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Ollia Macarons and Tea is a beautiful quaint macaron and tea shop down on 16 avenue south-west that has been in business for just over 6 months. We got the chance to sit down with Lindsay, one of the owners of Ollia to chat macarons and tea.

So why macarons? Backpacking in Peru and from that moment we knew we wanted to do something together, my husband Dav and I always loved going and finding places and sharing them and having a nice moment and life led us to different countries, different places and work, school and six years later we rejoined and started a new relationship. He met two guys that were starting a macaron shop so we started working with them and learned how to make them from some really great French pastry chefs. Its one cookie but its limitless, you can do anything with them. You’re only limited by your imagination. We wanted to bring this somewhere new, and we went to Calgary and while there were some shops doing macarons, no one was specializing in them. We saw Calgary as this open, up and coming city for new entrepreneurs.

Adding the tea factor in, what inspired that?

The name, what inspired the name? Ollia is an old family name from Dav’s family in France. It also shares the roots with our son’s name so to us, it’s a bit of the past, present and future.

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We knew we wanted to have some sort of beverage and some talented people in Calgary have done coffee so we didn’t want to do that. We thought that tea was this up and coming market in Canada. We thought it was a nice compliment to macarons, you think of high tea. We decided to go with our own line of teas so we could really control our own ingredients and control the blends to keep it organic. There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Tea can be very overwhelming when you go into places and there are so many. We wanted to start with a very simple line. If you want a very good green, or black or herbal we have that. We do hot teas or tea lattes, and in the summer we will have iced teas. We sweeten them with a little bit of local, raw honey. And now we are going into wholesales with our teas very soon, and we will have them available online to order

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