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As I sit here in the warm spring sunshine it has occurred to me that there will be numerous clients of mine going on vacation this summer and unfortunately so will their goals and their progress! How sad to work so hard and consistently all year only to have it sabotaged by a summer vacation! It’s time to understand how to make vacation time work for health and fitness not against it.

Here are some ways to make your summer fun and fitness work hand in hand:

Change your thinking! Vacation time is not go crazy time! Although the occasional blowout can be good for the spirit, blow off some steam then use your vacation to get calm, creative, clear and rested.

Have a plan! There is no better time to practice the balanced life you desire than when you are away from the grind of day everyday life! Create beforehand how you will live during your time off. How will you eat? How will you train? How will you rest or rejuvenate? Avoid swapping one busy for another and work your plan. If you are unclear about how to create this ask a professional and create accountability preferably someone on vacation with you.

Take naps! Sleep cannot be overrated especially during vacation. It is an excellent chance to erase the sleep debt most of us carry from our busy lives. It will help restore our precious hormonal balance providing all manner of health benefits. To maintain healthy circadian rhythm and get to bed no later than a half hour later then normal and limit Naptime to no longer than 30 minutes. But do you throw away the alarm clock, waking up without the alarm insures you are truly rested.

Train hard! Shorten the duration and frequency of workouts during vacation. Vacation time is for repair and growth, limit the amount of stimulus and allow for more recuperation! Generally for vacations under two weeks in length look to maintain or slightly improve fitness and body composition. Vacations of longer than two weeks can be amazing situations for growth if executed properly! You work hard for your beach body you might as well keep it!

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