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Enjoy active rest Vacations are an awesome time to engage in new activities. Time in nature and whole body activities (biking,hiking ,paddling & swimming ect.) engage mind body and spirit! We have already addressed the intensity of training, this is lower intensity closer to relaxation making it more recuperative and it makes nap time more delicious!

Create time to get quiet Part of the vacation recharge is to take time for yourself by yourself to just be still and shut out the noise of the world. Listen to the feedback your mind and body provide, allow your creativity to bloom, put pen to paper if you can. Dream, create, plan! What can you hear outside of the noise? What can you see coming out of the fog? Reset or reaffirm your course!

Enjoy good food, don’t be the victim of your nutrition! If there is one area that gets sabotaged more than any other it’s food and drink during vacation. I enjoy a summer beverage as much as anyone however excess in this area can lead to tight pants later and quickly! Especially during vacation be a connoisseur not just a consumer. Remember you can’t out train bad diet!

Eat well and live well! You’re on vacation! Summer is an amazing season, an opportunity to create amazing stories and memories with those you care about. It is also a time to gain clarity and direction and rest. Avoid needing a vacation from your vacation , come back fitter not fatter! Cheers to summer fun! Ron is a personal fitness coach, medical exercise specialist and Neuro Kinetic Therapist with over 15 years’ experience in the Fitness industry. He has supported a wide variety of clients, young and old, ranging from professional and Olympic-level athletes to post-rehab clients (including hip and knee replacements). Ron believes health and fitness is a lifestyle. It’s not just something you do it’s a part of who you are.

Fifth Edition -

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Amber Approved | July/August | Fifth Edition  

Happy Summer to you all! This edition is extremely special as we have a special bachelor edition to help support raising money for Meals on...