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Here are FIVE possible blocks to a good night sleep: 1. Adrenals are stressed Adrenals release your body’s stress hormones, including cortisol. Cortisol levels should decrease during sleeping hours, if you are chronically stressed due to mental/emotional stress, or the stress of chronic pain or chronic infection or chronic inflammation then the high cortisol levels can disrupt and affect a proper night sleep. The key to treating this problem is identifying and removing the stressors while providing adrenal support.

2. Liver is congested Liver is the body’s major detoxification organ and it can get congested when there is a high toxic load in the body. The liver is the most biologically active between 1-3am. If the liver is congested then a person’s sleep will typically be disrupted during this liver time. This issue can be addressed by taking steps to decrease the toxic load on the liver by eating organic, non-GMO, non-processed foods. As well as supporting liver function with freshly squeezed lemon in water and liver herbs such as Turmeric and Milk Thistle.

3. Melatonin disturbers Clock lights, lights from phones, light through our windows are examples of melatonin disturbers. Darkness triggers the production of a hormone called melatonin, which initiates sleepiness and the onset of sleep. If melatonin production is disturbed then our sleep-wake cycle is disrupted. Light disrupts our body’s natural sleep-wake cycle and prevents the release of melatonin. Our eyes are stimulated by light even through the eyelids. Therefore we need to sleep in a dark room, with no light sneaking in through the windows or shining through our clocks or phones.

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