New Year March Break Easter Friday/Sat.

Sept. 7th, 2012 Make-up to be confirmed Two Weeks One Week Pre Paid Sept., 2012.

Teaching Staff All are qualified and certified by R.A.D and B.A.T.D. Teachers Associations. All of our staff are bilingual. Mrs. Marion Harvie- Owner/Director/Guest Teacher Amber Harvie- Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Theatre,Contemporary Ping Feng- Ballet Kristen Wilson- Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz Meghan Baker- Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Sarah Shea- Irish Natasha Cinanni- Hip Hop, Jazz, Theatre, Ballet Chantal Hamilton- Ballet, Contemporary Tori Pelletier- Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary Marie Chiasson- Ballet, Tap, Jazz Adrianna McGee- Jazz, Hip Hop Emma McGinniss- Irish, Ballet, Contemporary Michelle Brazeau- Ballet/Tap, Contemporary Brenda Everitt: Highland

The Cumbrae School of Dancing

VISIT OUR FOUR BRIGHT, AIRY STUDIOS COMPLETE WITH SPRUNG FLOORS Fintry, Keppel & Millport Studios: 1803 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans Garrison Studio: 5160 Innes Road, Orleans

About the School THE CUMBRAE SCHOOL OF DANCING opened its doors in the spring of 1979 to provide high quality training to people of all ages living in Orleans/Gloucester and surrounding Ottawa areas. The school operates on a very high standard grade system, and students who have reached the required standard may take examinations each year. We believe every student deserves special treatment and we encourage more serious students to pursue careers in dance.

Mrs. Marion Harvie with her Senior tap class 2012

cumbrae performances Showtime: June 2013, more information to follow Ottawa Cumbrae Dancers; Dancers audition and are invited to our Dance-out Company. Our dance company was founded in 1998. It is a non-profit organization, The young dancers, aged between 10-20 years, entertain people in retirement homes, hospitals, and wherever dance can contribute to peoples’ happiness. Please contact the Cumbrae Office, 837-6786, if you would like to have The Ottawa Cumbrae Dancers perform at your special event. Workshops and Conventions: Students interested can participate in a variety of workshops. Please join our Facebook page to kept abreast.

Our four dance studios offer a warm and friendly atmosphere. The dance classes are well structured, and students gain a sense of achievement as they progress from one level to the next. Our school is not a competition school, as we prefer to concentrate on training students for examinations and obtaining professional qualifications, Our dancers do ‘dance out’ for local organizations, hospitals, schools and retirement homes. We also offer a recital each year. Parents are invited to view the progress of the students during the last week of classes in December.


Classes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Irish, Highland, Contemporary, Hip Hop & Theatre, R.A.D. Grades: Primary to Gr. 8 R.A.D Vocational Levels: Inter Foundation to Adv. 2 Professional B.A.T.D. Teachers classes

Visit our website at







KEPPEL A. Harvie Inter. Found. Ballet 4:45 PM Inter./Advanced Tap 6:00 PM Grade 4/5 Tap 7:00 PM Intermediate Ballet 8:00 PM

A. Harvie 4:30 Adv.Theatre (Gr. 5+) 5:30 Adv. Jazz (Elem. Jazz or teachers)

4:30 6:00

6:45 Bronze/Silver. Pre Teen Jazz

7:00 8:30

A. Harvie Advanced. 2 Ballet Level 4 Pointe adv. 2/2nd yr adv 1 Grade 4 Ballet (1 hour) Senior Medal Jazz

7:45 Teen Tap for Dancers 8:45 Beg Teen Contemp.

N. Cinnani

C. Hamilton

M. Baker

5:15 Gold/Blue Rib Teen jazz 5:00 Grade 3 Ballet 6:00 Grade 1 Jazz 6:15 Adult 1 ballet 7:00 Grade 5 Contemp 7:15 Blue Riband/British Medallion teen hip hop 8:00 Grade 4 Jazz 8:15 Prem/Annual Award Hip Hop


Pre Prim. tap/ballet (4-5)

10:00 Primary Ballet (5-6) 11:00 Beg. Teen Contemp, M. Chiasson 1:45

Grade 1 Tap


Gold/Bl.Rib Jazz (9-12)


M. Baker 5:15 PM Teen 2/3 Ballet 6:15 PM Level 1 (found) pointe 7:00 PM Dance Conditioning (Higher levels) 8:00 PM Adv. Contemporary (teachers or elem)

4:45 Grade 3 Ballet 5:45 Adult level 2 ballet 6:45 Advanced 2 Ballet 8:15 Advanced 1 Ballet

M. Baker

K. Wilson

5:15 Grade 1 Ballet 6:15 Level 3 Pointe advanced 1 7:00 Advanced. 1 Ballet

A. Harvie

5:15 Grade 4 Ballet


Grade 2 Ballet

6:16 Gr. 4 pre-teen Contemporary 7:15 Grade 3 tap


Grade 2 Jazz


Inter Theatre ( Gr 3+)


Grade 5 Jazz

8:30 Gr. 4 Teen Contemporary 8:15 British Medallion British Award Jazz

M. Brazeau 9:15 Infant tap/ballet (3-4) 10:00 Beg. Contemp (9-12) E. McGinniss 1:45 Gr. 2 Contemp (9;12) 2:45 Open ballet (9-12) **

MILLPORT S. Shea 4:30 PM Novice Irish 5:30 PM Level 5 Irish 6:30 PM Open Advanced Irish 8:00 PM Adult Irish

E.McGinniss 5:00 Beginner Irish (5-7) 5:45 2nd/3rd Year Irish

5:00 6:00 7:00 8:30

S. Shea Level 2/3 Irish Level 4 Irish Workshop Irish Class Beg.Teen/Adult Irish

4:45 6:00 6:45 8:15

P. Feng Inter.Foundation Ballet Level 2 Pointe Intermediate Ballet Adv. Teen Open Ballet

T. Pelletier 5:00 Elementary Tap 6:00 Blue Riband/British Med.Pre Teen hip hop 7:00 Jun. 2/3 Theatre (8-10)


A. Harvie Beg./2nd year Pre Teen Tap

10:30 11:30 12:30

Grade 2 Tap Primary tap/jazz (5-7) Adv/Professional Tap

8:00 Adult Jazz/Hip Hop

GARRISON (Innes/Trim) N. Cinnani 4:45 PM Infant Tap/Ballet (3-4) 5:30 PM Primary Jazz (5-6) 6:30 PM Beg. Jun. Theatre (6-8) 7:30 PM Inter. Pre Teen Theatre 8:30 PM Beg. Teen Ballet

5:15 6:00 7:00

B. Everitt Highland Level 1 Highland Level 2 Highland Level 3

5:00 6:15 7:15 8:15

C. DeGrandprĂŠ Beginner Irish (8-13) T. Pelletier Pre Prim Ballet/Jazz (4-5) Silver/Gold Hip Hop (9-12) Grade 2 teen contemp.

M. Erazo 5:00 Grade 1 pre teen contemporary 6:00 Pre Bronze Hip Hop (6-8) 7:00 Silver teen Jazz 8:00 Beg Hip Hop 12+

Please note the following Sunday classes that will commence in the New Year: B.A.T.D. Teachers Cert. 12:30-2pm Primary Ballet 2pm-3pm Gr 1 Ballet 3pm-4pm Gr 2 Ballet 4pm-5pm

M. Chiasson 9:00 Infant tap/ballet (3-4) 9:45 Pre Prim. tap/ballet (4-5) 10:45 Prim. Tap/Ballet (5-6) A. McGee 12:00 Bronze Hip Hop 1:00 Beg Jazz 12+ 2:00 Beg. Pre teen hip hop

The Cumbrae School of Dancing 2012-2013  

Schedule and information for the coming year

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