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August Facebook Party

1. Create Your Guest List ☑ Create your guest list of 40+ using survey I sent. Don’t forget about people not on facebook or people not online. You would be surprised how many would be interested. 2. Create Your WishList ☑ Browse through the products (online or catalog). This will get you excited about all the things you can earn when you reach your goal and help you set a goal. ☑ SEND ME A PIC of your wishlist! You can send me screenshots.

3. Set Your Party Goals Hostess Rewards are earned starting at the $200 level. Because I want you to be rewarded for your time and effort, I recommend setting your party goal for a MINIMUM $600 level. (My average Facebook party is $600) Of course the rewards are higher, if your sales are higher! • $600 Party —› 12 shoppers x $50 avg catalog order = $100 FREE

shopping spree + 2 Half-Price items + 2 Hostess Exclusive items + Monthly Hostess Special • $1200 Party —› 24 shoppers x $50 avg customer order *$250 FREE shopping spree + 3 Half-Price items + 3 FREE Hostess Exclusive items + the Monthly Hostess Special (Over $700 in rewards!)

4. Collect Outside Orders ☑ Set a goal to collect 5-10 outside orders by circulating catalogs at different places like church, work, daycare, clubs, kids’ events, etc. ☑ Remember to let everyone know what the customer special is for the month and encourage them to take advantage of the great savings. 5. Add Yourself To Your Party Group ☑ I will create a Facebook Group and add you as a Co-Host. You will need to accept this invite. 6. Start Inviting It is CRUCIAL to follow these steps when inviting guests to a Facebook Party. ☑ Send a personal email/text/facebook group/or messenger message asking them to attend your party. Be very “personal” with the invitation process. Treat it as if you were inviting them to your house! Do NOT just invite them into the group. A personal message is much more inviting. It’s VERY important to do this, so they feel they are being PERSONALLY invited to a REAL event. Invitation Information: I like to use a blended approach

for inviting via text/email/Facebook Page/FB Messenger. It’s best to customize how we invite your guests, based on their personal communication styles. Don’t be afraid to try a few different ways. ☑ TEXT: Text guests their invite. I’ll text you a personal “Facebook Party” invitation with your FB Party Link for forwarding to your guests. ☑ EMAIL: Email your guests to invite them.I will forward you a evite that you can add your guests to. ☑ MESSENGER: Invite via Messenger. I’ll PM you a personal “Facebook Party” invitation with your FB Group Link for forwarding to your guests through Messenger. ☑ MAIL: Everyone loves to get mail! And we don’t get good mail anymore. Make it count by sending them a letter in the mail. If you want to send some mail, message me the addresses of these guests and I’ll send out the invite! ☑ NOT ON FACEBOOK: Do you have guests not on facebook? Message me and we can send them a personal shopping link. 7. Communicating With Your Guests Pre-Party ☑ Remind your guests personally via text/email/Facebook Page/FB Messenger the day before your party. (I’ll remind you and have the text you can use) ☑ Put a remimder message on your personal Facebook page! (I’ll have an image for you and remind you). During Party ☑ While your party is happening, be sure to “comment” on their posts. Think of it as if they were at your house. You wouldn’t sit quietly in the corner would you? ☑ The more we are able to get your guests to interact, the more they will see the messages in facebook. Due to facebook algorithms, if there are no comments, they won’t see them in their timeline. ☑ I will be communicating each day with you - giving you homework and guiding you how to communicate with your guests. Closing a Party ☑ IMPORTANT STEP—remind your guests via text, email and FB message the day before we close out your party. (I’ll message you the reminder to forward).I will post an additional reminder in your FB Group too. 8. Join my VIP Group

Hostess Rewards Party sales

Free Products


Hostess Exclusives

Monthly Host Special

$1300+ $1200-1299 $1,100-1,199 $1,000-1,099 $900-999 $800-899 $700-799 $600-699 $500-599 $400-499 $300-399 $200-299

$270+* $250 $225 $200 $150 $125 $110 $100 $90 $55 $40 $25

3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1

3 FREE* 3 FREE* 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1

$20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 -----


Hostess Rewards Details • Qualifying party sales exclude shipping, tax and

all Hostess Rewards • The Hostess pays 8% shipping on discounted products • Hostess half-price items with personalization will include the embroidery at half-price • Hostess Rewards and Customer Specials cannot be combined • Hostess Credit may not be used toward purchase of monthly Customer Specials, halfprice items or Hostess Exclusive Items • FREE PERSONALIZATION on Hostess Exclusives that can be personalized

Hostess Monthly Special Earn the Hostess Monthly Special for $20 with a $600+ party! ☑ Circle your print!

Hostess Ordering ☑ Use your hostess link to order your

rewards.You can start ordering at the beginning of your party but it won’t be submitted until your party is complete. • I would have sent your hostess link via email. Black

Lollipop Stripe

Stepping Stones

Hostess Exclusives Choose 3 Free Exclusives with a $1200+ party! ☑ Circle your exclusives!

$200-$499 party, purchase 1 Exclusive $500-$1199 party, purchase 2 Exclusives $1200+ party—select 3 Exclusives for FREE!


SUMMER STYLE BUNDLE ($126 value) $50


MYSTERY BUNDLE ($75 value) $25

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August Facebook Party Tips