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Sales Manual 2014

Akureyri Whale watching Located in the heart of Akureyri NT CELLE


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Our signature tour Akureyri Whale Watching Leaving from Torfunefsbryggja harbour right in the heart of Akureyri this roughly 3 hour tour takes our passengers searching for whales through a dramatic mosaic of stunning landscapes and beautiful coastlines. Convenient location, comfortable tour lenght and an excellent rate of sightings makes this the perfect day trip for travellers in North Iceland.

Prices Adults: ISK 9.990 Children: 7-12 years 50% off Under 7: free

Tour facts Days of week: Every day Departures: 08:30/13:00/17:30/20:30

see schedule for details


Roughly 3 hours

Over 98% rate of sightings for Humpback whales!

What customers say It was a great whale watching tour! We saw 6 or 7 whales and got within 10 metres of one. Just off the bow there you could almost pet it we were so close. - Shawn, US


I took the Akureyri Whale Watching Tour with my family and we had a great trip. We saw breeching Humpback whales and Minke whales. It was marvelous to see the Humpback whales breeching just in front of the boat. A wonderful trip! - Sven, Germany


Schedule 2014







8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 24th - 31st 11:00 11:00 10th - 23rd 1st - 19th 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 24th - 31st

* Please check in at our ticket office not later than 15 minutes before departure.


* Departure time may change due to weather or other reasons.

* Please check our website for further Information.

20:30 20:30

Seasonal specials Each season in Eyjafjörður fjord brings a different atmosphere and different experiences. From the memerising midnight sun to flaming autumn sunsets and fantastic display of Northern lights in winter our seasonal spacials are designed to bring the magic of each season in the awesome backdrop of the fjord.

Northern lights tour Watching the Northern lights from a boat out on Eyjafjörður fjord on a still evening is an experience the keeps you enchanted for the rest of your life. Our Northern lights tour takes you out from Torfunefsbryggja harbour in the centre of Akureyri for a peaceful and relaxing tour where the ghostly pale green lights dancing across the night sky are the stars of the show. Tour facts: Season: Autumn/winter

Duration: Roughly 2 hours

Price: ISK 9.990 for adults

Midnight sun tour When the midnight sun dips to brush the Northern horizon the whole Eyjafjörður fjord comes alive with incredible scenes. Now, throw in whale watching you are in for a remarkably rare opportunity to experience two of nature’s most amazing phenomena. Exploring the pristine waters of Eyjafjörður fjord in the serene light of the midnight sun might just be the ultimate whale watching adventure. Tour facts: Season: Mid-summer

Duration: Roughly 3 hours

Price: ISK 9.990 for adults

Silver of the sea A mix of urban exploring, fun and relaxation this tour takes us along the western shore of Eyjafjörður fjord to the picturesque village of Hjalteyri where we dock for a guided tour of this fascinating place. During summer the village comes alive with art exhibitions and various entertainment but in the background the old herring factory, a ghostly relic of industrial Iceland sets an eerie atmosphere. Bring your cameras! Tour facts: Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn

Duration: Roughly 4 hours

Price: ISK 14.990 for adults

Tailor made tour Tailor made tours are an ideal solution for groups, corporate or leisure looking to travel in Iceland. Our dedicated travel experts will work with you in creating and organising the most appropriate itinerary for your interests, time and budget.

The Eyjafjörður fjord area At the fringe of the Arctic Circle the Eyjafjörður fjord is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Dramatic landscapes, rich history and the wealth of species that choose to make

it their home should place it on the „bucket list” list of anybody with an interest in the natural world.

Our search area on Eyjafjörður fjord

N Hrísey island



Meet the whales The rich waters off the North coast attract numerous marine mammal species and an array of seabirds. On our tours the more common sights include Humpback whales, Minke whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and an array of seabirds. Killer whales, Bottlenose whales are also a fairly common sight on Eyjafjörður fjord. Every trip is unique and now way to predict what what nature serves up. If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse at the world‘s largest whale the Blue whale whose tongue can weigh as much as an African Elephant.

Humpback Whale Length: 13-17m Weight: 25-45 Tons Life span: 95 Yrs

Minke Whale Length: 7-11m Weight: 8-10 Tons Life span: 50 yrs

Blue Whale Length 25-30m Weight 150-200 tons Life span: ~ 90 yrs

White Beaked Dolphin Length: 2.5-3m Weight: 180 - 350kg Life span: 25 yrs

Harbour Porpoise Length: 1.5-2m Weight: 75 Life span: 15 yrs

Ticket sales

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Make your reservation today at or via phone +354 462 6800 or by visiting our ticket office located at Torfunefsbryggja harbour in the heart of Akureyri.

Visit our web site for detailed description of tours, inspiring photography, customer comments and more information to help you choose your adventure and plan your trip.

Rates are valid in 2014 unless otherwise stated.

Contacts E-mail us at or call us directly at +354 462 6800. Our agents can answer all your questions and help you decide which trip is right for you.

About Ambassador Ambassador is a specialist whale watching tour company that offers a range of whale watching and marine wildlife adventures from Akureyri in North Iceland. Our tours explore the pristine waters of Eyjafjรถrรฐur fjord and its abundant wildlife and spectacular beauty on a fast, stable and safe boat custom built for whale watching.

Custom built for whale watching Our boat the Ambassador is a world class whale watching boat specially equipped for whale watching and nature excursions. Six levels of viewing decks means no crowding and plenty of freedom to move about from point to point to capture the scenes. Low side decks close to the surface of the sea provide closeness and the best angle for viewing and photography. It is fast, stable and safe which are key elements when it comes to ensuring comfort and enjoyment of passengers while maneuvering around in search of whales.

Vessels details and facts: Length:

28,15 m


5.00 m


1.80 m


100 max


100 +

Indoor heated area:

44 seats

Mid deck under roof:

23 seats

Top deck non-sheltered: 42 seats Toilets:

3 indoor toilets


Back of the boat with Panoramic view

Sound system:

Throughout the boat

Disability Access:

The boat has three decks, and manoeuvrability between can be difficult. Persons in wheelchairs can only be on the top non-sheltered deck with no access to toilets.

10 reasons to choose Ambassador 1. Outstanding sighting success

6. Six different whale watching platforms

2. Perfect departure point in the heart of Akureyri town

7. 360° panorama from top deck

3. Calm waters of Eyjafjörður (sea-sickness is very rare!) 4. Experienced crew & professional guides 5. Safe and comfortable boat custom designed for whale watching

8. Commentary through on board sound system 9. Heated indoor cabins with toilet facilities 10. Light snacks, coffee and drinks available on-board at panorama bar

Torfunefsbryggja harbour - 600 Akureyri Tel: +354 462 6800 -

Ambassador Sales Manual 2014  
Ambassador Sales Manual 2014  

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