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TEAM DJ What made you decide you wanted to participate in the auction? Initially I was a bit drawn back because I don’t typically do anything like this but for this cause, for charity I think it would be a cool opportunity to support a good cause. I am now more open to enjoy new experiences.

What’s your personality?

What’s your favorite food? I like traditional Jamaican dishes rice and peas and ox tail, I pretty much want to include a fried plantain in every single meal, its what I like to do for some reason which may be an issue.

If you could be any guy in the world, who would you be? DJ is pretty comfortable being himself.

I’m pretty diverse, I can adapt I am pretty outgoing, I more so a city guy right now but I also like to go out in nature, in the mountains, explore different forms of recreational activities.

Who’s your ideal woman? A girl who understands her self worth and respects themselves and others, and with that similar interests to me, a selfless individual, I am more drawn to givers and brutally honest. That’s just a foundation for trust and an individual who isn’t easily stressed out, grounded. Understands their own purpose.

What’s your five biggest turn offs? 1. An individual who isn’t concerned about their wellbeing 2. Someone who smokes and drinks all the time 3. Someone who is needy 4. Someone who doesn’t listen 5. Someone who is quick tempered

What’s your favorite physical feature of yourself? Lets say my smile, I smile all the time.

What’s your favorite kind of music? I listen to a lot of instrumentals and if I do listen to music with words it’s typically something with a positive message, something I can relate to. I also like epic music, movie soundtrack scores, listen, love it, yes everything I do I want it to be done epically.

Fifth Edition -

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Amber Approved | July/August | Fifth Edition  

Happy Summer to you all! This edition is extremely special as we have a special bachelor edition to help support raising money for Meals on...