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Defining Your Personal Style Use Pinterest. This useful tool provides tons of inspiration on how to create a look you are obsessed with. For myself, my look is fairly simple and I stick to key, basic pieces in my wardrobe - neutral colors that can be dressed up and/or worn on a casual Sunday. Pinterest can give you ideas on how to create a look with items already in your closet. Take a look at your pins; you’ll likely spot some trends. Maybe you’re posting a lot of black and white looks, a particular skirt length, cut of denim or even several shots of a particular person. We all have a style we are drawn to more often than others so use Pinterest to find those people and looks that represent a style you love and use it to help inspire your own.

Pinterest can give you ideas on how to create a look with items already in your closet. Choose a few staple pieces in your wardrobe from clothing to accessories to beauty items. I have my leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, a favorite pair of skinny jeans, black & white t-shirts, leather pants and a chambray long sleeve that are in frequent rotation. I can mix and match these pieces wearing them over and over again getting a slightly differ24 |

ent look each time. And don’t forget about accessories. You don’t need a ton, just some pieces that you adore and that reflect your personality. I have pieces I wear daily that are simple but add a little bling to my outfits. I also have a couple of go-to lipsticks, a neutral one for daytime and an evening lipstick that I feel fabulous and confident in! If you have an outfit on and you don’t feel like yourself in it then don’t wear it!! Being comfortable and confident is key. People notice. It’s portrayed in the way you walk, how you carry yourself, and in the way you interact with others. So make sure you feel like you when you walk out that door. Show off your assets. Knowing what cuts and pieces flatter your figure is always in style. Trends can be fun

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but sometimes they don’t look flattering on everyone. Knowing what looks best on you makes shopping a breeze; you’ll gravitate towards specific styles because you already know they’ll look good. Finding a good tailor is also an asset in this department, they’ll tweak pieces so they showcase your body in the best way possible.

Being comfortable and confident is key. People notice. Personal style isn’t just about clothing, it encompasses health and beauty too. It doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated; again, your beauty routine should make you feel confident. For example, I love having a sun kissed glow

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Happy Summer to you all! This edition is extremely special as we have a special bachelor edition to help support raising money for Meals on...