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Street Fashion in Chicago

By: Amber Forbes Entry#5-4/7/14

Street Style/Subculture In Chicago We all know Chicago is a very busy city and we are always on the go. Some of us dress to impress and some of use don’t and hey that’s fine. We are all trying to get too where we are going. As I walked around downtown,Buck town, and Logan Square I being to see a couple trends as far as footwear goes. Alot of people are still wearing boots, remind you its April!

“Somebody’s Rocking knocking the Boots;)”

Where did you get your boots? What boots are really trending right now would be the combat, military, riding boots, and block heels. Right now some stores sales are struggling with sales right now because of how the weather seems to be acting right now. Its cold outside! Besides that I interviewed this woman looked like she’s in her mid 40’s I want to say about her boots and what she was wearing.

Interview Hi, Amber: Do you mind if I take a picture of your outfit? I’m doing a project for school. Lady in Black: Oh yes sure! I don’t mind. Amber(Reporter): where did you get your boots? Lady in Black: Oh I don’t remember they are really old,I’m wearing until they tear apart (followed by a laugh) I had thefor many many years. Amber: Wow talk about good quality aye? (laughing) where did you get your jacket I’m loving the collar? And bag? Lady in Black: If I can recall I brought my jacket from Macy’s and my purse from Bloomingdales. Amber: Nice, well thank you so much for your time. Lady in Black: Sure no problem! Good luck with everything :)

Why did I choose her? The elements that apparelled to me was the oversized collar and just her whole black attire. And she this contemporary but kind of hip look to me. I don’t see too many oversized collars so I thought thats what made her look unique in a way.

Street style  
Street style